8 Steamy Pictures Of Trish Stratus In The Ring (And 7 Out Of It)

The women of WWE are currently part of the biggest Women's Revolution that has ever been seen in the company, with the women finally being taken seriously for their athletic abilities. But some women were already taken seriously when they were on top form as part of the Women's Division. Trish Stratus is a record-setting seven-time Women's Champion. She came to WWE with no prior wrestling experience and within a couple of years, she managed to become the most decorated female wrestler in the history of the company as well as one of the most popular.

Trish's matches with Lita as part of a feud that lasted throughout both women's careers were legendary and they were even given the opportunity to main event Monday Night Raw back in 2004 because the WWE Universe was so invested in the rivalry. Trish retired from WWE more than a decade ago and has since married and become the mother of two beautiful children. Trish was one of the most beautiful women to ever step through a WWE curtain and the following list looks at Trish's beauty throughout her time in WWE as well as the times when she looked just as stunning when the cameras weren't on her.


15 Inside: Trish And Mickie


As already stated, Trish Stratus was signed to WWE as a former model and fitness model in a time when the women of WWE were only seen as eye candy. Trish shocked the world when she managed to learn how to wrestle in a matter of months and opened up what would be a career long rivalry with Lita.

Towards the end of her career, Trish would pass the torch over to Mickie James after the duo had a number of stand out matches including one at WrestleMania 22. Trish retired from WWE in 2006 and Mickie then took the mantle and became one of the women to beat on the roster.  As seen above, Trish had some incredible wrestling attires throughout her time with WWE and her red and black one has to be up there as one of the best.

14 Outside: Inside Fitness


It perhaps doesn't come as much of a surprise that Trish has managed to remain in shape over the past 11 years since she left WWE. The 2013 WWE Hall of Famer is now the mother of two children, but she also runs her own gym and has continued to train in both yoga and gymnastics.

Trish has been so busy since she left WWE, that Inside Fitness decided to write a feature on the former Women's Champion and the way she has spent her life since she had left WWE a few years ago. The above picture is one of the main shots from the article where Trish shows that she is doing everything right when it comes to remaining in shape and looking just as stunning as she always has.

13 Inside: Debut Year


Trish went through something of a style evolution throughout the years she was in WWE. When the WWE Universe first met Trish she was a cowboy wearing former gymnast without any wrestling skills. She later turned this around, stopped wearing the hat and began to be taken seriously.

Trish always looked incredible, and she had to because she was part of the company when the women in the WWE were seen as the most beautiful women in the world. Trish wanted to be more than just a pretty face and she later used her gymnastic background to come up with some innovative offence inside the WWE ring. Many of the WWE Universe have commented on how much Trish's image changed over the years, and it appeared to foreshadow the evolution of her character.

12 Outside: Mother Stratus


Trish Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2013 and as part of her induction speech, Trish announced that she was expecting her first child. Trish gave birth to a son called Maximus on Trish's wedding anniversary that year. Trish later announced that she was expecting her second child in late 2016 and gave birth to a daughter whom she called Madison in January 2017.

Trish shared the following photo on Instagram which shows just how beautiful she looked while she was eight months pregnant with her second child. Maternity photo shoots are something that a number of women opt for when they are coming towards the end of their pregnancy because they realize just how incredible the human body is when it is creating another life.

11 Inside: WWE Debut

As mentioned earlier, Trish went through a number of image changes throughout her career, but sometimes even she likes to look back at her debut. Trish walked into the lives of the WWE Universe back in March 2000 and worked as a valet for a just over a year while she was learning to wrestle behind the scenes.

Trish is most remembered for her time with Test and Albert as well as managing Val Venus to the Intercontinental Championship. Trish was just as successful as a manager as she was a wrestler when she was finally given her chance to wrestle a few years later. Trish was a Women's Champion merely months after she debuted in the WWE ring. Trish had potential from the beginning of her career and it seems that WWE realized this early on.

10 Outside: Fitness Guru


Trish may have left WWE back in 2006, but she has never really been out of the public eye. Trish opened her own Yoga Studio back in 2008 which she called "Stratusphere" and it is a place where she is able to teach yoga to a number of females and to help empower them.

Trish also helps with a number of self-defense classes, much like former WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres. The above image was part of the promotional campaign for her new fit gloves that she has created and are now being used on many of her yoga DVDs. There is a reason Trish was named the Business Woman of the year in 2010, she was once the greatest female wrestler of all time, and now she is proving that she is just as smart outside of the ring as she was inside it.

9 Inside: Women's Champion

Trish is a former seven-time Women's Champion in WWE and lifted her first Women's title at Survivor Series in 2001, merely a year and a half after she made her WWE debut. Trish and Lita carried the Women's Division for a number of years in an era where women were not there to wrestle and were hardly able to be taken seriously.

