8 Pictures Of Nikki Bella & 8 Pictures Of Maryse: Who’s Hotter?

Maryse and Nikki Bella are two throwbacks to an age in women's wrestling that is quickly being forgotten. While nowadays the women's divisions consist of wrestlers such as Charlotte or Becky Lynch, the Divas of old had a different role to play in WWE. Maryse and Nikki Bella were both expected to wrestle and look smoking hot as well. On the other hand, someone like Becky Lynch doesn't have to look hot, she just has to wrestle.

Oddly enough the Bella Twins and Maryse both participated in the 2006 Diva Search, only the Bellas didn't make the cut. The Bellas would sign a developmental deal with WWE the next year, however, and were called up to the main roster by 2008.

Maryse did make the cut for the 2006 Diva Search, but she was the second woman eliminated from the competition. WWE liked what they saw in her, however, and signed her to a contract. After performing in Ohio Valley Wrestling, she cracked the main roster in 2008.

Both Maryse and Nikki Bella are around the same age. Nikki is 33 years old and Maryse 34. They are both either married or engaged to longtime WWE superstars John Cena and The Miz. They would each tag with their male counter-parts and go up against each other at this year's WrestleMania.

Let's take a look at 8 photos of each and decide who's hotter.

16 Maryse With Pearls

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So here we have the lovely French Canadian Maryse Ouellet going full lingerie and pearls in this Playboy-themed shoot. Speaking of Playboy, while she never appeared nude for the magazine, Maryse has appeared on the cover of a Playboy calendar. In 2007, she was the cover of the magazine's 2007 Girls of Canada calendar.

While Maryse was born in Montreal, she lived in a New Brunswick, a town of only about 15,000 people. She often performs in front of just as many people on any given WWE show. She has said that she was the only girl in her class in high school, and would make her own beauty products. It seemed as though it was a struggle for Maryse to keep up her love of fashion and beauty products in such a small town.

15 Nikki Bella Is All About Athletic Undergarments

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Nikki Bella is sporting some athletic undergarments in this picture, which is fitting for her. The 33-year-old has always wanted to be seen as an athlete as much as she is a model. She, along with her sister, did receive the Teen's Choice award for "Choice Female Athlete" in 2016, though one would imagine that award isn't quite the confirmation of her athleticism she is looking for.

She is in stunningly good shape as well, no doubt something which may have been influenced by her relationship with John Cena. Nikki is rocking some six-pack abs in this photo, something not always that easy for women (or men) in their 30s to achieve.

Nikki's athletic career might be over. Her WrestleMania 33 match may have been her swan song, as she prepares for married life with John Cena.

14 Maryse - What Does That Key Unlock??

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Here is Maryse posing for a photo at a WWE event for their "Be a Star" campaign. The charitable endeavour is WWE's attempt to help end bullying. Many wrestlers have spoken up about having been bullied as a child, including Bayley and Sheamus.

Maryse has opted to go with the old "necklace between breasts" look here. Not only that but it appears as though Maryse has some type of medieval key dangling between her cleavage. We are left to only imagine what that key could unlock. Is there some hidden safe located somewhere that the key opens? Perhaps inside the safe is a detailed description talking about why someone as smoke-show gorgeous as Maryse married someone like The Miz.

In truth, Maryse and Miz seem to have a great relationship. Miz is said to have pushed hard for the company to bring his wife back after WrestleMania 32.

13 Nikki And Sister Show Off Different "Attributes"

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The fun part about Nikki and Brie being identical twins, is that Brie can serve as the "Before" picture in regards to Nikki's cosmetic procedures. Here the twins are showing off their different body types on the beach.

Before Nikki got some enhancements done, the Bellas used to use "Twin Magic" to confuse their opponents. This was when they would switch which twin was in the ring to confuse their opponents. The key was that it was impossible to tell the difference between the two of them. They would do it again a couple of times after Nikki's chest size increased, and somehow it still fooled their opponents and the announcers. It would have been funny if Jerry Lawler had been the only one in the building who could tell which twin was which.

12 Maryse - Oh Hi! I'm Wearing A Bikini

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Here is Maryse in the classic pose where the model turns her head slightly around as if to ask "isn't it fun to look at me from this angle?".

