8 Real Life Situations Of Wrestlers Being Jerks And 7 That Showed Them To Be Sweethearts

A wrestler's reputation is an important factor they will have to carry with them throughout their career. Most wrestlers don’t spend their entire career at the top of the WWE and have to continue working in other promotions later. The latter stage usually involves fans wanting to see them and support them. Even the biggest names, like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, still appear at conventions to meet the fans. The wrestlers that are generally cool to fans and respectful to all people end up having things work out for the best at the end of the day.

Not all wrestlers believe in that philosophy sadly. The many years of stories involving the world of professional wrestling has caused things to leak and show the true colors of the performers we’ve watched and admired in the squared circle. Much like any other field of work, there are both wonderful and disgraceful people. We will look at the moments in wrestling that showed us both of those characters. These are real life situations that showed eight wrestlers to be jerks outside of the ring and seven that were proven to be sweethearts.

15 Jerk: Scott Hall Refused To Sign Sick Child’s Birthday Card


Scott Hall has a reputation for being a jerk to other wrestlers during his in-ring career, but one of his worst moments came when he snubbed signing a birthday card for a young child suffering from brain cancer. Many respected legends like Edge, Goldberg, Bret Hart, Ric Flair and many others signed the card and added 8x10’s as a show of support.

14 Sweetheart: CM Punk Pays For Fan's Meal


The controversial reputation of CM Punk has left a polarizing assumption of the kind of person he is. An ornery personality and many negative interactions at airports led to Punk being deemed as a jerk. One fan interaction situation that Punk talked about on The Art of Wrestling podcast discussed a positive memory that featured a fan respectfully waving at him at a Chicago restaurant, but chose not interrupt his meal.

13 Jerk: Michael Hayes Used Racial Slurs Towards Mark Henry


WWE has employed Michael Hayes for over two decades now and he is one of the most powerful men backstage. Hayes had a role on creative at the time of this memorable incident. The terrible moment saw a very drunk Hayes use the n-word when making an insulting comment towards Mark Henry. Hayes said he was blacker than Henry and used the racial slur to get his point across.

12 Sweetheart: Daniel Bryan’s Friendship With Connor


One of the best things the WWE does is put wrestlers in contact with worthwhile causes. Daniel Bryan was made aware of a young fan battling with a rare tumor that affects the brain and spinal cord. Connor Michalek braved his battle with the heartbreaking illness by looking to the WWE for joy. Bryan was the wrestler he wanted to meet and they had an incredible connection.

11 Jerk: Austin Aries Insulting Fans


Austin Aries has finally made it to the WWE after a long road building his name in ROH and TNA. His best work always comes from a heel role and that’s likely because it’s his natural personality. Aries had a reputation for being rude to fans at live shows and looking to keep his heel gimmick strong at the merch table.

10 Sweetheart: Titus O'Neil Buys Dinner For the Homeless


An extremely kind act by Titus O’Neil made headlines. O’Neil took a couple of homeless people in the area to a local restaurant and treated them to a meal, but the restaurant was hesitant to serve them based off the appearances of the homeless folks. Titus responded by gathering more homeless people in the area and treating them all to a dinner at the same restaurant.

9 Jerk: The Ultimate Warrior Almost Starts Riot With Hate Speech


The Ultimate Warrior passing away after returning to the WWE family led to the company honoring his legacy. WWE’s Hall of Fame event now features one person being honored with The Warrior Award in his memory. While the intent is great, it skews the fact that Warrior wasn’t the most kind-hearted person and could be downright evil.

