8 Pairs Of Besties And 7 Sets Of Frenemies Among WWE Women

WWE's Women's wrestlers have gone through several different eras and stages. In WWE's early years, Women's wrestling was dominated by the hard to work with The Fabulous Moolah. She held the title for several years and made it so it was hard for other women to get over. After that, there was a short period in the mid '90s where they revived the title and the likes of Alundra Blayze and Bertha Faye were the faces of the division. After Blayze dumped the title in trash can, the title was once again put on the shelf. After a few years the title was revived once more and was seemingly turning a corner in Women's wrestling with the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, and Molly Holly. Sadly, the division took a turn for the worse after John Laurinaitis was placed in charge of talent and hired models instead of wrestlers. But now we are in current day WWE and the wrestling is at it's level and the Women's wrestlers are as competitive as ever. There is one thing that has stayed the same however and that is the making of friends and the making of enemies in the Women's locker room.

Here are 8 friends and 7 enemies in the WWE Women's Division.

15 Besties: Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss

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Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss may be the closest pair of friends on this list. They truly define the term bestie. Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss were in NXT together and the two developed their friendship down there. Alexa Bliss was there first and Nia joined her afterwards. Judging by their social medias the two are together almost every moment of every day. They perform silly skits on Instagram together. WWE separated the two when they were called to the main roster as Nia was put on Raw and Alexa was put on SmackDown but now the the two are back together on the Raw brand. Surprisingly, Alexa Bliss has had a much better time on the main roster than her bestie Alexa Bliss

14 Frenemies: AJ Lee and The Bella Twins

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AJ Lee missed the boat on WWE's Women Revolution. Instead she was stuck wrestling the likes of Cameron, The Bellas, and Kaitlyn. She's hasn't gotten the chance to wrestle credible in-ring talent like Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte. AJ Lee and The Bella Twins had an infamous run-in on and episode of Raw in 2013. AJ Lee performed her infamous Pipe Bombshell promo where she dissed Total Divas and every woman apart of it at the time. Lee hit The Bella Twins the hardest during the promo. AJ Lee made the claim that talent isn't sexually transmitted. There's no way they allowed the line past the creative team and the line caught the Bellas by surprise. From there

13 Besties: Maryse and Kelly Kelly

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Maryse and Kelly Kelly both wrestled in the Divas era of Women's wrestling. That era featured many tag matches, short matches, generic women, and worst of all horrible wrestling. This was era where Women's wrestlers were untrained models and that would explain the bad wrestling. You can thank former Raw general manager John Laurinaitis for that as he was responsible for hiring and firing people during this time period. During this period, a bond between two specific blond models was formed. Maryse who was Diva Search contestant and Kelly Kelly who hired for no reason developed a close friendship inside-and-outside the WWE ring. The two have done a WWE Table for 3 together and have done many things together outside the ring.

12 Frenemies: Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss

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From bad Women's wrestling to decent Women's wrestling. Sasha Banks helped to revolutionize Women's wrestling for the WWE along with The Four Horsewomen. They helped turn Women's wrestling in WWE from being a joke into an important part of the television. Sasha Banks main roster has unfortunately not been smooth. She's had basically one feud that's worth mentioning and during that feud, the belt was just changed back and forth a ton of times. Alexa Bliss's main roster has been better then expected and while her ring work sets WWE back in time, she has the character and mic work in the Women's Division. Banks and Bliss don't like each other and that may be the reason why their match at Great Balls of Fire was not good. The two also do not follow each other on any social media and cut each other off during their promos.

11 Besties: Layla and Michelle McCool

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Layla and Michelle McCool are both former Diva Search Contest participants. Layla won her version of competition in 2006. Michelle McCool wasn't even the runner-up in the inaugural version that she competed in. These two as a tandem were a highlight during WWE's diva era. They formed the entertaining duo known as LayCool. They clicked on all their promos and were perfect compliments to one another. The two's partnership came to an end in 2011 after Layla defeated McCool and McCool retired after the match. They have been able to maintain a close relationship know outside of the WWE ring. Prior to the two becoming a team, the two were barely acquaintances but WWE were able to make the acquaintances life-long friends.

10 Frenemies: Nikki Bella and Maryse

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The feud between Nikki Bella and Maryse leading up to WrestleMania saw them bring up the reason why they dislike each other. Both women were competitors on WWE's Diva Search Competition. Maryse was eliminated early and Nikki never made the cast. The two like many other Diva Search participants were still given contracts. In their first runs  they would both win championship gold and leave the company shortly after. The Bellas made their return in 2013 with boyfriends in high places in the company. When Maryse was attempting to make her return, she believes that she was halted by Nikki. She would have to make her lone-awaited return in 2016 in stead of years prior and she could have saved The Miz way earlier on.

9 Besties: Sasha Banks and Bayley

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Sasha Banks and Bayley helped make Women's wrestling in WWE watchable. Their matches in NXT were WWE's best Women's matches ever and WWE's has nothing close to those two epic encounters. The first ever Ironwoman match, as well as their match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn helped to put WWE's Women on a much higher level. Being down in NXT with that small, cult crowd with a much smaller and intimate locker room has led to many wrestlers becoming close and these two are no different. The two are often seen together inside and outside the WWE ring. Both women are usual cast members for Xavier Woods YouTube channel UpUpDownDown. The two had an ongoing joke where they were "fighting" to be with Seth Rollins.

