8 Pictures The WWE Doesn't Want You To See Of Stephanie McMahon And 7 They Do

One of the most protected species on the planet, Stephanie McMahon has been entertaining on/ruining WWE television on a semi-regular basis over the last 18 years. Daughter to the Chairman and wife to the Executive Vice President, Steph is the most powerful woman in the history of the company and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.

As such, she always has to look at her best as the face of the company on an increasing basis. But it wasn’t always the case though. In her earlier days particularly, Mrs. HHH was a more involved character who wasn’t given the same golden throne as she sits on today. From being married while unconscious to being called a “trashbag ho” by Chris Jericho, Steph was treated almost exactly the same as the rest of the roster. Even when she took on a more authoritative figure on SmackDown, there were still moments that even Vince should have thought twice about signing off on.

From being stripped in her earlier days to some rather noticeable enhancements (with a little bit of domestic abuse thrown in between the two…), here are seven photos Vince wants you to see of his daughter… and eight that he definitely wants you to forget.

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15 15: Don't Want You To See: Anything With Her And Chyna

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This is a lovely photo, with some of the most memorable faces of the Attitude Era, what could possibly be wrong with… oh, right. The WWE would love you to forget that Stephanie McMahon stole Triple H’s heart away from Chyna, subsequently leading to her departure and a difficult few years until her sudden tragic passing this year.

As the rumours go, Steph got involved with The Game while he was still with Chyna, the situation escalated when Joanie Laurer finding a love letter a year after it was penned. The big betrayal came courtesy of Vince, who told Chyna “well the jig is up”, confirming that the most important people in the company knew exactly what was happening to their top female star. The fact that Steph and Hunter lived happily ever after is no consolation, with Chyna hurt and betrayed before losing her job.

14 Want You To See: The Real Wedding

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Isn’t the relationship between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon a glorious thing? Many wrestling marriages and relationships fail drastically, but the McMahon-Helmsley duo have made it work better than almost anybody else ever has. Given all the opportunities in the world, Triple H is probably the ideal son in-law for Vince, with his encyclopedic knowledge of the industry. Let’s not forget that he’s one of the best to ever perform too, it just all seems like a match (not a wrestling match) made in heaven.

They might have come together under acrimonious circumstances (above) but having made it work since the late 90s, Vince has got everything he could ever have wanted from his daughter; grandkids, a good husband and safe hands for the future of his company.

13 Don't Want You To See: The On-Screen Wedding

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Unfortunately for the McMahon family, the image above wasn’t how they chose to cover the relationship. Unsurprisingly, quite a few of the images on this list contain Triple H because, well, he is her husband after all. And how did the WWE want you to think they tied the knot? With Stephanie unconscious of course! Had this been simply a storyline, it could have been remembered for just being a pretty funny segment that stemmed up the Triple H heat. But the fact they are still together today makes it a little weird.

Obviously this isn’t remembered too often because having your daughter marry one of the top stars in the company while he puts on a female voice isn’t one for the Christmas family viewing. Vince would rather you thought of the real life wedding above, rather than this. It especially doesn't help the company's reputation knowing Hunter drugged McMahon. In a PG era, this entire situation is forgettable and something the WWE wants to sweep under the ring.

12 Want You To See: Everything Ronda Rousey 

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When Ronda Rousey made her debut in a WWE ring, the world of wrestling stood still in awe. Having dealt with Triple H, the UFC Superstar then found herself up against Stephanie, cheered on by the entire stadium. But let’s face it, that (like a lot of wrestlers) isn’t exactly a true representation of their feelings towards each other.

Away from the industry, Steph and Ronda are good friends. Steph also has a great relationship with all of the Four Horsewomen. While the WWE Universe continues to hope and pray that this could produce wrestling angles at some point in the future, the fact the two are on good terms shows the sort of power Steph has amongt some of the world’s most recognizable people. After all, the President-elect of USA is in the WWE Hall of Fame!

11 Don't Want You To See: The Bischoff Incident 

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This is the start of the STEPHANIE WITH OTHER MEN section the WWE doesn't want you to see. In case you chose to let this one slip out of your brain, Stephanie McMahon once kissed another man very passionately on TV. That man was none other than Eric Bischoff. The Raw GM at the time, Bischoff was dressed as Vinny Mac (Stephanie’s father) and ended up locking lips with Steph.

Although she unsurprisingly first fought back, the segment ended with her giving into Bischoff’s devilish charm. Now let’s not forget that merely seconds earlier, he was dressed as McMahon senior. Coming at the end of the Attitude Era, WWE was a very strange place at this time – but even this was pushing it. Needless to say, Vince will want you to skip the fact his daughter and long-time rival had an on screen fling.

10 Want You To See: Her Relationship With Andre

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You have to think it would be pretty daunting being Steph as a youngster. With her dad controlling the biggest wrestling company in the history of the sport, it must have been a pretty intimidating upbringing surrounded by some of the most famous sportsmen the world has ever seen. But you have to say, cute family photos with Andre the Giant demonstrates that life was actually pretty good.

One of the biggest (literally) stars of all-time, Andre was known for being a nice guy, compared to the menacing figure he cut in the ring. This image of him looking after young Steph shows just how protected the billion dollar princess was while growing up around wrestling. But from being hands on in a nice way, to the next image…

9 Don't Want You To See: The Cena Promo

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Following on the Eric Bischoff disaster, let’s relive Steph being spanked by future WWE Championship record holder, John Cena. Coming during her stint as SmackDown GM, Steph taunted the Doctor of Thuganomics into landing one right on her behind – which at that point, was probably at its very best. As mentioned, Steph at this point was far more fun and risqué than she had been at any point during her tenure in the company. And for Vince, that must be a terrible thing (we hope).

