8 People Who Are Friends With Sasha Banks And 7 Who Are Her Enemy

Sasha Banks has had an up-and-down tenure on the WWE main roster. When she first joined, many were ecstatic as she was phenomenal down in NXT. But unfortunately, she has been unable to replicate the same magic she had in NXT. A major issue with her run is that she is a face. A character known as "The Boss" can only work as a heel. Her ring work at times is also very shaky. At times Sasha goes too fast and is a danger not only to herself but her opponent. But her matches are still able to surpass anything that WWE did with the Divas prior to Sasha being called up to the main roster. During her main roster tenure, she has had some haters as well as die-hard fans. The same also goes for people in the wrestling business. Some share positive as well as negative opinions on the former Women's Champion. Some people you could say love Sasha Banks and some people you could say hate or dislike Sasha.

Here are 8 people who love Sasha Banks and 7 people who hate the former Women's Champion.

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14 Friend: Xavier Woods

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Xavier Woods is the mouthpiece for the current WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day. Something that may be lesser known is that he is the owner of a YouTube gaming channel. The channel is called UpUpDownDown. Woods plays and array of video games featuring various WWE Superstars. Some mainstays on the channel include Rusev, Seth Rollins, other members of The New Day, Tyler Breeze, and many more. Sasha Banks has also been on the channel a ton of times. She and Woods usually sit down and play games together. The two have played Sailor Moon together and Woods even set up a one-on-one in Mortal Kombat against Bayley. Usually those who game together have a pretty good relationship. So, we can assume that Banks and Woods are tight.

13 Enemy: Vince Russo

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Vince Russo does whatever it takes to remain relevant in world of professional wrestling. And earlier this year he proved that to a very high degree. Sasha Banks was cutting a promo where she was teasing her retirement. After saying she wasn't retiring, she said that women wrestlers have come a long way from the days of Bra and Panties matches. Russo then took to Twitter to defend the match concept (typical Russo). Russo said that he and "Ed (Ferrara) did whatever it took to win a war." Russo then said on Twitter that "Guys can show off their bodies in short trunks but women can't?" Yes, Russo questioned something that's been happening in wrestling since the beginning. Sasha thankfully never gave Russo her attention.

12 Friend: Sara Amato

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Sara Amato is a current trainer in NXT. However, some people do not know that Amato is one of the most legendary independent women's wrestlers ever. She is also dating current WWE Superstar Cesaro. Many wrestling fans should be thanking Amato a great deal. As I previously mentioned, Amato is one of the head trainers down in NXT. Prior to her being a trainer, the female wrestlers on the WWE roster were not the best. Their moves were clunky and their matches were short. Luckily, Amato got down to NXT and the improvements were significant. We were treated to much better matches than what were given on the main roster. Sasha was one of the people Amato worked with and you can tell in ring work which is much better than anything we saw prior to her debuting.

11 Enemy: Ric Flair

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Ric Flair's addition may come off as a bit odd but there may be reason for dislike. For the first time at WrestleMania 32, the women wrestled in a match that mattered to put it bluntly. They were wrestling for the newly created Women's Championship as WWE dropped the Diva's moniker. The match was amazing, arguably the best match of the night. All the women had great entrances and and felt important and special. Many thought Sasha was going to win including myself. But Charlotte won the match to the surprise of many. The way Charlotte won disappointed many. Charlotte's father Ric Flair held Sasha's foot preventing her from stopping Charlotte from picking up the victory. Flair's interference made no sense and ruined a great match. (Sure, this could simply be storyline hatred but you Flair is a tough to get along with.)

10 Friend: Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins is seemingly loved by many of people. Jim Cornette who dislikes a plethora of people speaks very fondly of Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins and Sasha Banks have developed a very close friendship while the two were on the main roster. Both are mainstays on Xavier Woods' YouTube channel. At one point many wrestling fans even thought the two were dating. However, the rumor was put to an end after Banks was married earlier in the year. Banks almost made it seem as if she was obsessed. Sasha Banks and Bayley were "fighting" over Seth Rollins. WWE even made a video about the three titled "Why are Sasha and Bayley fighting over Seth Rollins?" How could Rollins not love Banks after these playful situations?

9 Enemy: Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey is a MMA legend. She is also a die-hard wrestling fan. Her nickname "Rowdy" is a tribute to the late "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. She made one appearance in the squared-circle at WrestleMania 31. From there, many wrestling fans thought this would be the beginning of a long relationship between the WWE and the "Rowdy" one (still possible). Rousey also shows her love for the business by having her own group called The Four Horsewoman, a play on the legendary Four Horseman. The group name was stolen, or taken by Bayley, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks. Many have said that Rousey is not a friendly or nice person so I'm sure that Rousey wouldn't be to happy with the four girls stealing their name.

8 Friend: William Regal

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William Regal is arguably the most underrated wrestler in the history of professional wrestling. No matter the role, Regal excelled at everything, even as a construction worker of some sorts (Remember the "Man's Man" gimmick?). After he unofficially retired from in ring competition, he became a trainer in NXT as well as the on-air General Manager. Regal had a worked a great deal with Sasha Banks when she was the NXT Women's Champion. Regal watched over the contract signings involving Sasha Banks and made them feel much more important than they do on the main roster. Regal also announced the first ever women's Iron-man match in NXT involving Sasha Banks and Bayley. The match was phenomenal for the first ever one. In fact, it may have set the standard.

