8 Recent WWE Relationship Train Wrecks (And 7 Who Are Next)

WWE superstars being in romantic relationships is definitely not something new. Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage were in a real-life relationship back in the 1980s as well as the real-life married couple Sable and Marc Mero in the early 1990s. The introduction of the internet and Social Media has meant that many relationships that have been created in WWE over the past few years have been shared online. The fact that no superstar is able to maintain a private life anymore means that details of any relationship in WWE are always made public knowledge. This has its pros and cons. The pro is stars being able to share how happy they are together. The con is that any sign of trouble in paradise is immediately picked up by millions of people.

While many of these relationships have led to happy marriages like Edge and Beth Phoenix, Sable and Brock Lesnar and even The Undertaker and Michelle McCool, there are a number who have had train wreck style relationship. Thankfully those train wrecks finally came to an end, but there are still many relationships that don't seem as though they will last much longer given the recent issues between the couples. The following list looks at eight WWE relationships that could be considered train wrecks given the issues between them as well as seven that are bound to be the next ones to break up in true dramatic WWE style.

15 Train Wreck: Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

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Enzo Amore as a character on WWE TV could be seen as a train wreck all on his own, but over the past few years Enzo has had someone else that he could have dragged down with him. Current SmackDown Live star Liv Morgan met Amore when they both worked for Hooters and helped her secure a job with WWE.

Their relationship was fine until the fame went to Enzo's head, he then became addicted to strip clubs and throwing money around on other women which later led to him cheating on his long-time girlfriend last year. But Liv wasn't that bothered by this and just took it in her stride, apparently quickly moving on to former WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate.

14 Next: Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy

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Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy have been dating now since their time working together in NXT back in 2014. Even though Bliss wasn't seen as much of the threat to the Women's Division down in NXT, she has been able to hit her stride on the main roster while leaving her boyfriend behind.

The couple announced their engagement last year and were recently added to the cast of Total Divas where their relationship has been put under the microscope so much more. Their wedding is currently being planned and even Alexa's best friend Nia Jax doesn't think that it is something that the couple will go through with if her comments on this week's Total Divas episode are anything to go by.

13 Train Wreck: Paige And Alberto Del Rio

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Anyone who was a wrestling fan back in 2017 will be well aware of the relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige. The couple revealed that they were dating in the spring of 2016, but it wasn't until 2017 that the cracks in their relationship really began to show.

Paige's family were perhaps one of the biggest issues for the couple, but Paige was the victim of a hacking scandal at the beginning of the year as well as there being numerous reports about Paige and Del Rio's arguments when they were seen together at Independent Wrestling events. Even though the couple were engaged, they attempted to marry three times before it was decided that it probably wasn't worth it. The media probably didn't help but this relationship was one that was doomed to fail from the beginning.

12 Next: Peyton Royce And Tye Dillinger

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Tye Dillinger and Peyton Royce were once seen as two of the rising stars of NXT and it was their time in developmental that originally brought them together. Tye hasn't had a great year on the main roster in WWE and it seems that once Peyton is promoted everything could change for the cute couple.

Dillinger and Royce were together for two years before they revealed that they were dating last year and even though they already have that foundation if Peyton is promoted to Raw, they could become another WWE couple that has been split because they no longer have the time to see each other. Dillinger is getting frustrated on the SmackDown Live roster and this is coming across on Twitter now and could lead to some interesting conversations between Dillinger and WWE in the coming weeks.

11 Train Wreck: Rich Swann And Su Yung

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Rich Swann and his wife Su Yung recently made news for something other than their wrestling ability when Swann was arrested after an altercation with his wife and due to WWE's zero tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence, the WWE star was suspended from the company indefinitely.

Swann's Cruiserweight Championship shot was then taken away from him and no news has come from the couple over the festive period. The couple had been together for five years before their marriage last year and Su Yung herself is a wrestler on the Independent Circuit and this could have just been a huge bump in their relationship that they are both willing to remain together and work on. There are no recent updates on the situation yet, but if Swann isn't charged, then he is free to return to WWE.

10 Next: Nikki Bella And John Cena

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John Cena and Nikki Bella are seen as the power couple of WWE at present but there are still many of the WWE Universe that believe that their relationship is completely built on the publicity that both Nikki and John are receiving.

It is a good argument given that Nikki's rise in popularity has come through the entire time that she has been dating John Cena and it could be argued that he was the reason she was brought back to WWE and given a main role on Total Divas, but until Cena and Nikki are married, this speculation will never end. Add to this the fact that many fans already believe that their relationship is a toxic one since Cena has been seen to point out Nikki's shortcomings and be somewhat blunt to her a number of times in front of the cameras so we can only imagine how different it is when the cameras are turned off.

9 Train Wreck: Seth Rollins And Zahra Schreiber

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Back in 2015 Seth Rollins was happily engaged to his fiance of five years Leighla Shultz, that was until it was revealed that he was having an affair with former NXT star Zahra Schreiber. Zahra was relatively unknown at the time, but this affair thrust her into the spotlight and saw her then fired from WWE when fans found some less than flattering images on her Instagram feed.

