8 Retired Wrestlers Who Look Great And 8 Who Let Themselves Go

Retired athletes always are faced with the decision of staying in tip top shape, or letting their body cave in to the ways of retired life. It is no different in the world of wrestling, as professional wrestlers are easily some of the most fit and healthy athletes in the world. After retirement, other interests in their lives have since replaced the constant training and performing they once did regularly.

You may be thinking, of course these wrestlers look different. Most people do not maintain the impressive physique and good looks they once possessed in the prime of their lives. With each year comes more wrinkles, and nobody looks the same as they once did. There have definitely been many accounts of wrestlers who have completely let themselves go after leaving the WWE, with some looking much worse now than they ever did. On the other hand, retired life isn’t always a steady decline. We have seen many retired wrestlers keep their bodies in amazing shape, as they have continued to take their health and training seriously in their daily lives.

Today we will look at some retired wrestlers who look great and some who let themselves go.

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16 16. Great: Goldberg


Goldberg had one of the most polarizing wrestling careers in the business, as he was beloved by many but also hated by others. He had a very successful wrestling career, and will go down as one of the most charismatic to ever step in the ring. During his wrestling days, Goldberg was one of the most jacked guys in the ring, and since retiring Goldberg looks great as he has kept his muscles in good condition.

Set to wrestle one last time for the WWE, Goldberg will most likely not have any trouble suffering from ring rust, as he has kept himself in peak condition. At almost 50 years of age, it is easy to say that Goldberg still has one of the best bodies of retired wrestlers in all of the industry.

15 15. Go: Ahmed Johnson


Ahmed Johnson was a powerhouse in WWE and due to his muscular look, was built to become WWE’s next big star. Injuries derailed his WWE run, and he was released in 1998. He would go to WCW, where his weight issues began to show, as he was named “Big T”. Big T continued to put on weight after retiring from the business, causing his weight to balloon.

14 14. Great: Bruno Sammartino


Bruno Sammartino is easily one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. The Italian born wrestler became very successful in the WWWF, as he had some seriously long title reigns with the promotion. He became the most popular wrestler in America in the 1960s through the early 1980s, as his power moves and great charisma launched him to the top of the wrestling world.

13 13. Go: Dawn Marie


Dawn Marie was one of the most beautiful wrestlers to ever step into the ring. Whether wrestling with ECW or Smackdown of the WWE, Dawn Marie made all of the fans stop and stare. Now, at age 45, Dawn Marie is not looking like she did during her wrestling days, and sadly she has lost her amazing body to age and retirement. Now granted, a 45-year-old woman shouldn't really look like she did during her 20s, but we have seen women wrestlers such as Trish Stratus, who maybe look even better now than she did during her wrestling days.

12 12. Great: Trish Stratus


Dawn Marie was a great example of a beautiful woman wrestler who couldn't keep her looks the same after retirement, while Trish Stratus has continued to keep her amazing body and looks years after leaving the wrestling business. Easily one of the hottest female wrestlers to ever do it, Stratus is still looking as good as ever at age 40. She has lost her blonde-bombshell look she had in the WWE, and has instead gone to a brunette hair style which looks great.

11 11. Go: Lex Luger


Lex Luger was a popular wrestler during his days in the WCW and even in the WWE, but people always thought Lex could have done more with his career was ever able to accomplish. During his career, Lex went for a Hulk Hogan type build, as his body was ripped and his muscles were very apparent. Medical problems arose from substance abuse after his retirement in 2005, and the effects the drug use has had on his body is incredibly noticeable.

10 10. Great: Booker T


Booker T is no longer a wrestler for the WWE, as he is currently a commentator. Even with Booker T being 51 years of age, his body is still looking great, as if he could get into the ring with any of the wrestlers on whom his commentary focuses on. He certainly has not opted for commentating over actual wrestling because he’s lost his physique, that’s for sure, as Booker T is looking absolutely great for his age.

9 9. Go: Sunny


Sunny was one of the most successful and beloved women wrestlers ever, as she is even considered to be the first “Diva.” Sunny was a total beauty, and arguably one of the best looking wrestlers the WWE had to offer. With the death of her boyfriend Chris Candido, Sunny became depressed and turned to substance abuse to deal with her new feeling of grief. With the increase in substance use, came an increase in weight as well, as she now looks much bigger than she did during her wrestling days.

8 8. Great: Sid Eudy


Sid Eudy went by many different names over his long wrestling career. From Sycho Sid to Sid Vicious, Eudy was one of the best wrestlers to ever do it. There are only a handful of wrestlers who will be remembered long after their careers are over, but Sid really had such an impactful career, that he will most likely go down as one of the most enthralling wrestlers to ever step on the mat. While he wasn't that good on the mic and he was pretty limited in the ring, his psychotic demeanor really could capture the audience's attention quickly.

7 7. Go: Jake "The Snake" Roberts


Jake Roberts was never a total muscle man during his time in wrestling, as his portrayal of his dark character was what really made him successful. Because of his lack of a physique to begin with, his body really went off the rails a few years ago. Jake sadly battled drugs and alcohol abuse during most of his life, which likely added to his body’s breakdown.

6 6. Great: Stacy Keibler


Stacy Keibler was one of the hottest names in wrestling, and she still looks absolutely amazing at age 37. Known for being one of the best looking female wrestlers of all time, it is very impressive that she looks just as good as she once did during her great wrestling career, as she may possibly look even better now than she did then. Even as a mother now, Keibler has kept her great body in amazing shape since her retirement from wrestling in 2006.

5 5. Go: Mick Foley


Mick Foley is now looking as slim as ever, as he recently showed himself tipping the scales at 255, lighter than he was for most of his wrestling career, but for several years of retirement, Foley was well over 300 pounds. Foley began a DDP Yoga program earlier this year and has lost over 80 pounds by exercising regularly and making heavy changes to his diet.

4 4. Great: Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan is without a doubt one of the greatest professional wrestlers to ever step inside the ring. You really can't walk down the street and not find someone who doesn't know the name "Hulk Hogan." He had everything needed to be an excellent wrestler, as his character, mic skills, and body all had the feel of a superhero that everyone had to come to respect. Even though he has been removed from WWE’s website, they couldn't remove his muscles!

3 3. Go: Tazz


During his career, Tazz's physique resembled that of a pitbull. He's not tall, but he had a lot of muscle packed on his body and his legs looked like tree trunks. Unfortunately, neck problems forced Tazz into early retirement by the early 2000s and he found himself doing commentary. He would remain an announcer for the WWE until 2009, when he went to TNA and continued his commentary work there.

2 2. Great: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin


"Stone Cold" Steve Austin had a great wrestling career, and will always be remembered for his iconic run in the 1990s. Steve Austin has been officially retired for some time now, but what definitely hasn’t retired yet is his body. Still making occasional appearances for the company, it looks as though Stone Cold hasn’t lost a step, at least physically. Austin still takes his body incredibly seriously, as working out was his first priority after tearing his rotator cuff earlier this year.

1 1. Go: Scott Hall


Scott Hall was once one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, as he was beloved by millions at the height of his career. Known for his slicked back black hair, for a while Hall looked like a shell of a man he once was, as substance abuse hurt his chances of looking healthy in his retired life. During his time as a member with the nWo, Hall’s personal life slipped, as he began to let drugs and alcohol affect his life in a very negative way. The fall from grace in his wrestling career can be seen in his appearance, as he is now looking much older than his current age of 57.

Hall cleaned himself up with DDP Yoga and sobering up, enough to get back in the good graces of WWE, but there’s no doubting that for many years, Hall was going off the deep end.

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