8 People Stephanie McMahon Loves And 7 She Hates

Stephanie McMahon has made her presence known on WWE television ever since her first appearance in 1999. Back then she was the young and innocent daughter of Vince McMahon. Since then, she has evolved to the most annoying heel character in history.  Fans have begun to dislike seeing Stephanie McMahon on their television screen every week. She has somehow made enemies out of the fans with her constant presence on Raw over the past three years. For those three years, we have seen the same promo every week. Stephanie McMahon's antics on and off the TV have led to many wrestlers disliking The Billionaire Princess as well. Some have legitimate reasons. Others have said some things about McMahon that you cannot come back from. It may be easy to dislike her as she is only in her position because of who her father is and judging by the direction WWE's is going , she doesn't know what she is doing. However, some people in the wrestling business have spoken very highly of the billionaire's daughter. Some say she was pleasure to work with and had no real quarrels with her.

Here are 8 people who Stephanie McMahon loves and 7 she hates.

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15 Love: Andre The Giant

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Andre the Giant was one of the biggest attractions in wrestling history (the first true "wrestling attraction" as a matter of fact). He is one the most polarizing Superstars in wrestling history. Recently, Stephanie McMahon stated that her favorite wrestler wasn't Triple H but in fact Andre the Giant. According to McMahon, her and Andre were "lifelong friends." That statement doesn't really make sense as McMahon was still a very young age when Andre had passed. McMahon speaks very fondly of Andre and has shared her memories of him while she was a child. Andre wouldn't have made the best role model for the young Stephanie McMahon as the legendary stories of his alcoholic consumption over the years probably isn't something you want your young daughter doing.

14 Hate: Vince Russo

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Vince Russo continues trying to keep himself relevant in 2016 and it's really sad. But it's even worse that we tend to fall for it. Everything Russo says is an attempt to trigger fans and get them talking about him. He has made his dislike for Stephanie McMahon very well known recently. Russo who is often critical of the current product, has said Stephanie McMahon is to blame for that. Russo also hates the way Stephanie McMahon and Triple H treated his good friend Chyna. Russo was slated to return in 2002 and according to him, McMahon went over guidelines on how things were being ran now. After listening to her, Russo changed his mind and did not return. That was probably for the better.

13 Love: Triple H

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Triple H is obviously Stephanie McMahon's husband. But sometimes couples just don't get along and silently resent each other (especially when they work side by side) He and McMahon have been married since 2003. They began dating in 2000 while Triple H was still dating Chyna. Triple H then ditched and dumped Chyna in favor of McMahon. The two were forced to hide their relationship because Vince didn't approve of it and when he found out, he broke the two up. He changed his mind after listening to the advice of his wife Linda. WWE did not mention the marriage of the two until three years after it happened to protect kayfabe. Some say he did it to get higher up in the company, which did work for Triple H if that was the case.

12 Hate: Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon have feuded very heavily since both have been with the company. Jericho called McMahon " trashbag ho" so it only made sense when WWE put them together. After Jericho won the Undisputed Championship, McMahon wanted to work with Jericho to get back at her "husband" Triple H. Stephanie McMahon became Jericho's mouthpiece even though he never needed a mouthpiece. Therefore, the feud became about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and Jericho was just an afterthought. This is partially the reason as to why Jericho's first title reign was one of the worst ever. It was so bad that after he lost the title at WrestleMania X8, he wasn't even on the next pay-per-view. If you listened to McMahon on Live! with Chris Jericho (podcast), things may seem "friendly" between the pair but there is definitely some sort of underlining tension. Frenemies?

11 Love: Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus and Stephanie McMahon had a few matches in 2001. The matches were very decent considering what women's wrestling was at the time. This to go along with the fact that Trish Stratus was not completely at a top-notch level and Stephanie McMahon was not completely trained. The two developed a close relationship ever since. Besides The Fabulous Moolah, the two may be the most important women's wrestling figures of all time (one day this conversation could include include the likes of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley) as they continue to help revolutionize the division that Trish helped launch). Trish Stratus still works for WWE as an ambassador and surely Stephanie McMahon had something to do with it. They also share the bond of being mothers.

10 Hate: Rob Van Dam

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Rob Van Dam and Stephanie McMahon were members of The Alliance. Van Dam would often be managed by McMahon and was easily the most over person in the entire stable which included "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Rob Van Dam had all the makings of a top guy in WWE and could have very well been the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion (not that Jericho was a bad choice). However, it is believed that Stephanie McMahon used her pull to eventually put the title on her husband Triple H. Van Dam also said that McMahon judged Van Dam because he would reek of marijuana. Van Dam claims he was held back by creative which explains why he had so many reigns as Intercontinental Champion instead of World Champion when he easily was the most over talent.

9 Love: Naomi

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Stephanie McMahon and Naomi are close outside of the WWE ring. Stephanie McMahon should be close with the entire Women's roster but her relationship with Naomi was put on a fitness video. Stephanie McMahon makes it well known on all of her social media that she goes to the gym. The two were promoting exercises that helped to work on specific body parts. Naomi practically stood there as Stephanie McMahon's test subject in these videos. There was an awkward moment in the video where McMahon stated that "Naomi has the greatest behind that she has ever seen." Ironically, the video is taken at the NXT Performance Center and these two have nothing to do with NXT. Nice to know that Stephanie gets along with the girls backstage (at least most of them anyway).

