8 Steamy Pictures Of Hulk Hogan's Wife Jennifer And 8 Of His Daughter Brooke

Oh, brother! Hogan's women sure look similar... 8 Not So PG Pictures Of Hulk Hogan's Wife Jennifer And 8 Of His Daughter Brooke

Hulk Hogan is the most popular professional wrestler of all time, "running wild" over two of the biggest companies in sports entertainment, WWE and WCW. During his wrestling career, Hogan dominated every opponent that stood in his way, becoming one of the greatest champions in either company. Professionally, there were very few superstars that got the 3 count on Hogan. However, Hogan was a natural jobber to scandals in his private life outside of wrestling.

Unless you've been living under a rock, the Hogan family has a history of bizarre oddities (not the stable) and insane scandals as seen here. Hulk Hogan's own personal life took a turn for the worse in 2007, when his wife of 25 years filed for divorce nearly cleaning The Hulkster out. Add a strange tape and racist comments leaking, and Hulk Hogan seemed to have hit rock bottom. Yet, through it all, Hogan's daughter, Brooke and his current wife, Jennifer McDaniel have continued to support him.  Brooke has publicly defended him through Facebook, amid all the allegations, while Jennifer remains by his side.

After life had finally finished laying the smackdown on him, Hogan now appears to be turning the tables against the scandals that plagued his personal life.  He continues to have a great relationship with his smoking hot daughter and appears happily married to his smoking hot new wife. With Hogan surrounded by two gorgeous women that support him, it's not a stretch to say Hulkamania is running wild once again. This list shows off several pictures of the two most important women in Hulk's life. Here are eight steamy pictures of Hulk Hogan's wife, Jennifer, and 8 of his daughter, Brooke.

16 Jennifer: With Hulk at PURE Nightclub


Ever since Hulk remarried back in 2010, he's been flaunting his new wife, Jennifer, everywhere. Who can blame him?  Here, Hulk Hogan and Jennifer attended the PURE Night Club in Las Vegas to celebrate Brooke's 21st birthday. Jennifer is seen in a lovely dress showing off the assets to the chagrin of no one. Losing millions to an ex-wife, would drive anyone to their lowest point, but now with this beauty by his side, Hulk seems to be the one looking like a million bucks these days. Hogan credits his wife in his book for helping him turn his personal life around after the divorce from his ex, Linda. But when you look at her closely, doesn't she look like someone else to you? Speaking of her...

15 Brooke: At the Beach


If you follow Brooke Hogan's Instagram, and why wouldn't you, you would know Brooke is clearly a fan of the beach. The star of the hit series Hogan Knows Best, Brooke posts multiple pictures of her hitting the beach and sporting a wide variety of bikinis and bathing suits. That's great. I'm thrilled that she's such a fan of the beach. She can like the beach all she wants with pictures such as these on her social media. Her Instagram is filled with beach photos that you'll have to see to believe. Keeping reading to see just a few of them further in this article. Brooke must get a lot of attention at the beach, not only for her beach bod, but for being a plenty recognizable face by now.

14 Jennifer: at the Beach


Bless her heart, Jennifer is no stranger to the beach either. Much like Brooke, Jennifer's not afraid to sport a bikini and show off that heavenly beach bod. Though Jennifer keeps a low profile on social media, Hulk has no problem posting gorgeous pictures of her on his Instagram, and we thank him for that. Jennifer seems to have no problem posing in each one as well which is great.  Jennifer is clearly in amazing shape, having been seen hitting the gym with her husband.  Staying in shape has allowed her to sport that sexy bikini, one can't blame Hogan for playing photographer. Hulk can keep posting, Jennifer can keep posing for him and we'll do our part and continue "Liking." We'll also keep sharing them with you.

13 Brooke: Workout


When Brooke isn't showing off the bod at the beach, she is showing her body off while simultaneously killing it at the gym.  Her amazing physique proves she's a Hogan, with firm legs capable of a devastating leg drop and pythons ready for a running clothesline.  The singer/actress not only wants to maintain her great shape for her music tours, public appearances and acting career but for her promising modeling career as well.  Judging from her glistening belly, there's no doubt she hits the gym often and hits it hard.  Brooke's workout routine is paying off.  She has the "California Girl" look down to a "T" and looks the part very well.

