8 Retired Female Wrestlers Who Haven't Aged Well And 7 Who Look Even Better Now

Whether "she's got legs" or "100% Stratusfaction," the women of WWE have always been a big part of the company. Nothing gets the blood pumping faster and harder than seeing these beautiful women hit the ring. Whether they are valets, managers, authority figures or wrestlers, each have made their own mark in wrestling history. The women of professional wrestling have come a long way from the "smart, sexy and powerful" "Divas" and are now treated as equal combatants in the ring. The requirements of wrestling are grueling, and these ladies have to stay in great shape to do what they do. This phenomenal shape makes them look great in WWE, and their good looks are often times retained even after their wrestling career.

Many of WWE's former women's wrestlers still look great, having come from modeling backgrounds prior to WWE. Even those without such a background retained their great physical shape required to be a WWE superstar, still hitting the gym regularly and looking fantastic. As great as these women looked in WWE, some find themselves looking hotter than ever even after WWE.

Sadly, life after wrestling hasn't treated other former female wrestlers as kind.  The wear and tear of wrestling, and the hard life that comes with it, can clearly take a toll, and it shows on some of WWE's former female wrestlers. Substance abuse and the poor pay for anyone wrestling outside of WWE can negatively affect the appearance of these once gorgeous women. Others no longer hit the gym everyday as needed and have gotten well out of shape, while others simply aren't as young as they used to be and have aged very poorly. This article is not only about these ladies to whom time hasn't been as kind towards, but also, about the ladies who have aged incredibly well. Here's a list of 8 former female wrestlers who let themselves go and 7 who look even better.


16 Sunny (aged poorly)


Unless you haven’t been paying attention, Sunny no longer looks her best. Years of substance abuse has turned the most downloaded woman of the 90s, into a bit of a train wreck. She’s become the epitome of “letting oneself go” obviously avoiding staying in shape and doing things a normal 44 year old shouldn’t be doing. Her run-ins with the law and personal vices have taken their toll on the once gorgeous valet.

It’s sad to see how far the “First Diva” has fallen over the years, considering how amazing looking Sunny once was. She made a surprising appearance at the WWE Hall of Fame and can apparently look respectable when she’s motivated. When she’s not motivated, very few people want Sunny and unfortunately for her, it’s highly unlikely, with Sunny’s questionable past, that WWE wants her.

15 Kaitlyn (Better than Ever)

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Kaitlyn is the prime example of a former WWE Diva who became strikingly hot after her departure from WWE. Katelyn was extremely attractive in WWE before, but she’s taken her hotness to a whole new level. Since she left, she has seemingly devoted her life to fitness, nutrition and training, and boy has it paid off. She’s looks fantastic and looks ready for a return to WWE right now.

The former WWE Diva’s Champion has maintained her physique better than anyone. She practically lives at the gym and now that she’s not on the road 24/7 she can focus more time on crushing the gym. No one would complain if WWE invited Katelyn back, and she has a nice WWE resume to legitimize herself as part of the Women’s Revolution.

14 Dawn Marie (Aged Poorly)


Dawn Marie was most remembered for her time in ECW. Despite being an incredibly intelligent person in reality, Dawn Marie played a promiscuous, dimwitted character. She was the very scantily dressed, klutzy valet for the Impact Players, Lance Storm and Justin Credible. She remained in ECW until it’s backruptcy and joined the WWE’s Smackdown brand. She became even more well-known in a program with Torrie Wilson as the lover of Torrie Wilson’s “dad,” Al Wilson. Dawn Marie would be abruptly released from WWE while she was pregnant but has made other wrestling appearances since.

With her wrestling days behind her, Dawn Marie’s fantastic body that she retained throughout her career hasn’t been as strictly maintained. Dawn Marie is out of the wrestling spotlight and taken the role of mom. She is currently furthering her already abundant education hoping to become a nurse practitioner. Although, Dawn Marie doesn’t have the impressive body of her youth, I’d still let her operate on me anytime.

13 Victoria (Better Than Ever)


Victoria was one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all-time. Her matches with Trish Stratus set the bar for future women’s wrestlers. Victoria wrestled Molly Holly at WrestleMania 20 and received her WrestleMania moment by shaving Molly Holly bald. Victoria would move on to TNA, wrestling a lighter schedule while still keeping all of her wrestling talent. Victoria has retired, but despite that, Victoria looks better than ever.

