8 Pictures Of Sunny & 8 Pictures Of Sable: Who’s Hotter?

In 1994, Vince McMahon would sign Sunny to a deal and the move would pay off significantly. In 1996, she became AOL’s most downloaded woman of the year. You may scoff at AOL, however, back in 1996, it was what Google is today. That same year, Vince signed Sable to a contract. Between 1996 and 1997 there was a change in the WWE Universe. It was very subtle at first but continued to grow like a snowball rolling downhill on a mountain. The attitude was changing in the environment and the storylines were becoming more real and sensational.

Both Sunny and Sable would be key figures in pushing the WWE into the Attitude Era. Each brought their own special talents to the company and it paid off wonderfully for the WWE. Although the WWE was starting to win the ratings war against WCW, both Sable and Sunny had their own personal issues backstage. Sunny was a known to cheat on her boyfriend, Chris Candido, as well as do drugs and no show commitments. Sable had a huge ego, wouldn’t learn how to wrestle, and had issues with her husband at the time, Marc Mero. Both Sable and Sunny would detest each other and eventually Vince would release Sunny from her contract. It’s been a long time since they were in the ring but it doesn’t mean we can’t debate on who was the hottest. Enjoy.

16 Sunny Side Up

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Is there any combination that goes better than a sexy lady and beach? Maybe if you have the munchies, you would answer with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sunny is past her prime but back in her day she was one of the sexiest women to be involved in the WWE Universe. She had the perfect curves and a gorgeous face that helped stand her out.

No wonder she was the most downloaded woman on AOL at one point. How fitting is it that Sunny is posing on a sunny day at the beach? It basically sums up her character in a nutshell. The wet dirty blonde hair, golden skin tone, and fit figure compliment the rest of her features. It’s unfortunate we couldn’t see Sunny and Sable battle on a beach in a bikini contest.

15 The Gold Standard

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Some women look great in a professional photo shoot, others look great in an organic setting, Sable looks great in both. This image is clearly professionally done but we’re not complaining. No wonder both Marc Mero and Brock Lesnar married the woman. She's got a bikini on that looks like something a smoking lady would wear on the beach in the Flintstones universe and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lesnar is a pretty lucky man and if she brought this outfit into the bedroom maybe he would be screaming like Bam Bam. The leopard bikini goes great with her blonde hair and smooth golden body. The long hair is perfectly placed over the shoulders and her curves are to die for. To get an understanding of hot she is, just look at who her husband is, she tamed The Beast Incarnate.

14 Sunny Day In The WWE Universe

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Where to begin with this beautiful pose on a beach? Her golden brown locks are like honey dripping from a honeycomb. The sun lights up the soft features on her face making her look exquisite. Her body looks like a Greek sculpture. In fact, if Sunny had a time machine and went back to Ancient Greece, Socrates would have declared her a Goddess.

The tight black bathing suit definitely compliments her curves. It’s so tight, her chest is crying out for air. The stunning legs and golden tan make this photo one of the best Sunny has to offer. Also, those rocks look really sharp. Being the ultimate professional model, Sunny took those sharp edges and made them melt because of the hotness beaming from her body.

13 Sable Knows Whats Best

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All black everything is always a good choice, especially when it comes to bathing suits and lingerie. For some reason, black clothing can represent confidence, sexiness, and intelligence. Sable looks classy as well as stunning in this image. Ladies, if she walked onto a beach with this outfit on, don’t be jealous if your man looks, it’s only natural. How can you not look?

It would be like an angel coming down from the heavens. Sable may not be a real angel but could be the closest thing to what an angel looks like. The buttery blonde hair, tight body, and long luscious legs make this picture one of the best. If anyone in the WWE Universe should be associated with the black clothing material, it should be Sable.

12 Give Me An S-U-N-N-Y!

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This is probably the most “PG” rated photo we have on the list but it’s here because who hasn’t had a cheerleader fantasy? This photo was taken during her managerial run with The Bodydonnas. The color scheme isn’t great but Sunny makes it work. One of the most underrated traits that Sunny has is her big smile. It could not only light up a room but a PPV with millions of fans watching all over the world. She’s missing the pom-poms but makes up for it with the tight figure.

The hands on the hips that are slightly thrusting out is a classic subconscious sexual filtration move. Back then, Sunny could cheer for days and most fans would applaud in approval. Whether she’s wearing an outfit as a cheerleader, cowgirl, or weird apocalyptic theme, Sunny looked good in all of them.

11 Vintage Sable

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This image is another classic shot of Sable.  Sable's golden tan is envied by anyone who enjoys sunbathing and the tight outfit makes you wish you were in her presence at that moment. Her golden brown hair also makes her stand out beautifully. We’re pretty sure you would gladly take a Sable bomb if you could see her in this outfit up close and personal.

Just like Sunny, Sable doesn’t need a bikini or lingerie to look extremely sexy. This photo doesn’t have much skin, but it does have a beautiful shot of her face looking off into the ocean. The only blemish might be the hoop earrings, was that even a thing back then? It’s a tough choice between Sunny and Sable but regardless of your selection, that fact remains that both were smoking hot.

10 RAW Is Sunny

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Smiling feels good. In fact, smiling is one of the greatest features we have as human beings. Turning a frown upside is great for your health. When you smile, you can feel robust about yourself, sexy, and confident. We doubt Sunny is faking this smile for the cameras. It’s during the prime of her career and she’s on top of the WWE Universe, wouldn't you be as happy as a pig in mud?

The beautiful smile makes the rest of her stand out for all the right reasons. Her eyebrows are on point, the dirty blonde hair is flowing, and she had the body to wear that top. Sunny definitely helped spike WWE’s Raw program. It’s not every day you’re the most downloaded woman on AOL and Vince McMahon definitely took advantage of the situation. That guy in the background also has an epic mustache and polo shirt.

