8 Pictures of Trish Stratus & 8 Pictures of Torrie Wilson: Who’s Hotter?

Welcome back you internet savages. TheSportster decided to give you one of the hardest and most difficult questions ever known to human kind. Who’s hotter, Trish Stratus or Torrie Wilson? Both of these voluptuous beauties have become supreme beings in the WWE Universe. Although they retired from the ring a long time ago, to this day they’re talked about as if they’re still in the spotlight. No one can question their divinity but we can question who is hotter.

Wilson and Stratus took different paths to get to the WWE and also had different roles while there, however, you can argue their modeling careers and sexual appeal have drawn similar parallels. The petite but fit Trish Stratus has appeared in countless publications and is usually seen showing off her tight body in a bikini. Wilson has been a master at using props in her photos and you’ll see some of that steamy action in this list.

Many may know that Wilson also posed for the adult magazine Playboy, however, we didn’t put any of these photos in because it just isn’t fair for Stratus. Now if Stratus had nudes floating around the internet as well, then it would be a different story. We hope you’re up to the test to decide who is hotter and once you’re done, check out TheSportster’s 8 Pictures of Sasha Banks & 8 Pictures of Lana: Who’s Hotter?

16 Wilson's Spring Break Adventures

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It’s a universal truth that a woman being showered in water is one of the hottest things you can watch. Clothes on or off, it doesn’t matter. Your get some H2O, a lady you like, then combine the two and you’re guaranteed to have a fun time. Wilson is definitely enjoying her fun in the sun, making this a very appealing image. We haven’t even got into the wet tee shirt.

Wilson is absolutely scrumptious and many people have gotten thirsty just looking at this photo. How do professional photographers do it? Most of us would be staring instead of taking the shot. If you're aspiring to win a wet t-shirt contest, use this picture as motivation, as it doesn't get much better, unless you compare it to the Trish wet t-shirt pic that is!

15 Twerk Or Not To Twerk? That Is The Question

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There is a bed and Stratus in black lingerie in this image. That’s pretty much the fantasy of everyone who is attracted to her. Sometimes eyebrows are everything and set up the rest of the shot. Her eyebrows are certainly on point and the full lips just complement her lavishing face. Who knows how much money Playboy threw at her, but she stuck to her principles and didn’t take up the offer.

For all you youngsters out there, Trish is definitely not twerking in this image. She posed for this photographer before that even became a pop culture phenomenon. Trish may look good in every color, but black just might take the cake. This picture is pretty hot and we’re surprised but also thankful the internet hasn’t shut down due to a fire.

14 Hey, Neighbor!

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Who doesn’t want to live next to Torrie after seeing this photo? Just imagine, you wake up, make some pancakes and bacon, go outside to collect the paper and bam! Torrie is out there doing the laundry. It’s all about the tease and Torrie does a great job teasing the viewers. Sometimes fantasizing is better than the real thing.

You can arguably say this picture is more exciting than some of her more provocative adult photos. This photo is the American dream. You have the white picket fence, beautiful blonde lady, and, of course, a decent looking landscaping job.

13 Beach Day?

via youtube.com

Sometimes a tease is better than showing off all the goods. Stratus is looking as radiant as ever in this outdoor photo. Her trademark bronze skin tone looks amazing as Stratus struts her perfect figure. The beautiful smile and dirty blonde hair falling down on the left side of her chest makes this photo a steamy one.

Something about a beautiful and exquisite girl on a beach can get the heart pumping and this photo certainly does the trick. Stratus in a bikini and on the beach is not only her go to magic, but arguably beats Torrie Wilson by miles. If only we had a picture of Torrie to compare, oh wait, we do.

12 One Very Lucky Tree

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Just like Trish, Torrie looks extremely comfy in photos involving the beach and water. The golden hair, seductive eyes, and soaking wet body make this photo a perfect Tye Dillinger 10. Wilson’s body shines like a comet while she relaxes on what looks like a tree. A tree is a living creature, so this must have been one special tree to get the attention of Wilson.

It’s the type of attention that would make Wilson’s former husband, Billy Kidman, jealous. We’re not suggesting a tree was the reason for the divorce but stranger things have happened. If Vince Russo had his way, he would book the tree versus Kidman with Wilson on a poll. In all seriousness, Wilson looks as delicious as ever in this photo and may actually beat out Trish.

11 Honeymoon at Oktoberfest

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Don’t beautiful blondes with pigtails just make you want to scream out yodelayheehoo? Maybe you don’t have a fantasy of being a Swedish yodeler in the presence of a beautiful lady like Stratus, but someone does somewhere in this crazy world. All the picture needs is her holding two pints of your favorite ale as if it was Oktoberfest.

If a Nordic beer maiden isn’t your thing, you can always go the traditional route and picture Stratus as your recently married wife and this is her honeymoon outfit. How can you not love that beautiful face and pose? Her smile can cure aging and her curves can make the planet Mars habitable. Don’t believe us? It’s the internet, everything is true on here. In all honesty, whoever did marry Stratus is one very lucky individual.

10 Sin City

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With the backdrop of a corporate city, Torrie looks as elegant as ever in this image. Sure, there’s a lot of skin being shown and we wouldn’t have it any other way, however, the look on her face screams out confidence and being fierce in a large city. The Egyptian looking collar is pretty sexy as well and we can only wonder what the rest of the outfit looks like.