12 Jennifer showing leg with Hulk


Despite the 20 plus year difference in age, Jennifer seems to genuinely love Hulk and isn't just someone looking for a celebrity to marry. They are seen together in Hogan's Instagram posts, and it's fair to say they spend a great deal of time with each other, as most couples do. And why would Hulk want to be anywhere else? With Jennifer flaunting her long legs in those short shorts, Hogan definitely knows best. He knows the best place for him to be is right next to Jennifer.

Hogan went through about the nastiest divorce possible with his ex Linda and she made no hesitation about going around spreading allegations about The Hulkster. It's quite remarkable how quickly Hogan turned around his love life after the divorce.

11 Brooke: In a dress


Like her mother-in-law, Brooke can pull off the classy attire as well. Here, the former TNA authority figure arrives at the premiere of GLOW, a television series in which Brooke actually makes an appearance. In this excellent photo, Brooke looks simply amazing in her very leggy dress. By wearing such a short dress, revealing her long shapely legs, Brooke makes an effective endorsement for "Leg Day." Her legs are in perfect shape, and I can only imagine that Brooke crushes the leg press machine. In fact, I can't get the thought out of my head now. You wonder if Brooke pushed for a bigger role on GLOW, as she would undoubtedly want a hit series to be a part of right now. Would you object?

10 Jennifer: In a Halloween Costume


Jennifer can clearly rock formal attire and has the incredible Baywatch body to rock any swimsuit.  As it turns out, she can also rock out the Halloween costumes.  Dressed as the "Gold Lady," Jennifer wears a skin tight body suit costume for Halloween leaving nothing to the imagination.  This Instagram pic shows Jennifer's humorous and fun side as well.  She's not boring, and she isn't afraid to enjoy life once in awhile.  As seen above, Hogan's wife brings a whole new meaning to "trick-or-treat."

Back in a 2014 interview, Hogan spoke about the age difference between he and his wife of seven years: “I’m sixty years young and she’s thirty-nine, so it was a little weird at first, but I’m cool with it.”

9 Brooke: Photo shoot


Brooke has not only caught the attention of fans, but the attention of professional photographers as well. In a boost for her music career, she appeared in FMH in 2006, before she was even 21. As a result Brooke Hogan became the first cover model for FHM under 21 at the time to do so. Here is just a sample of Brooke's modeling work. In this photo shoot, the attention is wisely focused on her toned, tanned legs. It's clear, Brooke isn't afraid of the camera and works it well. Brooke has never had trouble getting modeling gigs, as not only does she have the goods, she has the Hogan name to bill herself with. Now into her 30s, she's not quite at that same level of fame, but always manages to stay in the news.

8 Jennifer in a Black Swimsuit


Hulk Hogan said that after his divorce, where his wife of 25 years received a large portion of his money, he contemplated taking his own life. That time period in his life was the lowest point for Hogan. Yet, had he known he'd get to look at the lovely woman pictured above every morning, the thought of suicide, I'm sure, would never have crossed his mind. One could argue that seeing this beautiful woman, displaying this incredible black bikini everyday, played a huge factor in literally saving Hulk's life. Jennifer got him through the divorce, through the sex scandal and through his WWE firing. Through everything, Jennifer was there for him. She was, and still is, an invaluable confidant for Hulk, and continues to be a amazing wife today.

7 Brooke: Purple Swimsuit


After the turmoil of Hulk Hogan's personal life, Hogan Knows Best was discontinued, leaving it's star, Brooke, without an important outlet for her music career.  Knowing the marketability of Brooke Hogan, she would later star in her own show called Brooke Knows Best, highlighting her music and her coping with her family's problems.  This candid photo above provides strong evidence as to why Hogan Knows Best and Brooke Knows Best became huge hits on VH1.  Brooke Hogan is a viewer magnet, as seen here, standing proudly in her sexy purple bikini out in the middle of public.  This pic is proof that Brooke is marketable, looking great even without the professional photographer, studio or makeup.  She is a natural beauty and one whose career is still in its infancy.  Though Brooke Knows Best is no longer running, the sky's the limit for her.  Brooke's music career is continuing and her acting career is making headway, making special appearances on television shows such as GLOW.

6 Jennifer: With Hulk at a wedding.


Hulk Hogan has no issues whatsoever showing off his new(er) wife, arriving at a wedding in 2016. Jennifer pulls off a sizzling tight black jumpsuit, proving to everyone that she can model off the swimwear and rock the formal attire as well. Jennifer has absolutely no problem with the public life along side Hulk Hogan, and, needless to say, she has stepped up to the plate when making appearances. She has her arm around her man, she's smiling and she's looking drop dead gorgeous from head to toe. The Hulkster, despite all his personal problems in the past couple of years seems to keep finding ways to bounce back and it's undoubtedly due to the support of his wife. She must keep him feeling young!

