8 Pictures Alexa Bliss Wants To Share (And 7 That She Doesn't)

Alexa Bliss has only been on WWE's main roster for a little over a year and she's already made history. She's the only woman to have lifted both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships, and she was part of the SmackDown main event steel cage match with Becky Lynch earlier this year. Alexa has proved a lot of doubters wrong over the past few years, after coming into WWE with no prior wrestling experience, it didn't seem as though Alexa would make it out of the developmental set up, but she has shockingly managed to become one of the most popular female wrestlers in the company.

There are always downsides to popularity though, Alexa shares the things that she wants fans to see on her Instagram page, but many fans are not satisfied with famous stars sharing these kinds of images. Many fans then decide to go digging for pictures that probably shouldn't be brought to the public's attention, from her life before she was a wrestler and before she was in the public eye.

The following article looks at eight photos that Alexa would be happy to show off to the WWE Universe, and seven that she wishes had remained under wraps.

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15 Does: Harley Quinn

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Alexa wasn't doing too well on the main roster when she was first promoted back in the summer of 2016, but the release of Suicide Squad and the fact that she could have attire that was similar to Harley Quinn gave Alexa the boost that she needed and saw her popularity rise dramatically.

Alexa was finally pushed towards her first Women's Championship a few weeks later, because of this popularity increase and it saw a real turnaround in her career. If Alexa had never cashed in on her likeness to the supervillain, then it is unknown where her career would be now, so Alexa actually has her love of comic books to thank for how fast her WWE career has all come together over the past year.

14 Doesn't: Alexa In Her Youth

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Alexa wasn't always the picture perfect Women's Champion that she's seen as on a weekly basis on Monday Night Raw. There are a number of images of Alexa that have been leaked online, of her in her youth that prove that she was once just like every other teenage girl a few years ago.

It is unknown how old she is in this picture, but she is seen wearing braces and possibly smoking while attending what looks like a party. This is definitely not an image that WWE would want Alexa to promote of herself right now because it would send out the wrong message. It's refreshing to see that Alexa does have a human side to her though because the WWE Universe has never been able to see this part of her.

13 Does: Freddy Kruger

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Alexa is a huge fan of cosplay and an even bigger fan of horror movies, which is why she once designed ring attire that was based on one of her favourite horror film characters, Freddy Kruger, from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

When Alexa was down in NXT, she had matching attire with her teammates Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake that was designed to look like Kruger's original clothing, before she later pulled out the attire for a Halloween episode of SmackDown Live that she was featured on and fans once again went crazy for the custom outfit. She has used her interests in movies and comic books to inspire many of her wardrobe choices, and it seems that this is another reason why Alexa has become so popular with the WWE Universe.

12 Doesn't: Cheerleader

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Alexa has openly talked about the fact that she was once a cheerleader, and it's the discipline that she learned as a cheerleader that has allowed her to move into a wrestling career so seamlessly. Despite this, it was Alexa's lengthy career as a cheerleader that led to her being diagnosed with an eating disorder that left her fighting for her life at one point when she was much younger.

Alexa herself has talked about her battle with anorexia and the fact that she later turned to bodybuilding to help her to break out of it, which then led her to a career with WWE. Alexa has clearly never wanted to go back to cheerleading after her ordeal, so she probably won't want to be reminded of it again anytime soon.

11 Does: SmackDown Women's Champion

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There must have been a time in Alexa's career when she was stuck in NXT when there were rumours about how she had managed to get where she was, she wasn't being used productively in the Women's Division and she probably wondered where her career was going.

Alexa was promoted to the main roster without having lifted the NXT Women's Championship and wasn't very well-known by the WWE Universe at this point. Alexa has made herself known and back in December, she proved that she deserved the position she was in when she defeated Becky Lynch to become the SmackDown Women's Champion for the first time. The emotion on Alexa's face when she lifts the title for the first time tells you all you need to know about how she was feeling in that moment.

10 Doesn't: Failed Characters

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Coming through development in WWE isn't easy and the company has to throw a lot of characters into the mix when they are first trying to decide where their superstars can fit into their roster.

Alexa went through the same kind of process and it seems that one of her more embarrassing gimmick attempts was when she was aligned with Scott Dawson of Revival fame and started talking in a southern accent. Obviously, this idea was scrapped and never actually made it to WWE TV, but the video is now available for fans to see online, which opens your eyes slightly to the lengthy process that many stars have to go through to establish a usable character. Alexa's current character was something that she didn't come up with until she was aligned with Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake.

9 Does: WrestleMania

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Alexa has only been part of the main roster for around 14 months now, but along with all of the history that she has made over the past year, she was also able to walk into her first ever WrestleMania with the Women's Championship around her waist looking absolutely stunning as she sported a new custom Alexa Bliss/Harley Quinn inspired studded jacket.

The WWE Universe got behind the women of SmackDown Live and forced WWE to move the match from the preshow and onto the main card, where it was in semi-main event position. Even though Alexa didn't walk out of Orlando with her Women's Championship, she was later moved over to Monday Night Raw, where she continues to be a standout competitor on the brand.