Trish posted the following image on Instagram last year where she was celebrating her win over both Jazz and Victoria in a triple threat match at WrestleMania XIX. To answer the above question that Trish decided to ask her Instagram followers, Trish became a four time Women's Champion. This was merely months before Trish turned heel and once again continued to evolve as both a character and a wrestler.


8 Outside: Final Farewell


After more than six years bringing the Stratusfaction to the WWE Universe, it was announced that Trish Stratus would be retiring from the company at Unforgiven inside the Air Canada centre in her hometown of Toronto, Canada.

Trish took on her long time rival Lita in the final match with the Women's Championship on the line and was able to have the perfect finish to a record breaking career as she lifted the Women's Championship for a seventh and final time. It's strange for WWE to allow a superstar who was retiring to lift a Championship in their final match, but Trish managed to change these rules and vacated the Championship the following day, even though she didn't actually walk away from the company for good, as you will see later in this list.

7 Inside: WrestleMania

Wrestling was in Trish's blood, she easily managed to pick up the skill and it seems that when she made the decision to walk away from the company in 2006, she was unable to stay away.

Trish has made a number of returns to the company over the years, the first one was when she returned to WWE Raw in her hometown and partnered John Cena in a tag match against Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix. Trish later returned to WWE in a lengthy storyline where she ended up partnering Snooki and John Morrison at WrestleMania 27. Trish looked a lot different from the women who won a number of Championships in WWE, she had dyed her hair brown and had her breast implants removed, but she was still able to deliver in the ring when needed.

6 Outside: Gridlocked


As well as being one of the most decorated female wrestlers of all time, Trish was easily able to step into a career following her retirement. Trish has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows since leaving the company and the above image is taken from Gridlocked, a film that was released in 2015 where Trish plays Gina.

Trish also appeared in a film entitled Bounty Hunters in 2011 as well as having to miss her honeymoon because she was cast as part of Armed and Famous in 2007. It seems that Trish was able to move into acting so effortlessly because of the skills that she picked up while she was in WWE. Let's be honest, how incredible does Trish look all geared up in Gridlocked? It definitely makes you want to watch the movie, doesn't it?

5 Inside: Looking Fierce In The Ring


Trish's beauty was always something that worked to her advantage during her time in WWE, but like many other women of her era, Trish was forced to undergo breast enhancement surgery quite early on, because it was thought that this was all that men were watching wrestling for.

Trish was so much more than just eye candy and as her character evolved over the years, her outfits did as well and as the above picture shows, Trish knew exactly how to dress to show off her best "assets." There is a reason why Trish was as successful as she was in WWE, and that is because she is the perfect blend of talent and beauty and WWE pushed that as hard as they could and made her one of the greatest female wrestlers in the history of the company.

4 Outside: Awesome Attire


Trish is a woman, which knows that she always knows how to dress, but it was much later in Trish's career, around WrestleMania 21 that Trish finally began dressing to compliment her body.

The above outfit shows that despite having two children in the past few years, Trish has been able to recover and maintain and incredible body figure that she can continue to show off. Much like Torrie Wilson, Trish has continued to be obsessed with fitness even after she left the company and stopped actually wrestling, and this is because she loves yoga and she loves being able to show off her incredible physique, something that she often does on Instagram. Trish knows just how beautiful she is and how much of an incredible role model she has become to all other female wrestlers.

3 Inside: School Girl


Many of the WWE Universe recall the Women's Division a few years ago as a bad thing, mostly because it wasn't as competitive as it is today, but the one positive of Women's Wrestling back when Trish was together was that women were allowed to dress up as school girls.

Trish may have been the Women's Champion at the time, but she was still brought into this mix and was forced to take part in a match that saw all of the competitors dress as school girls. It's quite obvious that if Trish showed up to school dressed the way she is in the above gif that she would be sent home straight away. Trish's skirt doesn't even cover her underwear, which isn't very practical, but it is what the WWE Universe wanted.

2 Outside: Photo Shoots


One of the things that the women of WWE do much better than any other female wrestlers in the world is photo shoots. The company release a number of photos of their women's roster around holidays like Halloween or even ahead of football seasons, but when Trish first debuted in WWE, the shoots were less about themes and more about females in their underwear.

Trish shared one of the first ever test photo shoots she ever had with WWE on her Instagram page a few years ago. She's a natural with the camera, which obviously helped in her career. Trish seems to like sharing throwback images to prove just how much she has changed over the years, from a time before she had a family and became a mother.

1 Inside: WrestleMania 22


There is a reason why many of the WWE Universe believe that WrestleMania 22 was one of the greatest women's matches up to that point that they had ever seen. Mickie James' feud with Trish Stratus had lasted for a number of months and the story had been fantastic leading into their bout.

Mickie went on to prove that she would hang with someone like Trish in the ring and was able to dethrone the much more experienced Champion. This was seen as a passing of the torch moment for Trish when she put over Mickie. Let's be honest, this is the best wrestling attire that Trish has ever worn, this was later seen as her final WrestleMania event and she certainly ensured that she went out with a bang.


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