8 Pictures The WWE Doesn't Want You To See Of Vince McMahon And 7 They Do

No chance that's what you got. (ha ha yeah) Up against a machine too strong. Greedy politicians buying souls from us are puppets. Won't find their place in line. Now, tie a string around your finger now, boy. 'Casuse it’s just a matter of time. 'Cause you got No chance, no chance in hell.

Picture that arm swaging and billionaire finger waging saying two of the most gut-wrenching words ever to your face: "You’re Fired!" We guarantee you would be ticked off right? Most people would and Vince actually does fire people, like all the time. His position as the owner of the WWE allows him to be able to fire your favorite wrestler, but he wasn’t always the boss. His father gave him a position at the bottom of the totem pole and he worked his way up the ladder, making the WWE one of the greatest products on the free market today. With that said, the WWE (and we mean Vince) rather you not look at certain images from his past.

These images can spark up controversial debates about political correctness, accountability within the organization, and the best way to make fun of Vince. With every photo the WWE doesn’t want you to see of Vince, they’re photos out there that the WWE would like you to take a look at. Like every business, their public image is one of the most important criteria’s in maintaining a likable brand. As a parent, if you found your child is looking up some stuff from Vince’s past, you may not want that kid to watch his program anymore. With that said, TheSportster didn’t screw Vince, Vince screwed Vince.

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15 Disapprove - Stand Back

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How many photos do you see of yourself on social media and regret it ever being taken? The photo doesn’t show any nefarious actions, however, we’re pretty sure Vince would want this one back if he could go in the past. Apparently, Vince was quite the entertainer when it comes to music. During the Annual Slammy Awards in 1987, Vince goes on and performs a nice single for the crowd called Stand Back.

It involves several dancers and a huge band that includes Macho Man Savage, Jake the Snake, and Hulk Hogan. The hilarious thing is none of these guys could actually play music and Vince wasn’t the best singer. If you want to watch The Hulkster play air guitar and Vince live out his Elvis dreams, you should definitely find the video on YouTube.

14 Approve - Vindication

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On March 14th, 2008, Vince McMahon became a member of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You may ask yourself why is that important? For a very long time, the entertainment of wrestling was seen as a taboo or a sleazy backwater environment. For a long time, the wrestling business was considered that orphaned child that nobody wanted to play with. Vince had been ridiculed over and over again and you know what he did? He turned a taboo piece of entertainment and made it into a billion dollar spectacle witnessed by millions across the globe. With him becoming a member of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it’s as if it's vindication for every time someone tried to hurt the company. Vince doesn’t say he’s in the wrestling business, but the entertainment business and that’s the truth.

13 Disapprove - Working with Letterman

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Late Night with David Letterman lasted from 1982 to 2015 and we’re surprised to tell you Vince worked on the show on New Year’s Eve in 1985. Kudos to Stephanie McMahon tweeting out the video in 2015, however, we think Vince rather you do not see the photo because Letterman destroys him on several occasions. Vince comes from the fast-paced wrestling world, so when he has a mic, he may be talking a mile a minute.

After Vince gives an update to Letterman about the first baby being born in the New Year, Letterman states "Vince needs some oxygen." Letterman gets on him a few more times in the night and it seems more like we’re laughing at you and not with you. To Vince’s credit, he did take the jokes with class. Either that or he had no idea Letterman was cracking jokes on him.

12 Approve - Fit as a Fiddle

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Before the Attitude Era, Vince McMahon played a kayfabe announcer and journalist for the WWE. Most didn’t know he was the actual owner of the company until he screwed Bret Hart at Survivor Series in 1997. Throughout that time, you only saw Vince in suits, so you didn’t know what was under the hood. Vince and Stone Cold Steve Austin would put on an epic feud and in that time you would see how strong he really is.

You may be skeptical because of Vince’s known association with steroids, however, you have to admit the guy is extremely fit for his age. Even in his ‘70s, Vince still looks like a monster and we wouldn’t be surprised if he has one more match. The guy is a workout machine and he wants you to know it.

