8 People Who Are Angry About The Paige Leaks And 7 Who Are Probably Happy

WWE's latest hacking scandal saw former Divas Champion Paige's personal videos and photos leaked onto Instagram last Friday night.

There have been many videos and photos brought to the public's attention over the past few days, some of which also include former WWE Tag Team Champion and New Day member Xavier Woods as well as former Raw General Manager Brad Maddox.

Paige herself has commented on the leaks and stated that the images and videos were shared without her permission through an anonymous source. Brad Maddox has become a ghost on Social Media after he received much of the backlash when he was revealed as the second party in many of the videos that were first released.

Even though this is a breach of Paige's privacy and one that will affect her now for the rest of her career, there are still some people who could technically benefit from this. At the same time, though, there are many people who will be angry about the release of private files and will do everything they can to protect Paige over the next few months, until this latest hacking scandal is finally deemed to have finished.

15 Angry: Diamond Dallas Page

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Diamond Dallas Page has admitted that he is currently a fan of the WWE Women's Division and that it is in the best shape it has been in a long time with the likes of Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Bayley at the helm.

Page recently spoke about his love of female wrestling and the recent Paige scandal. DDP stated that if he had the opportunity then he would b**ch slap the person who was responsible. He also said that he thought Paige was a lovely lady and that she didn't deserve what was happening to her. He wished it would all blow over for her so that she could make her return to WWE when she is cleared following neck surgery, without something like this hanging over her.

14 Happy: Seth Rollins

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Before Paige's images were leaked online all over the world on Friday night, Seth Rollins was the only current active WWE Superstar who had images of that calibre online. While at the same time Rollins' hacking has been mentioned a lot over the past few days, he has finally become yesterday's news.

Paige, Victoria, Summer Rae, Melina, Maria Kanellis, and Kaitlyn all had their images leaked over the past few days, which puts Seth Rollins in much better company than he was before. While Rollins will obviously sympathize after going through the same thing more than two years ago, he will just be relieved that someone else has become the main WWE news for once, which allows Rollins to head into WrestleMania in less than two weeks feeling like a weight has been lifted.

13 Angry: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon is one of the biggest advocates of Women's Wrestling. It is something that she has thrown herself into over the past few years and played a pivotal role in bringing many of the NXT Women up to the main roster a few years ago. So she won't be happy that this cast a shadow over the Women's Division.

Paige was one of the biggest stars of the Division back in 2014 and was one of the main reasons that the Divas Revolution began. She was also the first ever NXT Women's Champion. WWE have put a lot of faith into Paige over the past few years and they will be sad to see that after two suspensions, when they were finally making plans for Paige to return, something like this has happened.

12 Happy: Charlotte Flair

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What is it JBL loves to say? "All women secretly hate each other?" Well, this is never more true that when it comes to the relationship between Charlotte Flair and Paige. The duo were once part of PCB together when the Divas Revolution officially began, but their relationship has become much more strained since 2015.

Charlotte and Alberto Del Rio were in a relationship in October 2015 a few months before Paige and Del Rio visited Disneyland and officially announced that they were in a relationship. Charlotte was not made aware that her relationship with Del Rio had ended and this made many of Paige and Charlotte's interactions on WWE slightly awkward until Paige was injured and taken off TV. Charlotte will definitely be one of the people who feels less than mad about the leaks.

11 Angry: The WWE Women's Division

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The WWE Women's Division is currently at a point where all the women who are part of it are at a level that could be on par with the male Superstars. The women have become one of the biggest parts of the show and this, in turn, has given them much more TV time, which was what #GiveDivasAChance was all about.

Something like this takes the women back to the 1990s and it also puts a spotlight on the Women's Division and all the women who are part of it. While many of the women will sympathize with Paige since this was none of her fault, they will also look at it as a step backwards for the women ahead of the biggest event of the year, next Sunday night. All the attention is now on someone who isn't even in a match next Sunday night, which isn't the way it should be.

10 Happy: Tom Phillips

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There's a saying in life, that today's stories are tomorrow's chip wrappers. This is true when it comes to Tom Phillips and this scandal has essentially got him off the hook with the WWE Universe. Tom was the focus of a lot of hate from the WWE Universe a few weeks ago when it was revealed that he was having an affair behind his fiance's back.

WWE took him of events to avoid any more abuse, but he has since returned to WWE TV and it seems this recent scandal has seen his personal issues become old news. Tom is no longer the focus of the WWE Universe because they have found something else to keep them occupied. As sad as it sounds, Tom will be happy that the lynch mob have moved on and he can return to doing his job.

9 Angry: Asuka

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One of the biggest talking points from the entire weekend was the fact that while Paige was the victim and these images and videos were taken and shared without her permission, she was actually performing sex acts in these videos while holding the NXT Women's Championship or actually wearing the title in many of the photos.

