8 Pictures WWE Wants You To See Of Paige And 7 They Don't

Saraya Bevis has made history all over the world over the past decade. Coming from the city of Norwich in the United Kingdom, the British trained wrestler became the first female star to step out of the Independent Circuit in the UK and be signed by the biggest wrestling company in the world.

She made her wrestling debut at the age of 14 and comes from the famous Knight family, who still run wrestling promotions out of her hometown.

Paige signed with WWE in 2012 after a career that had already taken her all over the world. She then became the first ever NXT Women's Champion and merely months later she was chosen as the woman to finally end AJ's record setting 295 day run as Divas Champion.

At that point, she was both NXT Women's and Divas Champion at the same time and was forced to drop the NXT title and take her place on the main roster. She became the youngest ever Divas Champion following this win and went on to feud with AJ Lee for a few months that saw the title pass back and forth between the two. In recent months, Paige has been suspended twice while exhibiting some rebellious behaviour.

Paige has made many memories in WWE, many worth remembering and many that WWE would rather forget. Relive these here, in images.

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15 Want You To See: Paige Makes History In NXT

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Paige made history back in 2013 when she defeated Emma in the Finals of the NXT Women's Championship tournament to become the inaugural champion. She was also the longest reigning Champion until Asuka recently beat her record while holding the Championship.

This was a time when WWE thought that Paige was the future of the company and it's Women's Division. It was a time when the WWE Universe believed that Paige could well hold the answers to all of the Women's Divisions problems and surely WWE would prefer to remember Paige the way she was here, rather than the way she has become now. Paige was a treasured champion down in NXT and this was surely a great highlight for the young Superstar.

14 Don't Want You To See: Paige Is Restrained

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Paige began wrestling at a very young age. She has known nothing but wrestling her entire life, it's in her blood. Which means that she probably doesn't have a lot of real life experience.

Since she's met Alberto Del Rio and began dating the Mexican star, it seems that the 24-year -old has become a completely different person. The image above shows that Paige and her boyfriend Del Rio were restrained following a night out after WWE's annual Money in the Bank event because they caused an argument with another couple who were also enjoying an evening out. Not really the actions of someone WWE considers a role model to younger fans. This was just one of many controversies surrounding Paige and Alberto Del Rio.

13 Want You To See: Paige Becomes Divas Champion

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Out of all the female talent that WWE had in the locker room back in 2014, they decided that Paige should be the one to finally end AJ Lee's 295 day record-breaking Divas Championship reign. Paige was plucked from the NXT system and tossed directly into the main light of the Divas Division.

So many women had tried the night before at WrestleMania and were unable to defeat The Black Widow. But in her first ever WWE match, Paige managed to win the 'prestigious 'Championship and became the youngest ever female champion in WWE history: a record that she still holds, and something both she and WWE should still be proud of. This is definitely another memory that will live forever in the mind of Paige.

12 Don't Want You To See: Paige In Another Wrestling Ring

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Paige was suspended by WWE on her birthday back in August 2016 because she had violated the WWE's Wellness Policy for the first time. So, she was suspended for 30 days. She was then suspended for a further 60 days when it was made evident that she had violated the policy for a second consecutive time.

During her time away from the company, she managed to breach her own contract by appearing in a WWC ring while proposing to her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio. The Mexican wrestler accepted the proposal despite already being married. But the fact that Paige had appeared at a rival promotion without permission from WWE meant that her future could have hung in the balance. There could be lingering bad feelings in WWE about this.

11 Want You To See: Divas Revolution

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Following AJ Lee's exit from WWE back in 2015, the creative team didn't know what to do with Paige for the months following AJ's retirement (Paige and AJ had become a  common theme on WWE programming). But somehow they managed to make the negative into a positive and allowed the Divas Revolution to begin.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte joined Paige as Team PCB. And even though the Revolution was assumed to have been a failure, it began what has now become a record setting and breaking Women's Division with the likes of Sasha Banks, Bayley .and Charlotte representing the company on a weekly basis. Like it or not, Paige played a part in helping move the women forward in WWE. And that should be remembered by fans.

10 Don't Want You To See - Paige's Tattoo

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This is something that WWE would perhaps not be happy about since many of Paige's in-ring wrestling attires would show this tattoo off, but the former Divas Champion decided that last year she would get a second tattoo dedicated to her fiance.

Paige had the world 'Alberto' tattooed on her ribs in honour of her boyfriend. This is after she had the word 'Papi' tattooed on her finger in honour of Alberto Del Rio as well. This behaviour worried many of her wrestling friends, who thought that she was so besotted with the former WWE World Champion that she was no longer aware of what she was doing. WWE certainly cannot be happy with the fact that Paige added this piece to her body art collection.

9 Want You To See: The Anti-Diva

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Paige was one of the first female wrestlers to have a stand out character and gimmick in WWE. The anti-Diva as she was known during her time in WWE stated many times, that she was not there to be a cover girl like many others, and she was definitely not there to be just another Diva.

Paige was there to be a female wrestler, to prove she was the best, and to smash those glass ceilings that were still hanging above the Divas Division at the time. Paige made a difference in WWE whether the company will admit it or not, and it all began with her anti-Diva gimmick. It will be interesting to see how Paige and her gimmick is included in the new Women's Division upon her return to the company.

