8 Retired Wrestlers Who Are SUPER Unhealthy and 8 Who Look Better Than Ever

Professional wrestling is an extremely tough business to be a part of. Is it a sport or is it entertainment? Nobody really knows, and the closest definition would be to call it a unique blend of the two. Unlike most other sports however there is no off season. WWE Superstars, and anyone else in the business for that matter, work all year round. This year they'll even have to work Christmas Day following the announcement that Raw will be airing live for the holiday. The point I'm trying to get at here is that the wrestling business is so hard on those within it that it takes a heavy toll on Superstars' bodies and minds.

There will come a time in most wrestlers' careers when they hang up their trunks or boots and retire. I say most because it would appear that the likes of Terry Funk and Jerry Lawler will never stop wrestling. A few things can happen once a Superstar quits in ring competition. The bumps and bruises throughout the years will likely catch up with them, meaning they may choose to live a life of comfort from there on out, and who can blame them? That can however prove to be detrimental to their health, and it would seem the retired wrestlers who do best post-career are those who take care of themselves and start to reverse the damage done by the business.

Here are eight Superstars who don't look so good, and another 8 who look bette than ever.


26 Not So Good: Marty Jannetty


One of the most memorable moments in WWE history was when Shawn Michaels turned on his long time tag team partner, Marty Jannetty. HBK super kicked Marty and then sent him head first through the window of Brutus's barber shop. That began Shawn's ascent to the top and sadly was probably the end of Marty's time in the spot light. Fast forward to the present day and Jannetty is not in good shape. According to many in the business Marty is effectively a full blown alcoholic. It's a sad sight to see, especially for those who grew up watching him in The Rockers during the late '80s and early '90s. The latest from camp Jannetty is a post to his Facebook page describing a situation where he recently discovered a young woman isn't in fact his daughter, and based on that news wants to know whether it's okay to have relations with her or not. This is beyond controversial, and an extremely low point in his life.


24 Better Than Ever: Edge


Edge's career was sadly cut short back in 2011. The Rated R Superstar shocked the WWE Universe when he emerged the night after WrestleMania to relinquish his World Championship and retire from in-ring competition. It was a heart breaking moment. When you see Edge now and were unaware of his neck problems, you would think that he could still go in the squared circle. Aside from the lack of his signature long hair, on the surface he looks pretty much the same as he did the day he was forced to retire. Edge clearly takes good care of himself and not only are we grateful for that, but we're also very thankful that the WWE Hall of Famer has remained with the business in a number of capacities.


22 Not So Good: Scott Hall


One of Sean Waltman's closest friends who hasn't recovered from his substance abuse days quite as well as him is fellow nWo member, Scott Hall. The Bad Guy hit it hard during the 1990s and most of the 2000s. Before his wrestling career began Hall was charged with murder after shooting someone in a parking lot, but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Scott places the blame for his use of alcohol and drugs in later life on not being able to get past that incident, and who can blame him? Diamond Dallas Page, a man who will feature later on in this list, has done everything he can to help Hall and had a lot of success. Unfortunately, the life Scott has led will have undoubtedly done a lot of permanent damage.

21 Better Than Ever: X-Pac


When X-Pac made the switch from WWE to WCW he was forced to change his name to Six Pac. It's a name that would be much more fitting now, 20 years removed from his time in WCW. There are not many wrestlers who were as unhealthy as Sean Waltman. The former D-Generation X and nWo member abused a lot of substances and has had an extremely turbulent life. X-Pac has managed to turn it around though, and now looks better than ever. He currently hosts his own podcast (X-Pac 1, 2, 360) and is extremely candid about his life on the show, both past and present. Not only does Sean no longer abuse most of the substances that he used to, but he also doesn't even eat sugar any more.


19 Not So Good: The Undertaker


Edge has said on more than one occasion that one of the greatest moments of his career was getting the opportunity to take on The Undertaker at WrestleMania. It's pretty much the highest honor you can achieve as a pro wrestler. Every year we would all assume that The Deadman was done yet when WrestleMania rolled around The Phenom would resurface once again to give another Superstar that honour. Although the fans appreciate Undertaker's dedication and love for the business, he probably should have hung up his boots a long time ago. Various photos of Taker have appeared throughout the rest of the year and without sounding too harsh, he has not looked well. We all love The Undertaker but stretching his career as long as he did has not done him any favours in the health department.


17 Better Than Ever: Lita


Lita's heyday in professional wrestling came around sixteen years ago. You likely know that already but I feel like it's worth reminding you all, because just look at her. The former Women's Champion and WWE Hall of Famer looks like she has barely aged a day. Lita clearly leads an extremely healthy lifestyle, and probably has throughout the entirety of her career. The third member of Team Extreme has been very involved with WWE's product recently and this summer joined fellow Hall of Famer Jim Ross to call the action in the Mae Young Classic. In all honesty Lita could probably still compete in that tournament herself and who knows, maybe a return to in-ring competition is still in the cards for her some day. Never say never.


15 Not So Good: The Sandman


One man who was always going to make the wrong side of this list is The Sandman. Even at the height of his career the ECW legend was extremely unhealthy. He may be one of the only wrestlers to make poor health one of the centerpieces of his gimmick. As Sandman made his way to the ring he would smoke cigarettes, drink beer, and smash the can on his head. That last one isn't necessarily associated with being unhealthy, but it can not have helped him in the health department. Sandman is also known for being pretty volatile, both in and out of the ring. In 2008 at a party for Lou Albano, Sandman landed himself in a bit of hot water. He began fighting an employee of the restaurant he was in, only to turn on the police officers that arrived to break things up.

