8 Pictures Of Trish Stratus And Stephanie McMahon: Who’s More Attractive?

In this edition of “Who's Hotter" we have two former in-ring rivals set to do battle one last time. These are two divas prove the old cliché that “age is just a number", as both women are now in their 40s and look better than ever.

In one corner, we have Canadian wrestling legend Trish Stratus, a native of Flemingdon Park, Ontario, who was billed as being 5-foot-3 and weighing 125 pounds. During her illustrious career, she captured the WWE Women’s Championship on seven separate occasions, which resulted in her being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Besides being known as a great performer, Stratus is also considered one of the best-looking females to have ever set foot in the ring.

Her opponent is none other than WWE’s current Chief Brand Officer (CBO) and on-air authority figure, Stephanie McMahon. She is the daughter of WWE CEO Vince McMahon and one of the most influential people behind the scenes in all of professional wrestling. At 5-foot-8 with flowing long brown hair, the 40-year-old is one of the most beautiful women in the business.

Now it is time for wrestling fans around the world to take a look at these 16 photos and determine once and for all, whose hotter: Stephanie McMahon or Trish Stratus.

16 Trish: White One-Piece

Based on this Instagram post, it would be fair to say that Trish Stratus has taken good care of herself since leaving the world of professional wrestling behind. In fact, the former women’s champ looks better than ever sporting this flattering white one-piece. It’s photos like this one that are the reason Stratus has remained so popular, despite having retired over a decade ago. Stratus looks lean and ready to make a return in this stunning image.

Fun Fact: In 2006 Stratus married Ron Fisico, a man whom she had been dating since her high school days. The couple has two children together; a boy named Maximus Stratus Fisico and a daughter named Madison-Patricia Fisico. These days the family currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

15 Steph: Showing The Ropes

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Stephanie McMahon often dressed conservatively (by wrestling standards anyway) due to her position in the company. However, this photo of the Billion Dollar Princess working out shows that the wrestling heiress is in peak physical condition. This Image highlights McMahon’s near flawless physique as she forcefully shakes the ropes as part of her workout routine. She looks ready to step in the ring at a moment’s notice in this memorable photograph. Stephanie McMahon is one wrestling personality who takes her workouts very seriously and it shows.

Fun Fact: Stephanie McMahon may be a top executive in the company these days, but she actually started from the bottom and worked her way up. She began her career as a child, modeling clothing for the WWE merchandise catalog, and also worked as a receptionist .

14 Trish: You Wish!

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Trish Stratus always came across as someone who was having a good time during her tenure in WWE, and this photo appears to be a fine illustration of that point. The playful diva winks at the camera in her soaked white top which says “you wish.” This busty image highlights the WWE Hall of Famers signature curves in a photo that her fans will likely remember for years to come.

Fun Fact: Before becoming one the biggest names in the sports of professional wrestling, Stratus worked at as a receptionist in a local gym. It was during this period that she was first approached about modeling, which is how her career as a fitness model actually began. Once she started modeling, she caught the eye of WWE management...and the rest is history.

13 Steph: Beauty In Black

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Stephanie McMahon is a woman who always seems to know how to make evil look good. This tight fitting black outfit highlights the Raw Commissioner’s slender well-toned physique, as she casts an intimidating gaze in the direction of the camera. Photos like this show that McMahon can be as sexy as any woman on the current WWE roster when she puts her mind to it. This classic photo shows the WWE executive in all her glory.

Fun Fact: McMahon has held several titles behind the scenes during her time in WWE thus far. After starting as a receptionist, she became a Director (of creative television), a Senior Vice-President, and Executive Vice-President, before ultimately becoming the company’s Chief Brand Officer, which is the position she currently holds today.

12 Trish: In The Sand

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Trish Stratus is a diva that always looks great in a bikini and was never shy about being involved in risqué photo shoots. The Canadian starlet cast a seductive gaze in the direction of the camera while showcasing some of the assets that helped to make her famous. Pictures such as this one are part of the reasons that Stratus was the most popular female wrestler of her era.

