We don’t call them Divas anymore, but women in the WWE are as popular as ever right now. Before they were a key part of WWE programming, female wrestlers were often looked at as eye candy for viewers, with the majority of female talent having lackluster in ring skills. But eventually, the WWE started requiting talent which possessed the best of both worlds. Great talent and excellent looks combined in one package. Now we have a whole bunch of talented, beautiful women wrestlers vying to leave their mark on WWE history. Let’s look at two of the most popular, Nikki Bella and Eva Marie.

While one has both beauty and the skills to back it up, the other has struggled with the technical aspect of the sport. Nikki has made quite the career for herself during her time with the WWE. Initially starting off with her sister, Brie, Nikki has proved that she can hold her own going solo. It also helps that she’s one of the most beautiful women in the company. Eva on the other hand, while possessing fantastic looks and wooing fans left and right with her beauty, has failed to transition to the more practical side of wrestling – the wrestling itself.

Still, they’re both gorgeous and will most likely be remembered as two of the most attractive women the WWE once had to offer. But which one do you like better? Let’s take a look.

16. Fitness Goddess

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Say what you will about her as a wrestler, but Eva Marie certainly makes the grade in other ways. While her ability in the ring is questionable, it isn’t too hard to figure out why she’s one of the most polarizing figures in pro wrestling today. She certainly fits the requirements appearance wise, and while her future within the WWE is in doubt – you can’t say she hasn’t tried to make things work. Eva has worked on her wrestling skills in the past, and as this picture shows she’s committed to living a healthy lifestyle. It’s no wonder she looks so good. Regardless of where her wrestling career goes from here, we’re sure she’ll have no trouble finding other opportunities in the future.

15. Stunner

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The future Mrs. John Cena has been one of the most prominent female wrestling stars on the WWE roster over the last several years. Just like Eva, Nikki is regarded as one of the best looking female wrestlers the WWE has to offer. But the major difference here is that Nikki actually has some accolades to throw around. Nikki is a two time WWE Divas Champion and is seen as a major talent for the company. Apart from some injury scares, her career has been an otherwise smooth ride. She’s dabbled in modeling and acting apart from her main profession and it’s not hard for us to see why her talents were so in demand.

14. Putting in the Work

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It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a pro wrestler, especially when you’re wrestling for a brand as well known as the WWE. We can sometimes overlook the effort that goes into simply keeping in shape on a daily basis. Even for a wrestler as abysmal as Eva, the effort is still there. It’s no surprise to any of us that she keeps in shape however. Even before her time in the WWE, Eva was a stunning woman and if there’s one thing that she’ll be remembered for it’s the fact that she was for a time one of the most beautiful women the WWE had to offer its fans. Here we see a little bit of what her workout regimen looks like and we have to say, she’s every bit as stunning as she is on television.

13. Referee

via bellatwins.org

There’s a long history of women in the WWE taking on the referee’s mantle for certain events, which usually goes over quite well with fans. It’s something inexplicable about the vertically striped uniform that brings out the best in female wrestlers and obviously the fans aren’t rally complaining. Nikki is among the many beautiful ladies to don the uniform and we have to say, she looks pretty damn good in it. She’s already tough but here we get the feeling that she’s pretty much untouchable. Obviously, Nikki is pretty well known for her Swag and she carries it on well here. We wouldn’t mind a seeing a return to this particular outfit, but Nikki looks great in whatever she decides to wear.

12. Army Girl

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The WWE has some pretty close ties to the army, and undoubtedly values the work of the countries brave men and women. They have showed their appreciation for their servicemen and women on multiple occasions. Here we get to see Eva making her own sort of tribute as she dons a stunning camouflage blouse and flaunts her new-look black hair. It shows a little more attitude than we’re used to seeing from her but hey, we don’t mind it one bit. We definitely know that Eva can pull off a multitude of different looks. She’s got more than a few doors open to her once her wrestling career gives out and this picture here proves it.

11. Can’t Touch This

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Nikki, aside from being a talented performer, is also one of the more gaudy performers the WWE has to offer. Her skills in the ring are well documented. Even without her sister, Nikki is one hell of a talent. She’s dominant when the focus is on her. It’s here that Nikki’s really in her element. In short, she belongs in the ring – and it’s pretty sad to think that she’s going to have to retire eventually. No matter what you see on her Instagram and various social media accounts, Nikki looks best in her ring attire. She’s dominant, confident and most of all sexy. Here we look at a pretty iconic picture of everyone’s favourite Bella sister. The confidence and swagger jump right off the screen and it’s hard to find that many more pictures that capture this side of her as good as this one does.

10. Red Hot

via dailywrestlingnews.com

There isn’t much that Eva Marie doesn’t look good in. Her in ring attire, workout sweats, you name it. But without a doubt, the one thing she looks absolutely fantastic in one-hundred percent of the time is a two piece bikini. Prior to her time in the WWE, Eva spent her time modeling and still comes off more as a pro model than pro wrestler. But her style and good looks are undeniable – and even though she hasn’t contributed much in her career as a wrestler she’s definitely done her job as an entertainer fantastically. You’ll find a ton of pictures with Eva sporting this blue and green bikini online, and among the multitudes of varying angles and shots, this one stands out as the one that captures Eva’s beauty perfectly.