For a petite young woman, Maryse does have some curves on her. As a result of being as tall as she is, it can sometimes look as though Maryse doesn't have much of a figure on her,  but as this bikini pic will tell you that couldn't be any farther from the truth.

Posing in a bikini is nothing new for Maryse either. She participated in various beauty pageants when she was younger, including in the Miss Hawaiian Tropics Canada pageant in 2003, where she placed first. She would go on to finish 2nd in the Miss Hawaiian Tropics International pageant the following year.

11 Nikki Bella - The Champ's Glutes Are Here

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Nikki posted this on Instagram during her reign as Divas champion in 2014. She had another run with the title in 2012.

For her first Divas championship, Nikki defeated Beth Phoenix in a lumberjill match. That match took place on the April 23rd, 2012 episode of Monday Night Raw. Nikki would drop the title just six days later to Layla at the Extreme Rules PPV that year.

She would win the title for a second time in 2014. She started that run off by defeating AJ Lee at Survivor Series 2014. Nikki's second title reign would last 301 days, besting AJ Lee's former record of 295 days. She would lose the title to Charlotte at Night of Champions in 2015. Charlotte would be the last Divas champion, as the division would drop the "Divas" tag at WrestleMania 32.

10 Maryse - It's The Key Again!

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Maryse is showing off her key necklace once again. This time the necklace is featured prominently in a rectangle-shaped hole that seems to have been removed from the front of her dress.

Fans of Lucha Underground will note that Dario Cueto also wears a mysterious key around his neck. In that case, the key opens a cell where he keeps his murderous brother Matanza Cueto. As it concerns Maryse's key, it's purpose is less mysterious, but the location it is kept far more appealing.

Maryse began organizing fashion shows while going to high school in New Brunswick, and even as early as then, she knew how to look stylish when the occasion calls for it. She looks good here with her hair stylishly pulled back. She manages to pull of a glamorous look, even while wearing minimal jewelry.

9 Nikki Bella Does Eva Marie Impersonation

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Here is Nikki Bella showing off a bathing suit top that would not fit her sister if she lent it to her. This photoshoot of Nikki is really showing off her ability to be fashionable poolside, even drinking a matching beverage. Eva Marie might have more red in her wardrobe, but Nikki can pull off the colour just as well.

In contrast to Eva Marie however, Nikki Bella has actually turned into a fairly descent wrestler. Despite her neck injury, Nikki really put forth an effort to improve later in her career, and it showed. She also started to get in terrific physical condition around the same time she started dating Cena. Nikki Bella is a strong lady now, and that has been evident in her matches. She can also rock an oversized sun hat when she needs to.

8 Maryse's Hat Is Giving Orders


Maryse is enjoying a beverage with a rather photogenic friend poolside here. Her hat in this picture almost draws attention away from the photo's other fine aesthetic features.

It took some investigating but I searched out and found the hat she is wearing in this picture. As I'm sure this is important for many of you reading this, the hat is actually a Britney Spears product. If you flip the cap around it has Britney's name on the back. Turns out there is a whole bunch of this stuff you can buy. They have tank tops, gym bags, glitter magnets, all emblazoned with Britney's name and the slogan featured in Maryse's hat above. Strange world.

Is Maryse a Britney Spears fan? Or did she just find the hat funny? Here's hoping it's the latter.

7 Nikki Bella - Tee-Hee! I'm Looking At My Belt!

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The only thing Nikki Bella is not doing in this photo is talking on an old-school house phone while twirling the cord with her fingers. Laying on her stomach with her feet sticking in the air while looking at her belt, what a classic champion's pose!

In actuality, this was a photoshoot that featured much of her merchandise at the time (2014). For some reason, Nikki went with the "Fearless" tag line, even though the idea that she was fearless never once entered into a storyline. Fearless makes sense for someone like Jeff Hardy, who really doesn't seem to have any fear, but it doesn't seem to suit Nikki that much.

She has the Fearless jacket, t-shirt, and snap-back cap all on display here. There wasn't enough room on the shorts to print her tagline, however.

