8 Pairs Of WCW Wrestlers Who Are Real-Life Buddies (And 7 Pairs Who Hate Each Other)

WCW is remembered for creating competition for WWE before falling apart in dramatic fashion. The biggest issue in WCW revolved around the egos in the locker room. Eric Bischoff gave out many high paying contracts with a few creative control clauses. Wrestlers started to backstab backstage and hold power over each other. Most wrestlers still share stories today about being miserable during their time in WCW before the company went out of business. The stars from the promotion are still remembered fondly today by fans for the success the company achieved during the Monday Night Wars.

The hostile relationships behind the scenes however caused issues to continue or even begin years later after the company closed. There are plenty of former WCW stars that still have a rivalry going today. Some trash each other for their time working together while others have developed hatred at some point through the years. On the other side of things, there are a few pairs of WCW wrestlers that are still close today. Their friendship lasted following the end of WCW or has become tight in recent years. We'll look at both sides with eight pairs of WCW wrestlers that are real life buddies and seven that hate each other today.

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15 Buddies: Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Hall

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The friendship between Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Hall ended up becoming one of the most important in wrestling. Hall and Page were very close during the early portion of their careers and grew even closer in WCW. DDP credits Hall as being one of the stars that talked Eric Bischoff into pushing him when the crowd started to buy into his potential.

Page returned the favor by saving Hall’s life. The addiction and abuse issues of Hall with drugs and alcohol made fans and his other friends fear he could die at any point. DDP brought Hall into his home to live with him and cleaned up his life with the power of DDP Yoga. Hall is back in a positive place and the shocking turnaround came thanks to an old friend. Page and Hall remain close to this day.

14 Enemies: Scott Steiner and Ric Flair

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One of the longest standing hatred stories in wrestling history features Scott Steiner and Ric Flair. Steiner feels that Flair held him down in WCW during the early 90s. Flair held a great deal of backstage power at the time as the biggest star in the company.

The two actually worked together in a singles program and the match went poorly leading to Steiner’s first singles push ending. Lance Storm among other experienced minds claimed that Flair sabotaged Steiner in that match. Since then, Steiner has publicly trashed Flair holding nothing back. Steiner would cut unscripted shoot promos against Flair during the final years of WCW and still trashes him today. Flair has nothing but negative feelings towards Steiner as well often referring to him as bitter and jealous.

13 Buddies: Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell

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A rare instance of Scott Steiner being friends with someone from WCW is Buff Bagwell. The two wrestlers grew close working together in the New World Order. Steiner and Bagwell often branched away from the nWo as a tag team within the group. Both guys had characters that added elements of the “ladies man” gimmick and they were brought together because of it.

No one would have expected them to become friends for the next two decades. Following the death of WCW and failures in WWE, Bagwell and Steiner worked together headlining many independent wrestling and international shows. Their friendship is still strong as Bagwell was spotted showing up to support Steiner at the grand opening of his Shoney’s restaurant in Atlanta. Both men still live in Atlanta and have a great relationship.

12 Enemies: Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan

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Two big names in the history of wrestling that absolutely despise each other are Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart. Their hostility started off in WWE when Hogan left the company by refusing to drop the WWE Championship to Hart as promised. Hogan felt Bret wasn’t a big enough star or a big enough human in size to defeat him.

They made peace early on in WCW when Hart left WWE for the red hot promotion. However, WCW used Bret poorly for his entire run and actually booked him as Hogan’s lackey in the New World Order. Hart claims Hogan sabotaged his career in WCW and insults him any time he is asked about their relationship. Bret has cursed out Hogan numerous times. Hogan responds by calling Bret a bitter man proving they truly hate each other.

11 Buddies: Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff

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Eric Bischoff did develop some close relationships in WCW and the biggest involved Hogan. The skills of Bischoff to convince Hogan to not only join WCW but eventually turn heel led to them passing WWE in the ratings war. Hogan and Bischoff became extremely close working together backstage and on-screen in the New World Order.

Despite the negative stories about Hogan backstage, Bischoff always remained loyal to Hogan and made him the most important man in WCW. The two stayed close following the end of WCW and continued to have a business relationship. Hogan and Bischoff made their way to TNA completely destroying that company in the process with their poor decisions. Still, they remain united as they defend each other adamantly in the public and are still close friends.

10 Enemies: Shane Helms and Buff Bagwell

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Shane Helms and Buff Bagwell developed a hatred for each other right when WWE purchased WCW and brought some of the talent over. Bagwell was expected to be a huge star for the WCW brand going forward. Helms was going to get a chance in a smaller spot as the Cruiserweight Champion. Following his debut match stinking up the joint, Buff apparently was on edge.

All of the WCW wrestlers trained together and Bagwell made a snide comment to Helms. The smaller wrestler would not be bullied and threw a water bottle as Buff’s head before engaging in a scuffle. Bagwell ended up no-showing the next week and getting fired as a result while Helms was among the bigger success stories of WCW stars joining WWE. Both men take shots at the other today when asked about the incident showing the tension is still there.

9 Buddies: Raven and Chris Jericho

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Raven and Chris Jericho were a part of an unofficial clique backstage in WCW along with the aforementioned friends Disco Inferno and Konnan. All four guys had the mutual interest of knowing useless trivia that made them have fun together in the miserable climate of the WCW locker room. Jericho proved he and Raven are still buddies today when he gave another podcast to a friend.

The Raven Effect is a less successful podcast on The Jericho Network, but is still around partly due to Jericho’s love for his pal. Raven is known as one of the more interesting guys in wrestling and many of his funnier stories apparently took place with Jericho in WCW. They clearly have a bond that has never failed considering they are tight these days.

