8 Pairs Of WWE Women Who Are Friends Backstage And 7 Who Are Enemies

Jerry Lawler once iconically said that "all women secretly hate each other" and while this has been thought to be true for many years when it comes to the women in the WWE locker room. It actually isn't.

Despite their constant fighting and their ability to put on some of the best matches of the recent generation, some of the women in the WWE locker room are actually quite close friends. These women travel together and work together on a regular basis, so it would be hard for them to hate each other all the time.

As well as their being friendships, there are also a lot of women that don't like each other. These women are on opposite shows now or rarely have to wrestle, but it is thought that for as many friends as there are, there are also a few enemies that WWE tries to keep apart.

So which women secretly do hate each other? And which women are able to act like they hate each other on WWE TV but then go backstage and share opinions and stories with each other? Here is a list of the 15 different friends and enemies backstage in WWE's Women's Locker room.

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15 Friends: Sasha Banks And Bayley

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Sasha Banks and Bayley are part of The Four Horsewomen of NXT who originally began what is now being called the Women's Revolution back in 2015. Sasha and Bayley were part of the first ever Ironwoman match as part of NXT TakeOver: Respect before Sasha left to join the main roster.

Bayley and Sasha have since linked back up on the main roster and are the best of friends on screen as well. The duo even had a fake fight on Social Media when Bayley tried to come in and take Seth Rollins away from Sasha. The women share many posts about each other online and have confessed themselves that they are the best of friends outside of WWE and inside it, which can only make for a much better feud when Sasha does turn heel.

14 Enemies: The Bella Twins And Maryse

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The Bella Twins haven't exactly tried hard to be liked during their almost decade in WWE. They have had arguments with many current and former WWE Divas over the past few years, mostly because The Bellas always wanted to be the faces of the Division.

Back when The Bella Twins returned to WWE in 2012 it seems that WWE was looking to bring in the likes of Maryse and Maria Kanellis as well. This didn't happen because Nikki and Brie told the women to hold out for better contracts and more money, while they signed the contracts themselves. Maryse harboured hate because of this and was forced to bring it to the table on the first episode of Total Divas she was part of, it seems that the problem was never fully sorted either.

13 Friends: Naomi And Lana

Naomi and Lana are both former dancers so it was obvious that at some point they were going to be able to bond over their love of dance. Naomi was drafted to SmackDown and as part of the show, Lana was visibly upset that she was drafted to Raw away from her friends, most notably Naomi and Natalya.

Both Lana and Naomi are part of Total Divas and on this past week's episode. Naomi and Natalya travelled to Bulgaria to see Lana's second wedding to fellow WWE star Rusev. The duo have become closer over the past few months and as part of the Superstar Shakeup. Also, Lana was moved over to SmackDown so that she was finally with her best friend whilst her husband works on recovering from his recent shoulder surgery.

12 Enemies: Dana Brooke And Lana

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Another rivalry between two women that stems from Total Divas. It seems that over the past few months Lana has been working hard down in NXT preparing herself for her debut on the SmackDown main roster.

Lana has only had one WWE match, and that was back at WrestleMania 32 so she called on Dana Brooke to help her whilst she was coming up with moves and training. Lana came up with her own move and then the following week on Raw, Lana was upset because it seems that Dana used the move before she was ever able to. Dana didn't react well to these comments either since she tweeted that she had used the move many times in NXT whilst Lana was still working as a valet for Rusev.

11 Friends: Carmella And Alexa Bliss

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Carmella and Alexa Bliss' careers have been entwined over the past few years. The duo began their careers together in NXT before they were drafted to SmackDown Live together last summer. Alexa and Carmella were on the latest episode of WWE Ride Along which showed that the duo was much closer than they were ever portrayed on WWE TV.

Obviously, Alexa was moved over to Raw a few weeks ago as part of the Superstar Shakeup which means that Carmella has been left on SmackDown alone without her travel buddy. These two have been through a lot together and it seems that their friendship can overcome a few miles. hopefully, they end up on the same roster soon so the WWE Universe can finally see a decent feud between them.

10 Enemies: Lana And Summer Rae

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Lana and Summer Rae have never really seen eye to eye. The duo were both part of a feud with Dolph Ziggler and Rusev a few years ago, which was one of the last meaningful things Summer Rae did on WWE TV.

It seems that the problem between Lana and Summer Rae stemmed from some comments that Summer made about Lana on social media. Twitter has been the beginning of many of the silliest arguments between WWE stars. It seems Lana obviously got the better of this one since Summer hasn't been seen in WWE for more than a year and Lana is set to make her debut as a WWE Superstar soon. Summer Rae is one of the most likely people to be released from WWE in the near future.

9 Friends: Charlotte And Natalya

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Charlotte and Natalya come from two of the most famous families in the history of wrestling. And while the Flairs and the Harts have been enemies for many years, and even though Natalya and Charlotte are two of the best female athletes on the WWE roster at the moment, they still manage to be good friends. The duo are on opposite sides on the SmackDown roster currently, which they are doing a great job of.

