8 Pictures Of Trish Stratus & 8 Pictures Of Lita: Who’s Hotter?

There is no question about it; the Attitude Era is the most celebrated time in wrestling history. Seen by many people as the most groundbreaking time in the industry, there were lots of the things about that time that were awesome and certainly lots that sucked. That said, there is no doubt that it contained two of the best women’s wrestlers in the history of the business, Lita and Trish Stratus. A couple of Hall of Famers who have taken part in many fantastic matches, both against one another and others, they definitely earned a lot of people’s respect. At the same time, they both used their sex appeal throughout their careers.

Taking part in bra and panties matches as well as bikini and lingerie photo shoots while working for the company, that may not have been their favorite part of their jobs but you’d never know it. As such, there are so many attractive photos of the two of them that are out there that it is hard to decide whose pictures we like better. Coming to that conclusion is what inspired us to put together this article looking at their hottest photos in an effort to decide which of the two are hotter. We don’t intend to make that decision for you but we will be representing you with all of the evidence you need to come to a conclusion yourself. When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, any image that contains either of these two were up for inclusion. That means pictures of them from photo shoots, matches, public events or anywhere else could wind up here. Also, images of them in the years since they mostly walked away from the ring were considered as well.

17 Trish’s Lingerie

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Judging by the fact that you are reading these words we can safely assume that you are interested in attractive photos of Lita, Trish Stratus, or both. If you were to do a Google search looking for the hottest pictures of Ms. Stratus, this image of her wearing black lingerie while laying on a cover that almost looks like velvet is bound to come up. There are obvious reasons why that is the case, including the fact that there is a nice amount of cleavage on display and it is always nice to see a woman’s hips. That said, due in large part to the way that she is posed this photo isn’t overly controversial. The greatest strength of this image is the fantasy fodder it provides. Imagine her entering a room you are in wearing that and you’re bound to have a smile on your face.

16 Lita’s Unique Football Uniform

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Picture this, you decide to head to the park or field to play some football with your buddies and Lita shows up wearing this getup. You may be as physically wrecked as you anticipated but it is more likely to have originated from the heart attack that could easily take place after getting an eyeful of her. What an incredible view it is too. Wearing a top that looks a lot more like a bra than a jersey, her entire midriff is on display and her cleavage is awe-inspiring. Also showing off her distinctive shoulder tattoo, there really isn’t much hidden here and we wouldn’t have it any other way if it were up to us. She may be sporting a mean face but she is intimidating for an entirely different reason.

15 Trish’s Red Bikini

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The first true bikini photo on this list, let us tell you it is far from the last since the company used to regularly send its “Divas” for beach photo shoots. While we fully support the way that women wrestlers are treated extremely seriously today, we can’t help but feel gratitude that photos like this exist. Wearing a red bikini that perfectly frames her figure, there is no doubt in our minds that it could never look better on anyone else. Pictured in the water and with bits of sand grasped to her tight stomach, it really makes the viewer feel jealous that they get to caress such an amazing body. Finally, the look on her face makes it seem as though she is entirely comfortable in her own skin and there isn’t much that we find more attractive than that.

14 Lita In Profile

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We just took a look at the first photo on this list that includes a bikini so it seems like a great place to include the polar opposite. This is the first photo on this list that looks like it could be used to promote a specific match as we could easily see her opponent in a similar pose back-to-back with Lita with an angry look on her face. Still, while she looks as though she is perfectly prepared to kick some butt and take some names, that doesn’t mean that she can’t look incredible. From this angle, we get a great view of her stomach that looks very tight and sexy. Also, this shot gives us an opportunity to appreciate her chest from a whole other vantage point and we’re happy for the opportunity.

13 Trish On All Fours

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Trish Stratus had an in-ring career that broke some serious ground and provided fans with many fantastic and unforgettable moments. Still, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend that that time she barked like a dog for Vince McMahon wasn’t insanely memorable as well. This photo immediately brought that to mind based on her position, but unlike that time when we embarrassed for her and the company, we’re perfectly pleased with the results. Positioned on a white rug of some sort, that looks soft to the touch, it is a great accent to her white top. However, the most eye-popping aspect of this image has to be her pink bottoms which cover her naughty bits but not much else. Sure, from this angle we can’t actually see very much but our mind can connect the dots and love it.

12 Lita’s Yellow Bikini

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The second bikini on this list, designed by Lucky Brand Bathing Suits, this time around it is Lita who has it on which proves that she looks amazing in a swimsuit too. Standing in the water almost up to her waist, we are incredibly envious of that liquid and where it is able to go. With soaking wet hair and beads of water visible on various parts of her, it is a joy to notice that because it practically invites us to search her over and inspect where all we can see remnants of the fluid all around her. Finally, our favorite aspect of this image is the positioning of her one arm above her head which allows us to get the slightest view of the side of one of her breasts.

11 Ref Trish

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Dressed in the black and white stripes of a WWE referee, this image is fantastic for this list but seems a little bit counter-productive. Typically the idea is that a ref is supposed to fade into the background so that fans can focus on the match more than anything else, and there is no doubt in our mind that this get-up accomplishes the opposite. Sure, she was booked to take part in the match, so she is a part of the storyline to a degree, but certainly, we should focus on the participants more than her throughout the majority of the match, right? Well, the wardrobe people have ensured that is almost an impossible task, if you ask us. Then again, we’re never going to complain about paying attention to Trish.

