8 Pictures Of Stacy Keibler And 8 Of Torrie Wilson: Who's Hotter?

While the WWE has some of the most attractive female talent on their roster right now, none can truly compare to Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler. Both led successful careers and are still remembered by wrestling fans everywhere. They were each unique and brought something new in their own way. They also happened to be two of the most attractive women on the roster. While both were the prototypical blond bombshell type, they each had unique traits and personalities that really distinguished them from other Divas at the time. Torrie was mischievous and sexy, while Stacy had a cute girl next door kind of vibe going for her. Both worked great.

However great their careers were, that part of their lives has come and gone. Each has moved on to bigger and better things. Torrie has been modeling and looking like a new person while Stacy has tried her hand at acting. They’ve each accumulated some pretty impressive dating resumes as well, which just goes to show how far they’ve each advanced their individual careers after leaving the WWE. But as fans, we still remember a time when these beautiful ladies took center stage and wowed us. While we all have our favourites, let’s start by comparing these two.

Here are 8 pictures of Stacy Keibler and 8 of Torrie Wilson. Who do you think is hotter?

16 Weapons of Mass Seduction

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While not the most technically gifted wrestler of her time, Stacy had one thing going on for her. She was hands down one of the WWE’s best looking babes on the roster. Whether she was serving as a valet or wrestling herself, Stacy managed to divert all attention right back to her. Though she was active at a time where the WWE had some of its most beautiful ladies, Stacy remains a favourite for many wrestling fans. She wasn’t necessarily built like the prototypical Diva, but Stacy did posses something her fellow Divas could not compete with; her legs. Stacy’s legs – playfully dubbed the “Weapons of Mass Seduction” by Dancing with the Stars judge Bruno Tonioli – got her a lot of attention in the WWE and still standout as an iconic aspect of her appearance now.

15 Vince’s Devils

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Vince’s Devils, though short-lived, were a pretty entertaining stable for most wrestling fans. Though, you have to assume that compiling a group of beautiful women together will be successful regardless of whatever platform you’re talking about. Torrie, along with Candice Michelle and Victoria formed one of wrestling’s most menacing female troupes. But hot damn did they look good. The stint was just another testament to Torrie’s great looks and really helped add to her popularity at the time. While every member of Vince’s Devils looked amazing, many will agree that Torrie stood out the most of all of them. It would have been impossible for her not to, look at her – no matter who she’s standing next to shed steals the show.

14 Pillow Talk


Many women in the WWE are attractive, but none possessed the amount of charm that Stacy had during her wrestling career. The prototypical WWE Diva back then was more akin to a Torrie Wilson or Trish Stratus in the looks department. While Stacy was incredibly attractive she wasn’t exactly similar to those two in terms of looks. What she did have going for her though was the girl next door type of charm that seemed to captivate fans from day one. Not surprising though considering just how much she manages to stand out. Throughout her time with the WWE Stacy took part in a lot of these types of shoots that showcased both her seductive and charming side.

13 Photo Shoot

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At first glance, Torrie Wilson might resemble a bikini model more than a professional wrestler. She definitely has the looks to succeed as both. But when Torrie was first brought into the WWE it definitely wasn’t for her talent as a wrestler – that much is for sure. From the start, Torrie captured fans hearts and riled up crowds whenever she had the spotlight shine on her. She’s still a favourite among long time fans and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Looking at this picture here that’s no real surprise. In her prime, Torrie was able to turn heads easily and it really helped in her establishing herself as one of the premier Divas of her generation.

12 Cutie


As previously mentioned, Stacy – while appealing to fans right off the bat – was a little different from her compatriots. Instead of simply being another prototypical Diva aesthetically, Stacy had her own look that won over and attracted a multitude of fans. She was so popular in her time that even today, she’s remembered as a favourite among those in the WWE universe. Truly, any wrestling fan who was following the WWE in the early and mid 2000s was a lucky SOB. Like many Divas at the time, Stacy partook in her fair share of photo shoots and here we get a very racy picture that shows off her fantastic looks with ease. She was entertaining in the ring too, but the two just don’t compare.

11 Beach Babe

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In case you haven’t realized yet, Torrie Wilson was one of the finest looking women the WWE ever employed. Her impeccable good looks, acting skills and general flintiness made her a must watch performer in the ring. Was she the most technically gifted wrestler to ever grace the sport? No, not by a long shot. But she was competent and could draw in a crowd with ease. But aside from that Torrie also had a knack for having some of the most amazing photo shoots you’ll ever see. The fact of the matter is, the woman looks good in just about anything she wears. So a beach shoot would – unsurprisingly – garner incredible results. That’s exactly what you see here as she rocks a sultry pose and reawakens the 15 year-old in all of us.

10 Bra and Panties

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One thing you get progressively less and less of in today’s WWE is fan service. It’s all well and good for the female talent as they’re getting more of a chance to showcase their actual skills rather than their physical attributes, but we still can’t help ourselves from thinking back from time to time. The Bra and Panties matches were particularly exciting, and allowed the company to showcase their female roster to the fullest. Here we get an intense shot of Stacy participating in a bra and panties match while showcasing her world famous legs in the process. It’s no wonder as to why these were so popular with fans at the time, but like all good things they have very much come to an end it seems.