Fun Fact: Stratus filmography consists of two movies thus far. She first appeared in the 2011 flick Bail Enforcers. Stratus landed the lead role (Jules Taylor) in the film about a bounty hunter who was up against the mob. Her second appearance was in 2015’s Gridlocked, a movie that featured a police facility under siege.

11 Steph: Flexing

Stephanie McMahon is celebrating her birthday by flexing for the camera with this inspirational Instagram post. The caption reads “It’s my 40th birthday today and I’m in the best shape of my life.” It’s hard to disagree with her statement, as McMahon appears to be in better shape than she was when she originally debuted on WWE television. After seeing this picture, it’s clear that Stephanie McMahon is one corporate executive that knows how to stay in shape.

Fun Fact: Despite mostly portraying a villainous character on screen these days, McMahon actually debuted as Vince McMahon’s kind-hearted daughter back in 1999. The storyline led to her being kidnapped by The Undertaker at a Backlash pay-per-view. However, Stone Cold Steve Austin would end up coming to her rescue the next evening on Monday Night Raw.

10 Trish: Strike A Pose

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There are some things in life that never get old and seeing Trish Stratus in a bathing suit is one of them for most people. The blonde's fit figure in on display once again in this revealing white swimsuit. Stratus’s smile is infectious and her tan is nothing short of flawless in this Hall of Fame-worthy photo. It’s easy to understand how Stratus was named Diva of the Decade after seeing images such as this one.

Fun Fact: While Stratus would go on to have a Hall of Fame career as a singles competitor, she actually got her start as manager/valet. She managed a team known as T&A, which stood for Test and Albert. Despite Stratus’s presence, the team had little success during their time together.

9 Steph: Red Carpet

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McMahon appears to be red carpet ready in this extremely stylish long dress that she wore to The ESPYS. The Billion Dollar Princess redefines class and elegance in an outfit that would be perfect for any formal occasion. Her small handbag and dangling earrings help to complete a look that leaves little question as to her V.I.P. status.

Fun Fact: Stephanie McMahon was rumored to be one of the leading advocates in starting what has come to become known as “The Women's Revolution.” One of the goals of the revolution is to do away with terms like “diva” when referring to female superstars. The term "diva" became part of wrestling vernacular in the late-1990s. It was used to refer to basically any female on the WWE roster, regardless on their actual role.

8 Trish: Arsenik

It’s hard to believe that this photo was posted in 2016 and not while she was active with WWE. Trish Stratus looks nothing short of amazing with long brown hair and a body that look leaner than it did in her wrestling prime. The saying “40 is the new 30” definitely holds true for this former women’s champ. In fact, one could even change the saying to “40 is the new 20” in this particular instance. Wrestling fans that aren’t following Stratus on Instagram likely will be after seeing this gorgeous image.

Fun Fact: While McMahon and Stratus were rivals in the ring at one point, they are actually friends when the cameras are off. In fact, it was none other than Stephanie McMahon who inducted her into the Hall of Fame back in 2013.

7 Steph: Video Game

Today is #NationalVideoGameDay! Only 45 days left until #WWE2K16 @WWEgames

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McMahon looks to be celebrating National Video Game Day in style as she breaks through the glass in this memorable WWE 2K16 promo. The figure-flattering ring attire helps to highlight all of the wrestling heiress’s finer points in this Instagram post. It kind of makes one wonder if the 35,500 likes are for the game's release or McMahon’s appearance in the photo? The smart money would probably be on the latter. Stephanie McMahon shows why she is worth following on social media outlets with this fun shot.

Fun Fact: The vivacious brunette attended Boston University in 1994 where she earned a degree in Communications. She graduated from the prestigious University back in 1998 and has worked for World Wrestling Entertainment in a variety of roles ever since.

