8 Noelle Outfits Mick Foley Would NOT Approve Of (And 7 He'd Be Fine With)

"Good God, almighty. That killed him!" Thankfully, J.R. was wrong when he made that call during Mankind and Undertaker's hell in a cell performance. Though, it wasn't for a lack of trying. The match would end with the deranged Mankind, being knocked unconscious, a tooth popping out of his nose, a dislocated shoulder and a dislocated jaw. While he never had the handsome, superhero-esque WWE Superstar look, if Mick Foley wasn't considered haggard from all the hardcore matches before, that Hell in a Cell match put him there for certain. As scruffy and seemingly out of shape as Mick Foley was, the fact that he was able to produce a smoking hot daughter may be a bigger shock than Foley's death-defying falls from the cell.

His daughter, Noelle, born in 1993, is an absolute knockout, which is a total surprise considering how rugged Mick Foley looks. Mick is about as homely as one can look, but his daughter is the exact opposite. There is no doubt she is a beautiful woman and isn't afraid to show off her womanly side.

Noelle has modeled in the past and looks completely sexy and natural doing it. However, Mick Foley can't be too thrilled about the modeling pictures of his daughter wearing very little posted throughout the internet and Noelle's social media. Still, Noelle has shown that she's more than just a model. She has unveiled elegant dresses and sported fun-loving outfits as well, ranging from WWE merchandise to silly casual wear which Mick will be far more open towards. Whether it's an outfit that's sweet and innocent or revealing and scandalous, Noelle can rock it even though it may not be what Mick Foley wants you to see. If you want to see 8 outfits of Noelle Foley that Mankind doesn't approve of, and 7 that he would, this article is for you.


15 Hate: Noelle as Slave Outfit

#BackRolls #HappyHalloweenie

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While I’m sure Mick Foley is a Star Wars fan, we know Noelle is a fan too. She’s expressed excitement for the recent Star Wars movies and shown off Star Wars apparel on her social media. However, not all Star Wars outfits are going to be scrutinized the same way by her father.

Noelle possesses a pretty hilarious Darth Vader Christmas sweater, but there’s nothing funny about this outfit. Noelle wore the iconic Princess Leia slave outfit during last year's Halloween and looked wonderful.  Noelle is apparently no stranger to cosplay, having recently dressed as the sexy Daenerys Targaryen for Halloween this year. Her Halloween outfits are a little more revealing than others Noelle has appeared in and we're pretty grateful for that. As big of a Star Wars fan as Mick Foley might be, these pics of his daughter in sexy costumes are probably ones he wishes he could unsee.

14 Approve: Noelle's Dress at Kulture Ball


Noelle is great at keeping herself busy. She's been sighted at wrestling conventions, WWE events, with and without her dad, appears on WWE Shop and on WWE's Holy Foley!  She even shows up backstage to interview WWE superstars from time to time.  In this case, Noelle appears at KultureCity's Kulture Ball, and I'm sure Mick couldn't be any prouder.

KultureCity is an organization that brings awareness to autism, promotes inclusive settings for those on the autism spectrum and hosts events to raise money to programs that support those with autism and their families. With her younger brother on the autistic spectrum, surely Mick Foley has to be proud of his daughter attending the event. This is certainly a positive event, and Noelle looks not only beautiful in her long dress but very classy as well.

13 Hate: Noelle In Her Undies

While Mick Foley has to be happy Noelle isn’t showing off her sexy swimwear, this might be just as bad. This pic is sure to make Foley forget which city he’s in again, with this sexy pic of Noelle modeling in her underwear. Before anyone calls this "Gross," Noelle is actually supporting a brand, a magazine, both her hair and make-up stylists and her photographer all in a single Instagram post.

With her Calvin Klein underwear and top on display, Noelle is also supporting Shape magazine's "Body Confidence Campaign." It's wonderful that Noelle is so comfortable in her own skin, and completely confident in appearing with very little on. While the sight of his daughter barely clothed may make "Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy" a little uncomfortable, even he should be applauding his daughter for the positive cause she is supporting and promoting.

12 Approve: Noelle's Disney Outfit


Noelle is a fan of Disney. I mean, who isn't? She frequents Disneyland/World periodically and is seen in multiple pictures and posts there calling it her "happy place." Of course, Noelle is sporting her Disney attire with Mickey Mouse ears and enjoying every second of her vacation with her family. Her fun-loving Disney outfit is definitely one that will help Mick Foley "have a nice day."