8 Sweetheart: The Rock Stops Baywatch Production to Meet Young Fan

Thank you universe. I was on set this morning ready to start our shooting day when I got word that there was a family with a special needs young man named RYAN who was hoping to meet me. They understood that they travelled in unannounced but they were willing to wait all day until I wrapped to meet. That would've 12hrs. Way too long. So I asked production to hold and walked across the beach to the barriers where they were waiting. When I walked down the stairs, Ryan's mom (pictured here) was waiting with a huge hug! Her tears started to come as she whispered, "Thank you, thank you". I met Ryan, his brother and his nurse. What a great and cool kid. Without getting into the details, this kid has waaaaaay more heart, is stronger and tougher than I could ever imagine. He can't talk much, but he did tell me, "I love you" in sign language. I thanked him so much for that love. I walked away from this family so grateful to have met them and Ryan. I don't ever take meetings like this for granted and when that mama hugged me today and I felt her start to cry... that stuff gets me every single time I hug a parent in these situations, because I'm a parent too and will do anything to make my babies happy and put a smile on their faces. I know I'm a lucky guy to be in this position and have this platform. I'm grateful and moments like this will always, ALWAYS be the best part of my job. Stay strong Ryan and thanks for teaching me how to sign language buddy. Great meeting you and your family. Thank you universe.

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Baywatch is hitting theaters next year and will feature The Rock in the leading role. A heartwarming moment took place on set when The Rock met a young fan with special needs named Ryan. The kid traveled with his family to the set and planned to wait all day in hopes of meeting The Rock following his shooting time. The Rock found out and refused to make them wait the twelve hours.

7 Jerk: Jim Cornette Curses Out Dairy Queen Employee

This viral video of Jim Cornette losing his mind at a Dairy Queen drive-through lives on today. While it can be viewed as comical, it showed an insight into the ridiculous mind of his. Cornette has done many horrible things through the years from threatening others using colorful language to striking wrestlers he was training, but the Dairy Queen incident perfectly summed up everything wrong with him.

6 Sweetheart: Triple H Breaks Character For Scared Kid


Triple H is regarded as one of the greatest heels in wrestling history. His dastardly actions have gone on for years but even The Cerebral Assassin has a heart. On an episode of Raw, Triple H’s heel work actually made a young fan cry. The boy started tearing up leading to Triple H noticing it and breaking character to console him.

5 Jerk: Bill DeMott Bullying Young Wrestlers


Wrestling training is meant to be tough so they can weed out those that don’t really have the passion for it, but sometimes a line can be crossed. Bill DeMott served as the head trainer for WWE’s Performance Center in the early days until stories started to surface about his training methods. A large number of wrestlers revealed they all felt DeMott was a bully and treated them inhumanely.

4 Sweetheart: Bill Goldberg Gives His Time To The Children


Bill Goldberg stated one of the major motivations for his WWE return was his desire to be a superhero to the children once again. This wasn’t just a promo talking point, but a real representation of who he is. Goldberg had an inconsistent track record of getting along with fellow wrestlers. That didn’t take away from him being overly kind and considerate to young fans.

Daniel Bryan revealed on Talking Smack that Goldberg collects toys to take to local children’s hospitals on his own time with no press coverage. Goldberg does these acts out of the kindness of his heart and he doesn’t want anything in return.

3 Jerk: Hulk Hogan Racist Rant


Hulk Hogan's reputation as a human being has seen him treat both wrestlers and fans poorly. Hogan rose to prominence as the first major WWE “Superstar” as the company went into the mainstream. Along with the success came a huge ego, as Hogan held wrestlers down from making more money and treated fans poorly unless they paid huge money for autographs throughout his career.

2 Sweetheart: John Cena Sets Make a Wish Record


John Cena deserves the top spot on the sweetheart portion of the list for all of the incredible things he does in his free time for others. As the biggest star in the WWE, Cena is the hero of millions of children all over the world. Cena has the record for the most wishes granted with the Make a Wish foundation of ill children wanting to meet him more than anyone else in the world.

1 Jerk: Randy Orton Bullies Fan On Twitter


Social media can be a tool used for good as seen with a fan reaching out to John Cena. However, it can also be used for negatives as seen with this Randy Orton incident. Orton has often been portrayed as a villain in real life for picking on female talent backstage and being a jerk to fans outside of the ring.

A somewhat recent instance of Orton being a scumbag featured him taking a photograph with a fan. That sounds like a sweetheart move more than a jerk, right? Well, Orton posted the picture on his Twitter page and insulted the woman for her appearance calling her the “Latino Miss Piggy.” Apparently, Orton’s fiancé wasn’t fond of this fan and they made the post together as a way to insult her for millions of Orton’s followers to see.

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8 Real Life Situations Of Wrestlers Being Jerks And 7 That Showed Them To Be Sweethearts