8 Photos That Prove Stephanie McMahon Still Has It (And 7 That She Lost It)

Although Stephanie McMahon may be despised by a large portion of the wrestling community for various reasons, I doubt very many fans can deny the fact that Steph's incredibly attractive - something McMahon has increasingly become with age. Just as in shape as any of the WWE's current Women's Division wrestlers, Stephanie boasts a chiseled physique and an undeniably hot "sets of twins" which have been talked about among fans for years now.

Though Steph's "set of twins" is enhanced, they definitely add to her mystique. Considering she likes to wear rather skimpy outfits regularly on WWE television, most fans aren't usually too mad to sit through a Stephanie McMahon/Authority segment. It's impossible to argue against the notion that McMahon has become hotter with age, as it's undoubtedly true. Now don't get me wrong, Stephanie has never been unattractive, but let's just say there have been times in the past when Steph looked nowhere near as attractive as she normally does.

Stay tuned, as this list divulges 8 photos that prove Stephanie McMahon still has it, and 7 that she lost it. These images cover her changes through the years, and the moments he was at her best and her worst. One thing that hasn't changed through the years is that fans will always want to get a look at Steph (except in 7 of these photos)!

15 Still Has It: Car Selfie

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Here we have the first photo on the list of Stephanie McMahon proving that she still has it (and quite a lot if "it" indeed). Stephanie was rocking an incredibly revealing black dress in this car selfie, and her famed "sets of twins" were on full display (something McMahon obviously knew would be the case). Stephanie was definitely making a very pleasant facial expression in this picture, and it probably reflects on how good she knew she looked thus making this a standout Stephanie McMahon photo.

Just the other night on Monday Night Raw, Stephanie proudly announced the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble match scheduled for January's RR pay-per-view. Without question, I'm sure Steph played a big part in why this history making match is going to take place - she's one of the main reasons for the WWE's "Women's Revolution".

14 Lost It: Pose With Mom

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As we work our way through this list, some rather "unattractive" Stephanie McMahon photographs will pop up to contrast Steph's more alluring photos. Steph is of course a beautiful woman, but this angle is definitely not one of the more flattering ones.

This photo showcases Stephanie posing alongside her mother (who's rarely seen on WWE television). Linda McMahon. Linda is the 25th Administrator of the Small Business Administration under President Donald Trump. Trump has appeared on multiple occasions in WWE, thus confirming the company has a good relationship with the controversial President. That also can't be too flattering depending what side of the spectrum you fall in.

13 Still Has It: Rocking The Brand

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This photo demonstrates just how much "pride" Stephanie McMahon has in the flagship brand, Monday Night Raw. She was photographed wearing a vibrant red Raw dress (again, one which showcased Steph's sets of twins). Stephanie's makeup and hair were on point in this picture, and I can only imagine just how many hours she spent sitting in the makeup/hair chair backstage.

If there's one thing we can all take away from the countless photos of WWE's women backstage, it's the fact that they all have a love and appreciation for being made up to look like superstars - something that takes hours to achieve by a very talented team of makeup and hair specialists. It's clear that Stephanie only wants to be associated with the WWE's premiere brand, and yes, that's undoubtedly Raw.

12 Lost It: Busy Campaigning

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Now don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with pregnancy. But let's just say that it doesn't bode well with taking very attractive pictures. This photograph highlights Stephanie McMahon backstage along with her husband Triple H and Linda McMahon. What made this picture particularly unappealing wasn't so much the fact that Steph was deep into her pregnancy, it's the fact that she was making a very dozy and lifeless facial expression.

If a wrestling fan hadn't seen Stephanie McMahon recently and could only judge her looks by viewing this photo, I'd say they'd make the assumption that she had "lost it" since her face definitely looks lost. Looking a bit closer, Linda McMahon was also making a rather peculiar facial expression as well, with Triple H looking completely disinterested with whatever was happening at the moment.