8 Frenemies: Candice Michelle and Melina

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Candice Michelle and Melina were members of WWE's Diva division during the late 2000s. Both women were nowhere close to being great wrestlers but WWE made the best with what they had. Melina was brought in as the manager of MNM. She was great in that role as manger and was eventually made the transition to wrestler. Her reputation was nothing to call home about to say the least. Candice Michelle was a Diva Search contest participant that lost but was hired anyways. She attempted to get better at wrestling and won her only Women's Championship against Melina. After an injury, she would step away from the ring. Melina's poor attitude caused issue with Candice Michelle. Candice accused Melina of stealing one of her few moves and Melina responded with a scathing blog post. Melina said that Candice was not a credible worker in the division and didn't deserve her spot in the company.

7 Besties: Beth Phoenix and Natalya

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During WWE's Hall of Fame Ceremony for this year, Beth Phoenix gave a shout out to Natalya. The two formed a promising duo in 2011 to go after the Women's wrestlers who weren't like them and weren't serious wrestlers. The two were known as the Divas of Doom. Sadly the team didn't go anywhere and split up quietly. After Phoenix left the company in 2012 the two remained good friends. Natalya credits Phoenix for helping to make WWE Women's wrestling better which she tried to do. The roster that Phoenix had to work with during her time on top was not the best but Phoenix did the best should could. They both wish that their future children turn out to be like one another.

6 Frenemies: Nikki Bella and Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis recently made her return to where she got her start in professional wrestling the WWE. With her, was her husband Mike Bennett who is now going under the name of Mike Kanellis. Unfortunately, her return took way longer than expected. She was supposed to return to the company on many occasions prior to her return but like Maryse, she was halted by Nikki Bella. Nikki Bella used who she was dating to keep away Maria. The supposed reasoning for this is Maria was seen dancing with her Bella's then boyfriend Dolph Ziggler. After Kanellis was released, she did everything possible to keep her away. Maria did manage to do well for herself on the indies until she was signed back. Now, both women are back on the SmackDown roster and it's interesting to see how they or if they'll interact.

5 Besties: Charlotte and Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch and Charlotte are members of WWE's Four Horsewomen along with Sasha Banks and Bayley. In NXT, you have no choice but to be close as you're there taping shows for hours. Also Charlotte and Becky were brought up at the same time in 2015 and joined Paige in Team PCB. Lynch was kissed by Charlotte's father Ric Flair and while anyone could've freaked out over the unscripted incident, she manage to keep her composure, continue the match, and forgive. The two are travel buddies again since both are on the SmackDown roster. Most importantly, Charlotte and Becky Lynch have helped to make Women's wrestling credible for the WWE.

4 Frenemies: Sunny and Sable

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This feud goes back to the late '90s as WWE's two biggest female attractions just couldn't get along. Sunny and Sable now have two completely different life stories as Sable is essentially a stay at home mom and Sunny is not in the best shape as far as her life is concerned. At the beginning of 1997, Sunny was clearly the more popular woman. By the end, it was a different story. Sable began showing a more appealing outfit each week on Raw and the crowd would roar and ratings would go up. Sunny's appearances on Raw the amount of people caring about her decreased and she began playing the second fiddle to Sable. Sunny ended up in ECW by 1998 and Sable modeled for Playboy Magazine and became the Women's Champion.

3 Besties: Sasha Banks and Stephanie McMahon

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Although Stephanie McMahon wrongly takes credit for the Women's Revolution, she has maintained a close relationship with the one of the Revolution's true founders Sasha Banks. Stephanie's husband Triple H sees a ton in Sasha Banks and Stephanie sees the same in her. Unfortunately, her father doesn't see the same. Nevertheless, Banks has cited McMahon as one of her role models and who could blame her? McMahon managed end the run of male McMahon's running the company. Banks sees her more as a friend instead of boss. Banks is appreciative of McMahon's booking of the Women's Division since she's been there. Some fans might feel otherwise about the booking but if Sasha's okay with it we should be as well.

2 Frenemies: Lana and Paige

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Ironically, the two women in WWE locker room who have had the greatest amount of heat have heat with each other. Lana was hired by WWE in 2013 after WWE looked for women in Los Angeles area. The women who were also signed include Eva Marie and JoJo. Paige has wrestling in her blood and her entire family were basically wrestlers so it only made sense that WWE would sign her. Lana and Paige did not enjoy their time in NXT together. According to Lana, Paige who was incredibly young during her time in NXT, bullied Lana who was a newcomer to the wrestling business. For some weird reason, Lana was the one who ended up heat and people thought that she was just using Paige for attention. While Lana is seemingly back in good graces with the company, Paige has heat because of her relationship with Del Rio.

1 Besties: Trish Stratus and Lita

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Trish Stratus and Lita feuded with each other for their entire WWE career. When both women entered the WWE in 2000 they were instantly a perfect match for one another. Whether they were teaming or feuding, Trish and Lita were great for one another. Both debuted in the year 2000 and retired in the year 2006 one after another. Trish's final match was against Lita and it was arguably the best match between the two. Lita was inducted in the Hall of Fame by Trish in 2014. Lita was chosen to be the godmother of Trish's son. Although the two may be seen as an odd combo, the two have been around each other for six years and traveled together nonstop. They had no choice but to become close.

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