8 NXT Superstars Who WILL Make WWE After WrestleMania And 7 Who Won't

The Road to WrestleMania is almost ready to reach its climax, but before WWE rolls into Orlando on April 2nd, NXT begin the weekend what could be many of their stars' final TakeOver event.

The Raw after WrestleMania is notorious for being the most unpredictable show of the year and also seeing many NXT debutants. This year will also have the first ever SmackDown Live show on Tuesday night that could also see many new faces join their ranks, which means that NXT will be wanting to push forward many new stars in the coming weeks.

means that NXT will be wanting to push forward many new stars in the coming weeks.Of course, not every star is ready to be given the promotion to the main roster. For every main roster promotion, there is a star who is told that they need some more time to improve in development first, here are eight stars that will be promoted and seven that will need more time in NXT first.

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15 Will: #DIY

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How can Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa not be given a push towards the main roster in the coming months? They are two of the most talented stars in NXT right now. Not only are they former Tag Team Champions but they have also shown that when they are put against each other, they can pull out show stealing matches as seen in last year's Cruiserweight Classic tournament.

If Gargano and Ciampa are given the chance to fight for the Tag Team Championship again the night before WrestleMania at NXT TakeOver and they come up short once again, then there would be no reason to keep them in NXT. They could be promoted to the main roster as a team and could definitely breathe some new life into Raw's failing Tag Team Division.

14 Won't: Buddy Murphy

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At one point Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake looked like favorites to be called up to the main roster when they were NXT Tag Team Champions. Since then the group has fallen apart with Blake and Murphy going in opposite directions, and Alexa Bliss has been promoted to SmackDown without her team.

Murphy and Bliss are in a real-life relationship outside of WWE. So he would want to work towards being promoted to the SmackDown brand, but recently Murphy hasn't been used as much as he could be and it doesn't seem as though he is making a good enough impression ahead of the call-up time. Hopefully WWE repackage Murphy and give him a decent push in NXT. He has shown glimpses of talent over the past few years that WWE should capitalize on.

13 Will: Nikki Cross

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This one could be a stretch. Nikki Cross has been incredible since she debuted alongside the rest of Sanity and it would be a longshot to think that WWE would promote her without the rest of her group.

Sanity could be given a run for the Tag Team Championship following NXT TakeOver: Orlando in a few weeks time, so she will be needed for that. Over the past few months she has proved that she has what it takes to work as a singles competitor and hopefully WWE have taken note and she will be given the opportunity to fight with the best females that WWE has. Nikki made quite a name for herself before she signed for WWE, and she has quite a big fanbase backing her to the top.

12 Won't: Peyton Royce and Billie Kay

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Peyton Royce and Billie Kay basically come as a package nowadays and even though The Iconic Duo are slowly taking over the NXT Women's Division, they are far from the level they need to be if they want to go toe-to-toe with the women on Monday Night Raw.

Royce proved how much she has improved when she went one-on-one with Asuka for the Women's Championship recently, but she still has so much further to go. Billie is quite far behind Peyton as well when it comes to in-ring work, but they have incredible characters and they are slowly winning the fans over. So in a few months time, WWE may decide to take a huge gamble on their two Australians, but this shouldn't happen before both women are ready.

11 Will: Elias Samson

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The guitar wielding drifter has made quite an impact down in NXT, but he isn't one that many of the WWE Universe would enjoy seeing on any of WWE's main shows. Elias has lacked something for the past few months and even though WWE are ready to gamble with him and give him the promotion, it might be a bit too soon.

WWE have made mistakes with the likes of Tyler Breeze and even Mojo Rawley in recent years and they could be set to do the same again here. Elias needs a little bit more time in NXT to prove his worth, but if WWE think that he's ready then hopefully they have a much better plan for him than they did with Bo Dallas all those years ago.

10 Won't: No Way Jose

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No Way Jose has been a delight to watch over the past few months and while his dancing gimmick is something that really lights up a crowd, what else does he have? Fandango could dance and the WWE Universe were behind him for a few months, until they forgot about him.

If Jose was brought up to the main roster too soon then the same thing could well happen to him. The NXT crowd are so easy to please. There is a huge gap between WWE and NXT and many of these stars end up falling into that gap, Jose has something that is working in NXT right now and if WWE rush him to the main roster, then he's going to end up just like Fandango in a few months time.

9 Will: The Revival

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The Revival are the undisputed top guys in NXT right now. They can do no wrong in front of the Full Sail crowd and they are the only ever two-time NXT Tag Team Champions. They won Match of the Year last year and have had some outstanding matches during their time in NXT. So what do they have left to accomplish?

Their final act could be to put over The Authors of Pain in Orlando in a few weeks time when they fight them for the Tag Team Championships so that they can then walk away and fight much bigger guys on WWE's main roster. The Revival were tailor made for SmackDown and if American Alpha still have the Tag Titles after WrestleMania then the WWE Universe could well be in for a treat.