14 Better Than Ever: Shawn Michaels


One retired pro wrestler who certainly has his fair share of demons is the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. The Hall of Famer has made up for those demons ten fold however. In 2002 Shawn returned from what was seemingly a career ending back injury to have an arguably even better run than his original one. Michaels is widely regarded as the best in-ring performer of all time, and even at the age of 52 there is very little doubt among fans when it comes to him still being able to go. At the turn of 2017 rumours were circulating that WWE were trying to bring Shawn in for one more match with AJ Styles. WWE wanted it, AJ wanted it, we wanted it, but unfortunately Shawn did not. He trains Superstars at the Performance Center but despite his great shape, he won't be wrestling again.


12 Not So Good: Brutus Beefcake And Greg Valentine


Since they teamed together and seem to have carried that relationship on into their formative years, it only seemed right to lump Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake together for this entry. In all fairness Brutus is looking a little better than his partner in crime, but neither man is the poster boy for good health in the present day. There is currently a photo doing the rounds of the two hanging out together at home, and they do not look great. Both men are relaxing while wearing very little with what looks like a bowl of cereal each resting on their large bellies. With all due respect it seems like it would have taken a lot more than a little cereal to reach the impressive (if unhealthy) stages they're both at today.

11 Better Than Ever: CM Punk


When CM Punk first left WWE three and a half years ago some fans became obsessed with finding images of how he was looking. For the most part Punk had gained a little weight, and why not? He had just left an industry he had been a part of for pretty much his entire life and was likely enjoying some aspects of life that he had to avoid up until that point. Then came the news that The Straight Edge Superstar was looking to venture into the realm of MMA. That world requires fitness on another level of anything Punk had ever experienced before and it's fair to say he stepped up. He may not have performed well in his only UFC fight to date, but he certainly got in great shape for it.


9 Not So Good: Ric Flair


The entire pro wrestling world was left holding their breath recently when Ric Flair was admitted to hospital. We were told by those closest to him to pray for him and at one point The Nature Boy was even placed in a medically induced coma. Thankfully Flair pulled through and has reinforced the belief that he may very well be indestructible because he has led an extremely interesting life to put it lightly. Considering the amount of wrestlers who are taken before their time due to an array of personal issues, it really is a miracle that Ric has survived as long as he has. His whole gimmick was that he lived the high life, getting drunk and hooking up with women in towns around the world. It was a gimmick that he carried into his personal life and one that has clearly taken its toll on Naitch's body.

8 Better Than Ever: Trish Stratus


How Trish Stratus looks as good as she currently does is an absolute mystery. While her good friend and fellow Hall of Famer Lita looks as good as she ever did while wrestling, I would put to you that Trish somehow looks even better now. That's after a career in the pro wrestling industry plus giving birth to two children. Stratus is a big advocate of yoga, and not necessarily the DDP variety. On top of that the multi-time Women's Champion must clearly take extremely good care of herself. Not only does she look great but whenever you hear her on podcasts and in interviews she sounds great too, and must simply lead a good and full life.

7 Not So Good: Perry Saturn


The man on the left in the picture above is Chris Jericho, you likely didn't need to be told that. The man on the right though you may have struggled with. It's none other than former WCW and WWE Superstar, Perry Saturn. Perry was recently a guest on Y2J's podcast (Talk Is Jericho) and revealed that he has been through some very dark times since his pro wrestling career came to an end. Most of the problems Saturn has come up against are rooted in drug addiction. Substance abuse effectively led to his career coming to an end and eventually meant he became homeless. At one point he was knocking on doors collecting money for drug dealers in order to get more drugs. As you can see from the photo the hard life he has led these past few years has really taken its toll.

6 Better Than Ever: Mick Foley


No Superstar took more of a beating throughout their wrestling career than Mick Foley. Between having half his ear ripped off to landing on piles of thumb tacks, it really is a miracle that Mick is still alive to tell these tales. Without question those years of brutality took their toll. Only a few years ago we would watch Foley make his way to the ring, overweight and with a limp, and a lot of fans likely felt a little guilty. He took those bumps for us. Mick has turned his life around though and even reversed some of the damage done. Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy lost 100 pounds and seems in the best shape he has been in years. He truly is one of the nicest guys in pro wrestling and any good that comes his way is fully deserved.



3 Not So Good: Lex Luger


Lex Luger was once ear marked by Vince McMahon himself to be the next face of WWE. Hulk Hogan had jumped ship to WCW and Luger was meant to be his replacement. He was certainly an impressive looking and hard working man, so it's no surprise that Vince hand picked him to be that guy. As you likely know or will have guessed, that plan did not work out and Luger himself also went to WCW along with The Hulkster. Lex had a pretty successful career nonetheless but when his time in the ring started to wind down, things got a little dark. Luger turned to drugs and he and his girlfriend at the time, Miss Elizabeth, went through a lot of problems. Luger was stopped for driving while intoxicated at one point with Elizabeth in the car, and a short while after that Elizabeth passed away due to mixing various pills and vodka.

2 Better Than Ever: Diamond Dallas Page


We all knew who was going to be number one on the healthy side of this list. None other than recent WWE Hall of Famer, Diamond Dallas Page. The former WCW Champion is in his sixties and is in incredible shape. Not only is his life dedicated to his own creation DDP Yoga, but his diet and all around way of life just keeps Page in tip top shape. He doesn't just keep all of his secrets to himself though, and as well as being one of the healthiest retired wrestlers out there, he is also one of the most giving. DDP has helped countless people via DDP Yoga, some of which have featured on this list. Mick Foley credits the program for his weight loss, and Jake Roberts would likely not be with us today if it wasn't for DDP.


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