The thought of Vince signing off on the up-and-coming Cena to do that on live television is quite strange, especially considering he has gone on to make him the biggest star since The Rock. Chances are that won’t be featured on either Hall of Fame induction videos.

8 Want You To See: Motherhood 

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We know about the Steph in the ring, and we know about the business women Steph. But what’s rarely mentioned is the Steph who has three daughters. To the observer, it’s pretty difficult to imagine the conniving, slapping, screeching McMahon being a mother, but it’s testament to her acting ability that she can distinguish between two different personalities.

Steph and Hunter haven’t subjected their youngsters to the world of wrestling just yet, presumably allowing them to choose their own path rather than having to follow the McMahon one. But even though WWE don’t publicize the private life of the two most powerful people behind Vince, you can guarantee that Vince would love you to know how his daughter is able to balance so many things in her life which includes being a loving mother of three beautiful daughters.

7 Don't Want You To See: The Shadow

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And from humiliation in one way to an entirely different one, there was a lot of chatter going around about Steph back in mid-2014. During the Payback PPV, Steph was at the height of her rivalry with Brie Bella, stemming from her battle with Daniel Bryan. Everything was normal, Stephanie had just been slapped (standard) and she was running to the back. But that’s when it happened.

The live cameras followed Steph as she ran to the back, failing to realize that something very suspect had appeared on the back of her dress. Social media exploded with rumors that Steph had in fact wet herself – or worse. However, gossip columns stopped their suspicions when it was pointed out that it was simply a very unfortunate shadow. Regardless of what it was, the WWE wants no such discussion.

6 Want You To See: Her Fitness Level 

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Is it a requirement to sustain an incredible physical shape to be a part of the McMahon family? We all know how good Vinny looks even though he is an old man, but Steph is also in superb shape. On the cover of Muscle & Fitness Magazine with her husband, the world got to see that Stephanie finds the time to keep on top of her game when it comes to working out.

Of course, this is important because you have to be physically strong to be a wrestler. But Steph rarely competes, instead she chooses to keep fit just because she can. To be able to keep up with HHH in the gym is no easy feat considering his Herculean shape, but Steph showed with the shoot that her life isn’t all business either.

5 Don't Want You To See: The Family Battles

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Vince McMahon is a very strange man, let’s make no mistake about that. From creating a club dedicated to kissing his backside all the way through to once wanting an incest storyline with Stephanie (seriously), he’s tested the limits in the last 20 years. But somehow, all he’s done doesn’t quite match the fact that he had a wrestling match against his daughter and not just any normal bout.

During the same time that he threw his only daughter into three lions named Big Show, A-Train & Brock Lesnar, he fancied having a go at Stephanie in the ring too. In a meeting at No Mercy, Vince beat Stephanie in an I Quit Match. Choosing to attack Steph from behind, choke her until she lost consciousness and subsequently attack his own wife, Vince finished it off with his mistress, Sable. I don’t think this needs any further discussion as to why Vince would rather you forget all of this ever happened.

4 Want You To See: The Happy Family

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Just because they might have occasionally fought with each other for the past 20 years, it doesn’t mean the McMahon family doesn't love each other behind the curtain. Growing up with the company growing at a rapid rate, Steph and Shane have had little choice but to get involved in the industry that their father basically controls. You have to imagine that as youngsters though, they didn’t expect to fight each other and their own dad.

The most powerful family in sports entertainment, the WWE and Vince particularly would love you to see an actual happy McMahon family, rather than the dysfunctional, on-screen bickering characters we’ve seen for what feels like forever. Given the PG climate of the company, the WWE holds the family concept in larger regard than ever before.

3 Don't Want You To See: The Expansion

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Did you know Stephanie McMahon had a breast enhancement surgery? Of course you did, because it was all that was spoken about whenever she found herself on the mic with another wrestler. Chris Jericho is probably most remembered for mocking Steph’s expanding "frontline" but let’s not forget that The Rock, the biggest draw in wrestling and cinema, had his fair share of comments to make as well.

In fairness to the both of them, Steph’s expansion pack was absurd. Going from the innocent little girl who debuted in the late 90s, McMahon’s change was always bound to draw attention and mockery across the board. Vince might seem harmless, but seeing Steph go from his little girl to literally twice the woman she was a few days earlier must be something Vince doesn’t want to be reminded of as a father.

2 Want You To See: Charity Work

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You have to say that for all the faults Steph has, her commitment to charity work is hugely important for the company. And although she might be a heel on screen, off it she has the time, energy and love for helping out othersm making her a massive real-life babyface. Perhaps the most notable of these charity collaborations came with the touching case of Connor Michalek.

Setting up a charity to follow the legacy he left during his short time in the world, it was Stephanie herself who had the belief and faith in making young Connor Michalek’s time as special as it could possibly be. A member of the Hall of Fame and having picked up a victory over Triple H, you have to say that Stephanie helped to make Connor’s final months as incredible as possible.

1 Don't Want You To See: The Malfunction

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And topping the list is Stephanie with those previously mentioned pesky twins popping out of her dress, while being in the pedigree position by her own husband. If you tried to explain WWE to someone who had never heard of sports entertainment, it would take at least a year – and that’s just to explain the Attitude Era. There’s been a fair share of wardrobe malfunctions throughout the years in the company, but to happen to the Chief Brand Officer is far and away the worst.

Unlike most of the other bad images on this list, Vince obviously didn’t sign this off. But with Steph the rightful heir to the company, he must at least regret some of what he has put his daughter through. Let’s face it, it is a wonder how she’s turned out to be normal.

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