11 Still Has It: ESPY Stunner

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I'd say "dazzling" is the only word or phrase the could accurately describe this photograph of Stephanie McMahon on the red carpet, fittingly, all while rocking a vibrant and revealing red dress that accentuated her "twins" in the most flattering way imaginable. The bright sunlight surely made this picture pop, as did her outfit (clearly). Comparing to some of the previous photos on this list that prove Stephanie had lost it in the looks department, if a wrestling fan could only judge Stephanie's looks by viewing this particular picture, they'd undoubtedly say that Steph hasn't lost a step. This is certainly a picture Triple H wouldn't want any of us to be staring at considering just how great Steph looked.

10 Lost It: Candid Moment

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If this picture doesn't showcase that Stephanie McMahon had lost it in the looks department for a short period of time, then I certainly don't know what possibly could. Perhaps the most unflattering Stephanie McMahon picture you can find on the Internet, the photo captures Steph in the hospital close to her due date, all while posing without the slightest bit of makeup. However, at least she was making a pleasant facial expression, and nothing is more beautiful than an expecting mother.

That said, I sincerely doubt HHH and Stephanie wanted the photo to get leaked all over the Internet for obvious reasons. I'm sure Stephanie would look back on this picture now and claim that it was someone else. Jokes aside, both Hunter and Stephanie have a deep love for their children, and despite having jam-packed work schedules, they still make time to be great parents and role models for their kids.

9 Still Has It: Beautiful In Blue

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Out of all the pictures included on this list, I'd have to argue that this one showcases Stephanie McMahon's "sets of twins" the most, and with the best possible angle. With the big grin Steph had here, it's highly probable that the reaction she received from the WWE Universe was positive. Although this was probably due to Stephanie's outfit versus whatever she had to say on the microphone.

If there's one thing most of us fans can agree upon when it comes to Stephanie McMahon, it's the fact that we'd much rather observe her in the ring rocking outfits like this saying nothing over boring us with repetitive "Authority" segments and promos. Whenever Steph graces us with her presence on WWE television, it's like a win-lose situation. She usually looks awesome, yet we know she's going to bore us with overused promos.

8 Lost It: Literally Lost Control

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This photo doesn't focus on Stephanie's facial features or even her body. It rather focuses on the functions within her body. Although they definitely ended up outside of her body, only at the worst possible time.

In Pro-wrestling, it's virtually impossible to get a bathroom break when you need it. While it's pretty hard to imagine someone losing control of their bowels on live TV, that's exactly what happened to the boss's daughter. Whatever she ate that night, I'm sure she's going to stay away from it in the future. In this case she still looked great, but she definitely "lost it".

7 Still Has It: Heart-Stopping Stare

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Here we have yet another picture of Stephanie McMahon looking stunning backstage at a WWE show (likely prior to her scheduled segment). Though Steph was trying to pull off a more professional look here, her revealing top says otherwise as fans got a good look at her infamous (and obviously enhanced) "sets of twins".

It's common knowledge now that Stephanie cosmetically enhanced her "puppies", and although they're technically not real anymore, I doubt most fans really care about that. Especially considering most of the WWE's top Divas have all done the same including Trish Stratus and Nikki Bella (who the fans loved immensely despite the fact that their prized assets weren't natural). I'd argue that present-day Stephanie McMahon rivals any current WWE woman in the attractiveness department, without question.

6 Lost It: Another One With Linda

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I'm not entirely sure if this is a post pregnancy photograph of Stephanie McMahon or not, but regardless, it's one of her least flattering for sure due to her rather unappealing outfit and her lack of makeup. Posing once again alongside her mother Linda McMahon, it's becoming clear that Steph doesn't have a need to look her most flattering around her mother (why would she?).