Victoria looks so absolutely fantastic, and it's unbelievable that she's 46 years old. Victoria remains in great shape and hasn’t been retired long. Her value to WWE could be immeasurable with a return to the company. Not only could Victoria give her veteran insight to the younger ladies but also provide fans some dream matches with Charlotte. Make Victoria as offer, WWE, she still looks like she ain't the lady to miss with.

12 Beth Phoenix (aged poorly)


Unfortunately, life after WWE hasn’t been as kind to Beth Phoenix. Not that “The Glamazon” looks terrible, but she clearly isn’t the Amazonian Goddess that she was when she was in WWE. The former Diva of Doom hasn’t maintained the muscle mass that has dominated the Divas Division for over five years, and the intimidating bulk of Beth Phoenix that earned her a WWE Divas Title and three WWE Women's Championship reigns is gone.

However, Beth still hits the gym, judging by her social media, but she’s doesn’t look like she’s ready for a return to wrestling anytime soon. Beth Phoenix is enjoying the married life with former superstar, Edge, and she’s fulfilling the role of mom. Edge and Beth Phoenix have welcomed two children into the world and it appears, for now, Beth is sticking to the family life.



10 Trish Stratus (Better than ever)

Trish Stratus started as a great manager in WWE and would later become one of the best women’s wrestlers ever. Because of her fitness model background prior to WWE, Trish was by far one of the best looking women to come into the WWE as well. It’s no surprise with her fitness background and her time staying in shape through wrestling that at age 41 Trish Stratus still looks phenomenal.

While Trish may be retired from WWE, she still keeps busy operating her own yoga studio website called Stratusphereyoga. Her website includes links to her blog, fitness programs, “nuTRISHion” receipes and other fitness equipment. Trish has also appeared in a couple films such as the 2015 film, Gridlocked as well as other television appearances. Needless to say, Trish Stratus has been remaining active and staying in tip-top shape.


9 Missy Hyatt (aged poorly)


Missy Hyatt was a stunning wrestling valet who managed some big time players of professional wrestling like the Steiner Bros and even The Man They Called Sting. Hyatt spent at least a small amount of time in WCW, WWE and ECW, though her career in those companies was tumultuous to say the least. Hyatt was a part of the ill-fated Missy’s Manor in WWE but Hyatt left WWE feeling such a role was beneath her. She went to WCW but was allegedly fired over her bad behavior. Hyatt spent her most unforgettable moments in ECW, feuding with the Sandman’s wife, Lori.

While, Missy Hyatt may have been gorgeous at one point, the rough life of wrestling hit her hard. She tried to capitalize on her small time fame and started her own adult website and even acted in an unsavory film entitled Wrestling Vixxxens Unleashed. Hyatt would add to the train wreck of her life and get arrested for grand theft in 2015, having her infamous mugshot posted for all to see.

8 Stacy Keibler (Better than ever)


Stacy Keibler brought her long legs to WWE, and instantly became an unforgettable sex symbol. The lanky diva managed several superstars such as Test, Scott Steiner and even the Dudley Boys. Stacy wasn’t much of a wrestler, but her distracting good looks helped her clients to victory and made her one of the most memorable managers of all-time.

Her time post WWE has been kind to her. Still stunning as ever and catching the attention of George Clooney, Stacy adopted the Hollywood lifestyle for a short time before their break-up. Stacy has remained gorgeous and busy, appearing on Dancing with the Stars and other television shows.

Stacy left the WWE on good terms, so maybe her legs can make a surprise return as a valet, consultant or even General Manager. We all can dream at least.

7 Wendi Richter (aged poorly)


Everybody remembers The Fabulous Moolah and her historic reign as WWE Women’s Champion, so it’s easy to forget that Wendi Richter was right there as well, during a very unpopular time for the Women’s Division. Wendi Richter was a two-time WWE Women’s Champion, having achieved her first reign by defeating Moolah and ending what was promoted as longest championship reign in WWE history. Desputes with Vince McMahon over compensation and contract negotiations caused Richter to become the victim of the infamous original screwjob involving The Fabulous Moolah.

The Women’s Division, back then, did not consist of models and pretty faces. The Women’s Division consisted of hard-nosed wrestlers who would tie you in a knot if you dared to whistle at them. Wendi Richter was one of those women.

She made an appearance during her WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2010 but retained very little of her athletic appearance. Sure, she’s not as young as she used to be, but the days of her being “150 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal” are long gone.