Noelle's Disney attire is a modest outfit that is not sexy in any way. The outfit brings out Noelle's inner child, and that's probably how Mick prefers to remember his daughter rather than the more grown-up, sexy outfits she is known to wear. Foley probably wishes his daughter could stay this way forever, but unfortunately for him, Noelle has grown up.

11 Hate: Noelle, The WWE Diva

Although the WWE Women’s Division is far different than it was during Mick Foley’s days, this is probably not an outfit Mick wants people to see his daughter in for a couple reasons. One, it’s a sexy and revealing costume, so obviously it’s not an outfit any father wants to see his daughter wearing. Two, it reminds Mick of Noelle’s desire to get into the WWE.

It’s nice to see that the WWE is taking better care of their women in today’s product, but no one knows better than Mick the toll a career in wrestling can take on the body. Mick Foley also has to know the attention of being a sexy women’s wrestler will put on Noelle and the baggage of all the added fame can bring. Even if it is a tribute to Nikki Bella, Foley may not be too thrilled about seeing Noelle’s wrestling aspirations encouraged.

10 Approve: Noelle In WWE Merch


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It's pretty odd to think that Noelle would become such a huge fan of wrestling after watching her father be thrown from and through a cell, speared through flaming tables and repeatedly bashed over the head with a chair as a child. But, Noelle pulled through, interviewing superstars in WWE and becoming pretty close with many of the men and women on the current roster. Surely, Mick, despite his best efforts, has to be delighted that his beatings didn't scar his daughter for life, and that she has shown interest in his former employer.

Throughout her social media, Noelle is seen with plenty of WWE shirts, proving that WWE isn't just an employer of her father, but that Noelle is genuinely a fan of the product and its superstars. Whether it's a CM Punk, Nikki Bella or a Young Bucks shirt, anything from Noelle's wardrobe supporting wrestling has to be music to Mick Foley's ear.

9 Hate: Noelle’s Swimwear

Noelle is surprisingly beautiful especially considering she’s the homely Mick Foley’s daughter, but it’s true. Noelle is very attractive and posts plenty of pictures of herself on her social media accounts. Some of her photos are more scandalous than others but even the modest ones are hot. It’s not Noelle’s fault she’s attractive even in sweat pants. However, because she is sexy, I’m sure Poppa Foley is less than thrilled to see her flaunting herself in a bikini.

There are a few pictures of Noelle relaxing by the pool or on the beach, and she’s not afraid to show off her great physique. It’s not like Noelle is modeling. She’s just wearing what she would normally wear for the water.  However, if these pics of Noelle just casually enjoying her swimwear is too much for Mick think about the bikini pics Noelle models in. Noelle is going for sexy in her modeling pics making this pic tame in comparison.


8 Approve: Noelle's Holy Foley! outfits


Debuting in 2016 on the WWE Network, Holy Foley! gave the fans a better look at the Foley family, namely Noelle.  If fans didn't know before, they knew as they watched the first season that Noelle aspired to be a professional wrestler, and that she was stunningly attractive. Noelle may be prone to revealing her sexy outfits for her social media followers, but her outfits on Holy Foley! are ones that won't make Mick cringe.

On Holy Foley! Noelle is a major focal point. Noelle still looks fantastic and is showing off some pretty hot outfits, but they are tame compared to others she is seen wearing. These outfits might showcase Noelle's washboard abs, at best, but the outfits on Holy Foley! are obviously nothing that Mick would disapprove of. If you're looking for the more risque attires, check out Noelle's Twitter or Instagram because any outfit with her dad is going to be mostly PG.

7 Hate: Noelle's Modeling Outfits


We've already seen Noelle posting picture of herself modeling in her undies, but she's got plenty of other modeling pics as well. Some of these modeling pics are very modest while others not so much. The pic above is one example of a modeling picture that Mick Foley would not be giving the thumbs up towards.

Noelle has stated she wants to be a wrestler, but whether that's still her goal or still a possibility, remains to be seen. Noelle has a career in modeling in the bag if she chooses to have one and has even told TMZ that she would pose for Playboy. To Mick Foley's dismay, Playboy ended their nude photo shoots, only to bring them back earlier this year, leaving the door open for Noelle to grace the magazine one day.

6 Approve: Noelf


Living up to her name, Noelle looks good in her little Christmas elf costume. However, this is still an outfit Jolly Old Saint Mick would rather see his daughter wearing. Noelle is no stranger to WWE or its talent, but the Holiday Season is the time, aside from Holy Foley!, where WWE puts Noelle onto WWE programming.

