8 Real Life WWE Relatives And 7 You Probably Thought Were Family

WWE in some ways is like a soap opera. There needs to be families involved so that there is some depth to the storylines. And then at some point the family will always fall out, split or even head in their own direction, only to be friends once again in a few weeks time (ask Nikki and Brie Bella).

Over the past few decades, there have been a number of families who have come into WWE and have been recognized as real blood relations, while others have been portrayed as family members like Paul Bearer being seen as The Undertaker's father when he wasn't actually related to him. Al Wilson came into WWE as Torrie Wilson's father and even though they were blood relatives, they were unable to muster any kind of chemistry between them on the mic.

Families don't always work out and on WWE TV. Most of the time it's real life families that always have your back because as Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns found out, even though they called Seth Rollins their brother, there was only one person The Architect cared about.

Here is a list of eight sets of real life family members in WWE right now and seven who from the past who you probably thought were relatives.

16 Real: Tamina Snuka And Naomi

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Tamina and Naomi were once teamed together as Team B.A.D. Which stood for Beautiful and Dangerous. The women seemed to get along and worked together quite well, but WWE has decided to keep Tamina as a heel and allow Naomi to turn face as the current SmackDown Women's Champion.

Recently on SmackDown it was revealed that Tamina was on the side of Lana now and the two women are at odds. Naomi married into the Anoa'i family when she wed Jimmy Uso on an episode of Total Divas a few years ago, whille Tamina's father Jimmy Snuka also married into the family. This means that somewhere down the line the two women are not just great friends, but they are also related.

15 Mistaken For Family: Scott Dawson And Dash Wilder

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The Revival have been fantastic in NXT over the past few years and were even promoted to the main roster after WrestleMania this year. But sadly Dash suffered a jaw injury that required surgery and has kept him out of action for a number of months.

The two stars are so close that they could well be family members. They like the same things, they often agree with each other on Twitter when it comes to their opinions, and they travel everywhere together. It must be great when WWE pair you up with someone you have so much in common with and you still manage to put on incredible matches. Dash and Dawson could arguably be called the future of the Raw Tag Team Division.

14 Real: The Hardy Boys

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The Hardy Boyz have been part of WWE for a number of years but have only just returned to the company after a lengthy stint with TNA. The real-life brothers have had their own fair share of issues over the years and many of those have been broadcast as part of storylines on WWE TV.

Despite this, the brothers have always remained loyal to each other and have followed their other sibling from promotion to promotion with Jeff Hardy playing a huge role in getting the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick off the ground. The duo returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 and won the Raw Tag Team Championship, but the WWE Universe are just looking forward to the real life siblings going their separate ways again.

13 Mistaken for Family: The Dudley Boyz

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The Dudley Boyz were always portrayed as relatives on WWE TV and it was easy to believe that they were when the family was all together. The most successful members of the family were always Bubba Ray and D-Von but Spike also held the Hardcore Championship at one point as well.

It was never something that the WWE Universe questioned when The Dudley Boyz entered WWE and over the years there have been many additions to the family, with Stacy Keibler becoming The Duchess of Dudleyville. Bubba Ray and D-Von recently returned to WWE alone and had a brief stint on WWE's Tag Team Division which proved that the duo still had chemistry and could believably play two brothers despite not being on TV for a number of years.

12 Real: The Bella Twins

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The best-known twins in WWE history are The Bella Twins. Even though the two women are much easier to tell apart nowadays, Brie and Nikki were once very similar to the extent where "Twin Magic" wasn't actually a laughable concept. Since the two women look a lot different right now, the word "twin" is no longer used to describe them on WWE TV.

Brie and Nikki have climbed their way up through the ranks in WWE and have now reached the point where they are able to leave the company because they have Total Divas to fall back on. Brie Bella has just given birth to her first daughter with her husband Daniel Bryan, while John Cena and Nikki Bella recently became engaged at WrestleMania 33.

11 Mistaken for Family: Edge And Christian

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Edge and Christian are former Tag Team Champions together and even though both men are now retired from WWE, they still have their own show on the Network. So you could be forgiven for thinking that they were actually family members.

The two men looked very similar with their long blonde hair during the Attitude Era and have since both cut their hair much shorter as well. They continue to look so similar that it is easy to mistake them as brothers. The official story within WWE was that the duo had known each other since they were children and had grown up loving wrestling together. That love of wrestling have taken them all the way to the WWE and beyond. Rumor has it that Edge was much more successful because Mr. McMahon never actually liked Christian.

10 Real: Tamina Snuka And Roman Reigns


Tamina Snuka isn't only related to Naomi through marriage. The second generation star is actually related to fellow member of the Anoa'i family and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns.

Her father Jimmy Snuka married into the Anoa'i family which means that Tamina is actually part of two famous wrestling familie. This should give her an even bigger boost in WWE right now. But sadly for Tamina, and much like Natalya, her heritage doesn't seem to have done her any favors when it comes to WWE's creative process. Tamina is a veteran in WWE having been there for more than seven years and she still hasn't won a Women's Championship. Roman Reigns is obviously a member of the family, given his tattoos and in some lights, many of the WWE Universe have talked about how much he looks like The Rock.