Her WWE release played a big role in her break up with Rollins since the couple wasn't even able to last a year after the scandal broke. It can't even be argued that time and distance were the issues since Rollins was injured for much of their time together so they probably had more time than they would have if he was at full health.

8 Next: Renee Young And Dean Ambrose

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Renee Young and Dean Ambrose are a couple that thought that it was wise to hide their relationship for a number of months because they were scared of the backlash from the WWE Universe. This same couple has been allowing WWE to drop hints about their honeymoon and Renee looking after Dean following his injury in recent weeks, which begs the question as to what has changed.

When the couple were on Total Divas Renee was often attempting to change Dean into someone she deemed her parents would see as acceptable. While the couple have been together now for five years and announced that they were married in secret last year, there are a number of hints right now that could suggest that times are changing for the once loved-up duo.

7 Train Wreck: Dana Brooke And Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler and Dana Brooke's relationship was never one that the WWE Universe took seriously. It has become quite obvious over the past few years that Ziggler is still hung up on his former girlfriend Nikki Bella, which could be why a number of Ziggler's relationships since 2012 have failed to work out.

The showoff and Dana Brooke just didn't seem to fit at all and were thought to have decided to give things a go when they met while Dana was still down in NXT. Obviously, being drafted to different rosters as part of the brand split was a huge issue for the duo and much like many of the couples in WWE over the past few years they have gone their separate ways. Dana was able to quickly rebound from Dolph, so the relationship may not have been that serious, to begin with.

6 Next: Bray Wyatt And JoJo

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Bray Wyatt was happily married at the beginning of 2017, but it has definitely been a year of change for the Eater of Worlds after it was revealed that his wife and the mother of his children Samantha Rotunda was filing for divorce because he was having an affair with WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman.

This is an affair that neither of the current WWE stars has confirmed, even though there are a number of images of the couple together. Now if Bray is willing to leave the mother of his children for JoJo, then in the back of her mind she has to be thinking that Bray could easily have his head turned by another woman. This relationship just doesn't seem to be one that has been made on a solid foundation.

5 Train Wreck: Mickie James And Kenny Dykstra

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Many of the WWE Universe were completely unaware that Kenny Dykstra and Mickie James were even a couple until their relationship was part of a huge WWE scandal. Mickie had her head turned after she was involved in an on-screen storyline with former WWE Champion John Cena, which then led to a real-life affair.

Dykstra and Mickie were engaged at the time and when the former Spirit Squad member found out about the affair, he obviously called off the engagement. Dykstra was released from the company not long afterwards but it is thought that even though Mickie is the one who was engaged to Dykstra at the time, he holds the biggest grudge against John Cena for making him lose his job, which means that he probably valued his career over his relationship anyway.

4 Next: Rusev And Lana

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Many of the WWE Universe is still confused about the relationship between Rusev and Lana, even though the couple celebrates five years of being together this year, they are still a duo that just doesn't seem as though they fit together.

Rusev seems to be the one who keeps Lana grounded, but she causes so many problems for herself when she speaks without thinking. This means that on Total Divas Rusev is usually forced to step in and sort out her problems. It won't be long before Rusev realizes that Lana still acts like a child and the couple have already been seen to fall out over the fact that they both have different views when it comes to children, so it will be interesting to see if they are able to reach the five year dating mark later this year.

3 Train Wreck: Melina And John Morrison

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When the WWE Universe are asked about train wreck couples, Melina and John Morrison's decade-long relationship will always be one that is near the top of the list. The couple met back when they were part of Tough Enough before they made their debut together on WWE TV alongside Joey Mercury.

The couple then worked together for a number of years before it was revealed that Melina had cheated on Morrison with Batista and even though this cost Batista his marriage, Melina and Morrison managed to move past it. Melina later cost the former Intercontinental Champion his job before she posted images on her Twitter page of his prescription for erectile dysfunction, which incredibly was finally enough for the couple to part ways back in 2015 after more than 10 years together.

2 Next: Carmella And Big Cass

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Carmella and Big Cass much like Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy met while they were working together in NXT and even though they have been working on opposite brands over the past two years, they were still able to find time to spend together.

Rumours have recently been flying around that the couple could have broken up since Carmella has deleted all of the images of Cass from her Instagram page and all traces of him from her other Social Media accounts. The couple is currently being featured on Total Divas and only recently bought a house together, so it has come as quite a shock to many of the WWE Universe that the couple could have gone their separate ways. Of course, nothing has been confirmed by either superstar just yet.

1 Train Wreck: David Otunga And Jennifer Hudson

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David Otunga hasn't been used effectively on WWE TV for a number of years, but recently made a return on commentary, much to the dismay of many of the WWE Universe. Otunga's relationship with singer and actress Jennifer Hudson was one of the reasons that WWE was keeping him around, but that has come to an end now.

Late last year it was reported that Otunga's girlfriend of almost 10 years had filed a protective order against him and the couple had been in the process of separating for a number of months. Many of the details regarding the split haven't been released publically yet, but if Hudson felt the need to file for an order against her fiance then there is more to this story than meets the eye.

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