8 Don't Want You To See - Appearances Outside Of WWE?

Paige has recently been advertising herself outside of WWE along with her fiance Alberto El Patron as he is now known. Paige and Del Rio have been seen at many Indy Wrestling events and they have even done meet and greets with fans.

The issue is whether or not this effects Paige's WWE contract. Can she appear for other promotions while not only recovering from neck surgery but also being under contract with WWE? How can WWE respond to this? It doesn't seem ethical, but she still seems to be doing it, which is slightly strange, to say the least. At this point, there is reason to believe that Paige could care less about WWE's opinion and will continue doing what she wants along with her fiance.

7 Want You To See: Dual Champion

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When Paige made her shocking main roster debut, she not only became the youngest Divas Champion in WWE history (a record that will now never be broken), but she also became a dual Champion. Paige is the only ever dual champion when it comes to the women of WWE, as she was both the NXT Women's and WWE Divas Champion.

This was during a time that Paige was considered to be the best female wrestler in WWE and she looked like she was going to go on to be the New Era's version of Trish Stratus or Lita. Even though times have changed for Paige over the past year, there is no denying the fact that WWE saw something in her a few years ago. Something that is still there and hopefully will be seen once again.

6 Don't Want You To See - Paige And AJ Lee

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You may recall that I briefly mentioned AJ Lee when she and Paige were feuding back in 2014. Well, AJ retired from WWE the following year after she teamed with Paige at WrestleMania and it seems that since then WWE has wanted to wipe her out of their record books.

WWE went on to allow Nikki Bella to break AJ Lee's longest reigning Divas Championship reign record and stopped mentioning her on WWE TV. But Paige still remained friends with her long-time on-screen rival and ally and posted the above picture on her Twitter account before an episode of Raw. WWE would not have been happy with Paige for once again bringing AJ back into focus. The main problem with bringing AJ back into focus is the CM Punk attention, which is really what WWE are trying to avoid.

5 Want You To See: Paige, The Undertaker

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There was a time when many of the WWE Universe thought that Paige would follow in her boyfriend's footsteps and walk away from WWE. Following her two Wellness Policy violations, it seems that Paige was going to go for a third and leave the company with no choice but to curt ties with the young Superstar.

Looking at the above image, this is what WWE would have been losing. In this tribute to The Undertaker, Paige is both eerie and stunning. Paige may cause the company some problems sometimes but there is no denying that Paige is one of the most beautiful female wrestlers that WWE currently has. She is also  incredibly talented when she steps between those ropes. So it would have been a travesty if WWE had let Paige get away. Hopefully, things between Paige and WWE will smooth over in the new year.

4 Don't Want You To See: Paige Officially Engaged

That's right, Paige was officially off the market when she proposed to Alberto Del Rio in Mexico in August of last year. But it seems that it was only this past week that Del Rio returned the favour and presented his girlfriend with an incredible ring.

Since there were rumours that WWE asked Paige to break up with Del Rio for the sake of her career, it is thought that the company would not be happy that she had decided to marry the former star as well. It's a strange position for WWE to be in and they are yet to comment on Paige's return or her pending nuptials. Just because Alberto Del Rio left WWE, it doesn't mean that the company can't accept him as Paige's boyfriend instead of a WWE Superstar.

3 Want You To See: Wrestling Is In Her Blood

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As already mentioned, Paige has been wrestling for almost her entire life. She likes to tell people that her mother was wrestling while she was pregnant with her, so she started to actually wrestle while she was in the womb. There are not that many wrestlers out there who can say the same thing.

WWE have played on this angle many times and are actually quite proud of how far Paige has come in such a short amount of time. It has been an incredible few years for Paige and it could have been so much better for both parties if 2016 had never happened. But there is still time if Paige returns to WWE for her to ensure that she is remembered for much more than what has been a bad year.

2 Don't Want You To See: Paige Has Neck Surgery

Another thing that WWE would not be impressed about is the fact that Paige went ahead and had neck surgery when WWE's doctors had not signed off on it. It seems that many of the doctors were not sure that Paige actually needed the surgery and at one point the company were said to have been reluctant to pay for the procedure.

Paige obviously went ahead with the surgery after messages from her doctor were put online by Alberto Del Rio where he doctor told the WWE Universe that Paige's neck was in bad shape. While Paige has been seen backstage at WWE since the surgery, her current standing with the company is unknown. At the end of the day, the important thing here is Paige's health.

1 Want You To See: Paige And Her Fans

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The former Divas Champion has become one of the main characters on the E! Network Show Total Divas over the past few years. WWE may not have realized just how much of an inspiration Paige has been to her fans.

There have been many fans shown approaching Paige and thanking her for changing their lives. Paige has promoted a life for her fans where they can be whoever they want to be and still be accepted. She has shown many fans that this is a life that they are able to live and some of their heartfelt stories have proved that she really is a worthy role model. Now it's time to wait for Paige's return to WWE. From there, it will be worth keeping an eye on the British Superstar as she continues along with her wrestling career.

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