11 Disapprove - The Original Club

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This association is close in brotherhood because all the members felt the old and wrinkly skin of Vince’s backside. Jim Ross, William Regal, Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, Mick Foley, and Hornswoggle are part of one of the rarest groups on earth. Other greats like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Eric Bischoff and Triple H almost succumbed to the humiliation. The premise was to humiliate the enemies of Vince in a non-violent way.

The segments had been great for television, but remember they were in a time when the WWE was allowed to be a bit raunchy on the tube. It started in November of 2001 with Regal and ended in February of 2008, four months before the WWE would go PG. In the corporate and political correctness world of today, seeing the owner of the WWE enjoy his employees literally kissing his backside on television wouldn’t slide.

10 Approve - The Family

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Family businesses are the backbone of the United States and if any company shouts out family first, it’s the McMahon's and the WWE. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, Vince’s father laid the foundation for the WWE to compete with the top promotions in the country. In the ‘80s and ‘90s and finally in early 2000, Vince took out the competition to become the number one wrestling company in the world. Vince’s children are going to push the company into the 21st century.

With six grandchildren, who knows where the WWE will go decades from now. Even though we can’t predict the future, we know the WWE is a family company and they wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re sure Vince is proud of his family and he wants to let you know about it.

9 Disapprove - Failure Of The XFL

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The National Football League is one of the biggest and strongest entertainment organizations on the planet, so we have to give Vince credit for having the guts to face the NFL in competition. In 2001, Vince and NBC Universal teamed up to create the XFL, an eight-team, two division football league designed to be a supplement of football during the NFL’s offseason.

The nuances of the league had been similar to the NFL, but with minor tweaks, such as the play clock being 35 seconds and not 40. When it was all said and done, the league lasted just one year. It’s reported that Vince and NBC lost $35 million on the venture. It’s arguably Vince’s biggest failure ever and he rather you do not know about. Vince is all about winning and he doesn’t want you to think any other way.

8 Approve - Small Beginnings

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We have to remember, Vince didn’t just get handed a billion dollar company that reaches millions of consumers across the world. Sure, his dad gave him the World Wide Wrestling Federation and offered him his first job, however, his dad didn’t want him in the business and the only job he gave him was an in-ring announcer in 1969. After putting in hard work, Vince’s father gave him the position of a promoter for a small territory in Maine. By 1971, he would be a commentator for televised matches, a position he kept until November of 1997.

Vince would work his way through the company and eventually became the owner when his father passed away in 1984. Since then, Vince out-competed other promotions, took on Ted Turner and won, and is in charge of the biggest wrestling company in the world. From small beginnings to a billionaire, Vince is a king.

7 Disapprove - Bob Costas Interview

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In 2001, American talk show host Bob Costas had a show on HBO called On the Record with Bob Costas. One of his first guests was Vince McMahon in March of 2001. As we informed you before, Vince doesn’t want to be reminded of the XFL and he also doesn’t want you to see the Costas' interview. Right out of the gate, Bob brings up the low-ratings of the XFL to Vince. Mr. McMahon was not a happy camper when Costas started the interview by calling his project a failure.

In typical fashion, Vince defends the XFL, however, Costas keeps egging him on about it. Costa’s then gets into the WWE and you can see Vince leaning in closer to Costas, as if he was ready to punch him. The interview ends with a handshake, but you can tell Vince was fazed by the questions.

6 Approve - Creating Mega Stars

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The one thing about the wrestling business is that you need stars. Vince has created some of the most iconic characters that have transcended all levels of entertainment. There was the patriotic and humble charter of Hulk Hogan in the ‘80s. In the ‘90s you had boss-defying, every day working man in Stone Cold Steve Austin. At the turn of the century, The Rock gave you that electric attitude that identified with millions.