6 Maryse With Crazy Viking Hair

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There are some impressive things going on with Maryse's hair in this picture. It almost distracts from her open shirt and side cleavage, but not quite.

Instead of the mysterious key, we now have a mysterious pendant dangling from around her neck. She also appears to be hanging out in a rather swanky condo.

Maryse was away from WWE for five years, and she was not about to go perform on the indies. Instead she opened up her own clothing line, House of Maryse. The company's Facebook page hasn't been active since 2013, so it's probably safe to assume she's no longer putting much effort in there.

Maryse is also said to have gotten involved in real estate during her time away from WWE. If she posted this photo on the listing of a house she was selling, there would probably be a lot of interest in the property. It would certainly be a well-attended open house anyway.

5 Nikki Bella Bursting Through The Screen

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Shown here using a model of Gene Okerlund's moustache to keep her chest in place, Nikki Bella appears to be bursting through the screen.

The size of Nikki's chest increased in 2013, seemingly putting an end to the twin magic her and sister Brie had been using in the company for years. It must be odd for a set of identical twins to suddenly not be so identical anymore. Having grown up with the exact same DNA, even the effects of time hadn't made them look much different, even by their late-20s. Then one has a surgery that the other didn't opt for. What was once a perfect reflection of her own likeness is now different, and very noticeably different at that.

The fact that one sister had the surgery and the other didn't will always serve as an odd little footnote in the history of the Bella Twins.

4 Maryse Joins High Energy

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Evidently, Maryse was a big fan of the Koko B. Ware and Owen Hart tag team known as High Energy. Hart and Ware would wear similarly patterned ring gear, although the versions they wore weren't quite as revealing. While it is likely that her outfit here is unrelated to the old-school tag team, it's not impossible that she actually was a fan of them.

Considering her age and where she grew up, Maryse may have grown up a fan of the Hart family. The Harts were always popular in Canada, even before the 1997 Canada vs. USA angle. Fans at Canadian events would always cheer for Owen, even if he was a bad guy at the time. Growing up a wrestling fan in Canada as Maryse did, she may have actually watched High Energy wrestle when she was a kid and cheered them on. That's what I like to believe anyway.

3 Nikki Bella - An Excellent Hooded Sweatshirt

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You have to love the look on Nikki's face in this photo. Just innocently looking up, seemingly unaware at how putting her hands in her pocket pulls down the top of her sweatshirt. She knows though, she knows what she's doing.

Nikki has always gone with the snap-back backwards baseball cap look for some reason. She has this desire to go part-way tomboy, but won't fully commit. Her attire has started to resemble Cena's more and more however. Cena wears baseball caps and shirts with primary colours, and so does Nikki. It's similar to how Brie began dressing in plaid and wearing flowers in her hair when she started going out with Daniel Bryan.

As of this writing, sister Brie is due to give birth any minute. Nikki has said that won't be something her and John go through however.

2 Maryse Repping the Atlanta Falcons

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Hey Falcons fans! Does the Super Bowl still make you really sad when you think about it? Well, here is Maryse all decked out in your team's jersey, does that make you feel any better?

This was part of a WWE Super Bowl themed photo shoot, and the French Canadian Maryse was chosen to represent the Falcons. Canadian football is actually quite popular near where Maryse was born. The Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League always have high attendance for their games, and the University of Laval has an incredible school program. Why Maryse was picked for the Falcons jersey is anyone's guess. Her photoshoot in their garb didn't seem to bring the team any kind of luck, however, at least not in the second half.

Don't feel so bad, Falcons fans!

1 Nikki Bella - Patriots Fan?

Nikki Bella cheers for the Patriots, and we all need to accept that. She is from San Diego, but lives in Tampa. If she really does cheer for the Pats it's probably only because that is Cena's home team, though he doesn't live there anymore.

The McMahon family are also all Patriots fans, and Triple H became one too because he knows what's good for him, and always has. Stephanie and Triple H have even been on-hand at multiple Super Bowls to hand out replica championship belts.

Nikki Bella and John Cena are sort of an offshoot of WWE's royal McMahon family tree. They aren't in the family, but nobody could be closer. They even cheer for the same football team. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella might be considered another power couple in the WWE hierarchy, with Miz and Maryse not far behind them.

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