Natalya and Charlotte once had one of the best female matches in a very long time when Charlotte was down in NXT and Natalya challenged her for the Women's Championship. This match also included Nattie's uncle Bret Hart and Charlotte's father Ric Flair. It was an incredible match between the two athletes and it was a standout moment for Women's Wrestling.

8 Enemies: Nikki Bella And Summer Rae

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Summer Rae didn't make a lot of friends when she appeared with Fandango on the main roster and danced her way into a place on Total Divas. It seems that her attitude not only led her into a feud with Natalya, but the fact that Summer was getting close to Daniel Bryan also annoyed Nikki Bella and her sister Brie.

Summer Rae became the only WWE Diva not to be invited to Brie and Daniel Bryan's wedding back in April 2014. Summer attempted to begin a friendship with Eva Marie but much like all of her other friendships, this was over quite fast when it seemed that both women's egos couldn't handle them being a team. It's perhaps not that much of a shock that Nikki, Summer and Eva are all taking time away from WWE right now, less drama backstage I suppose.

7 Friends: Becky Lynch and Charlotte

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Becky Lynch and Charlotte have been positioned together for a while in both NXT and WWE. The duo started their career in NXT together before they were called up to the main roster together as part of PCB. The trio that also included Paige then had a huge impact as part of the failed Divas Revolution.

Charlotte then turned on Becky when she had her heel turn but somehow they have ended up on the same side on SmackDown again. Charlotte and Becky are the epitome of best friends backstage and have followed each other's careers quite closely. Becky has become Women's Champion whilst Charlotte has spent time on Raw winning the Women's title on the Red Brand and now it seems WWE has decided to allow the two friends to work together once more.

6 Enemies: Paige and Lana

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It seems as though Lana has made a lot of enemies during her time in WWE. One of the biggest enemies she made was Paige. Lana decided to tweet Paige and state that she used to bully her in NXT and that she didn't do anything about it because Paige one of the biggest stars at that point so she didn't want to speak out.

Paige wasn't impressed about this allegation and stated that Lana was just trying to get herself a storyline. Lana and Paige have never been given the chance to settle their differences because Lana hasn't been an active wrestler on the WWE roster yet. But it will be interesting to see how WWE works this out when Paige makes her WWE return, even though Paige is on Raw and Lana is now on SmackDown.

5 Friends: Bayley and Carmella

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Bayley and Carmella are two other females who met when they were in NXT. At the time Carmella was being used as a valet for Enzo and Cass, but the two female trained together and were often seen outside of WWE together along with many other NXT talents.

The duo were obviously split when it was decided that Carmella was heading to SmackDown Live as part of the WWE Draft and Bayley was kept in NXT for a little bit longer. Bayley was instead moved to Raw a few weeks later and put with the likes of Sasha Banks and Charlotte. Carmella and Bayley were quite similar when they were in NXT when it came to their working style, which is why they probably ended up becoming so close in the first place.

4 Enemies: Renee Young And Lana

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Renee Young is the latest person to be on the list of Lana haters, it mostly stems from Lana here but it seems that Renee and the former dancer do not like each other. Recent episodes of Total Divas have seen Lana even state that she hates Renee because of her overactive personality and the fact that she was on SmackDown with all of her friends.

Lana comes across as quite a whiney person who creates a lot of problems for herself so it makes sense that she has so many problems with women in the locker room. Lana has now been drafted to SmackDown so she is back with her friends, but she is also on the same brand as Renee Young so at some point they will have to hash out their differences.

3 Friends: Natalya and Nikki Bella

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Unless you haven't seen the past few seasons of Total Divas, you will already know just how close Nikki Bella and Natalya are. Natalya is always the voice of reason in Nikki's life and it's been that way over the past few years.

The fact that these two are such good friends added to what was an incredible feud for them a few months ago when the duo allowed it to become quite personal. Both women have declared their love for each other on numerous occasions and are always there for each other when they are going through stressful times. It's a beautiful friendship that many of the women in the WWE locker room could actually learn from, a strong woman builds other women up, she doesn't need to knock them down.

2 Enemies: Paige and Charlotte

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Paige and Charlotte are one of the only duos who have a reason to hate each other. They came through NXT together and were once part of PCB along with Becky Lynch. But it seems that at the beginning of 2016, this all went out the window when it was discovered that Paige was in a relationship with former WWE star Alberto Del Rio.

Charlotte and Del Rio had been part of some sort of affair (Del Rio was still married at the time) from October 2015 and the Mexican star failed to mention this to Paige who went public with their relationship. This caused real problems for Charlotte and Paige but luckily Paige has spent the past few months away from WWE TV, which has allowed her to marry Del Rio and Charlotte herself has since moved forward.

1 Friends: Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss

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You might think that someone like Nia Jax doesn't need any friends backstage. She's a destructive force on her own, so why would she need anyone else? Well, it seems that the biggest wrecking ball has actually managed to make friends with the smallest.

Alexa and Nia have hinted at some sort of bond over the past few weeks as Nia has refused to attack Alexa since she was moved over to Raw. But it was recent posts on Instagram that caught the eye of many of the WWE Universe when it was revealed that the duo had spent a lot of time together on WWE's recent tour of Rome. Alexa and Nia are the perfect friendship couple and as seen from the video above, they have a lot of fun together.

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