8 Parents Who Are Proud Of Their Wrestling Children And 7 Who Are Ashamed

Over the past few decades, many WWE legends have allowed their children to grow up and follow in their footsteps.

Over the past few decades, many WWE legends have allowed their children to grow up and follow in their footsteps when it came to training in the wrestling business.

Many of these children have made an impact on WWE and TNA TV and proved that the second and third generation can be just as good as the legends who's footsteps they are stepping into.

Not all parents are proud of the children that they are raised though. There are many parents who would have preferred to shelter their children from the things that come with the business including the politics and public image.

Of course, there are some families that love being around the business and enjoy their children coming through the ranks. Some things happen in wrestling and some things are revealed in the public domain that makes the fans and sometimes their families turn on them.

Wrestling is a fickle business, but the following is a list of parents who are proud as well as some parents who are not as proud of the steps that their children have made over the past few years.

15 Proud: Rocky and Ata Johnson


The Rock has really made a name for himself in the wrestling business, having started out with a different kind of gimmick to the one that made him famous. The Rock took the ball and ran with it throughout the Attitude Era before becoming one of the biggest stars in the history of the company.

Since then, The Rock has remained loyal to the wrestling business and even though he has continued to become more and more popular as an actor, he has always returned to WWE whenever the company has needed him and continues to do his family proud. The Rock has seen many cousins and family members make their way through the ranks in WWE ever since he made a name for himself all those years ago.

14 Ashamed: Vickie and Eddie Guererro


It would be hard for Vickie Guerrero to judge any of her children's careers considering the fact that she was put through the ringer throughout her own. Shaul Guerrero fought for her place as a wrestler and even managed to make her way into NXT a few years ago as many fans eagerly awaited the return of a Guerrero on the main roster.

Sadly, Shaul dropped out of NXT twice. She wanted to go to school and finally married Aiden English a few years ago, but a career in wrestling was never going to be something that Shaul would be able to achieve. Even though Shaul came from a famous family, sometimes wrestling doesn't run in the blood. Shaul has instead made a career outside of the company.

13 Proud: Mike and Stephanie Rotunda


Mike Rotunda had a lengthy wrestling career of his own before his two sons Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas made their way to WWE. Bray and Bo have had differing careers when it comes to their recent runs with the company with Bray being the one who has come out on top when it comes to any kind of sibling rivalry.

Bray has a fantastic gimmick that many of the WWE Universe have already been able to get behind. He is also a former WWE World Champion. Bo is a former NXT Champion but hasn't had a lot of success on the main roster over the past few years. But they are certainly making their father proud by being able to fight for what they have in WWE and everything they have achieved over the past few years.

12 Ashamed: Barry And Josie Nelson


Barry and Josie are regular cast members when it comes to Total Divas, alongside their daughter Eva Marie, but it seems that even though they have been able to bask in their daughter's spotlight, there isn't a lot for Eva's parents to actually be proud of.

Eva tried in WWE and was finally getting to a point where she could make her re-debut on the main roster before she was suspended for 30 days for failing a drug test. Eva hasn't been seen in WWE now for almost a year after deciding to make the switch into acting and it seems that this was the stepping stone she always wanted, with rumours now suggesting that Eva Marie may not even return to WWE. This means that Eva just used the company for fame and is now happy to move on since she has it.

11 Proud: Bob And Angela Kaufman


Bob and Angela Kaufman have always been supportive of the career changes that their daughter has made over the past few years. From bodybuilding to cheerleading and then going into professional wrestling. Itseems that Alexa Bliss' parents should have a lot of pride in the person that their daughter has become.

Alexa is the first ever woman to win the SmackDown and Raw Women's Championship and one of the highest rated females in WWE right now. Alexa has somehow managed to climb the ranks in WWE and prove all of her doubters wrong on the main roster. Alexa and her mother are very close and hopefully, her parents are being able to bask in everything their daughter has achieved and will continue to achieve in the coming months and years.

10 Ashamed: José Luis Rodríguez Arellano


José Luis Rodríguez Arellano is widely considered to be the greatest heavyweight wrestler to ever come out of Mexico, which means that his footsteps were certainly going to be big ones to fill.

Alberto Del Rio hasn't found them easy shoes to walk in either and it seems that right now most of the wrestling community are talking more about his personal life than they are about his wrestling ability. Del Rio's family is famous in Mexico and they can't be happy about his adulterous ways as of late and the fact that he has walked away from the biggest wrestling promotion in the world twice already. After building such a great reputation fro himself and his family throughout his career, it seems that Del Rio has ruined all that hard work in a number of months.

9 Proud: Michelle Rubio and Dusty Rhodes


The mother of both Cody Rhodes and Goldust and the wife of the late Dusty Rhodes can definitely be put on the list of proud parents. Cody was raised to always step up if he disagreed with something. And while he could have remained in WWE and been unhappy, Cody decided to make a stand and start a new career somewhere else.

Goldust is a veteran in WWE and even though the company don't use him as much as they should (because he is one of the most loyal Superstars in the history of the company), he is never surrounded in scandal and never in the headlines. It seems that both Rhodes boys have been raised right and their parents should definitely be proud of the men that they have grown up to become.