Then there is John Cena, arguably the greatest charitable celebrity we have ever seen. None of these Superstars would exist without the creativity of Vince McMahon and, for that, we should give him all the praise in the world. He has built his empire with these larger than life characters and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

5 Disapprove - The Treatment of Women on His Program

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Today, women are celebrated in the WWE for their in-ring ability and drive to succeed as the greatest wrestlers of their generation. We’re a long way from the Attitude Era, which praised many women for their appearance and not their wrestling skills. WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus broke the barrier of what it means to be a Diva in the WWE. Not only were her looks amazing but her technical skills in the ring blew the competition out of the water. Even with her wrestling skills, Vince would capitalize on the pure hotness of Stratus.

On March 5th, 2001, Vince and Stratus would be involved in a segment that wouldn’t ever be considered appropriate by today’s standards. After disappointing The Boss, Stratus asked for Vince to come down to the ring so she could apologize. Vince being the heel everyone hates, ordered Stratus to get on all fours, crawl around the ring, and bark like a dog. It gets worse, as he then made her strip naked in front of thousands of fans. Of course, the male-driven demographic loved this salacious segment, however, the scene was a clear reminder of how women were seen and treated in the wrestling industry for such a long time.

4 Approve - Buying WCW

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In 1988, Ted Turner would buy Jim Crockett Promotions and change the name to World Championship Wrestling. This was the first shot fired in the Monday Night Wars saga between Turner’s WCW and Vince’s WWE. By the mid-90s, WCW signed iconic heroes such as Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Lex Luger from the WWE. In 1996, WCW raided WWE’s talent when they signed Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman. Vince was limping along during the New Generation Era and he needed to act quickly.

With Turner’s war on Vince, the WWE went into survival mode and created the greatest era in professional wrestling, the Attitude Era. After losing in the ratings for most of the second part of the decade, WWE would pull ahead in the late ‘90s and never have competition again. In March of 2001, Vince would buy the WCW. Vince’s big smile can be seen in the photo as he tells the WCW fans that he now owns the company. He’s a winner and wants you to know it.

3 Disapprove - Benoit Tribute Video

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The last name Vince wants to hear associated with the WWE is Chris Benoit and that’s a fact. In the summer of 2007, not just the WWE, but the entire wrestling world was hit hard with a double murder and suicide involving Benoit. The WWE employee killed his wife Nancy and seven-year-old son Daniel before taking his own life.

The event took place over the weekend and information was still slowly trickling out by Monday night. WWE and Vince only knew that Chris and his family were dead and didn’t know the gravity of the situation. They hastily put together a tribute video for Benoit and played it that Monday night. It was one of the biggest mistakes ever caught on live television and we know Vince is regretting the decision today.

2 Approve - The Success Of WrestleMania III

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By all accounts, WrestleMania was a huge risk for Vince and the WWE. The first event took place in 1985 and became a success. WWE would not go quietly into the night and Vince would begin his takeover of the wrestling world.

By WrestleMania III, the stakes were high as to how to top its predecessor. Vince saw the path and pitted Hulk Hogan against Andre the Giant in one of the greatest matches in history. In front of over 90,000 fans at the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan, the WWE would transcend the promotion into the pop culture of the times. Vince broke records in attendance (93,173), the number of people watching via PPV and Pay-Per-View revenues ($10.3 million). If owners weren’t shaking their knees because of the threat of the WWE before this PPV, they definitely were after.

1 Disapprove - Sexual Assault and the WWE

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It wasn’t one of Vince’s finer hours as he had to come on television to defend sexual assault allegations against his company. The Phil Donahue Show hosted Murray Hodgson, Barry Orton, Tom Cole, and Vince back in 1992 when a sexual assault case rocked the company. Cole, who once was a ring boy in the ‘80s, alleged that the Director of Wrestling Operations, Terry Joyal (Terry Garvin) sexually harassed him, ring announcer Mel Phillips was fascinated with his feet, and Hall of Famer Pat Patterson grabbed his backside.

Murray claimed he was fired two weeks after refusing to have sex with Patterson and Orton (the uncle of Randy Orton) claimed Joyal continually asked for oral sex. The lawsuit was settled out of court and all three who were accused of sexual harassment were released, however, Patterson would continue to work with the WWE a short time later. Vince would be seen on television trying to deflect these issues, which he doesn’t want you to know about.

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