8 Rumored Divas That Can Possibly Return Very Soon (And 7 That Are Blacklisted!)

WWE adding new talent to the Women’s Divisions on both Raw and SmackDown certainly added excitement to the shows. Raw featured Paige returning with NXT talents Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose at her side. The NXT trio of Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan and Ruby Riot made their presence known on SmackDown. It shows that WWE wants to add more ladies to the roster than ever before. We also see the returns of former stars to the company in the Hall of Fame and other various productions. Madusa, Jacqueline and a few other ladies have been celebrated in recent years after long absences.

We'll take a look at some of the most memorable former female stars in WWE. Some of these ladies will have a chance to return to the company in some form whether it is wrestling, making a cameo on television, speaking in WWE documentaries or being celebrated in the Hall of Fame. Their relationships allow them to have a shot at doing business with their former employer. However, there are other former stars that will be blacklisted for various reasons. Both sides will be examined with a list of eight former WWE ladies that can possibly return and seven that are blacklisted.

15 Return: Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler has kept a distance from the wrestling world but that doesn’t mean there isn’t interest on WWE’s side. The popularity of Keibler during the early to mid 2000s saw her become one of the top women in the company for quite some time. Stacy made the decision to leave WWE when hoping to branch out into Hollywood after her star power grew from appearing on Dancing with the Stars.

According to Keibler, she was hoping to return during the time period when WWE was bringing in celebrity guest hosts to Raw. WWE had no interest in this and the two have yet to reach any agreement to bring her back. It is only a matter of time before Stacy returns for either a cameo appearance or an induction into the Hall of Fame.

14 Blacklisted: Sunny

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There is no chance you will ever see Tammy “Sunny” Sytch back in WWE after they made the mistake of welcoming her back in the past. Sunny joined the WWE Hall of Fame as one of the few managers to make it in due to her popularity and impact in the 90s. However, Sytch had her personal demons bring her down and she now is considered one of the most abhorrent people in the industry.

Sytch has been in and out of jail and rehab each through the past few years. At one point, she bragged about security guards allowing her to hang out with them and avoid true jail time. There’s even an adult film she made showing off her HOF ring as a prop. Racist comments are also a part of her antics on social media. Current WWE stars are even attacked by Sytch online. All of these reasons add up to prevent Sunny days from ever returning to WWE.

13 Return: Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn was the winner of the all women NXT competition and achieved quite a bit of success on the main roster. The former Divas Champion had a memorable feud with her real life best friend AJ Lee. Despite the fact that the women received less time and fewer opportunities, Kaitlyn and Lee were able to tell a story with a couple of really good matches.

The athletic background of Kaitlyn helped her do well in WWE, but she chose to leave to start a business with her husband at the time. While she is still running the business, Kaitlyn has split from her husband and is looking to make a return to the ring. Social media posts saw Kaitlyn in a wrestling ring talking about training for a return to her passion. WWE may be open to bringing her back as she is a former champion.

12 Blacklisted: Dawn Marie

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The chances of Dawn Marie being celebrated by WWE for her prior accomplishments are slim to none. Dawn Marie is remembered for both her run in ECW as one of the top ladies there and a long stint with WWE on the SmackDown brand. Most of her work was character based as she was not viewed as a great in-ring performer. Things ended horribly when WWE controversially released her from her contract when she was pregnant.

Dawn Marie filed a lawsuit against WWE for wrongful termination before settling out of court. Various interviews and projects in the past have seen her continue to trash WWE for how they treat their wrestlers. Dawn Marie painting the company in such a negative light and being a reminder of the controversial firing will keep her blacklisted.

11 Return: Torrie Wilson

Similar to Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson became a huge star due to the old ways of the women having matches about wearing little clothing rather than displaying athleticism. Wilson chose to leave the business due to the wear and tear of the few matches she wrestled in hurting her body. Torrie is trying to become a fitness personality on social media, but she still keeps in touch with her wrestling friends.

WWE has welcomed Wilson backstage at events multiple times over the past few years. There is still a good relationship there that could see her return in different capacities. Wilson is still attractive and athletic enough for WWE to show interest in her as a non-wrestling personality. The Hall of Fame is another option on the table that will happen sooner or later.

10 Blacklisted: Christy Hemme

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The firing of Christy Hemme back in 2006 remains one of the bigger mysteries in wrestling that has never been answered. Fan speculation and urban legends have created multiple stories as to why WWE would have fired the first ever Diva Search winner and someone with potential to become a star so early into her run with the company.

The most popular theory is that Triple H cheated on Stephanie McMahon with Hemme. This is why people believe Hemme was let go faster than anyone could have predicted. No one has ever confirmed nor denied this story keeping it out there. Regardless of if it is true or not, WWE will likely never do business with Christy again due to the association to such a controversial urban legend.

9 Return: Michelle McCool

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The WWE career of Michelle McCool ended when she stepped away from the ring to become a homemaker for The Undertaker. McCool was one of the top female stars at the time with many questioning how much Undertaker played a role in that. Regardless of why she was pushed, McCool clearly was one of the most successful women’s wrestlers in WWE history.

Charlotte Flair and McCool recently had an exchange on social media. McCool expressed interest and excitement about having one more match against Charlotte. Most fans wouldn’t view it as a WrestleMania attraction, but you never know what Vince McMahon thinks. McCool having one more match is quite likely. If she doesn’t wrestle again, she still will enter the Hall of Fame at some point based off her relationship with WWE and her connections.