8 Doesn't: Unnamed Ring Announcer

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Alexa has been in WWE now since 2012, but it's taken her five years to get to the point where she is recognisable to the WWE Universe. There was a time back in 2012 where WWE decided to allow Alexa to be a guest ring announcer so that she could get used to the crowd before she would be able to perform in front of them.

Alexa was unnamed at the time and no one in the arena even knew who she was. As you can see, Alexa also looks a lot different from the star she is seen as today as well, she has a girl next door look about her. A lot has changed for Alexa in the past five years, she's a far cry from an unnamed ring announcer nowadays.

7 Does: Making History

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Alexa made history earlier this year when she defended her Women's Championship inside a steel cage match in the main event of SmackDown Live against Becky Lynch. This shows that WWE was definitely invested in Alexa and was happy to give her an opportunity of this calibre.

Alexa was then able to welcome back Mickie James, who hadn't been seen in WWE for a number of years, and giving Alexa the time under Mickie's wing has done wonders for her career ever since. This was the start of a fantastic year for The Wicked Witch of WWE, and she will definitely look back and remember this moment fondly. A few months after this Alexa was able to walk into WrestleMania as the Women's Champion for the first time, a moment that many women wait their entire career for.

6 Doesn't: Double Jointed Queen

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Coming from a gymnastics and cheerleading background, it makes sense now that Alexa is double jointed. When she first revealed the fact that she could bend her arm in this way during a match, the WWE Universe didn't know if she was actually injured, but then it was proved that she was just playing a cool trick, that only she could.

Alexa later pulled this off in a match again, but this time it had a much smaller reaction because the WWE Universe had already seen it before. It's a fantastic skill to have if you can trick your opponent into thinking you're injured, but now that the audience knows she is easily able to do something like this, it doesn't have the same kind of impact as that first time.

5 Does: Arnold Classic

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Before Alexa turned her attention to a career in a WWE ring, she decided that she wanted to be a bodybuilder. Alexa has never been a person to set targets for herself that she didn't think she could achieve, so after she struggled with anorexia, she decided that a career in bodybuilding could help her her to overcome these issues and get her life back on track.

She later found fame in this career and was able to compete at the Arnold Classic, which as you can see, she did quite well at. Dana Brooke also competed at the Arnold Classic before she made the switch to a career in WWE as well, so the WWE could have a completely different pedigree of women coming through their ranks right now.

4 Doesn't: Alexa And Sasha Banks

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The above picture is considered to be incredibly rare. Sasha and Alexa are said to totally dislike each other backstage to the extent where it has become a well-known fact, which is why there are no other images of the duo outside of wrestling together.

This picture would have been taken during their early days in NXT, this was before Sasha considered Alexa to be a form of competition for her and accidentally broke her nose in a match that they had on the developmental brand. The issues between them have stemmed from there and over the past year they have been able to draw on their real-life dislike of each other to put on some fantastic matches in the ring and give their entire feud a sense of reality.

3 Does: Raw Women's Champion

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Who expected Alexa to come over to Raw and make history at her first pay-per-view event when she stepped up to Bayley and managed to defeat her to capture the Raw Women's Championship for the first time? It was unexpected, Alexa was never considered to be in the same conversation as the Four Horsewomen, but she has managed to defeat three of the four women en route to three of her four title reigns.

Alexa is the current Women's Champion on Raw as well, and somehow always managed to pull out a fantastic match whenever WWE needs her to. For a woman who had never stepped into a WWE ring five years ago, she is certainly creating a good argument for herself to become one of the best female wrestlers of this generation.

2 Doesn't: Alexa's Beauty Can't Be Diluted

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There are many women in WWE right now who have been part of photo shoots before their career in WWE started. Many of the images from these sessions are much worse than the ones from Alexa's but it is clear that in a wrestling world where WWE wants their women to be taken seriously, these are not the kind of photos they would want to be seen.

Add to this the fact that Alexa has already admitted that she suffered from an eating disorder when she was younger, so why would she happily pose for pictures surrounded by food? There are a lot of questions raised by these pictures and it is unclear what their real purpose was, but perhaps they are better left hidden to avoid having to answer unwanted questions.

1 Does: Alexa And Buddy

Happy birthday ! Hope you have an amazing day !

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This could be a photo that WWE executives don't want the WWE Universe to see since they haven't exactly been supportive of Alexa's relationship with Buddy Murphy over the past few years.

That being said, Alexa seems to enjoy sharing images with her fiance and it seems that she is always happy in his presence. Alexa and Buddy met when they were forced together on NXT as a trio along with Wesley Blake, known as BAMF.  They have seemingly been in a happy relationship ever since, despite the fact that the duo has been on separate rosters for more than a year now because WWE still has no idea what to do with Murphy on NXT. Even though they have separate travel schedules, it seems that the couple are still always able to find time to be together.

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