8 Pictures The Flair Family Wants You To Share (And 7 They Don't)

There aren't many wrestling families that are more esteemed than the Flair dynasty. Ric Flair is one of the most decorated wrestlers of all-time and his daughter Charlotte is turning heads on a regular basis in the WWE. There are plenty of moments in both of their lives that they are more than happy to share with their fans, such as Ric's recovery from his near-death experience earlier this year or rare photos of the two of them hanging out decades prior when Charlotte was only a toddler.

Charlotte also doesn't mind if you gawk at her body when you factor in the various photos she's uploaded online wearing little to no clothing. They'd also love it if you also took a moment to look at Charlotte's touching tribute to her brother Reid who passed away at the age of 25. But the family also has plenty of skeletons in their closet that they'd rather bury. Such as Ric's long history with drinking and partying with the ladies that nearly sent him to his grave. Or Charlotte having intimate photos of herself get leaked online. Speaking of which, how about the time Charlotte accidentally showed the WWE audience more than they could handle?!

For the Flair family, you definitely don't get all the good without seeing some of the bad. Something that will be abundantly clear as you check out our list on 8 Pictures The Flair Family Wants You To See (And 7 They Don't).

15 Share: Them Hanging Out As Kids

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When you think of the legacy of Ric Flair, the world of partying and women tend to often come to the forefront. But with the above photo, you're transported to a much different side of Ric Flair as we see him hanging out with a very young Charlotte. She later shared the above photo on her Instagarm account, much to the delight of her millions of fans.

These are the kinds of photos that we're sure you would have seen plastered everywhere had Ric passed away earlier this year. It clearly shows a young girl who used her father as inspiration and that's a cute message that we're sure the Flair family is more than happy to endorse. Especially considering Charlotte's brother passed away of an overdose.

14 Don't: Charlotte's Leaked Photos

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We aren't going to share the photos here, but the above one should give a pretty good indication as to how Charlotte Flair looks with little clothing standing in the way. Now just imagine no clothing and you have the situation that Charlotte found herself in back in May when leaked photos of her were released online.

Several of the photos show a nude Charlotte showing off her selfie skills, something she clearly also hones when she is wearing clothes. Charlotte took to social media to state that the photos were shared without her consent and must be taken down. While Ric Flair was allegedly a legend in the bedroom, including bedding nearly 10,000 women, he never had to deal with leaked photos of him getting released like his daughter did!

13 Share: This Beautiful Photo From Charlotte's Instagram

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One of the best things about being a fan of the WWE in 2017 is the fact that many of the superstars are on Instagram. Charlotte Flair is one of the most active with close to 4,000 posts. But when you consider she also has over 2 million followers, it may explain why she loves interacting with them on a regular basis!

While Charlotte is putting herself on prominent display in the above photo, we're sure she'd much rather you share photos like this than her leaked ones. There's a big difference between releasing steamy photos at your own choosing versus having that privacy violated, something we're sure Charlotte would agree with.

12 Don't: Ric Partying With Batista

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There are countless wrestlers who have been positively impacted by their relationship with Ric Flair. But one person in particular is Batista, who came to fame under the Evolution stable of which Flair was a prominent member. But when we look at the above photo, it definitely becomes evident that Flair didn't just do his teaching in the ring!

While we have no idea what alcoholic beverages Batista and Flair are rocking, the half-smoked cigar and red faces indicate that everyone involved is probably having a pretty great time. That being said, Flair definitely isn't proud of his partying past and would rather this photo get deleted from the internet.

11 Share: Charlotte's Tribute To Reid

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Charlotte Flair may be the child of Ric's that you think of first, but we're sure both Charlotte and Ric would want you to remember Charlotte's brother (and Ric's son), Reid. Reid was an aspiring wrestler but passed away at the age of 25 due to an accidental overdose of prescription medication. Charlotte posted the above tribute to her brother on what would have been his 29th birthday. Charlotte has also spoken out in the past about how Reid was one of the most inspirational people that she has had the fortune of getting to know. She also touches on her relationship with him in the book "Second Nature: The Legacy Of Ric Flair And The Rise of Charlotte."

10 Don't: Charlotte's Wardrobe Incident

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Part of being a WWE superstar is knowing that thousands of fans are going to have their eyes glued to you at all times. Which might make the pressure to stay "contained" in your wrestling attire all the more important. But as you might be able to tell by the photo we've included, Flair was unable to succeed at that goal.

It was during a match with Lana when an attempt to throw Flair to the ground, resulted instead in her downstairs "Maple Leaf" (if you know what we mean!) getting shown to the audience members behind her. Funnily enough, the crowd then proceeded to chant "Thank You Lana" for the view that they got. Flair later laughed off the incident saying she just wanted to give the fans a good show!

9 Share: Ric Looking Healthy After Health Scare

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The world thought they nearly lost Ric Flair earlier this year after he was put into a medically induced coma. It was reported that Flair had a significant blockage in his bowel that required part of his bowel being removed, but he claims that he is feeling and looking better than ever.

