8 Low Level Wrestlers That Are Jerks In Real Life (And 7 That Are Surprisingly Nice)

The range of personalities of wrestlers outside of the  ring may be even more unpredictable. Most wrestlers play face or heel roles on the television screen, but real life follows that guideline when you look at stories about how they present themselves. Some performers we know from the world of wrestling are great people that have spotless reputations. These wrestlers are known for treating others well and have positive interactions with fans. Others are real life heels that prove to play the “bad guy” or “bad girl” character in their normal lives. These talents have been known to be a pain for their peers to deal with or a jerk to fans.

We'll take a look at both sides of the story when it comes to lower card wrestlers in particular. These performers don’t have the high profile that current stars like Roman Reigns and John Cena or former stars like Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan do. Despite the lack of a presence in mainstream fame, the names shown on this list are either known for their reputations of being wonderful people or complete jerks. Each person will be discussed at length as we look at eight low level wrestlers that are jerks in real life and seven that are really nice.

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15 Jerk: Austin Aries

The WWE tenure of Austin Aries went poorly due to him being unhappy stuck in the Cruiserweight Division. Aries had a successful track record in ROH and TNA before finally signing with WWE for a role in NXT. The lackluster division led to Aries witnessing his position on the card turn into a lower card role, if on television at all. This is why he chose to leave WWE to become a free agent and pursuit other things.

Aries however does have a negative reputation for being quite a jerk in real life. Various wrestlers clashed with him backstage in ROH. There was the issue of him putting Christy Hemme in an uncomfortable predicament in TNA when she botched his ring entrance. Aries also often insulted fans on the independent circuit after shows to earn the nickname “Austin A-Hole.”

14 Nice: Summer Rae

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Summer Rae is still under contract to the WWE, but you wouldn’t know that based on the lack of a presence on television. The injury rehab of Summer over the past year and a half saw her get cleared this past summer. WWE chose not to bring her back to television and there’s a good chance they just run her contract out the way they did with Eva Marie.

Rae is regarded as one of the kindest people in wrestling. An episode of Swerved saw her real identity when she stopped to help an old woman pranking her by pretending to have a bathroom accident. Instead of being grossed out, Summer went out of her way to help the woman when thinking it was a real situation. The fan base of Rae also has high praise for her as she seems to be one of the better wrestlers to meet. These fans still want her to return to WWE but it remains unlikely.

13 Jerk: Lana

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Lana has the worst reputation of the current women’s roster in WWE when it comes to a bad attitude. Despite having a world of hype behind her wrestling debut, Lana has struggled in the ring and is barely on television right now. WWE is transitioning her into a manager position again due to the lack of wrestling skills.

The attitude of Lana has been reported as being quite negative due to getting into drama with multiple other wrestlers. Summer Rae and Lana take shots at each other on social media all the time, and we already know Summer is considered one of the easier people to get along with. Lana also has liked social media posts insulting the looks of Sasha Banks and once falsely accused Paige of bullying her before taking it back.

12 Nice: Hardcore Holly

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Former WWE wrestler Hardcore Holly was always a lower card performer with a few short spurts in a more high profile position. Since leaving WWE, Holly has continued his career on the independent wrestling circuit. Many people view him as a jerk for his actions in WWE often enforcing the locker room by chewing out those young performers he felt were being disrespectful.

Holly however has a completely different perception on the independent circuit. Kevin Owens, Colt Cabana and various other credible names have stated working with Holly was a blast and that he treated them well. Fans have also witnessed the kindness of Holly as he has even admitted that they seemed shocked at how nice he is due to all the stories out there. It is never too late to change perception, and Holly is showing that these days.

11 Jerk: Davey Richards

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The wrestling career of Davey Richards is rather disappointing if you think about the fact that he was viewed as an equal to the likes of Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Richards however ended up signing with TNA rather than WWE with tag team partner Eddie Edwards. The one of the two to break out ended up being Edwards.

Richards has a lot of negative stories attached to his name through the years. There was a time at an independent show where Richards disagreed with a promoter, took the money without performing and bragged about it online. He even insulted his friend Kevin Owens for winning the ROH World Championship due to being out of shape. Most recently, Richards mocked an injured wrestler for starting a GoFundMe account to get help paying for his medical bills.

10 Nice: Darren Young

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We haven’t seen Darren Young on WWE television in quite some time, but he is still very much a part of WWE. Young recently recovered from an injury and is back on the WWE live event tours. Despite not being a featured part of the on-screen product, WWE sends Young to a lot of schools as part of the Be a Star campaign against bullying. As one of the few wrestlers to reveal his personal life details, Young offers another perspective to these talks.

Young is well liked in WWE with many of his peers speaking in support of his Block the Hate campaign speaking against bigotry. The polarizing CM Punk even went out of his way to show support for Young coming out many years ago when Punk was still on the roster. You would be hard pressed to find anyone with bad words to say about Darren.

9 Jerk: Disco Inferno

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One veteran wrestler that spent the entirety of his career as a lower card act is Disco Inferno. Most longtime WCW fans remember him for being a comedic enhancement talent for the majority of the Monday Night Wars. WCW would throw him a bone every once in a while with short mid-card title reigns. However, the career of Disco is clearly known for being a glorified jobber.

Inferno still wrestles on the independent circuit in lesser known West Coast promotions. The more well-known gig he does these days is serving as the co-host for Konnan’s Keeping It 100 podcast. Disco has made many ludicrous comments from insulting current wrestlers to female wrestling fans. At one point, Inferno tried to convince his social media followers to take pictures of female fans for him to rate.