8 Won't: Authors Of Pain

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The Authors of Pain may be the current NXT Tag Team Champions, but let's be honest, they have a long way to go before they will be seen as credible champions on the NXT brand. Not only did they mess up and throw a chain into a crowd of people, but they also managed to injure an enhancement talent and botch a move in almost every match they're in.

They are the winners of the second annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, but even something like that hasn't given them the boost they need. Paul Ellering is a massive help and keeping those two down in NXT is the best option until it can be proved that they are safe workers and that they are ready for that kind of responsibility.

7 Will: Tye Dillinger

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Tye Dillinger already made his main roster debut at the Royal Rumble but it seems that WWE didn't want to keep him up there until he finishes the feud that has began between him and Eric Young. Tye will not be recruited by Sanity. He has a much better path ahead of him, so if these two have a final showdown the night before WrestleMania, then Tye will be free to head off over to the main roster.

It has almost become a tradition that the person who is set to leave NXT always puts over the talent that will come after them. Much like Sasha Banks and Bayley, Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura, perhaps this is Tye's chance to put over Young before he hangs up his NXT boots for good.

6 Won't: Roderick Strong

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Roderick Strong has become a legend of his own on the independent circuit in Ring of Honor. And since coming to NXT, he has proved why, but for some reason, WWE haven't been using him as much as they could on recent shows. Strong and Jose came out to help Dillinger in his fight against Sanity a few weeks ago, but that still hasn't been followed up.

Whether this is terms of his contract or that Strong still has things to do outside of WWE, I don't feel as though he has been built enough down in NXT to allow him to be able to make the switch so soon. He could be looking at the night after SummerSlam instead, because I feel he would make a fantastic addition to the Raw roster.

5 Will: Bobby Roode

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Bobby Roode will definitely be making his way to the main roster sometime soon. It is highly unlikely that Kassius Ohno will be able to dethrone him as NXT Champion in a few weeks time because the NXT Universe are all geared up for what is set to be an explosive rematch between Roode and Nakamura in just over three weeks time.

Roode could easily lose the title to Nakamura, or even be promoted to the main roster with the title much like Kevin Owens was. Either way, he would be a fantastic addition to a SmackDown roster that will be missing a main star when John Cena goes on hiatus again following the biggest event of the year. He would be a decent replacement for The Face the Runs the Place.

4 Won't: Kassius Ohno

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Right now it feels as though Kassius Ohno has been brought back in to bridge the gap between the two TakeOver events. Booby Roode needed a challenger and Ohno just happened to be there. He is over with the fans at Full Sail but the same can't be said for WWE's loyal fan base, which is why it would be a mistake to promote him.

He obviously isn't going to win the NXT Championship in a few weeks time either, which means that he could remain on the NXT roster for a while and build himself up. Or this could have just been a short stint and he will leave NXT again after his match with Roode in two weeks time. It is all still up in the air when it comes to Kassuis Ohno and his future.

3 Will: Asuka

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Asuka has been undefeated for a year. She has almost overtaken Goldberg's unbeaten record and she has been Women's Champion for more than 300 days. Who can defeat Asuka? Surely she has to drop the Women's title before she is promoted to the main roster, and the tease between her and Ember Moon this past week on NXT can only mean one thing.

Ember Moon also has an undefeated streak in singles competition and she could be set to put that on the line against Asuka the night before WrestleMania. This will the free up Asuka to head to the main roster and be the only woman who can stop Nia Jax. The Raw Women's Division would be the perfect place for Asuka to go and make an impact after such a successful NXT career.

2 Won't: Hideo Itami

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Hideo Itami has had a sad career in NXT. He was destined for so much when he first debuted but after a career that has been plagued with injuries and watching everyone who he debuted with be promoted, Hideo is still in the same place that he started.

It's crazy to think that Itami was out for more than a year with a shoulder injury that required surgery and when he did finally make his return he was injured again. He is still set to return and could be out for many more months. Itami has so many fans in the WWE Universe who want to see him back on TV again, but with an injury record like his, WWE won't be ready to gamble any big storylines on him just yet.

1 Will: Shinsuke Nakamura

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The King of Strong Style has to be making his way to WWE's main roster sometime soon. He has accomplished all there is to accomplish in NXT and it seems that he is ready to make the switch. His final match for the brand that he has called home for more than a year could take place in less than a months time at TakeOver the night before WrestleMania.

Nakamura probably won't become a three-time NXT Champion in Orlando but he could put over Bobby Roode as the next big thing in the company and then walk away knowing that he is ready to begin a new chapter in WWE, on its main roster. Nakamura could fit in on either SmackDown or Raw, which means that WWE could do interesting things with him in the coming moths.

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