9. Pats Fan

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It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that most sports fans – not only football – have a certain distain for the New England Patriots. Controversies and conspiracy theories aside, the Pats are one of the most successful sports franchises in recent memory and have left a lasting mark on the sports world. It seems like they get everything; wins, championships and beautiful women. That last one no doubt has to ruffle some feathers. Especially when the women are as good looking as Nikki is here. Nikki looks to be showing her full support for her team by donning a very alluring low cut jersey along with some shorts and gloves – giving her a very sporty, athletic look that obviously suits her well. Being an athlete herself, it’s no wonder Nikki can effortlessly pull this kind of look off.

8. Wardrobe Malfunction

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In the past, there have been multiple instances of WWE wrestlers showing a little bit too much to the cameras for a brief period of time. Of course, these were all freak accidents – at least they were most of the time. A slight wardrobe malfunction can be embarrassing for any wrestler while wearing skimpy attire is no different than going to a photo shoot. Merge the two together and you get what happened in this picture here. Like we’ve been saying, Eva isn’t much of a wrestler but she’s still a great looking woman. The WWE decided to tease their fans a little with this all too convenient “wardrobe malfunction”, and while we’re sure some fans would’ve appreciated a more authentic happening – this led to a pretty memorable instance nonetheless.

7. Workout Warrior

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It’s no secret that in order to stay a top in almost any kind of sport, you’ve got to stay in shape. Sustained success as an athlete depends in large part on physical ability – and if you follow any kind of athlete on any sort of social media platform you’ll find a plethora of workout videos and pictures. Nikki is no exception of course and keeps in fantastic shape. In fact, a good deal of her photo shoots have revolved around that and show off her fantastic body as a result. This picture shows the result of Nikki’s hard work while giving her a very rough n’ tough kind of feel. She still looks fantastic though, which is to be expected of the WWE’s marquee female star.

6. Lazy Sundays

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Among all of the exotic, high production looking photo shoots we see beautiful wrestlers like Eva appear in, it’s nice to see a laid back picture show off her beauty just as easily. Instead of a beach we get a nice looking apartment and a very cozy looking Eva Marie. You have to admit that she looks great in her casual sweats and hoodie. There’s no need for her to go all out in order to steal our hearts – she’s got that covered. There’s something about this picture that gives off a very serene vibe. Maybe it’s the comfy looking clothes or the lighting or whatever, but regardless it paints a pretty lax picture we’re all more than happy to indulge in.

5. Changing

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There are plenty of pictures on this list that show Nikki looking at her best. In reality it’d be harder to find a picture of her where she isn’t seeing how she takes such good care of her body. Point is, Nikki stays in shape and we love it. She’s a beautiful woman with a fantastic body and pictures like this showcase it beautifully. Here we’re getting more of an intimate looking shot than we’re used to. Sure it’s all planned out, but the closeness of the shot along with Nikki’s pose and expression make this look like a genuinely candid moment for her during an instant of pause. If you’re a fan of this shoot then stay tuned, you’ll like what you see.

4. Stars n’ Stripes

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Nothing’s more beautiful than pride in one’s country. Or at least, nothing’s more beautiful than an attractive woman showing said pride via a two piece bikini clad in her country’s flag. Eva could easily rally the troops with this one and probably encourage some registrations while she’s at it. Unlike the last Eva picture on our list, this one is a look back to a more conventional setting for these photo shoots. The beach is a great setting, mainly due to the fantastic weather and scantily clad women – a recurring theme among WWE women. But with all that being said, this has to be one of Eva’s better shoots. There’s not much going on, but that’s more than fine. She’s the main attraction – as she should be.

3. Dip in the Pool

via instagram.com

Anyone who follows Nikki on Instagram knows that she takes quite a few pictures of herself. She’s posted a ton of them on the site and because of that has amassed a pretty decent following. Among all of the selfies and professional shots you can find on there, none are quite as alluring as this one here. It’s not the only bikini picture she’s posted on there and it most probably won’t be the last. But something about this picture makes it pop way more than the others. Maybe it’s the shade, maybe it’s the scenery. Who knows? But of all the Nikki Bella pictures you’ll find online, this one here is among the most breath taking you’ll see.

2. By the Water

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Women and water. It looks like we’re sticking with that theme for our next picture. By all means, its proven to be a pretty potent combination so far, and it looks like it won’t disappoint this time either. Eva’s been to plenty of exotic locations for her shoots, but here it looks like the setting is a little more lax than you’d initially expect it to be. The angle of the shot is also a little more artistic than what your standard photo shoot has to offer. Together it all makes up for a pretty great picture. You get a very mellow vide from it. Everything from Eva’s posture to the angle of the shot and the lighting puts you in a pretty calm mood.

1. Got Swag?

via WhatCulture.com

So here we are. We’ve come to the last picture on our list. Here we see Nikki at her finest. She’s active, she’s got attitude, and it’s what makes her appeal to so many fans. It’s all part of her charm. She looks tough and is going for a kind of tomboy expression which looks fantastic. The whole workout look is one that Nikki pulls off great and it’s easy to see why she’s so eager to show off in these situations. Nikki has all the tools a successful wrestler needs. She has the talent, skill, looks and work ethic that have propelled her to the forefront of the WWE. This picture showcases all of those elements perfectly and shows us why Nikki is as popular as she is right now.

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