8 Pictures John Cena And Nikki Bella Want You To See And 7 They DON'T

John Cena and Nikki Bella are undoubtedly one of the most loved pairs in wrestling. Both are superstars in their own right, and so when they announced that they were a couple, it was major news, and the wrestling world, took notice. We instantly knew that there were going to be some entertaining moments, and they haven’t disappointed. Both are terrific wrestlers, in addition to fantastic wrestling personalities, not to mention they’re an incredibly good looking couple with a huge fan base; they really do combine to make a complete package, and they've gotten mainstream attention as well.

Since 2012, we’ve seen the couple share their lives with us. Whether it’s in front of the camera doing what they do best, or their antics away from wrestling, those lovey-dovey super-cute moments in their private lives, they’re just an all-round awesome couple – some may say the power couple of wrestling. Having said that, we might love them, but there’s probably things about each other, things they’ve done or situations they’ve been in in the past, that they wouldn’t want brought up again. Sorry guys, that’s exactly what I’m about to do. These are eight pics depicting moments they’d certainly want you to see, and seven pictures of not-so-special moments, ones they’d almost certainly want you to forget.

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15 WANT YOU TO SEE: John Being There For Nikki

via youtube.com

This is a really touching moment and what being in a couple’s all about. John was there for Nikki when she really needed him to be, when she went under the knife. In early 2016, Nikki had neck fusion surgery in order to repair the C6-C7 vertebrae – it was a pretty rare injury and Nikki was in discomfort for some time, since mid-2015 in fact, until she finally decided to get it sorted. It was a pretty freak injury too, as Nikki had no idea what caused it – it’s a pretty good guess to say that her exploits in the ring had something to do with it. Anyway, when she was laid up in her hospital bed, all she wanted was a bit of John Cena by her side, and John was there throughout the whole thing, supporting, what many people think is his soon-to-be misses.

14 DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Wardrobe Malfunction

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It happens from time to time in wrestling, where women burst out of their outfits, and their assets are there, out in plain view for the baying eyes of the fans at the arenas and the whole world to see. It’s happened to a good number of women who’ve graced the ring, and it’s happened to Nikki quite a few times. Obviously, John would want those parts of Nikki’s body to remain for his eyes only and not want those images to be circulated around the internet – sorry John. Nikki seems to be a bit more relaxed about flaunting her body, although when those puppies popped out of that tight ring attire, even she must have been feeling a tad embarrassed, especially since the guys behind the cameras saw it as an opportune moment to zoom in and get a close up.

13 WANT YOU TO SEE: Capturing Mainstream Attention

via sportsworldnews.com

John’s one of the best wrestlers we have, there’s no doubting that, but it takes more than skills in the ring, more than wrestling ability to make a success of things in this profession. You need something about you – charm, charisma, mic skills – and John has those qualities in spades, making him the complete package. It’s also gotten him plenty of gigs elsewhere and has allowed him to branch out and become not just a wrestling personality, but a movie and TV star.

Nikki’s also terrific in front of the cameras. The cameras just love the two of them, and they know precisely what to say, how to act in different situations when confronted with a camera and a mic, and that’s made them the wrestling couple everyone wants a piece of.

12 DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Dolph Ziggler And Nikki’s Relationship

via pwpix.net

It’s always tough, when in a committed relationship, to look back at past relationships you’ve both been in. In this instance, John must have found it tough hearing about Nikki’s previous relationship with Dolph Ziggler, and it must still be hard for him especially since Dolph’s still on the wrestling scene and the fact that Nikki and Dolph still remain friends. I’m not saying that John doesn’t trust Nikki, not at all, but it’s inevitable that there’s going to be something irking him, nagging away at the back of his mind – it’s just what happens when old boyfriends stick around.

What happened on an episode of Total Divas in 2015 didn’t help matters either, with it being revealed that Dolph still had feelings for Nikki…awkward!

11 WANT YOU TO SEE: Chilling As A Family

via proboards.com

Nikki and Cena make a great wrestling couple on their own, but combined with the other Bella Twin and her hubby, Daniel Bryan, they make one awesome wrestling family. Well, if you’re being technical about it, John’s not yet a part of their family, but he may as well be and probably will be a full part of their family in the not so distant future.

Wrestling fans love seeing pics like this, pics of their favorite wrestlers when they’re not doing their thing in the ring. This pic’s a really great one, as it depicts everyone in really good spirits, The Bella Twins at the back grinning at how their partners are getting along at the front. We can’t wait for John to officially become their family – it’ll be one amazing family dynamic!

10 DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Cena’s Failed Marriage

via youtube.com

I’ve mentioned how it’s always hard being in a couple and looking back at your other half’s past relationships. John must find it hard – although he’ll never admit it – working around Dolph in the same promotion, but it must also be hard for Nikki, being reminded of John’s past. John was actually once married; he was hitched to Elizabeth Huberdeau for a few years before getting divorced, and a matter of months after they separated, he began dating Nikki.

It must also be hard for Nikki because John’s failed marriage affected him. There’s always plenty of talk of when/if John will propose. Nikki’s made it clear she wants to get married and spend the rest of her life with John, but Cena's said repeatedly that he doesn’t want to get married again due to his failed first marriage. Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see!

9 WANT YOU TO SEE: On The Same Page With Everything, Even Their Reactions

via bustle.com

John and Nikki really are one of wrestling's most in-sync couples. Because of that, wrestling fans love checking out their social media pages, because they’re always buzzing with plenty of content. This one’s a testimony to that. Nikki posted this pic on her Instagram; they’re clearly shocked about something or other, but it’s their expressions that make the pic and have been captured perfectly. It just goes to show that they’re on the same page, pretty much with most things, even their reactions; they’re in sync with one another and we just love it. Because Nikki posted this pic, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t a candid moment, but it doesn’t make it any less cute – it’s just another example of how they’re both masters at giving the fans what they want and playing to the camera.