9 Fisherman Sable

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This photo was taken when Sable was still married to Marc Mero and before she really became a national household name. Photos like this helped drive Sable's popularity and WWE into record breaking ratings and it’s one of the reasons they won the Monday Night Wars. Sable’s flawless beauty is perfectly shown in this image. How many women can honestly make wearing a fishnet look hot?

Some of you may want Sable to wrap that fish net around you and we don’t blame you. The tease of this photo is off the charts as well. There is so much skin being shown in this image yet the most attractive parts besides her face are hidden. Show a celebrant this photo and they’ll be second guessing their life choices.

8 Sunny Blues

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Some fans might hate Sunny because she flaunted her goods, others believe she empowered women, whatever you think, one thing is for sure, she left her mark on the industry. Sunny may look the best in a bikini but this blue piece of lingerie is something out of this world also. No wonder former boyfriend Chris Candido fell for her hard, just look at this photo.

Just think about it, you’re wrestling around with guys all day and training in the gym, then you get to come home to Sunny in this attire. Sunny is doing what she does best in this image and that’s showing off her skin. The lipstick, seductive look, and stunning body make this photo a ten. Anyone else craving a batch of ripe blue berries right now?

7 Classic Sable

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This photo was taken before Sable became a WWE Universe Goddess. It’s one of the more sexual photos on the list because of the classic pose she’s in. Like Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson, we’ve seen many photos where the model lays on her stomach on the beach. Can you even count all the curves you see in this picture?

Sable and the beach fit perfectly together and the water splashing on her just adds to the overall hotness of the photo. She lets her hair flow naturally, pops the rear out, and shows everyone the soles of your feet. This photographer knew how to capitalize on Sable’s best features. Such pictures would only continue once she rose to popularity as a part of McMahon's empire.

6 Innocent But Sunny

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You ever see the look a person gives when they’re acting innocent but deep down inside they’re not. Well, if you hadn’t, just look at this photo. This image neither shows that much skin nor Sunny in any nifty poses on a beach. This image is on the list because of that look. That look you get across the dance floor at a club. It’s the look right before you get some nookie and yes, The Sportster is bringing back a Limp Bizkit reference.

Her honey blonde locks fall naturally to the back and that smile is one of a kind. She may look innocent, however, you can see a devilish trait in her expression. Sunny is past her prime now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she still flaunts this look.

5 Sable Dropping The Bombshell

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You see the facial expression of every fan behind Sable? That expression was made by the thousands of fans in the arena and watching at home when Sable brought out this salacious bikini. You probably made the same expression yourself after seeing this photo. How do you get a boost in ratings? You wear something provocative like this. On an episode of Rin 1997, Sable and Marc Mero were having a rocky relationship due to Mero’s jealous issues.

Sable would come out in a potato sack but once she shed it, she was wearing this sexy bikini. Mero flipped out and told her to put on his robe. It’s too bad we can’t show you the full outfit, it would knock your socks off. Sable eventually left Mero both in the storyline and real life.

4 A Sunny Beach Day

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This photo takes the cake. Images like this explain why Sunny was wanted by so many back in the 1990s. Let’s be honest, Shawn Michaels probably only slept with the hottest women around so it’s no surprised he courted Sunny. He wasn’t the only wrestler going after Sunny and to be frank, if you saw her with this bikini on in your house, you’d probably be excited as well.

It’s a powerful pose that enhances Sunny’s best features. Her tight body, curvaceous chest, and seductive facial expression make her stand out as a Goddess among women. The perfect setting for Sunny is on the beach and getting soaking wet so props to the photographer. The only thing missing from this photo is….well, nothing, it’s a perfect image.

3 SummerSlam Beach Party

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Vince McMahon decided to hype up SummerSlam by showing a staged beach party with a pool. Don’t ask why, but it did happen. Besides showing some of the guys in the pool and playing with a beach ball, the main focus was on the ladies. In this photo, you see Sable talking to her former husband Marc Mero.

As we said before, Vince McMahon knew Sable looked good in a bikini and decided she should rock one for SummerSlam. The picture shows how fit Sable really was back in the 90s. The lighting might be too hard on the talent but we get to see every curve Sable had. Although Sunny isn’t in the picture, she was also part of this segment. The best thing about this image is Jerry Lawler in the background of course.

2 ECW Sunny

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Photos that show Sunny looking like the smoking hot bombshell that she was is the reason why she almost brought the internet down to its knees decades ago and this photo is yet another reason as to why. She's not the same nowadays, but these photos just prove how sought after she truly was back in the day. Her facial features were always her strong point.

For all those that wonder why people worshiped Sunny, well, just look at this photo. She’s absolutely dripping in sexiness and that outfit is 100 percent epic. Her curves are so epic, it makes flat earth believers reevaluate their thoughts about curvatures. We might as well as ask the elephant in the room question. Why in the world did Chris Candido not beat the hell out of Shawn Michaels when he found out about the affair?

1 Sable Is Hands On

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At WWE’s Fully Loaded in 1998, Sable was involved in a Bikini Contest with Jacqueline and literally made the entire stadium explode with excitement. Jacqueline was looking good in her outfit, however, Sable one-upped her by removing the bikini everyone thought she was using to represent herself in the contest and revealed hand prints on her chest area.

With a might roar that is still traveling across the universe, Sable would be enshrined into legendary status. This is what the Attitude Era was all about ladies and gentlemen. You can thank Sable for the future bikini contests the WWE pulled off because of this night. It wouldn’t be the last time the WWE Universe saw Sable in a sultry outfit.

So, who wins this clash of the titans?

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