5 Brooke: in a Red Swimsuit


When news broke of Hulk Hogan's racist rant leaking, WWE immediately terminated Hogan's contract and removed any trace of him from their website. Brooke stuck up for her dad saying that's "not who he is really is" during an interview on ET. Brooke also continued to support her father (and not necessarily the things he said) by posting a poem onto her Facebook account titled, "If You Knew My Father."

With Brooke's music, acting and modeling careers all still taking off, defending her father could have jeopardized that.  Brooke could have left it alone, but instead Brooke refused to abandon her father. Certainly no one can question her admirable loyalty to the father that she loves, and that loyalty hasn't harmed her career whatsoever.  Brooke is still conducting photo shoots with reputable photographers and judging from this amazing photo of Brooke walking down the beach in her red bikini, why wouldn't she be.  This full body shot of Brooke should be reason enough for any photographer to immediately schedule a photo shoot with this goddess.

4 Jennifer: At the pool with Hulk and Brooke


I'm not really sure what's going on in this photo. Jennifer might be sniffing some of Brooke's lotion, but it's really none of my business. Here, you can see the happy Hogan family enjoying a nice visit at the pool. It shows that despite being her step mom, Brooke seems to get along perfectly with Jennifer and is totally and completely comfortable with her. They act like long lost best friends, and I'm sure Hulk is grateful for their positive relationship.

More importantly, let's not ignore just how amazing Jennifer looks in this photo.  She is drop dead gorgeous in her black bikini, rivaling even Brooke, which is saying something.  Age has without a doubt been kind to Jennifer. At 43, Jennifer has taken care of herself and made Hulk one lucky man.

3 Brooke: Going Green


Brooke has been seen wearing a red bikini, a purple bikini and a black bikini. Well, in this picture, she decided to mix it up, wearing an eye-popping green bikini. Okay, so it's obvious Brooke has no shortage of bikinis, but each and every pic of her in them is totally phenomenal (and I don't mean in an AJ Styles kind of way.)  Taken from her Twitter account, this action shot shows the former TNA authority figure in knee high water strutting in the ocean.  We get an excellent profile view showing her curves in all the right places. Brooke has a lot of beach pictures out there, so it's no surprise her side of this list is filled with them. We're sure you're not complaining.

2 Jennifer:  Hulk's Birthday with Brooke


During his birthday celebration, Hulk Hogan surrounded himself with two gorgeous ladies, his wife, Jennifer and his daughter, Brooke. Knowing the paparazzi would be there, Jennifer rose to the challenge and wasn't shy about looking good. Jennifer donned a stunning, short dress for all the cameras to see and looked absolutely ravishing (no, not Rick Rude).  It's remarkable how Jennifer is able to compete with the attractiveness of Brooke, but she manages to do just that.

Hogan wrote in his 2009 book that he was once contemplating taking his own life, but something changed his mind. He eventually met Jennifer and he credited fate with stopping him from taking his life:

“I could feel the life draining out of me,” he writes. “It had me curling my index finger on the trigger of a loaded handgun and putting it in my mouth.”

He adds: “Obviously I didn’t kill myself, but I came damn close.”

1 Brooke: "feeling" her dress


As if Brooke couldn't get any hotter, in another sneak peak at a photo shoot, Brooke posts an Instagram picture of her in a lacy white top. In her post, she says she likes the feel of it and it doesn't appear that she is lying. She seems to really enjoy feeling it a lot, but that's no problem. In fact, I'm sure she can feel as much of her top as she wants and no one would complain one bit. For more steamy pictures of Brooke's photo shoot prep and steamy selfies, visit her Instagram or search this site to find more tantalizing photos of the blonde beauty.

So, with that, wraps up our eight pictures of each Hogan's wife and his daughter. You've probably noticed they share a lot of similarities and some find it weird Hogan found someone over 20 years younger than him, young enough to be his daughter. But, into his 60s, it's doubtful Hulk cares what anyone thinks at this point. He's just living his life, brother!

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8 Steamy Pictures Of Hulk Hogan's Wife Jennifer And 8 Of His Daughter Brooke