She was the first ever champion back in 2013 and it seems that her acts will now lower that championship in the eyes of the WWE Universe. Asuka is the current Champion and she is currently undefeated in NXT, whilst she herself has done nothing wrong, this will affect that way that the WWE Universe look that that Championship and as the Champion, it will affect the way that the WWE Universe view her too.

8 Happy: Summer Rae

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Summer Rae is the only other current WWE wrestler who was a victim of the leaks and she is also currently on hiatus after undergoing surgery. Summer's pictures were leaked days after Paige's and because of the sheer amount that were leaked involving Paige, it seems that she has been completely overshadowed, with many of the WWE Universe unaware that Summer was even hacked.

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that if this was just Summer Rae then WWE may have decided to cut their losses. But now because the company have decided to take no action when it comes to Paige's pictures then they also have to show the same kind of sympathy when it comes to Summer, who should make her WWE return in the near future.

7 Angry: Paige

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It's so easy for many WWE fans to look at these leaks and forget that there is an actual person involved in this scandal. Paige has had private and personal pictures leaked and now she has to live in the knowledge that the whole world has access to that kind of sensitive footage.

Paige is reportedly not doing very well following the leaks either. Her latest tweet was a link to the song 'Human' by Rag N Bone Man. There are also reports that Paige has been suffering mentally following the scandal, with her family and friends trying their best to lend their support her through what is a very difficult time for the 24-year-old. Paige herself was rumoured to be returning to WWE next month, but this could now be pushed back a few months.

6 Happy: Bradley Walden

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When Paige was made part of Total Divas a few seasons ago she was said to be have been dating Bradley Walden who part of the band Emarosa. Brad was shown to be in love with Paige throughout their time together, but Paige was revealed to have just been dragging him along for the ride.

Bradley even proposed to Paige at one point and she accepted his proposal before then going and telling her friends that she only accepted it because she didn't want to say no. She doesn't actually want to marry him. She was really harsh to Bradley throughout the series and the only kind thing she actually did was when she finally broke up with him. He will now be looking this as the fact that he probably dodged a bullet.

5 Angry: Xavier Woods And His Wife

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Xavier Woods is the only currently active WWE Superstar who was involved in the scandal and it seems that WWE made the executive decision to not put The New Day live on Raw this past week. Xavier himself is married and his wife is expecting their first child next month.

The couple wouldn't have wanted this kind of stress in the last few weeks of her pregnancy and while Xavier is seemingly being cool about the situation, his wife won't be happy that there is a video out there of her husband having sex with another woman, whether it was before they met or not. Xavier's wife hasn't made any public comments yet, but it is thought that she wouldn't be happy with the current situation, which won't be good for Xavier.

4 Happy: Brad Maddox

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Brad Maddox was revealed to be the second party in many of the videos that were first leaked by the anonymous source on Friday afternoon. Maddox is technically a victim in this entire scenario as well as Paige, but at the same time, it has brought him back into the spotlight.

Brad doesn't look bad in any of the videos, and while he has become a ghost on Social Media over the past few days, it has brought him back into the public's attention. He was fired from WWE after saying a banned word at a WWE Live Event a few years ago. Since then he has been off the radar and this has happened at the perfect time for him because now the WWE Universe remembers who he is again.

3 Angry: Paige's Family

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Paige's family are definitely not happy about anything that has happened to the British star over the past few days. Paige comes from a family of wrestlers and her father Ricky has stated on Social Media that his family are supporting Paige through this tough time and that his daughter is fragile mentally at the moment, while also asking that people stop sharing the videos.

Her mother has also sent supportive messages to her and stated that she is going to help her through as well. Paige is luckily already taking time away from WWE so this has happened at a time when she can dodge the WWE Universe. Unlike Seth Rollins, she doesn't need to appear on WWE TV just days after the pictures were brought to the public's attention, which can only be a positive.

2 Happy: "Excited" WWE Fans

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For every WWE fan that is supporting their favourite star and hoping that Paige manages to overcome this stumbling block, there are many fans who are sharing out the links and are quite happy that this has happened. And why? Because it means that they have finally got their hands on images that they would never have seen otherwise.

Paige is a very attractive woman and she has a fanbase all over the world. So there are definitely going to be fans that are somewhat happy that an anonymous person decided to share these with them, but that's just the way the WWE Universe works sadly. These fans are the reason that the pictures and images will continue being shared and why it will take her much longer to overcome the stigma.

1 Angry: Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio and Paige recently announced their engagement after what has been a rollercoaster few months for them as a couple. This is the latest in a long line of things to be thrown at WWE's newest couple and it seems that Del Rio isn't taking the news very well at all.

Recent reports suggest that Del Rio isn't that angry about the videos being released, he is more angry about the fact that his current girlfriend is having sex with someone else instead of him. Del Rio is obviously the jealous type, but he is the kind of support that Paige needs at the moment and hopefully he overcomes his jealous feelings and finds a way to be there for Paige when she needs him the most.

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