8 Nice: Apollo Crews

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One of the wrestlers currently known for being a kind soul is Apollo Crews. The main roster tenure of Crews has been rather underwhelming given how much hype was put into his NXT debut. Crews is among the most impressive wrestlers in WWE physically given his strength, speed and agility. Unfortunately, he has not accomplished much since getting called up and is now struggling to get television time.

The humble beginning of Apollo saw his family move to the United States from Nigeria and features everyone working extremely hard. An issue with Crews currently is he seems genuinely too kind to pose a threat to some of the other wrestlers on the show. His genuine smile is the visual most associated with him when thinking of the talented performer. Daniel Bryan, The Miz and a few other names have spoken up in interviews suggesting WWE needs to find more to do with him.

7 Jerk: Sexy Star

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Sexy Star has primarily made her wrestling name in Mexico. American fans were introduced to her on Lucha Underground. Both Lucha Underground and AAA have tried to push her but numbers indicate she’s not that big of a star after all. Lucha Underground received low ratings after making her World Champion leading them to using her in a less spectacular role.

The ego of Sexy Star has also been viewed as a detriment to her career. This crossed the line recently when she broke wrestling protocol by trying to injure fellow wrestler Rosemary. Sexy Star would “shoot on” Rosemary by using a legitimately hurtful move to try to hurt Rosemary for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Many wrestlers have spoken out against her. Cody Rhodes refuses to work on the same show as her and Chris Jericho has banned her from his podcast.

6 Nice: Heath Slater

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The connection Heath Slater can form with fans is what has kept him from ever getting released from WWE. Slater’s career peaked in 2016 when becoming the first ever Smackdown Tag Team Champions with Rhyno. It was the fans organically supporting Slater that made WWE push him for a short time period. Once losing the belts, Slater fell back down the rankings and is once again a lower card act.

Slater is one of the wrestlers that go out of his way to have a good relationship with fans. The humorous performer seems to make sure fans have a positive experience when meeting him at autograph signings. Slater also proved to be one of the most likeable wrestlers on Swerved. The reality show captured Heath stepping in when an assumed brother is harassing his sister along with other instances just being generally kind and endearing.

5 Jerk: Al Snow

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Veteran wrestler Al Snow spent the majority of his career as a lower card act. The character he created in ECW talking to the mannequin head landed him a role in WWE for many years. Snow never had a run in the main event picture but made a good career for his work either way. Following the end of his WWE career, Snow started working as a producer and trainer.

TNA ended up hiring him for many years behind the scenes helping put matches together and advising wrestlers on what to do. Kevin Owens has revealed in interviews that Snow showed up to an ROH show to scout and proved to be a huge jerk. Snow sat in the crowd with the fans alone and verbally berated the talent in the ring and the fans took a liking for it. Interviews of Snow have shown that he is not open-minded about wrestling and thinks less of those that disagree with him.

4 Nice: Tyler Breeze

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The NXT career of Tyler Breeze saw him become a great heel act and one of the more unique characters on the show. Breeze seemed bound for great things whenever called up to the main roster. The singles run fell apart right away leading to him being a forgotten man until forming a tag team with Fandango. Everyone loves the comedic combination of Breezango, but they are clearly lower card acts in this role.

Breeze getting television time is still a good thing given he’s considered a really good person outside of the ring. All of the less experienced wrestlers in NXT at the same time as him would get help from him in learning important things needed to become a professional. Breeze selflessly just wanted to help his peers. A charity campaign started by Breeze and Kevin Owens also showed his character as a human being as they garnered over $70,000 to help victims of a wildfire in Canada.

3 Jerk: Eli Drake

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Someone to prove to be a jerk after leaving WWE is Eli Drake. Following a disappointing run in FCW, Drake would get cut before ever making it to the main roster. TNA signed him and has made him a fixture on their roster. Quite frankly, you are a lower card performer right now if you work for TNA and never had a relevant run in another promotion.

Drake proved to be a jerk in real life when he talked trash about Kevin Owens back in 2015. Following his NXT Championship win, Owens was greeted with insulting tweets from the bitter Drake upset someone with a less impressive physique reached an accomplishment he never did. Eli also seems to enjoy taking shots at fans and others that just makes him come off like a huge tool.

2 Nice: Titus O'Neil

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WWE talent Titus O'Neil is considered one of the best people in the wrestling business. Batista helped him land a job in WWE. O’Neil has never proven to be a successful singles wrestler, but he may have found his role leading the Titus Brand. We get to see Titus’ strengths as an entertainer help out wrestlers that struggle to get over on the microphone.

O’Neil’s reputation outside of the ring is even more impressive due to his countless acts of kindness. There was a story that went viral regarding restaurants refusing to serve a homeless person. Titus gathered a group of homeless folks and went to dinner with them picking up the bill. The fatherhood skills of O’Neil also have made news as he was named the Celebrity Father of the Year. Titus spends all of his free time outside of WWE as a family man and a philanthropist.

1 Jerk: Enzo Amore

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The biggest jerk in WWE right now with a lack of success to his name is Enzo Amore. WWE loved the trash talking skills of Enzo and it got him over in NXT to the main roster. Unfortunately, the loud mouth antics of Amore are also working to his detriment in real life. Roman Reigns kicked Enzo off a tour bus and he was exiled from the Raw locker room due to saying rude things about the business on a phone call while annoying his peers.

The entire Cruiserweight Division hating him is not only a storyline but reality of the situation backstage as well. Another story leaked of a stripper outing Enzo as being one of the worst customers she ever dealt with. Amore allegedly bragged about how big of a star he was and how rich he was without spending much in return for having to listen to his big mouth. The lower card act is likely the peak for Enzo as WWE will likely keep him there due to his attitude.

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