Which may be why he was more than happy to upload the above photo to his Twitter account along with the caption "Almost Ready To Style And Profile! Money Moves!!!". We're sure everyone in the WWE Universe was happy to hear that Ric was able to pull through and keep his classic sense of style alive!

8 Don't: A Young Ric Flair With Beer In Hand

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Ric Flair's recent health scares could be linked to his past that included copious amounts of drinking. In a recent interview, Flair admitted that starting in 1972 he would often drink upwards of 20 cans of beer a day. As well as that, their constant road trips were moments to drink before arriving at the hotel where he and other superstars would continue indulging.

He's admitted that he never wants to drink again, which means he might cringe extra hard at this photo of a very young Ric Flair with a few six packs in his hand. The wounds on his head definitely also indicate that he was actively wrestling on a regular basis. Maybe this was just a pit stop along the road?

7 Share: Infant Charlotte And Daddy Ric Do Squats

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You have to excuse us for the blurry quality of the above photo, but perhaps that also helps solidify how rare the photo is. The photo features a very young (we're thinking under 4) Charlotte standing beside Ric. There are no shortage of moments when children try and imitate their daddy, but we don't know if anyone is going to look quite as adorable as little Charlotte trying to get her squat on.

While Ric has mentioned in the past that he wishes he was more active at home, let's hope photos like this can still give him some warm memories from when his children were growing up. At the very least with Charlotte's case, he definitely has time to make up for all those days he may have missed when she was growing up.

6 Don't: Ric Flair Getting Close With Women

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There are plenty of moments in Ric's life where he got a lot closer to the women pictured than in the above photo. But seeing women near Ric is enough of an indication to talk about his infamous history of "woo"-ing women. Ric admitted, though he claims he isn't proud of it, that he has slept with upwards of 10,000 women.

While we're sure most of that was during his younger years, we're sure Flair never stopped feeling comfortable around gorgeous ladies. We're also sure (especially considering Flair is in a happy relationship currently) that his family doesn't need reminders as to how big of a Playboy he once was.

5 Share: Charlotte Showing Off

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If we're being upfront, it can't be too surprising to see that Charlotte is in tremendous shape. I mean just look at some of those moves she pulls off in the ring! But that doesn't mean that she doesn't deserve to be incredibly proud of how hard she works at the gym and wouldn't love to use her body to help inspire other women.

The above photo should make it abundantly clear that at the very least, she puts in the time and effort needed to succeed. Though it's not like her outfits that she wears in the ring leave much to the imagination either! When you consider Ric's career was perhaps spent more in the bar than in the gym, you can imagine he is extra proud of the discipline that his daughter has shown.

4 Don't: How Awkward Ric Looked At The Start Of His Career

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Many wrestlers go under some serious transformations in terms of their physical appearance. But we don't know if there are many whose transition will leave you as stunned as Ric Flair. When you flash back to the photo on the left, gone is the luxurious silver hair and flashy robes that helped make him a WWE icon. Not to mention helped him stand out with the ladies!

Something tells us that Ric may not have had quite as much success with the women when he looked like he did on the left in comparison to the right. Though in both cases he's clearly still in tremendous shape so perhaps he wasn't having too many insults (such as about his unibrow) getting thrown his way.

3 Share: Charlotte's Moonsault At Wrestlemania 32

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There was a time in the WWE when a woman's value in the ring was defined by how much of her clothing she was going to leave behind the curtain. That time has come and gone in the WWE though, and while the current women look amazing, they also know how to kick some significant butt and pull off some seriously impressive maneuvers. Such as the moonsault that Charlotte Flair busted out at Wrestlemania 32 and was captured with the fantastic photo above.

Flair also pulled off a similar move (except adding a corkscrew variation) to WrestleMania 33. In a past interview, she has also hinted that she will always try and have something special planned for the biggest stage of them all!

2 Don't: Charlotte Slapping Ric

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One of the best things about Charlotte making a name for herself in the WWE is the company being able to utilize Ric into various storylines. But just because it was all for the show doesn't mean that Ric is probably the biggest fan of you staring at this photo of Charlotte giving him a slap across the face.

The incident occurred after Ric showed his support for her rival, Sasha Banks, in the lead-up to their Iron Man match at WWE Roadblock 2016. Though c'mon Ric, what were you thinking?! Charlotte had the last laugh however as she came out on top. Many people consider the feud between Charlotte and Sasha to be one of the best ones from that year.

1 Share: Charlotte And Ric Go Fishing

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When it comes to the world of wrestling, there is no denying that the Flair family knows what they're talking about. But we don't know if they are going to be quite as talented at fishing.

But regardless of the efficiency of their venture, you definitely may be in agreement that this is a pretty adorable photo of a very young Charlotte and Ric. Plus, the best part about fishing doesn't always come when you get a catch on the line. We're sure whoever was there to capture the photo made as many wholesome memories of the day as they could. Especially because at that time in Ric's life, the next beer may not have been too far away.

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