With her father dressed as Santa Claus, Noelle, posing as one of his elves, appears on WWE Shop to promote and sell all the WWE merchandise for Christmas. It's a win-win for Mick who gets to work with his daughter in WWE, celebrate the giving season and keeps in baby girl in modest Christmas garb. Modest or not, Noelle still looks amazing. It's a shame Christmas only comes once a year.

5 Hate: Noelle's "Casual Wear"

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Noelle is a grown woman, but if Mick ever saw her leaving the house in this outfit he's probably jump off the nearest hell in a cell. Noelle is really showing off her Stacy Keibler-esque legs in her short skirt, with her cute boots and the high socks really helping to accentuate her six-foot frame. To top it all off, the revealing deep cut at the top is just icing on the cake, making this outfit a true a nightmare for Mick.

This outfit makes Noelle look like an absolute 10, which is great for Noelle's modeling career, but it's also one Foley definitely isn't going to approve. It's sexy and a further reminder of just how Noelle has grown from the kid in the Beyond the Mat documentary, into a beautiful adult woman.

4 Approve: Noelle's Gym Clothes


We've seen that Noelle definitely has the body for the beach, WWE events, modeling in front of her photographer or just casually dressed for a night out on the town. How does Noelle look so great? Noelle doesn't post too many pictures of her hitting the gym, so either she has great genetics or she hits the gym from time to time and just doesn't post about it. Because some girls who hit the gym care more about how they look than their workout, Noelle's gym attire might make Mick a little nervous. However, if this is Noelle's gym outfit, then he has nothing to worry about.

None of the Faces of Foley ever had the bodybuilder look, so it's amazing that Noelle looks so good as she does. Clearly, she takes after her mom in the looks department, but for someone with a modeling background, there are surprisingly very few workout pics of Noelle. She's got the abs that suggest she's in great shape, and judging from this pic, she's at least seen the inside of a gym. While Noelle could be wearing some extremely sexy workout clothes, she's wearing a modest top with appropriate yoga pants, much to our dismay and Mick's relief.

3 Hate: Noelle's Sports Illustrated Pitch

So, we've discussed Mick's, more than likely, reprehension to many of Noelle's choice in modeling outfits, but this one takes the cake.  Noelle looks breathtaking in this pic by fashion and beauty photographer Kourash Sotoodeh. On Noelle's Instagram, she asks her fans if they think she belongs in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, and I believe I speak for everyone when I respond with a resounding, "YES!"

While Mick has never discouraged his daughter's modeling career, and certainly would rather her do that than wrestle, this pic has to give Mick some worry. Noelle has said posing in Sport Illustrated would be a dream come true, but with every guy drooling over pics like these of his daughter, I think Mankind will gladly sop their mouths up with Mr. Socko instead.

2 Approve: Proud Sponsor Of Pizza Shirt


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This outfit above would give Mick Foley zero reason to complain. In fact, he probably wishes all her outfits were like this one. Noelle is showing off her funny, girly side in this pic, wearing a parody of the election shirts, proudly sponsoring one of her loves, pizza.  She is even holding the pizza in this pic, while in other pics, she's scarfing down a slice.  Pics like these has to put a smile on Mick's toothless mouth.

Mick has no reason to complain about this pic. It's not revealing whatsoever, everything is covered up and it shows his daughter's youthful humor. While Mick has his personalities, it seems Noelle has them as well, showing her childish, easy-going side, as well as her more grown up, serious side. Mick would much more approve of pictures like this and less of the pics of Noelle showing off her sexy adult side. This picture is safe and innocent, unlike some of Noelle's other outfits.

1 Hate: Noelle's Jingle Bells Rock

Most of the time, Noelle's dresses are very elegant, classy and proper. Not that this dress isn't, but one might consider Noelle's jingle bells to be a little too out there. While nine out of ten dresses Mick would probably have no problem approving, this dress likely isn't one of them.

Noelle says she's obsessed with the dress, and who can blame her. It fits Noelle perfectly and shows her curves off in all the right spots. This leggy and provocative dress definitely wasn't bought by Mick for his daughter. Apparently, Noelle purchased the dress and is proudly endorsing it for future shoppers. Noelle definitely has an eye for fashion. Even though, I'm sure Mr. Foley isn't a fan, we can't wait for more of Noelle's fashion endorsements as long as they're in a similar vein as this dress.


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