8 People Who Love CM Punk And 7 Who Hate Him

Former professional wrestler and WWE mega-star CM Punk has had many wrestlers form an opinion on him during his entire wrestling career. Some people in the wrestling business found Punk to be rude and too full of himself. Others understood Punk and absolutely loved the guy. As a fan of wrestling, I believe CM Punk is great and when he decided to leave professional wrestling, it was very disappointing. Many fans were angry at Punk for leaving, and wished him nothing but bad things. When he had his first fight against Mickey Gall, many wrestling fans were wishing he got knocked out and said he shouldn't even be fighting. Although he was defeated, he still had the guts to step in the octagon. The hate for Punk will probably never end, but when/if he does return to the WWE, it should be interesting to see the reaction he gets. Hopefully fans will remember all the good that Punk helped bring to wrestling business. Hopefully all his enemies will let all the hatred and animosity go. For him to return, that's the only way to do it, they have to put their egos aside.

Here are 8 wrestlers who love CM Punk and 7 who hate him.

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15 Love: Bret Hart

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Bret Hart interacted with CM Punk on more than one occasion during Punk's big run in 2011 and 2012. Punk even wore pink gear in tribute to Bret Hart in several matches during 2012. CM Punk has said many positives things about Hart. Punk claims that Hart was the best at making it look like you were hurting someone without actually hurting them. Hart sided with CM Punk when he left the WWE in 2014. Hart said that Triple H is just a "jacked bodybuilder" and that he has no eye for talent. Hart believes that Punk was wrongfully treated while he was with company. The two have very much in common when it comes to working in the wrestling business as their styles in the ring were quite similar.

14 Hate: Dr. Chris Amann

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Dr. Chris Amann is the doctor in WWE. We learned the gripe between he and CM Punk in late 2014. CM Punk went on Colt Cabana's podcast and began to explain why he walked out on the Raw after Royal Rumble. Punk claims that he had a Staph infection, multiple broken ribs, multiple concussions, and bad knees. Along with all that, Punk found a lump on his back. Dr. Amann claimed it was just a fatty deposit and did nothing to treat it. According to Punk, Dr. Amann continued to give him antibiotics. The antibiotics began to make Punk sick and weren't helping him with his issues. The final straw came when Punk received another concussion at the Royal Rumble and Dr. Amann told him he had no concussion. Amann and Punk are currently in a lawsuit with one another.

13 Love: Chris Hero

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Chris Hero was a member of NXT during it's very early days. But prior to him becoming Kassius Ohno in WWE, he built a very large independent wrestling resume. He and CM Punk had several matches in the early 2000s. One of the more memorable matches between them was Two-Out-of-Three Falls match that went over 90 minutes. That match was featured in the CM Punk "Best in the World" documentary. The two became very close and when Hero finally came to WWE, Punk wanted to paired up with him immediately. According to Punk, The Shield was supposed to be Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Hero. But instead we got Roman Reigns and he's been pushed the hardest out of any Shield member. Hero's WWE tenure ended on a sour note after he was released for not having the best body type for a wrestler in the eyes of WWE.

12 Hate: Colt Cabana 

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Some of you peole may be thinking "No way, Punk and Cabana are best friends!" At one point this was obviously true. Punk mentioned Cabana's name during the infamous "Pipe Bomb" promo Punk also revealed the story as to why he left the WWE on an episode of Colt Cabana's podcast. So you may be wondering, where did the rift take place? It took place earlier in 2016. Cabana went to an episode of Monday Night Raw, something Punk did not take kindly. Why is that you ask? Well it is because it doesn't look good to watch a show while there suing you. Punk and Cabana are both being sued by the WWE, and Cabana didn't help their cases by going to show. Many people in the wrestling business have said that the two are no longer friends.

11 Love: Kofi Kingston 

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Kofi Kingston and CM Punk's relationship may come off as a strange one but they did indeed have a great love for one another. Punk and Kofi traveled together, often watched classic wrestling together, and enjoyed playing video games in each other's company. They were put together in a random pairing in 2008 and the two won the World Tag Team Championship from The Legacy. One of the only positive things Punk mentioned in his podcast with Colt Cabana was that he still loves Kofi despite him giving him the concussion that sent him over the edge in the 2014 Royal Rumble match. In one of his few wrestling related comments, Punk said that he only watched The New Day segments on Raw.

10 Hate: Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy and CM Punk are complete polar opposites. Punk is known for having a straight-edge persona. Jeff Hardy is a known drug user and has had his issues showcased on television more than once. The feud writes itself basically and the two feuded for much of 2009. They had a Loser Leaves WWE match which was won by Punk and then the real life rivalry began. While on what we can assume were drugs, Hardy began ranting on Punk in two minute video. Hardy called Punk a nerd for living his life the way he did. Hardy claims to have made Punk a Superstar. He said that Punk was both cocky inside and outside of the ring. He then straight up said to Punk "**** you". So it can easily be said that the two are not on the best of terms.

9 Love: John Cena

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This may come as a surprise to many, but it shouldn't. In Punk's "Pipe Bomb" promo he told John Cena that he actually did like him and for that promo, they told Punk to speak straight from his heart. The two put on several classics for the fans to enjoy. All of their matches were incredible and their match at Money in the Bank was the last match in WWE to reach the coveted five stars from Meltzer. Punk has never even said a bad word about Cena. Also for Cena to allow Punk to get the better of the their feud for most of it shows that Cena also had some respect for Punk. So the notion that the two did not like each other is completely false in my eyes.