8 Blacklisted: Taryn Terrell

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Impact Wrestling found a surprising gem when they hired Taryn Terrell after her run with WWE as Tiffany. WWE used her as an authority figure rather than a wrestler for the majority of her run. No one could have predicted she would become a highly success in-ring performer for Impact. Terrell had a classic feud with Gail Kim to put her on the map.

A break from wrestling ended recently when she returned to Impact. Sadly for her, a prior arrest kept her from being able to travel to Canada as Impact is now moving to become a Canada based company in 2018. WWE had ill will towards her for the controversial arrest during her attack on Drew McIntyre when they were married. The negative departure hurt her in the long run as she will never be back.

7 Return: Victoria

Former WWE star Victoria did a great job putting on impressive matches at a time when the ladies were limited in how much time they were given and what moves they were allowed to do. The talent and hard work of Victoria made her stand out with incredible matches against Trish Stratus adding some credibility to the Women’s Division.

A recent incident saw Victoria claim WWE blocked her from visiting backstage at a WWE event in San Diego. Despite this looking bad for her chances, it was likely a mistake since she has visited many shows in the past. The entire ladies locker room has respect for Victoria and she is another one that is going to get inducted into the Hall of Fame at some point in the future. Given the shape she is in, we may even see her have one more match.

6 Blacklisted: Melina

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Melina was one of the most talented women to wrestle in WWE, but her backstage attitude hurt her in a major. Numerous women on the roster had issues with Melina during her WWE tenure. The success of Melina got to her head and caused her to get the reputation of being an egotistical Diva to the other wrestlers. Mickie James and Candice Michelle each had a public war of words with Melina via blogs.

Melina left the industry after getting released from WWE to get a degree. Following her college time, Melina returned to the ring wrestling internationally on the independent circuit. The reputation of Melina has improved as she has been extremely kind to fans and her co-workers. Unfortunately, she still has one of the reputations in WWE history that will prevent her from one more run.

5 Return: Gail Kim

The recent news of Gail Kim retiring saw her close the final chapter of her Impact Wrestling career. Kim has avoided discussing a return to WWE due to the fact that she was used poorly on two occasions there. Vince McMahon didn’t believe in Gail being a star and had a very sexist attitude that rubbed her the wrong way.

However, Triple H continues to grow more power and he is someone that treated her well. According to Kim, Triple H offered words of support and praise for her when they were peers. Triple H has done a lot for women’s wrestling since then now running NXT. Gail has discussed her desire to wrestle a few ladies in WWE and NXT. A return for one more run finally being used well would be the best way to end her career. Triple H has brought back stars who have said worse things about WWE.

4 Blacklisted: Ashley Massaro

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Ashley Massaro was the second ever Diva Search winner and had a pretty big following. Fans gravitated towards Massaro and she received the biggest pop on SmackDown quite often. Ashley was the face of the Women’s Division on that show as her popularity made her a valuable commodity. Massaro actually challenged Melina for the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 23 in a rare women’s singles match on the big event.

The recent accusations of Ashley about being sexually assaulted at a military base during a promotional tour and WWE demanding she cover it up is a potential huge story. If the story gets the attention of the media, it could make WWE look horrible for such a disgraceful action. WWE is likely going to do everything in their power to distance themselves from Ashley after her claims.

3 Return: Sable

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Someone that has been rumored for the Hall of Fame a couple of times in recent years is Sable. The success of Sable made her for the first female to become a massive draw for WWE. Fans showed up to cheer Sable almost as much as they did come to Steve Austin and the other top stars in 1998. Sable had a rocky relationship as she left at her peak and sued them for sexual harassment.

WWE and Sable made peace when she returned in 2003 and one final run. Sable met her husband Brock Lesnar during this time period and the two are still together today. The likelihood of Sable getting a pay day to join her husband while being celebrated seems to be in the cards. Sable returning to WWE is going to happen at some point.

2 Blacklisted: Debra

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The stint of Debra in the late 90s saw her become one of the most popular women during the Attitude Era. Debra made a genius move jumping ship from WCW to WWE. She upgraded from being a forgettable manager to someone banking on her sex appeal in WWE’s Women’s Division. Steve Austin and Debra started dating in WWE leading to them getting married.

Debra and Austin got divorced after an incident of Austin attacking her and getting arrested. This remains one of the biggest stories WWE wants fans to forget. Debra went on various talk shows claiming Austin was abusive multiple times along with making accusations that WWE gave him steroids. The comments from Debra about WWE put her on their bad side forever and they will never celebrate any of her accomplishments.

1 Return: AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is one of the female wrestlers that fans badly want to return to the company. The popularity of AJ made her the most popular woman in the division at a time when performers like her were hard to find. Lee had great matches and connected with the audience due to her character work. Unfortunately, she grew frustrated with WWE and the hostility they showed towards her husband CM Punk enough to walk away.

At just 30 years old, Lee still has a lot to offer and has gone on the record that she misses the ring. AJ’s autobiography being a huge hit showed just how many fans she still has. WWE’s war with CM Punk is going to end sooner than later and they always want to bring in the money. Lee facing the stars on the main roster today could bring in attention and excitement.

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