7 Enemy: Eva Marie

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Eva Marie is the subject to a lot of hate from wrestling fans. Some deserved, and some not deserved. Her wrestling skills although nowhere near good have an improved and that says a lot. However, her gimmick is great. It fits her and she's already a heat magnet. Although it's a bit of a stretch, the argument can be made that both Banks and Marie had very similar gimmicks in NXT. Both were complete jerks and both talk about how great they are. Eva Marie practically just stole Sasha Banks' gimmick after Sasha went to the main roster but the only difference is that Eva Marie's ring work is horrible. The fact that Banks is more gifted and Marie and executed the same gimmick with ease, provides a strong enough reason for Marie to dislike Banks.

6 Friend: Bayley

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Bayley seems like the most genuinely nice in professional wrestling. Almost all wrestling fans adore her. Her relationship with Sasha Banks is shown on Twitter very often. The two absolutely adore each other. Both women are part of The Four Horsewoman. They have had several emotional matches. These matches told great stories. The two wrestled in the first-ever Women's Iron-man match. That match was arguably match of the year for 2015 in WWE. Both Bayley and Sasha Banks competed in the challenge where the loser had to be the recipient of makeover. It took place on Xavier Woods' YouTube channel and it was won by Sasha. Both women playfully compete over Seth Rollins. So it is safe to say that the two are really close.

3. Enemy: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon continuously takes responsibility for starting the "Diva's Revolution." In reality, it is everyone but her. She believes it began when the decision was made to bring up Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky. In reality it began in NXT when her husband began to give the women a decent amount of time for their matches. As a fan, I cringe every time she says she began it. I hope she's just trying to get heat but if not, she really needs to stop. She's not taking in to considering how she makes the actual women's wrestlers feel when she continuously says it. Sasha Banks deserves a ton more credit for the revolution than Stephanie McMahon does. Especially when you consider how Sasha is without a doubt the most popular women in WWE.

5 Friend: Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks had a match down at NXT that I thought was the best Women's match in NXT. The match was a technical masterpiece in my opinion and really began Becky Lynch's WWE career. It was a back and forth match involving things in the match that made sense. Working body parts and attempting submission holds and said body parts. They sold each others moves which believe it or not is a lost art in professional wrestling. Becky Lynch came up to the main roster at the same time as Sasha Banks at their attempt at a Women's Revolution. She also a part of The Four Horsewomen. While Sasha is definitely the most popular women on Raw, there is no denying Becky's popularity over on SmackDown.

4 Enemy: Nikki Bella

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Prior to the "Women's Revolution," Nikki Bella was the sole reason as to why Women's wrestling was bad on the main roster. Her ring work wasn't anywhere bad but she held every other women down. Emma and Paige were two talented women down at NXT but they both were victims to Nikki Bella. Many feel Bella's position at the time was because of her boyfriend who just happens to be John Cena. Her position was lost in the company for the most part when Sasha, Becky, and Charlotte were brought up to the main roster. To give props to Nikki Bella, her ring work stepped up a great deal when those three women were brought up. Of course, at the end of the day, Sasha is clearly the better wrestler.

3 Friend: Charlotte

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Charlotte and Sasha Banks has had some spectacular matches and moments this year. The two stole the show on the first post-draft Raw. That gave us the moment of Sasha winning the Women's Championship for the first time. Then Charlotte almost broke Sasha's neck at SummerSlam. They had match of the night at Clash of Champions in Triple Threat involving Bayley. Then Sasha beat Charlotte on Raw to win her second Women's Championship. This led to the historic Hell in a Cell pay-per-view where not only did they main event a pay-per-view for the first time, they did so inside the Hell in a Cell. The match may not have delivered (the ending was not quite what the WWE had planned), but it's still a historic wrestling moment.

2 Enemy: Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon's dislike for Sasha Banks is unjustifiable. From the moment she jumped to the main roster, Vince McMahon nit-picked at almost everything she did. Vince said that she was injury prone. Although that may be true, he's only saying that because of the style that the women work now. More recently, Vince said something totally ludicrous. At Hell in a Cell 2016, Sasha Banks and Charlotte main evented a pay-per-view for the first time, in a Hell in a Cell match no less. The finish was very quirky and to be quite frank, botched (that table was supposed to break). Vince blamed Sasha for the finish somehow. Hopefully, Vince turns around his opinion about Sasha as she is a great improvement from what women's wrestling use to be.

1 Friend: Triple H

via wrestlingnewscenter.blogspot.com

Triple H gets a lot of flack for him "burying people." Although this may be true as it has been shown in many instances(see RVD, Booker T, Sting, and CM Punk), he deserves credit for what he is doing with NXT. Because of NXT, we have seen both women's wrestling as well as independent talent showcased on a very high level. Triple H helped to shape and mold the Sasha Banks character down in NXT. With Triple H's help, Sasha arguably became the best heel in not only NXT, but in the entire WWE. Without Triple H, Sasha may not be as high on the totem pole in WWE due Vince McMahon's dislike for her. Hopefully, with the support of Triple H, Sasha will continue her rise through the ranks in WWE.

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