8 Enemies: Ric Flair and Paul Roma

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The Four Horsemen usually gave us wrestlers successfully working as a unit partly thanks to their respect for each other backstage. One member of the group that flopped horrendously was Paul Roma. WCW placed Roma in the Four Horsemen with the hopes of his good look and athleticism leading to his wrestling star power growing.

Flair trashed Roma for years in various years for being the worst member to ever join the legendary faction. Roma claimed Flair and Arn Anderson were jealous of him and tried to take away from his career taking off. The insults have not stopped and Roma still was reportedly bad mouthing Flair to fans at a wrestling convention. A poor business relationship led to a personal disdain for each other.

7 Buddies: Sting and Lex Luger

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Sting and Lex Luger have been extremely close friends in wrestling for nearly three decades now. They became close in the late 80s in WCW thanks to their shared passion for working out. Luger and Sting worked out and actually apparently shared investments in gyms at various points. Sting was the one to talk Eric Bischoff into hiring back Luger to start the Monday Night Wars on the premiere episode of Nitro.

Many people in the industry turned their back on Luger due to his egotistical attitude and his personal issues following the end of WCW. Sting always remained close with Luger. WWE used quotes and interview clips from Luger in various productions about Sting during the final run of his career. Both men clearly formed a special friendship in WCW that has never ended.

6 Enemies: Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo

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The decision to hire Vince Russo is considered to be among the worst decisions in WCW history that helped kill the company. Eric Bischoff’s poor decisions and allowing the locker room to get out of control led to him losing power. Russo came in and instantly proved he was significantly worse than Bischoff. WCW tried to get both fading minds to work together.

Bischoff and Russo disagreed about wrestling and flat out hated each other. This continued in TNA when the similar situation arose causing them to have another falling out. Now, both men spend their time trashing each other in wrestling podcasts. Bischoff considers Russo one of the dumbest men in wrestling and Russo thinks Bischoff treats other poorly because he’s a horrible person.

5 Buddies: Disco Inferno and Konnan

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A random pair of friends going all the way back to WCW is Disco Inferno and Konnan. Both men were highly paid mid-carders throughout the entirety of the Monday Night Wars. Disco and Konnan formed a friendship backstage due to their mutual love of pointless trivia along with the party scene after shows.

Chris Jericho decided to give Konnan his own weekly podcast on The Jericho Network for PodcastOne. Konnan brought along Disco as his sidekick and co-host. The two break down the current wrestling scene, share old memories and debate throughout each episode. Their real life friendship helps add a dynamic that allows them to throw insults at each other for entertainment while always remaining cool. Not many people would have assumed these two were friends today, but the proof is in the podcast.

4 Enemies: Shane Douglas and Ric Flair

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Ric Flair had yet another enemy in WCW that remains hostile today. Shane Douglas believes that Flair is the reason his career in WCW ended poorly in the early 90s. Douglas definitely appeared to be the next big star with a world of potential that somehow went nowhere. The accusations of Douglas were that Flair held him down and tried to ruin his career.

Douglas used this hatred to motivate him in ECW. Fans of the era loved his promos for the realism from which he spoke with. Flair was a frequent target with savage comments by Douglas painting him in a horrible light. They tried working together towards the end of WCW again but it was a mess once again. Douglas still bashes Flair for being a cancer to wrestling and Flair mocks Douglas for having to work at Walmart.

3 Buddies: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

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The friendship between Kevin Nash and Scott Hall helped change the wrestling business on many levels. Both men made the jump from WWE to WCW together to get the first guaranteed contracts in wrestling and start the New World Order angle. Fans started tuning into WCW in droves to witness the magic of the nWo.

Nash and Hall bringing their bond to the screen helped sell the faction as being cool and authentic. The Outsiders were clearly the two coolest men in wrestling at least a year until Steve Austin and The Rock broke out in WWE. Nash and Hall have remained friends through it all. Despite Hall being in bad shape, Nash always remained close with him. Hall and Nash gave wrestling one of the longest lasting friendships that still goes on.

2 Enemies: Scott Steiner and Hulk Hogan

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A very personal rivalry between two former WCW stars pits Scott Steiner and Hulk Hogan against each other. They never had personal issues in WCW and often worked together in the New World Order. Hogan and Steiner started to butt heads many years later in TNA. Steiner viewed Hogan and Eric Bischoff coming in as the death nail to destroy the company.

TNA eventually released Steiner and he went on a rampage personally insulting Hogan badly. The comments ranged from taking aim at Hulk for not treating wrestlers with respect to insulting his daughter Brooke Hogan. Hogan actually accused Steiner of threatening his wife at an airport and got law enforcement involved. Steiner curses out Hogan in interviews any time he's asked about the issues today. Hulk should avoid Big Poppa Pump next time they're in the same place.

1 Buddies: Bret Hart and Ric Flair

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Bret Hart and Ric Flair have developed one of the more surprising friendships in wrestling. Both legends hated each other in both WWE and WCW through the 90s. Despite having the similar fans that appreciated great in-ring work, neither man appreciated the talent of the other. Hart and Flair each named the other among the most overrated talents they ever faced with harsh insults being exchanged.

This all changed when they worked together in WWE for an NXT match between Ric’s daughter Charlotte Flair and Bret’s niece Natalya. The incredible match and seeing their relatives carry on the legacy led to them making peace. If your loved ones can be friends and make such magic, it can cause you to end a pointless war. Hart and Flair have nothing but kind words for one another today and consider each other good friends.

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