10 Staircase Lita

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Staircases are typically pretty unremarkable. Designed to make it easy to pass from one floor of a building to the other, they are practically designed and we are only concerned with them serving as a means to an end. When a woman as beautiful as Lita is posed in clothes like that on a flight of stairs, however, they suddenly seem like the sexiest location in the world. Also wearing a bunch of accent pieces that make her look far less innocent than even her outfit does, this entire presentation has gotten our minds reeling. If you ask us, however, the part of this image that ups the sexiness ante above all else may just be the look on her face which communicates a willingness to get busy at any moment.

9 Trish’s Workout Gear

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In the years since Trish Stratus has walked away from the wrestling business, she has spent a good portion of her time focused on yoga. Even going so far as to set up a business called Stratusphere Yoga, it is obvious that she has a real passion for this style of working out in part because of how chiseled her body is. In this image of her that was taken for publication as part of Inside Fitness Magazine, she is wearing an outfit that would be perfect for her to practice her new passion. Picturing her doing just that, sweating and moving her body around into a variety of revealing positions, is more than enough for us. After all, that physical assertion sure does remind us another kind of workout that people can take part in together, if you know what we mean.

8 Skin Tight Lita

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Looking at this image it is difficult for us to explain exactly why we knew it one hundred percent needed to be included here. We say that not because there is any question as to how sexy she looks here, but because our mind had all but disappeared and a more instinctual part of our brains had taken over. Of course, that is exactly the point of an image like this, but we’re supposed to be professional, right? Anyway, after a few moments where our brains re-exerted control, we realized that was the perfect way to point out exactly why we included this photo. That, and to point out that she has an outfit on that is so tight to her body it that looks as though it may be difficult to breathe. This, of course, points out her fantastic curves.

7 Trish & A Locker Room

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A locker room is an interesting place. In reality, it is typically filled with people changing as quickly as possible and isn’t as sexy as movies, shows, and stories have made it look over the years. Still, we’re a sucker for the made-up world of the girls' locker room that the media has tried to convince us exists and love an opportunity to see a representation of that. Case in point: this picture of Trish in a locker room. Sure, she isn’t getting changed here, and we can imagine that in reality women probably don’t contort their bodies into poses like, but it looks amazing so we’re happy with that. With her wearing a pink outfit that is just see-through enough to reveal the black bra she has on underneath, her body looks amazing here.

6 Lita Bikini And Accessories

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Wearing a bikini that covers up all of her naughty bits but not too much else, we love the opportunity to get a view of a body as ripped and inviting as hers is. With her hand positioned in such a way that it looks as though she is in the midst of repositioning her top to be even more revealing, it draws attention to her chest in the best way possible. Finally, we want to point out her hair here. Tied back in a way we’ve never seen it in the past, it really amazes us that she doesn’t wear it up a lot more often. As she's also showing off how long and nice her neck is, it is an aspect of her body that clearly doesn’t get its due a lot of the time.

5 Trish & A Locker Room 2

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We're back to the locker room and it feels so good. This time around, Trish is dressed in clothes that are best compared to either a bikini or underwear set, and the opportunity to see her in such a state is one that we should always cherish. With a very sexy look on her face, it is clear that she is quite experienced at taking images like this, which is nice. It is proof positive that she knows how to use her body which makes us think the same may be true in the bedroom. It is hard to imagine how a photo could be any sexier than to show off a body as impressive as that one, while also bringing to mind certain activities. That's why there was no doubt this second locker room picture belongs here.

4 Lita’s Whale Tail

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At the height of Lita’s popularity, her look played a large part in the reaction she received. Dressed in a way that could be described as edgy at the time, she typically wore a tight top and baggy pants, and that probably isn’t the combination that first comes to mind when a woman dressing sexy is brought up. However, the thing that set her apart was that she had a “whale tail” going. What that means is that her underwear was peeking out of the top of her pants, revealing she had a thong on, which looks something similar to the tail of a real-life whale. Of course, the result is a lot sexier as it allows us to see some of her underwear and imagine the rest of it, which gets us going for obvious reasons.

3 Trish Posing For Inside Fitness

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We’ve already included a photo on this list that was taken for publication in the magazine Inside Fitness. It may have seemed impossible that another image taken for that purpose could have been hotter than the previous one, but we believe that is the case, and this is it. Showing off how tan and toned the body she had at the time was, her outfit here is best described as mind-blowing. Similar to a one-piece swimsuit but with the stomach cut out, it reveals her abs which look about as tight as possible. As this get-up reveals most of her one hip and legs, it is abundantly clear why she would feel confident enough to reveal so much of herself. Plus, we just have to say that she looks incredible as a brunette, too.

2 Lita's Pink Bikini

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Back in 2001, when the WWE regularly put out magazines where the women that wrestled for them wore nothing but bikinis, it may seem like an easy task to sell them. Still, the photo put on the cover of the publication could inspire a certain amount of people to consider purchasing it at the very least. On top of that, maybe if you got non-fans interested in the gorgeous gals inside, they may begin to tune into WWE television. That is why it is an important choice who is featured on the cover. This photo appeared on the cover of a magazine called Divas 2001, and we can attest it would have aroused our interest. With her bikini that is tight enough that it is easy to imagine it isn’t there, this feels like the closest to nude we’ve ever seen Lita which is exactly why we put it so high on this list.

1 Conclusion

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Here we are at the end of our article and decision time is upon us. We’re not going to tell you who we think deserves to be crowned the hotter of these two women as they both clearly have the assets to compete against anyone in this area. Considering that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is very easy to imagine that our readers would choose either of these women. If you ask us, the important thing is that we all appreciate these women for the strong, independent, and beautiful beings that they truly are. We’d absolutely love it if you proceeded over to our Facebook page, found the listing for this article, and voted in the comment section who you believe deserves to reign supreme here. If you shared this article while you're there so we can get the opinion of as many people as possible, that would be a lot of fun too.

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