8 DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Cena’s Unsuccessful Bodybuilding Career

via roidvisor.com

Look at John Cena, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s no stranger to the gym. He’s been obsessed with the iron game for ages now, and has consequently built and chiselled himself one of the best physiques in wrestling. Now he lifts weights for fun, but once upon a time he actually wanted to make a career out of pounding the iron. When he finished university in 1998, John pursued a career in bodybuilding, stepped on stage a number of times and went all out to get his pro card. But he just didn’t have enough cash -bodybuilding’s an expensive sport.

So, instead of competing in open shows – open shows meaning most of the competitors are on drugs – he competed in natural shows, but ultimately, his bodybuilding career was an epic flop, and he must have been thanking his lucky stars that the opportunity to wrestle came along when it did.

7 WANT YOU TO SEE: Having A Laugh

via youtube.com

This pic just shows what this couple’s all about. They love to have fun with each other and don’t take themselves too seriously – how many wrestling couples do you know that would dress up as each other and then take pics and post them online for the world to see? How many big, muscular guys would be fine with dressing up as a woman with everyone seeing it? Not many, so it just goes to show how open these two are, and how much they love messing about and just having a good time.

The pics shows Nikki posing as Cena's signature step, and Cena performing Nikki’s signature entrance dance. Cena makes one ugly Nikki Bella, but that’s not the point, they’re both just hilarious, and the concept for their Halloween dress up was genius.

6 DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Constant Marriage Talk

via wwe.com

John has openly said in the past that he doesn’t really want to get married and have kids, that he’s very stuck in his mindset, but having said that, his opinions – on marriage in particular – have begun to gradually change, as they would being with a beautiful woman like Nikki who’s been open about what she wants – she wants to get hitched to John. It’s the news everyone in the wrestling world’s waiting for – when John’s going to pop the question – and news which is the subject of a lot of speculation.

For someone who’s a bit iffy about marriage, all this speculation must really piss John off. What the couple really want is to be left to their own devices – when it happens it happens – but people constantly talking about whether or not they’ll get married must be heaping a whole lot of pressure on their relationship.

5 WANT YOU TO SEE: Dumb And Dumber

via dailywrestlingnews.com

You’ve seen their 2016 Halloween costumes but their 2015 outfits were just as hilarious. It shows that they know how to have fun – both look amazingly funny and look like they’re enjoying letting their hair down too. Yes, here’s a pic depicting more fun times of John and Nikki as Dumb & Dumber characters Harry and Lloyd – that iconic pairing from the 1994 comedy film of the same name in case you didn’t know. It’s an awesome Halloween costume; Nikki somehow still manages to look hot – kind of – whereas John has achieved his goal of just looking downright goofy. Having seen how far they’ve taken things in the previous two years, I wonder how they’re going to top it for Halloween 2017? We wait with bated breath.

4 DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Cena with Mickie

via read101.com

A lot of people have speculated that part of the reason Cena's marriage failed was that he was unfaithful to his wife. They were high school sweethearts, but also had periods of separation before they were married. Cena has dated multiple women in the industry and at one point he was seeing current SmackDown women's star Mickie James. At the time, Mickie was reportedly in a serious relationship with Kenny Dykstra. When Mickie was pushing for a relationship with John, he balked at the idea and awkwardness ensued. Some have speculated that Mickie was released from WWE partly because the situation with Cena got so awkward backstage.

Cena, Nikki and Mickie are all working on the SmackDown brand now, so it seems it's all water under the bridge, but it's probably not a relationship any of them wanna remember.

3 WANT YOU TO SEE: Cute Christmas Snap

via instagram.com

Here’s another really cute pic of this super-cute couple. It seems like whatever the occasion, John and Nikki love to celebrate it in style. Here’s a cute Christmas snap where it definitely looks like they’ve both gotten into the Christmas spirit, dressing for the occasion and decorating their humble abode. Just look at that cute Christmas jumper.

Also, a lot of couples don’t really like to be seen smooching in public, but John and Nikki are very relaxed about the whole thing and love capturing those intimate moments. There’re a ton of pics out there of them kissing – John doesn’t need much prompting to kiss Nikki, but on this festive occasion, it seems as if he was full of Christmas cheer – love was certainly in the air that Christmas.

2 DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE: John Partying

via wrestlezone.com

Cena is nearing 40 now and seems to have settled with Nikki, whether it results in a marriage or not. However, like any young guy, Cena once had his wild days of partying. Here he is some time ago partying with his ex-wife Liz Huberdeau and it doesn't exactly convey the image Cena portrays today. While there was nothing wrong with it, as he was just partying with his woman at the time, he probably wishes the cameras weren't around for this moment. It sure doesn't look like Cena was expecting someone to take a picture.

It's unlikely you'll be seeing John or Nikki posting any photos of themselves like this today. No, they'll be sticking to the fancy wine dinners and high-class date nights.

1 WANT YOU TO SEE: Love Is In The Air

via pinterest.com

Here’s yet more smooching from the two, and it just goes to show, that whatever situation they’re in, when they get dolled up, have a night out, and just spend time together, they’re going to get the cameras out, have a good old smooching session, capture the moment and post it. Here’s a cute collage of a number of these moments, of them out and about enjoying time away from the ring together, all loved up. Over-the-top date nights seem to be part and parcel of their relationship, and it’s great to see that after several years of being together, that they still have smoking chemistry, and they’re not shy in letting everyone see these adorable displays of affection. They’re certainly not your average, mundane couple.

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