8 Ladies In Wrestling Who’ve Been With The Most Gents (And 8 Prudes)

Looking at the current WWE locker room, you'll be quite surprised at which names are regarded as prudes and the others that, well, like to have fun...

WWE's backstage environment seems to operate much like a high school or college campus does. Relationships are fragile and infidelity is rampant. One aspect of WWE's backstage environment which doesn't get talked about too much is the fact that there are more women around now than ever before. Now that the WWE is increasing the number of women on each brand, the dynamic backstage has changed.

Scott Hall said not long ago that he thinks the biggest change in terms of wrestling now and back in his day is that there are more women around. Despite this, WWE has seemed to do very little in regards to coming up with a way to deal with all of the drama that backstage relationships create. In general, they will release people who are involved in drama with someone on their roster who they feel draws money. We've seen women who were rumored to have been involved with John Cena let go after simply because WWE didn't want there to be any drama concerning one of their biggest stars.

This is not to say that everyone in WWE is running around with each other. There are also those who avoid the drama. In this article, we take a look at eight women in wrestling who have been with the most men and eight who are the biggest prudes.

16 Charlotte Flair (Most Gents)


31-year-old Charlotte Flair has already been married and divorced twice over. Her career is starting to resemble her father's in more ways than one in that regards.

Charlotte married Riki Johnson in 2010 but the marriage ended the following year. She also married Bram who you might remember was is in Impact Wrestling for a while. They were married from 2013 to 2015.

15 Bayley (Prude)


Pamela Rose Martinez, better known as Bayley, is engaged to Aaron Solow who is himself a wrestler. Solow wrestles on the independent scene but has appeared a few times on WWE programming. He was an alternate during the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic and has also performed in an enhancement talent role on both NXT and 205 live.

14 Mickie James (Most Gents)


Mickie James has had an interesting history of dating wrestlers. During her first stint with WWE, she was engaged to Kenny from the Spirit Squad. The couple got engaged even though Kenny was only 21 at the time while Mickie was seven years his senior.

Then James decided to have an affair with John Cena. In what had to have been a funny and sad scene, Kenny caught Mickie in the process of Googling to see if news of Cena and her affair had leaked online. Ironically, news of the affair would only be revealed after Kenny caught Mickie searching to see if it was.

13 Alicia Fox (Prude)


Alicia Fox may not come off as a prude but she's been in WWE over a decade and there are only reports of her ever having dated one wrestler. The "Foxy One" and Wade Barrett were believed to have been together at one point, although the relationship is said to not have lasted long.

12 Torrie Wilson (Most Gents)


Torrie Wilson keeps busy these days by selling workout videos and similar products on her website. It's been an interesting last couple of decades for Torrie and her dating history helps to illustrate how all over the place her life has been.

The now 42-year-old was married to Billy Kidman from 2003 to 2008. There's nothing out of the ordinary there, Kidman seems like a good guy and they were both in WWE for the majority of their marriage. It seems that Wilson would be involved in another relationship before her marriage with Kidman officially ended, however. Much like Mickie James, the appeal of the Spirit Squad was just too much for Torrie Wilson to withstand. She began a relationship with Nicky or Nick Mitchell from the group.

11 Alexa Bliss (Prude)


Early on in Alexa Bliss's NXT career, there were rumors she was somewhat promiscuous behind the scenes. The only problem with the rumors was that it never really came out who she had been with or who was spreading this information. She has only ever been in one confirmed relationship since she's been in WWE.

10 Stacy Keibler (Most Gents)


Much like her good friend Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler has a rather up and down dating history throughout her life. When she first debuted in WCW as Miss Hancock (a gimmick we have Vince Russo to thank for), she was dating David Flair. Nothing wrong with David Flair, he seems like a good guy and his last name is Flair. Then things would get a little more interesting with Stacy's romantic life, however.

Stacy began dating Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney in July 2011. The relationship would end two years later in 2013. She then began dating her now husband a few months later. The two had been friends for a long time before beginning dating which should serve as hope for men everywhere currently stuck in someone's "friend zone".

9 Sasha Banks (Prude)


Last year, 25-year-old Sasha Banks married her boyfriend, Sarath Ton, who wrestled under the name Kid Mikaze. Her husband now works as a costume designer for WWE but was a wrestler on the independent scene for some time. There are no reports of Banks having been with anyone else in wrestling.

