What does everybody want? No, not head, but Al Snow is the man for bringing us that great line. Everybody wants to see Lana and Sasha Banks in a one-on-one contest to decide who is the hotter of the two. Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado (Banks) and C.J. Perry (Lana) both started out with humble beginnings but each took two completely different career paths to get to the WWE Universe. Banks went the wrestling route and worked on her in-ring craft more than her magnificent looks. Lana was a model and had roles in television before becoming the Russian manager that we all love and worship today.

When you see the photos, you’ll notice the difference in these two stars and it should weigh into your decision of who is hotter. Lana has more professional images than Banks, however, Banks has more natural photos than Lana. Both know how to give a great pose but Lana is a professional with using her face to paint a picture. After we searched the internet, we found some great photos for you to admire. Both these WWE Universe Goddesses may look good in a photo but we’re pretty sure the fans would love to see these two have a match in the future.

16. Laundry Day

via wattpad.com

Everyone loves a good selfie. Something about the amateur style can really attract the eyes of the viewer compared to an artificial photo shoot. Banks knows exactly what she’s doing in this photo, showing off her dress and a bit of cleavage. The flowing long hair going over her shoulders and chest makes this image that much better.

With a bunch of clothes piling up behind her, maybe the dress was the only thing she had to wear. Who wouldn’t want to see Sasha get her laundry done in the beautiful outfit? The more important question is, is Banks hotter with purple hair or the dirty blonde look? Either way, Banks knows how to show off her body and the librarian glasses just add to the epic hotness of this Superstar.

15. Wet T-Shirt Contest Anyone?

via pixxxels.org

Wet t-shirt contests were a huge thing in the ‘90s. You can thank the wonderful people at MTV for hyping it up with their hit show, Spring Break. Lana brings it back in this photo shoot that may reveal more than what the FCC would like. The shirt, or should I say a piece of cloth, seems so close to coming fully ripped apart.

The cut-off shoulder makes it even sexier, but, of course, it would just be another shirt if Lana wasn’t wearing it. She could probably make a sanitation worker’s outfit look hot, no offense to the great people that work in sanitation. The beautiful buttery blonde hair and fierce look make this a great photo featuring Lana. So the question is, who’s got the early edge?

14. Why So Serious?

via pinterest.com

Is it 2008 all over again? If you remember, Christopher Nolan’s Batman film, The Dark Knight, became an instant classic in cinema that year. When Halloween rolled around, half the country dressed up as the late Heath Ledger’s character, the infamous Joker. Banks is paying tribute to The Crown Prince of Gotham in this cosplay image. For all you role-playing enthusiasts out there, this is the perfect picture for you.

Banks looks terrifying as well as stunning in this one. The question is, would you run away in fear or be stuck in utter admiration if you saw Banks in this outfit? While most females dressed up as Harley Quinn, Joker’s girlfriend, recently, it’s refreshing to see someone go back to the roots of where the madness all began, and that’s with The Joker.

13. Fun In The Sun

via twitter.com

Something about a woman half naked on a beach is appealing to pretty much anyone who is attractive to females. Lana shows off her beautiful tan, exquisite legs, and mouthwatering upper body in this sultry image. The beach doesn’t look that great, however, who cares when you have Lana there. The sun shines on Lana’s body in a perfect way and we must think to ourselves, is the sun shining on Lana or is Lana’s epic hotness shining on the Sun?

When extraterrestrial beings finally make their presence public on this planet, we shouldn’t send the President, we don’t need to send awesome astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, but we should send Lana. If you don’t want an end of the world scenario, this is the only possible thing to do.

12. It’s A Perfect Fit

via pwpix.net

Yoga pants…. Yoga pants everywhere. If you don’t get the Toy Story meme we just laid out for you, you haven’t been spending enough time on the internet. What is it with the yoga pants? Pretty much if you put them on, your hotness shoots upwards in the direction of the sun. Banks is as hot as the sun and shows off her WrestleMania 32 yoga pants in a lovely fashion.

She knows what she’s doing in these three poses. Banks slim body and curvy backside are he right fit for these pants. Because the yoga pants are a gift from God, we forget to even look at the beautiful face of Sasha and that awesome sports bra she’s rocking. Just like the fable Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this is not too crazy, not too boring, but just right.

11. Cancun All Day

via twitter.com

Lana and bikini pictures go together like LeBron James and his headband, eggs and toast, and Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. This image just enforces the fact that once Lana puts a bikini on, she easily is the star of the room, or beach, or where she may be. Her aviator glasses give this photo a nice touch, but what everyone loves is her body.

Those strings on her bikini are so tempting to untie. Yellow is also a pretty good look for Lana as it complements her skin tone and hair color. Even though this isn’t a professional photo, Lana does a great job showing off the assets. All there is left to say is that’s one huge soap container in that bathroom.

10. Halloween Came Early This Year

via imgur.com

Just like The Joker cosplay image, we have another beautiful photo of Banks all dressed up in some epic outfit. Is she a beautiful Greek Goddess, one of Jabba the Hutt’s women, or an extra on Stanley Kubrick’s film, Eyes Wide Shut? Honestly, it doesn’t matter because Banks is pure unfiltered hotness in this image. Can you not see the lights of heaven shining down on Banks from the left corner of the image?

That’s not a post editing addition or mess up, nope, that’s literally heaven showing off how sexy Banks is. The blonde hair goes well with the outfit and we wonder if she should change back to that color. The only downfall to this picture is it’s in an industrial setting and not on some paradise beach.