9 All-American

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Patriotism is big in the WWE. Wrestlers routinely show their support for their troops and it’s one of the many laudable things the company does. That being said, there are quite a few Divas who’ve taken to showing their patriotism in more creative ways. A favourite, it seems, is by wearing their national flag in bikini form. While many have chosen this route, Torrie seems to have stuck for a more traditional homage, as we see her posing with her arm around the flag – saluting the camera. This is one of the few pictures of Torrie post WWE that we have and she looks every bit as good as she did ten years ago, if you can believe that.

8 Truly Outrageous

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With all the photo shoots these Divas went through, you’d think that the people setting these things up would run out of ideas. And to a certain degree that’s true, as every woman who’s ever been a WWE Diva has at least once done a bikini shoot. That’s kind of the staple for everyone. While Stacy looks fine in exotic locales, here we see her showing off a slightly sportier look. Rom the Nike sneakers to the Jem and the Holograms t-shirt, this shot perfectly shows off Stacy’s tomboyish side. If you were wondering if there was anything out there that she didn’t look good in then you’ll have to keep looking, because she looks absolutely fantastic here.

7 Laundry Day

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It’s everyone’s least favourite activity but somehow, Torrie makes it seem like something to look forward to with a single smile and a very alluring shot taken by the photographer. In one of the more risqué pictures on the list, we get a glimpse at just how alluring Torrie was during her prime. Most Divas at the time had decent followings, and a lot of them led successful and fulfilling careers. But Torrie was something special. She could get you with her talent and her looks and that’s pretty much the perfect combination right there. Everything about this picture is easy on the eyes, from the lighting to the setting and of course, the beauty in the middle of it all.

6 At the Beach

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After Divas leave the WWE, they tend to fall off the map for a while and often aren’t heard from unless they reunite with the company in some way or another. That’s normal, as the WWE is constantly bringing in new talent to keep their brand going strong. But some Divas have actually managed to stay relevant after retirement by embarking upon new adventures. Stacy has had a bit of an acting career going and thus gets her fair share of paparazzi attention. It looks like they got her at a good moment here as she’s lounging around at the beach, looking as good as ever. While she might be done with wrestling you can always look forward to seeing what she’s going to do next.

5 Lingerie

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As beautiful as she is, there’s no kind of photo shoot you can think of that Torrie Wilson has not dome. We’ve gone through an extensive amount of bikini/outdoor shoots – but let’s now take a minute and look at some other alluring shots. Torrie can pull off any kind of look with ease. Be it in the ring or in front of the camera, her natural ability to draw attention and bring out a reaction is a useful tool for someone in her line of work. Here we see Torrie in a somewhat more daring look as she pulls off a seductive pose in some black lingerie. It’s not the first time wrestling fans have seen the former Diva in such revealing attire, but it’s definitely one of the better shots out there.

4 Naughty

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Stacy’s a bombshell – that much is easy to see right off the bat. No matter what picture or video of the starlet you look at, she’s always looking her best at every moment. She’s seductive but also has a certain girl next door kind of charm that really separates her from a lot of Divas. This picture does a great job of showing off her athletic build and seductive features. The bedroom setting is especially risqué and really makes this feel like a mature shoot – which is in no way a bad thing for her. Stacy usually has a very innocent kind of look but here we see her take a different route and it works out perfectly.

3 Fitness Freak

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For those of you out of the loop, Torrie is still active on social media – much to the delight of her fans. She’s in her early 40’s, and while fellow Divas haven’t aged particularly well, Torrie takes care of herself and leads a very healthy lifestyle. It shows. Though she’s no longer wrestling, Torrie is in incredible shape and does a good deal of modeling now that her WWE days are behind her. Forget 40, Torrie could very well pass as someone in their late 20s or early 30s. She has a body that most half her age dream of. It goes to show that taking care of yourself and working hard at it does pay off in the long run.

2 Bikini Warrior

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So we’ve come to the last picture we have of Stacy. While we’ve seen a large variety of what’s out there, in the end this shot right here is the best the internet has to offer and it’s fantastic. While we’ve seen a lot of pictures featuring a tropical setting, this shot of Stacy gets everything down pat. Everything from the atmosphere to the choice of clothing and the striking poser Stacy makes hits every note perfectly. There’s a reason why so many fans remember her wrestling career fondly, and this pictures does a good job of showing us. While ewe probably won’t be seeing her back in the WWE any time soon, it’s always nice to look back on her career every now and again.

1 Better with Age

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The hottest picture of Torrie Wilson you can find isn’t from 10 years ago. No, it’s actually pretty recent. As most of her fans know Torrie has aged gracefully – to the point that some would say that she actually looks better now than she did during her WWE career. That’s saying something, seeing as she was one of the most recognizable women who ever wrestled for the company. But unlike most people her age looking to elude father time, Torrie’s looks don’t come from an operating table. She’s a well known fitness buff and takes care of herself accordingly. It wouldn’t be too surprising if she was actually as fit as some active female wrestlers. Not bad for someone in their 40s, eh?

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