6 Trish: Garbage Time

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Trish Stratus was known to talk a bit of trash during her career. However, it would appear that she is also willing to take out the trash in her sizzling hot red bikini - in a photo that would certainly make Duke “The Dumpster” Droese proud. Moreover, the blonde bombshell demonstrated excellent finger strength in this shot by holding up each bag with just a single digit. Stratus shines once again in a pic that is anything but trashy.

Fun Fact: Trish Stratus decided to end her pro wrestling career in style, with her last match (as a full-time competitor) taking place at Unforgiven back in 2006, against her arch-rival (and fellow WWE Hall of Famer) Lita. Stratus was able to emerge the victor one last time and in the process capture the WWE Women's Championship for the seventh and final time.

5 Steph: That Pout

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McMahon’s top appears to have its work cut out for it in this chesty photo. This outfit draws attention to the Raw Commissioner’s prominent features in a photo that should be considered anything but a bust. This throwback photo shows the wrestling starlet in one of the more revealing tops you will ever see her in.

Fun Fact: There are some critics in wrestling circles who don’t care for Stephanie McMahon's portrayal of an on screen authority figure. Mike Snowian of the Pro Wrestling Torch wrote, "It’s an inescapable fact that the WWE wrestlers exist to put Stephanie McMahon over. She’s the ultimate heel in the WWE, and she never gets any form of comeuppance... Her appearances now prompt the live audiences to turn on and hijack the show while a bored home crowd switches channels."

4 Trish: Black Hat

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Trish Stratus looks ready to assist a magician in this provocative black outfit complete with a cain and stylish top hat. The Canadian beauty looks every the bit the star in this photo, as she stares seductively into the camera. Trish Stratus is without question one of the most photogenic stars to have even been involved in the sport of professional wrestling. This is a picture that any Stratus fan is sure to love.

Fun Fact: Stratus captured her first WWE Women’s Championship at Survivor Series back in 2001. She won the belt while participating in a 6-Pack Challenge which included such stars as, Ivory, Jazz, Jacqueline Lita, and Mighty Molly. Stratus emerged victorious from the match up after she was able to pin Ivory.

3 Steph: Evil Eyes

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Stephanie McMahon proves that she doesn’t need to wear a bikini or skin-tight outfit in order to look amazing as she poses in her business casual attire. This outfit highlights the vivacious businesswoman’s signature curves. McMahon even looks great when she’s angry, which she appears to be the case, based on her expression in the photo.

Fun Fact: Stephanie McMahon began dating Triple H (Paul Levesque) back in 2000. Interestingly enough, the duo was portraying a couple onscreen when they began dating, in a classic case of fiction becoming a reality. After a Valentine’s Day proposal, the couple would go on to wed in October of 2003. The duo also has three daughters together born between 2006-2010. The family currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut, in the same home state as WWE Headquarters.

2 Trish: Yoga Time

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It certainly isn’t a stretch to say the Trish Stratus looks great in her yoga outfit. This image highlights the former champs curves as well as her impressive flexibility. Her yoga workouts seem to be doing the trick as Stratus looks to be in awesome shape in this photo. Trish Stratus appears to have found the Fountain of Youth in yet another stunning post-wrestling photograph.

Fun Fact: Since her departure from WWE, Trish Stratus has been in charge of running her own yoga studio. The studio is called Stratusphere which is located right outside of Toronto. According to her website, Stratusphere is “Canada’s largest eco-friendly studio.” Apparently, her business endeavor has been successful as she was named Businesswoman of the Year by Top Choice Awards.

1 Steph: Lift

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If we have learned one thing from this article, it’s that Stephanie McMahon apparently loves working out. The CBO looks ripped in this photo as she prepares to lift a weight from the ground. Her eyes show a look of focus and determination that have seemingly served her well throughout the course of her career. After seeing photos like this, it becomes quite clear the Stephanie McMahon is a lady you don’t want to mess with.

Fun Fact: While McMahon primarily portrays an authority figure when on television these days; she also steps into the ring on occasion to compete. In fact, she even won the WWE Women’s Championship by defeating WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline in early 2000. However, she would eventually go on to lose that title to Lita a few months later.

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