Torrie is absolutely smoking and this image was taken not too long ago. The 41-year-old still has the looks to compete with the best of them and we’re not surprised by this at all. If Torrie showed up to a business meeting looking like an Egyptian deity, guaranteed she gets 51 percent ownership and her own pool filled with green Jell-O.

9 Life's A Beach

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From head to toe, Stratus is dripping wet with hotness. It’s not her fault, chalk it up to Canadians having great genes. There are so many exciting thoughts racing through your mind after seeing this picture it would be too graphic to share the details. Now we know why Vince McMahon wanted to cheat on his wife with Trish, it’s because she enjoys building sand castles, of course.

Trish may have been comfortable in the ring, but she looks really comfy on the beach. Just check out that seductive look, that facial expression could have made the warlord Genghis Khan dump his entire harem for her. If you even manage to get past the beautiful face without having a spontaneous combustion, the rest of her body will set you on fire.

8 Who Says Ties Aren't For Women?

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When people say orange is the new black, all you have to do is show them this photo to prove to them black is still the dominant color in pop culture. If a woman can make wearing a tie look sexy, she can probably make anything look as hot as the sun. Torrie looks like one delicious assistant who decided to have some fun in the board room after work was over.

Also, if black leather is your thing, then this photo has your name written all over it. Even though angel hair is a delicious choice of food, after looking at this photo, you might think of Torrie when you see that pasta on the menu. Although the photo doesn’t reveal too much skin, it’s still a pretty sexy shot.

7 You Still Got It!

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It wouldn’t be fair to the Goddess that Trish Stratus is if we only had images of her during her younger years. Even today, Stratus is as astonishing as ever. Becoming a mom hasn’t stopped Stratus from improving her body and being as fit as a fiddle. We can argue all day about whether she looks better as a blonde or brunette but the fact remains, Trish still has it. Even at 41 years old, Trish still shows off the assets that have made men feel weak at the knees.

Many fans are clamoring for her to have one more match in the WWE and until that hope actually comes to fruition, the next best substitute is keeping up with her fitness and modeling career. Would anyone even work out if they saw Trish doing this in a gym? We think not.

6 Schools Out

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Is she the teacher or the student? Does it even matter at this point? If she starts singing, “Hit me baby one more time,” what would you do? Wilson biting down on her glasses is one thing but how about that short skirt. Makes you wish you actually went to a school with a dress code.

Guaranteed if most students had a teacher that looked like Wilson in this image, they either would do everything they're told and go on to cure cancer or get kicked out of class because she’s so stunning and they just can’t pay attention in class. The naughty pose and school girl elements make this picture one of the hottest on the list and may change your decision about who’s hotter.

5 Soak It In Man

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This image could be the winner. Where do you even begin, the face, the body, it's just all working. How about revealing a bit a tongue with the open mouth or raising the eyebrow just a bit, almost as if she’s about to wink at you. Stratus has one smoking body and this picture just proves it.

It’s not just the amount of skin that’s being exposed but the bikini is to die for as well. Bring this image to an indigenous society that’s never had contact with the outside world and it’s a guarantee they would think she’s a celestial being.

4 Wilson's Car Wash Service

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Like cars? Enjoy a hot woman washing your car in a bikini? Well if yes, this picture should be mounted on your wall at home. Wilson looks stunning as ever while using props in this great photo shoot. She also puts the workers at the car wash to shame with that form. Honestly, wouldn’t you rather pay a bit more for Wilson washing your car than Jimmy?

We see the cleavage shot, but what really makes this one hot photo is the fact that she’s in that position of being on all fours which so many people love. The balance she has is top notch as well. The long legs, beautiful smile, and having lots of soap, makes this photo a classic. It would be a perfect ten if she didn’t have a top underneath that shirt.

3 That's A Lucky Piece Of Wood

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Trish Stratus knows what she’s packing and made one great career out of it, that’s why there should be no surprise a photo like this is on a list comparing the looks of two gorgeous ladies.

There’s only one question that could pop into the minds of everyone who look at this photo and that is, why couldn’t I be on the beach that day? It’s a rare trait if you can literally lay in front of a sunset and look hotter than the sun itself. The unsung hero in this photo is that epic jaw line which makes Trish’s face stand out even more.

2 Take Me To Neverland

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If you have a fear of fairies, this photo might actually change your perception of the little creatures. Torrie is looking as hot as ever as she rocks a fairy costume of some kind for an event. She literally could have been Tinkerbell in a live action movie of the Peter Pan fable, that’s how convincing she looks.

We’re positive if she came flying through a window and told you about a secret island where you can never grow old, you would be speechless. It’s not because a little creature flew into your window and spoke to you, but rather the fact that she is super-hot and mesmerizing. When she dressed up as a fairy; there may be a photo of former MLB player and legend Alex Rodriguez in a Peter Pan outfit somewhere.

1 Perfect Game

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You’ve probably seen the photos from this shoot floating around the internet for the longest time, but it just had to be placed in here due to this unofficial contest of who’s hotter. We’re pretty sure if you had to pick a photo to represent the hotness of Trish, it would be this one. Her curves sell the photo all on its own and the photographer deserves a slow clap into a standing ovation for the angle.

Stratus struts her stuff in this post WWE picture proving she's still go it. Looks like that yoga thing really paid off, as if she could of got any hotter right? It's a toss up as to who wins this clash, but the likely consensus might say Trish. What do you guys think?

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