6 Candice Michelle (Better than ever)

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Candice Michelle built her way up in the WWE and had a decent run during her time in the company. She started as an inexperienced model, rising to become a pretty darn good wrestler, all the way to capturing the WWE Women’s Title. Clearly, Candice was attractive from her modeling background, but her immense beauty and popularity caught the attention of Playboy.  Candice would pose for the cover in 2006.

In WWE, Candice had that incredibly toned body that WWE expected of their divas. However, after giving birth to three daughters, Candice’s ultra-skinny body isn’t there anymore. But who cares? Candice’s curves are arguably better than ever now. Sadly for fans, it’s doubtful Candice has any immediate plans to return to WWE. She’s enjoying the married life with her husband and kids. It’s almost a crime that after leaving WWE Candice would look better than ever.

5 Rockin’ Robin (aged poorly)


Women’s wrestlers like The Fabulous Moolah, Wendi Richter and Alundra Blayze paved the way for women’s wrestling today, but back then, no one really appreciated them. Rockin’ Robin was among the trailblazers of that division who sadly seem forgotten because of the unpopular period in which they wrestled. Rockin’ Robin fueded with Sensational Sherri and defeated her for the WWE Women's Title. Robin is a one-time WWE Women’s Champion, and, in a strange occurrence, technically still is the WWE Women’s Champion, having left WWE without ever being defeated for the title.

Robin is retired from wrestling and is currently running a real estate appraisal business. Her athletic physique from wrestling is gone, looking frail for a former (or current depending on how you look at it) champion. If Rockin, Robin were to apply her finishing bulldog maneuver now, it may do more harm to her than her opponent.

4 Christy Hemme (Better than ever)


Christy Hemme was the fiery Diva Search winner, who won the fans over with her sharp tongue and feisty attitude. She was a model going into the contest, so she was extremely hot already and well qualified for the requirements of a diva in WWE. Her time with the company didn’t really work out, but she did get to pose for the cover of Playboy before her departure from WWE.

Christy Hemme went to TNA and maintained her great physique despite her retirement from in ring competition. Christy remained in TNA as an announcer and interviewer until 2016, but still looks to be better than ever.  Even after having one child and (wait for it) quadruplets on the way, it's probably wishful thinking to expect a return for Christy Hemme.  The stunning redhead seems to be extremely happy these days and flaunts her stunning good looks away from wresting and only on social media.

3 Leilani Kai (aged poorly)


Leilani Kai might not be well-known today, but she is a very highly decorated female wrestler. Kai won the WWE Women’s Championship and is a two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. Trained by The Fabulous Moolah, Kai wrestled Wendi Richter for the title that Richter had just taken from Moolah. Kai would win the title, but, lost it to Richter during the first ever WrestleMania.  Their match made both Kai and Richter a huge part of WrestleMania history and the “Rock n’ Wrestling Connection” era of that time.

Leilani Kai has trained likes of Amber O’Neal and still makes appearances in other wrestling promotions as a manager. Unfortunately, “The Hawaiian Princess” isn’t looking too good these days. Although her diving splash would be a lot more effective, she has gained a considerable amount of weight and lost a lot of her exotic Floridian good looks.

2 Layla El (Better than ever)


To say Layla El looks hotter than ever would be an understatement. She came over from the Diva Search and despite having no experience, became an average wrestler over time. Her most memorable moments came as Co-Women’s Champion with Michelle McCool as LayCool, even though it was really McCool’s reign. Layla received a modest push and won the WWE Diva’s Title which she held for 140 days.

Layla caught some bad breaks during her stint in WWE. Injuries and Creative having nothing for her kept her off TV. She would return with a silly dancing gimmick which ruined her further. After sporadic appearances and an undisclosed surgery, Layla retired from wrestling. While away from the grueling physical requirements of WWE, Layla married Ricky Ortiz in 2015 and looks pleasantly hotter than ever at age 40.

1 Princess Victoria (aged poorly)


Not to be confused with just Lisa Marie Varon's Victoria, Princess Victoria hasn’t aged well at all. Princess Victoria won the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, and challenged The Fabulous Moolah unsuccessfully for the WWE Women’s Title. Her career was on the rise when a sudden injury force her to retire from wrestling.

Princess Victoria was an exotic beauty, with her Native American look, but her time in WWE was short lived. Today, she’s lost much of her stunning looks and gained an egregious amount of weight. Seeing Princess Victoria donning her Native American garb for appearances, in her poor physical shape is a little cringe worthy. Her only association with WWE currently involves the joining of fellow former WWE superstars who are all suing the WWE for downplaying the company's unsafe working conditions.


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