8 Paige (Most Gents)


25-year-old Paige has had a rather up-and-down personal life, to say the least. Her most well-known relationship was with Alberto Del Rio, although the couple has recently split. Paige is also said to have been involved with several wrestlers while in NXT. Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox are two names who have been bandied about in regards to her.

When Paige first revealed that she and Alberto were dating on an episode of Total Divas, it caused Natalya to become concerned. Natalya pointed out that Paige had previously said she was engaged to a musician and that relationship just kind of fizzled out.

7 Becky Lynch (Prude)


Whether Becky Lynch has chosen to not be dating around too much in her personal life or if her "pun" sense of humor has simply scared away most of the men in her life is not clear.  What is clear is that Becky has only been linked to one man since she's been in WWE's spotlight. That guy is the mixed martial artist "Cool Hand" Luke Sanders. Sanders has a record of 11-1 at the moment with another fight coming up shortly. 

Lynch can usually be seen in the crowd during Sanders' fights, and you just know it was her that came up with the "Cool Hand Luke" nickname.

6 Kelly Kelly (Most Gents)


Kelly Kelly has been rumored to be returning to WWE for most of the year. How much this has to do with her ending marriage to NHL player Sheldon Souray is not overly clear, however. Perhaps the recently single Kelly is interested in getting up to her old tricks backstage at WWE events again.

5 Carmella (Prude)


Carmella has only been linked with one man since beginning her WWE career. That man is 7-feet tall, and you can't teach that! Carmella and Big Cass are an item behind the scenes, something James Ellsworth didn't figure out until after he had been released. The couple has been together ever since their days in NXT.

Before beginning her WWE journey, Carmella worked as a cheerleader. She was on the cheer team of the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Lakers. It should be noted that Carmella is not actually the Princess of Staten Island. She is from Massachusetts and also went to the University of Rhode Island.

4 Lita (Most Gents)


Amy "Lita" Dumas is one of the most influential female wrestlers of all-time. She also has had one of the more active personal lives in wrestling. Lita and Matt Hardy began dating in 2000 but would later break up in a very public manner. While Matt was off injured, Lita carried out an affair with Edge. The whole thing got turned into an angle and reportedly hurt Lita's motivation to continue in the business.

3 Natalya (Prude)


Natalya and Tyson Kidd have been together since they were kids. Tyson was a family friend who would always be over to practice moves in the Hart family dungeon and it is said that their relationship began when they were both young teenagers. They've been together their entire adult lives.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd are the only ones out of the third generation of Harts to still be in WWE. David Hart Smith now wrestles as Davey Boy Smith Jr in New Japan Pro Wrestling as one half of the Killer Elite Squad. Teddy Hart's career has been plagued by scandals, legal problems, and just general weirdness. Unfortunately, many felt he was the most talented one of the bunch.

2 Sunny (Most Gents)


Sunny is well known for having been promiscuous backstage in WWE. Unfortunately, she was in a relationship with Chris Candido during most of this. It was Chris who would introduce Sunny to wrestling when they were both still in high school. Sunny eventually made the decision to end an affair with Shawn Michaels for the purpose of repairing her relationship with Chris.

She has been open about her promiscuity in recent years, giving tell-all interviews about the men that she had slept with. She added Dolph Ziggler to her list sometime over the last few years, creating an interesting multi-generational approach to her promiscuity.

1 Trish Stratus (Prude)


Similar to Natalya, Trish Stratus has been with her husband ever since both were just teenagers. They had been together 14 years when they finally got married on September 30th, 2006, not long after she officially retired from the wrestling business.

Trish is still only 41 years old and could seemingly make a comeback if she wanted to. She's a busy business owner in her hometown of Toronto Ontario Canada, however, in addition to raising two kids. It's entirely likely that Trish simply doesn't have time for WWE, anymore. She will often make appearances when WWE comes to her hometown as she has always shown that she wants to represent Toronto as much as possible.

Looking back on all those crazy things Vince McMahon made Trish do during the Attitude Era and knowing that her high school boyfriend was watching it all play out on TV is kind of funny and harsh in retrospect.

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8 Ladies In Wrestling Who’ve Been With The Most Gents (And 8 Prudes)