8 Hate: The Miz

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The Miz has been better than ever this year and he deserves that very much. The argument can be made that Miz' current run is better than his run with the WWE Championship. During that run, he wrestled in the main event of WrestleMania XXVII against John Cena. The match was incredibly boring and ended due to outside interference from The Rock. CM Punk had been waiting for his WrestleMania main even for years at this point and surely scoffed at the idea of The Miz headlining it. Punk instead was given an okay match with Randy Orton at the event. Another instance occurred during NXT season one. The Miz was the pro for Daniel Bryan. Miz scolded Bryan and told him that he is a better wrestler than Bryan. Punk who was a heel at the time can be shown laughing at the comment from The Miz. Plus The Miz took time to mock Punk's UFC loss on a WWE pay-per-live.

7 Love: Daniel Bryan 

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CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are very similar. Both were independent wrestlers who grew a large wrestling following. Bryan's wrestling got him to that point while CM Punk's presence helped to get him incredibly over. The two also became great friends while wrestling on the independent scene (mostly with Ring of Honor). Punk released one of few professional wrestling-related tweets after he left the company in regards to Bryan. Punk gave Bryan a tribute after he announced his abrupt and unfortunate retirement. Bryan also said that he supports and respect CM Punk's decision to try mixed martial arts. The two also shared a moment in a match against each other where the two mimicked a sequence that occurred in one of the biggest MMA matches ever.

6 Hate: Ryback

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CM Punk discussed his dislike for Ryback when he spoke out about his departure from WWE during Colt Cabana's podcast. Punk said that Ryback took many years off his life and claimed he was very dangerous in the ring. Punk also said that Ryback was steroid user. That might explain why all their matches were bad. Ryback in response to Punk's attacks began trolling him with action figures on Twitter. Punk never responded to those attacks. Ryback in early 2016 began to mock CM Punk by using his moves such as the running knee in the corner. Ryback also mimicked Punk's entrance while in Chicago. Once again Punk never responded to these attacks. The two are likely to never work together again as Punk and Ryback are both on bad terms with WWE.

5 Love: Vince McMahon

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You may be thinking "how is Vince McMahon even close to being in the love section?" Punk's issue wasn't with McMahon as it is with Triple H. Vince McMahon for the most part always got along with Punk. In fact, Vince let Punk get the better of him whenever they interacted during the "Summer of Punk." The clear example of McMahon loving Punk came on the night after the Royal Rumble in 2014. This is also the night where CM Punk walked out on Raw. According to Punk, Vince was in tears while Punk was giving him a goodbye hug. McMahon has also apologized to Punk for firing him on his wedding day something that Vince claims to be unintentional. Do you believe Vince about this?

4 Hate: The Undertaker

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The Undertaker has been with the WWE since 1990 and is respected by almost everyone in the business. He was considered the lead veteran by all of the locker room and other wrestlers were expected to follow his example. CM Punk unfortunately did something to cross The Deadman. The Undertaker took offense to how then World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk was dressed. The Undertaker told Punk that as a World Champion, he should dress as such. Punk responded with a question: "What about John Cena?" The Undertaker took this as a sign of disrespect and the word got back to management. This led to the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view where Punk faced Undertaker and lost the title in the opener in the shortest Hell in a Cell match ever.

3 Love: Brock Lesnar

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Although this may come as surprise, Brock Lesnar and Punk have a good relationship. It is surprising because Lesnar is as friendly as a rattlesnake. Punk and Lesnar had a phenomenal match at SummerSlam 2013, arguably Lesnar's best match during his second run with the company. The feud occurred between the two after Paul Heyman turned on Punk at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view the month prior. Both men are "Paul Heyman Guys" and both speak highly of Paul Heyman. Lesnar and Punk's relationship was really showcased prior to Punk's first mixed martial arts fight. Lesnar offered Punk some advice prior to his fight with Mickey Gall. Unfortunately it wasn't enough as Punk was forced to submit early in the first round of the fight.

2 Hate: Triple H

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Although everyone knows this, it is unfortunate that it has to be this way. What makes it even more unfortunate is that Triple H has spearheaded a generation of new wrestlers and younger wrestlers and that is something CM Punk has always wanted. The hatred stems from summer of 2011 which is called by many the "Summer of Punk." Every wrestling fan knows that in 2011 CM Punk was the hottest wrestler on the planet. He was on fire. Punk was easily the most over guy in wrestling and had a ton of momentum going for him. Triple H then took it upon himself to interject himself in to the story. He faced CM Punk in a match at Night of Champions 2011. The feud had a decent build to it, but Punk should have been going after the championship he just lost. Punk winning however would have made up for that. But unfortunately he lost and Punk has named this as one of the reasons he left.

1 Love: Paul Heyman

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Obviously Paul Heyman would be number one. Heyman has always been with Punk while the two were in the company together. Heyman said himself if ECW (original) was still around, Punk would be there. The pairing would begin in OVW in 2005. There was belief within WWE that Punk would never last in WWE. So Heyman tried his best to always remain close to Punk with hopes to keep him with the company. Punk was brought up to the new ECW and at the dreadful December to Dismember pay-per-view Heyman wanted to have Punk win. This sparked a massive creative difference and led to Heyman's departure. When Heyman returned in 2012, the two were paired back together until Punk's departure in 2014.

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