Instead, she's as comfortable as can be which is nice to see. Though again, this doesn't help with taking flattering and attractive pictures. It's inevitable that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H will eventually take control of the WWE when Vince finally decides to retire, and though they seem like smart business minds, it's still a scary thought for most fans (including myself). Sure, Vince may be delusional in certain aspects, but you can't deny that he's made the WWE what it is today - most of us aren't sure the duo has what it takes at this point.

5 Still Has It: Workout

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Here we have a picture of Stephanie McMahon looking as attractive as can be all while performing one of her workouts (or at least posing as if she was working out). Whether or not Steph was actually working out or not during this photoshoot is irrelevant, as it's not arguable that she spends countless hours in the gym achieving her picture perfect physique away from the cameras (most likely with Triple H).

I'd say that Stephanie has inherited her great work ethic from her father, Vince McMahon, as the 72 year old is still running his huge corporation all while looking insanely shredded for a guy his age. When Triple H was asked if he trains with Vince, Hunter quickly replied with a "no" simply because of the fact that Vince trains way too hard and is too crazy.

4 Lost It: Getting On The Bus

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This picture accentuates Stephanie McMahon during one of her pregnancies, posing alongside Triple H backstage with some of the company's behind the scenes employees. Once again, Steph was sans the makeup, and considering she wasn't even looking at the photographer, I doubt she would have wanted the picture taken to begin with. The picture was taken regardless, and it definitely ranks among Stephanie's least flattering pictures, without question.

That being said, as I mentioned before, unlike many other post-birth mothers, Stephanie was able to get right back into shape rather quickly, and she truly looks better than ever. This speaks volumes in regards to her work ethic. Many mothers like to talk about the "good old days" prior to child birth when they looked their best, but Stephanie has proven that it's totally possible to look great afterwards - even at 41 years old.

3 Still Has It: Flexing

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What could possible be a better picture of Stephanie McMahon than this one? This photo showcases Steph rocking alluring fitness attire all while flexing her impressive "guns". You can clearly see the confidence in Stephanie McMahon's eyes, and she shouldn't be anything but proud when it comes to her impressive fitness achievements.

Being in that kind of shape at 41 isn't very easy, especially with a very busy schedule, but Stephanie has once again proven that it's fully possible with a bit of hard work and determination. However, with a shredded husband like Triple H, his influence would obviously rub off on Stephanie hence why she trains more than most women her age. Regardless, focusing in on this picture, Steph looked truly beautiful and her confidence only adds to the fact that she undoubtedly "still has it".

2 Lost It

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Ranking in as the least flattering Stephanie McMahon photograph and one which showcased that Steph had "lost it" looks wise, we have a picture highlighting Stephanie McMahon outside, pregnant, all while holding one of her babies. Her choice of clothing definitely didn't help matters, nor did her lack of makeup. However, despite being a rather unflattering shot, if there's one positive thing we can take away from this photo, it's the fact that Stephanie has a heck of a lot of confidence.

Waving at the photographers, Steph showed no sign of nervousness or shyness even though she was less than "presentable" for cameras. This picture obviously isn't going to win any awards for being a super hot Stephanie McMahon photo, but looking beyond the surface, it certainly wins the award of showcasing confidence with oneself.

1 Still Has It: Shredded

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What better picture proves that Stephanie McMahon "still has it" than this recent "WWE Fit Series" photo showcasing Stephanie working out out in an appealing and stunning red get up? Not only does Steph look absolutely gorgeous in the pic, but her chiseled physique was also on full display which makes this a standout photograph of her. Without a doubt, Stephanie McMahon is a great role model for not only the WWE's current crop of women, but women in general considering she's a "woman of power" so to speak (and because she does a lot of good with her power).

Behind her heel corporate Authority gimmick, Stephanie McMahon is a down to earth friendly human being who has a great amount of compassion for others. If Stephanie wasn't a part of the WWE, it's highly unlikely that we'd be talking about a Women's Royal Rumble match which showcases just how important she is to the changing roles of women within the WWE.

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