8 Hate: CM Punk

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CM Punk doesn't like many people and Stephanie McMahon is most definitely on that list. The main reason is her husband Triple H. Triple H and CM Punk's hatred goes back to 2011 when Triple H halted the push of CM Punk 9in a display of pure selfish behaviour on Triple H's part). Triple H is also one of the key reasons why Punk left WWE. After Punk left, McMahon seems to be the only one on WWE television with the gall (pun intended) to mention his name. Punk said during the infamous "Pipe Bomb" promo that Stephanie McMahon was "idiotic." Although the promo was a work, he surely had to feel a certain way to say that. When Punk returns to WWE, it should be interesting to see the two's relationship.

7 Love: Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins may be the second best talent in WWE next to A.J. Styles. However, he was very talented inside the ring and was a natural babyface. So having him transition to top heel after The Shield breakup was an interesting decision. As we all know, he became the top member of The Authority led by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Without them, Rollins may have never developed into the heel he became. Without Stephanie and Triple beginning Raw with those 30 minute promos every week, Seth Rollins may never have became a better talker. So thanks to Stephanie McMahon and the fact that she and her husband stood behind Seth Rollins for so long in The Authority, we have one of the WWE's most polished Superstars.

6 Hate: AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is hated by Stephanie McMahon mainly because of her husband CM Punk. However, Lee has some reasons to dislike McMahon as well. During the later months of Lee's WWE run, McMahon went to Twitter to say something to promote women's rights. AJ Lee responded by criticizing the company's treatment of women and said that women have earned record numbers in merchandise sales but still receive less TV time and earn a fraction of wages. McMahon responded by saying "Thank you" and that she "appreciates her opinion." (Lame response, right?) Lee was gone two months after and Stephanie McMahon now takes credit for the "Diva's Revolution." Too bad she really had little to do with it and almost ruined it in the process. Strange world.

5 Love: Brie Bella

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This one is rather weird as Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon are awkward around each other during segments nowadays. But the wife of Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon are very friendly. They were such good friends that Brie Bella had a match with Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam, her first in 11 years. The feud had a ton of hype for it and was considered, at the time, to be one of the hottest feuds of the summer. The women would close an episode of Monday Night Raw with a contract signing as well as other segments. The buildup included police officers as well. The match was good considering who was in it. Unfortunately, the match led to the Brie and Nikki Bella feud which was absolute rubbish.

4 Hate: Randy Savage

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The story of Stephanie McMahon and Randy Savage is a story that's so out there that it may just be true (everyone of course has their own take on this situation). Everyone should know, but here's the backstory on the two. Legendary WWE Superstar "Macho Man" Randy Savage has claimed to have had sex with an underage Stephanie McMahon. He never once backed down on those claims before his unexpected death. Stephanie McMahon on the other hand has never acknowledged the claim of the Hall of Famer. Savage's brother Lanny Poffo doesn't even know the answer. He was quoted as saying "One is dead, the other is not talking." With the way it's going we will probably never have the answer. So, this will likely forever remain an urban legend.

3 Love: The Rock

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The Rock and Stephanie McMahon interacted with each other more often than not during their careers. The Rock gave Stephanie McMahon her most substantial bump since making on-screen appearances. McMahon obviously had to put her trust in The Rock as she had never done anything close to that in her first year with the company. He gave her a Rock Bottom at WrestleMania 2000. At WrestleMania 31, The Rock joined the ring with Ronda Rousey and stood toe-to-toe against McMahon and Triple H. Speculation began about a mixed tag-team match between the four Superstars but nothing came of it (would it have really been that good?). Also, McMahon and Triple H allow The Rock to come back whenever he feels the need. And of course those moments usually feel special.

2 Hated: Chyna

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Two women fighting over a man seems like a story fit for professional wrestling. However, it was a real-life ordeal with a McMahon, an incredibly talented wrestler, and a not-so talented wrestler. Triple H and Chyna dated for a couple years in the late '90s. After realizing Chyna was a drug user and a little unstable, Triple H dumped her in favor of Vince's daughter Stephanie. Chyna's meltdown really began the start of her career's downward spiral. Her drug usage became heavier and WWE refused to acknowledge her. The first time she was acknowledged by WWE came in 2016 when she died. And even though McMahon said that Chyna will be in the WWE Hall of Fame, it will be interesting to see if she follows through with her promise.

1 Love: Vince McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon is obviously the daughter of Vince McMahon and therefore it is his obligation as a father to lover her. However, the way things played out, it looks as if Vince loves Stephanie more than Shane. The WWE has always had a male McMahon take the reigns of the company but that's changed with Stephanie. It got so bad that Shane left the company in 2009 and didn't return until this year. He realized that Vince was choosing his sister Stephanie over him. Another thing, since his return, Shane hasn't even been part of creative, he's treated like another talent. So it is safe to say that Vince adores his daughter Stephanie. And obviously, Stephanie in return must adore her father which once again could have bene a difficult task where sharing business responsibilities.

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