9. U.S.A!!!

via pinterest.com

America. Get your patriotism out boys and girls, time to praise the United States and all the good things about it. We hope we aren’t the ones to shatter your perception that Lana is actually from Russia because she’s not. Born and raised in the USA, Lana is as patriotic as they come. What better way to show what America is all about then to have a hot looking lady hold that flag high and proud? In this case, Lana does an impeccable job of that.

The two piece outfit makes Lana extremely desirable. No bra, unzipped short shorts, and the beautiful smile makes this image one for the ages. Regardless of your political affiliation, this photo should make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. What makes America great? Lana.

8. A Night Out In The City

via imgur.com

If Banks goes out dressed up like this, guaranteed most people wouldn’t even think she’s a wrestler or anything remotely close. No offense to anyone, but Bank’s petite look doesn’t exactly fit the mold of the stereotype powerhouse wrestler. The glare of the lamp distracts us from the beauty of Sasha in the particular photo, but we still enjoy how stunning she looks in a dress opposed to wrestling gear.

If Banks walked into a 1920s party in Oyster Bay, Long Island, she would make Jay Gatsby forget all about Daisy Buchanan. If you have no clue who Gatsby is, you need to catch up on some reading. For anyone that does have the pleasure of courting Banks, get her something panda related for brownie points.

7. Flexible Lana

via pinterest.com

Look at what we got over here. No, not a cup-a-haters, but a beautiful and sexy pose featuring the ravishing Lana. We all know some people like to show off their flexibility. Lana is definitely trying to show that off during this photo shoot, but only gets one leg up. The leg completely makes it above her head and it’s more than impressive.

Her dirty blonde hair and skin tone matches well with the rest of the colors in the shot. While they could’ve found a better car to use behind her, we don’t really care about the car when we get to see Lana. It’s a pretty hot photo and Lana does know how to tease the viewers. Who’s number one? Lana is number one of course.

6. Stay Classy

via pinterest.com

Sometimes not revealing everything is better than being pretty much naked while partying at night. Listen up ladies, take your notes from Banks, as a great dress can go a long way and you don’t need to bare it all. Banks’ long luscious hair, beautiful curves, and great pose make this image one beautiful piece of material, don’t you guys think so?

We should produce hundreds of thousands of hard copies of this photo, airdrop them over North Korea, and just maybe, we can solve the crises there. Probably not, but you get the drift, which is that this photo is a stunning representation of Banks. The former Women’s Champion knows how to give the right look for this modest pose and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. Keeping It Sandy

via peru.com

She’s an enchantress, charming, and absolutely radiant. You get Lana on a beach and the world becomes a little bit safer, nicer, and beautiful. How about the look she’s giving? That’s a beautiful thing to see if she’s looking at you like that in person. You know something may go down, just don’t invite Brad Maddox to video tape it. Too soon? Nah!

The wet dirty blonde hair matches well with her tan and the pink/green bathing suit is an eye opener. The suit is screaming out sex appeal. The curves on Lana’s backside are as captivating as a solar eclipse. If the WWE knew what was best for business, just fill up the ring with sand and bring out Lana in a bikini.

4. It’s A Perfect Fit Part II

via geekendgladiators.files.wordpress.com

Colorful yoga pants…. Colorful yoga pants everywhere. You better have looked up the meme by the time you reached this photo, otherwise, you’re a lost cause. If Marvel’s Dr. Strange wasn’t around to stop Dormammu from consuming the Earth, the powerful sorcerer would stop in his tracks if he saw Banks in this attire. Banks would definitely save the world with her extreme sexiness and we would have to thank the colorful yoga pants as well.

The curves on Banks are to die for and the bright colors just scream out for some wanted attention. She can have our attention all day if she’s going to strut around in this outfit. It’s as if she’s a beautiful piece of new candy that was invented at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and we just need to have a taste.

3. One Lucky Gym

via dailywrestlingnews.com

With all the bikini shots from Lana, we needed one where she was working out. Of course, we also had to showcase her in, you guessed it, yoga pants. Lana has hundreds of professional photos all over the internet, but this natural selfie photo of her alone in a gym is just as great as the others. She shows off her tight waistline, beautiful upper body, and sexy face in a “take me home to your parents” kind of way.

With Rusev on the bench due to an injury, Lana surely will be hitting the gym and just maybe become a full-time wrestler in the ring. More of Lana is only good for business, so get to pumping those weights beautiful. Hey Vince and WWE creative, give her some damn work would you!

2. Such A Boss

via aminoapps.com

Only a Boss can have a great workout while wearing a flashy chain with the word boss on it. Granted, Banks probably worked out the camera more than the punching bag, but the illusion of her being hot and sweaty makes this picture a winner. Less clothing makes for a better workout. Just ask UFC legend Chuck Liddell and his wife, who workout in the nude.

With the amount of skin Banks is showing, viewers are going to need that towel she has to clean up the drool. By the way, that towel is one lucky inanimate object. Of course, the money shot is below the waist and we’re not talking about the water bottle or sneakers. The icing on the cake is Banks looking away, knowing you’re staring at her.

1. Yes! Yes! Yes!

via i2.wp.com

We know, how can any other female compete with this photo? It’s just on the border of PG-13, but can easily get into the rated R zone. Damn you Rusev, you lucky moose knuckle sun of a gun. Seriously, whose eyes aren’t trying to escape their body to get a closer look at this hot photo? All black everything just takes it up a notch.

What also makes it better is the awesome look Lana is giving. No wonder she made money modeling. Images like this just make it more believable that Lana may absolutely be the hottest asset the WWE has ever had. Did we forget to mention her curves? You’re welcome.

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