9 Mistaken for Family: Zack Ryder And Curt Hawkins

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Zack Ryder may be in a tag team with Mojo Rawley right now, but the WWE Universe remembers a time when Ryder was part of The Edgeheads alongside Curt Hawkins. Both stars are back in WWE and could easily be put back together.

The two stars were similar in size, in-ring style, and in the way that they looked. So, it was easy to see why they were first put together and why many of the WWE Universe actually thought that they were related. With the way that Ryder's current WWE career is going and the fact that Hawkins has been used as a jobber ever since he returned to the company last year, it would be a great idea to put these two back together instead.


7 Real: The Usos

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The current SmackDown Tag Team Champions enjoy rap battles and the ability to do their own version of "twin magic" given that they are also identical twins. The duo are so similar that sometimes the commentators have problems telling them apart.

The Usos came into WWE alongside their other family member Tamina and were mildly successful. But it wasn't until Jimmy was made part of Total Divas and Naomi was given a push towards the Women's Championship that Jimmy and Jey finally gained some pace in the Tag Team Division. They are one of the only sibling teams that WWE hasn't decided to break up, even though their heel turn was a fresh start for them after they became stale as the face stars who won Slammy Awards and Tag Team Championships.

6 Mistaken for Family: Christian And Chris Jericho

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Christian and Chris Jericho haven't worked together in WWE for a number of years, but they were once part of a tag team that led to the first ever Inter-gender Tag Match when Lita and Trish Stratus found out that Jericho and Christian had made a bet of just one dollar to see who could sleep with one of the women first.

It was a great storyline for that time and pushed all four stars into the spotlight. It also showed that Jericho and Christian had chemistry together and could well have been related even though in reality they were good friends. The duo returned to WWE together last year and hosted the Peep Show with Jericho that showed that they have still managed to remain close despite not working together for quite some time.

5 Real: Nia Jax And The Rock

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Nia Jax is a well-known member of the Anoa'i family. Many fans have stated that this could be why she has been pushed to the main roster of WWE so quickly after a brief stint in NXT. Nia and The Rock's mother are very close and Nia often updates about her, while The Rock and Nia are also said to be quite close and often work out together.

The Rock is close to Roman Reigns, Tamina Snuka, and The Usos as well, but the family is so big that it must be hard for all of them to keep up with each other. The Rock and Nia always spend time together and have uploaded a number of photos of them together to their social media accounts.

4 Mistaken for Family: The Basham Brothers

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It's hard to believe that Danny and Doug were not actually brothers. The duo looked so similar and worked so well together that it seemed they had their own way of knowing what was coming next, the way only siblings do. They are former two-time Tag Team Champions in WWE and put on some of the best tag team matches of that time.

The duo are best remembered in WWE on their tag team scene and then as enforcers for Paul Heyman on the ECW roster before they headed over to TNA for a few months after they were released back in 2007. They will always be down on the list of stars who were never quite able to find their groove in WWE, but if they had, they would have been incredible.

3 Real: The Colons

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The WWE are big fans of putting family members together as tag teams. With the Colons being the next team on the list, they are real life cousins and former Tag Team Champion. Former Superstar Carlito is the brother of Primo and the cousin of Epico.

Since Carlito's release from WWE, the company has decided to keep his cousin and brother together and they have since been known as both Los Matadores (who had their own bull) and The Shining Stars before it was decided that they would be repackaged as Primo and Epico who they are now known as on WWE TV. Even though they are being used as jobbers once again, they seem to slowly be building some credibility on the SmackDown brand.

2 Mistaken for Family: The Undertaker And Kane

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Who else genuinely thought that The Undertaker and Kane were brothers before it was ruined and the whole world found out that they weren't even related? Paul Bearer did a fantastic job of pitting the two men against each other and the two stars have had careers that have come together for a number of feuds while they have also managed to run concurrently beside each other as well.

Kane is almost every member of the WWE Universe's favorite wrestler to face The Undertaker and many wanted 'Taker to actually retire to his "brother" Kane. The Brothers of Destruction were always so much better when they were together, but they could also make magic when they were apart, which is a testament to just how talented these two sure-fire WWE Hall of Famers were in their heydey.

1 Real: The Singh Brothers

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The Bollywood Boys were once members of the NXT roster and were then called up to SmackDown when Jinder Mahal was pushed towards the WWE Championship. The Singh Brothers as they are now called have been seen as the two smaller guys who are always alongside the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

Gurvinder and Harvinder have been wrestling together for more than a decade and actually started their career back in 2004 as part of WWE's now defunct Ohio Valley Wrestling. Despite easily being able to be beaten by Randy Orton on a number of occasions, both men are considerably talented and could easily be seen as mid-carders on the main roster.

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