8 Ashamed: Leonice Leonard andCurt Hennig


Curtis Axel made his way to WWE so that he could follow in the footsteps of a star that was known as Mr Perfect. For a while, it was obvious that Axel had something that many Superstars in WWE didn't have. That was until WWE stopped pushing him and he has recently just disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Axel deserves to be part of a storyline and being pushed into a mid-card feud. But he hasn't been on WWE TV for a long time and doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. The former Intercontinental Champion was once a Paul Heyman Guy. He deserves to be able to fight for a chance and shouldn't be a star on the list of most likely releases. Mr. Perfect would want his son to be at the top of his game, or walk away.

7 Proud: Sika and Patricia Anoa'i


The Anoa'i family have many representatives in WWE right now. But only one of their sons is a former three-time World Champion, Royal Rumble winner, and has main evented WrestleMania twice. For all the abuse that Roman Reigns receives from the WWE Universe, it seems that he has actually improved over the past few months.

Roman could easily have followed in the footsteps of Eva Marie and walked away from WWE when the Universe turned against him, but he has persevered and he has done everything that the WWE creative team has told him too. His parents should definitely be proud of the star that he has become and the determination that he has installed in him to push through the hate and force the fans to see the real him.

6 Ashamed: Sharon Georgi and Jimmy Snuka


Much like Curtis Axel, Tamina Snuka is one of many second generation Superstars who haven't been given the boost that many believe they deserved. Tamina is the daughter of Superfly Jimmy Snuka and even though there was a lot of personal information reported about Jimmy before his death, he was still a legend in WWE circles in his prime.

Tamina doesn't seem as though she is up to his standard. She has been in WWE now for a number of years and is yet to win a championship. She is yet to be a real integral part of a feud and she is yet to have a match that the WWE Universe didn't want to forward through. Tamina isn't as good as her father and she isn't as good as many other females on rosters below her. And it doesn't look  as though she has improved over the past few years either.

5 Proud: Jim Neidhart and Elizabeth Hart


Natalya is considered to be one of the best technical wrestlers in WWE. She is a veteran and a woman who is happy to go down to the Performance Center and train many other women to follow in her footsteps. She is a former Divas Champion in her own right and over the past few years has had some incredible matches with up and coming women.

Natalya also seems very down to Earth and is very close to her fanbase on social media. Her mother and father should be proud of the only female graduate from The Hart Dungeon and the incredible person that she has managed to become over the past few decades. Natalya is aware that she is different and even though she is from a famous family, she has never been a person who has expected things to be handed to her.

4 Ashamed: Hulk Hogan and Linda Claridge


Hulk Hogan isn't exactly a great role model for any of his children when it comes to having a career in the wrestling business. Hogan has been surrounded by scandal for many years now and it seems that Brooke stepping into the business wasn't a good idea either when she was part of the Impact creative team.

Maybe allowing his children to go into wrestling wasn't a good idea for Hogan. Especially since having his daughter in the spotlight has meant that she has also been surrounded by scandal; having tapes and various images leaked in recent years. Brooke has spent a lot of her life in the spotlight and never really needed to venture into wrestling. It was just an adventure for her while other women would have to work so much harder to be given that kind of responsibility.

3 Proud: Paul Van Dale


They say that nothing makes a parent any more proud than when their children do better than they ever could. That means that Paul Van Dale must be very proud of his daughter Carmella at this point since Carmella has already become much more famous and got much farther in WWE than her father did in the 1990s.

Carmella is a second generation star after her father worked as a jobber for WWE. It seems the company sees much more potential in Carmella since they are giving her the chance to create a character and she could well find her way to the Women's Championship in the near future. Carmella has climbed through the ranks and continues to improve in WWE every time she performs on the SmackDown Live brand.

2 Ashamed: Saraya and Ricky Knight


Paige has made some huge mistakes throughout her career. But her parents would still be proud of the fact that Paige achieved her dream and became the first ever NXT Women's Champion. Over the past few years though, Paige has mostly tried to be a forgettable person after being suspended by WWE twice for failing their Wellness Policy as well as then trying to claim that it was WWE and not her.

Paige's private videos and images were then leaked to the WWE Universe which included a championship belt that WWE then had to change, which the company can't have been happy about. Paige has become one of the most talked about females in WWE for all of the wrong reasons over the past few years which has overshadowed any impact she had in the wrestling world before the scandal.

1 Proud: Ric Flair and Elizabeth Harrell


Ric Flair is a 16-time World Champion and a two-time Hall of Famer. It was obvious that any child that made it to WWE under his guidance was always going to make a huge impact. Charlotte has defied all of the odds and became a stand out star in WWE with many of the Universe stating that Charlotte could well be the best female wrestler of all time.

Charlotte continues to do her father and their entire family proud on the SmackDown roster and has proved that she doesn't need a title to show that she is one of the best in the company. It is predicted that if Charlotte continues the way that she is going then she will easily break her father's World Championship record in the coming years.

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8 Parents Who Are Proud Of Their Wrestling Children And 7 Who Are Ashamed