8 Struggling Wrestlers WWE Can Still Save... And 7 Who Are Doomed

Over the years, WWE has signed a lot of talent--maybe too much, as the current roster is too congested. On top of that, only a handful of wrestlers can receive strong booking, while others are forced to put over talent or job to others, essentially tarnishing their reputations  for years to come.

But with the brand extension now well underway, the roster has been split in half, giving underused talent a platform to shine on their own, giving them hope for bigger things in the company rather than just jobbing to stars forever. There are some wrestlers who are still floundering after the brand extension, as they have failed to find their place in the roster, but many of them can--and should--be saved by the WWE. On the other hand, there are others who seem to be doomed forever because of the years of bad booking they received.

Let's take a look at 8 struggling wrestlers WWE can still save and 7 who are doomed for good.

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15 Can Be Saved: Tyler Breeze

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Tyler Breeze has always shown a lot of potential in his ability to play his arrogant, "beautiful" gimmick but has never reaped the rewards he deserved in the WWE, as Breeze found his popularity in WWE NXT where he portrayed a model who thought he was better than anyone else. Breeze had great talent in the ring as his in-ring work was solid and he found popularity in NXT because of it, but once he made his main-roster debut, everything fell down flat for him. Creative over there couldn't find anything for him, as he was degraded to a jobber who lost 20 straight matches in WWE TV last year. Now part of the "fashion police" gimmick with Fandango, he's not looking that well but the WWE could change up Tyler with a revamped gimmick and make for a newer version of "The Miz" if they want to. With Tyler's promo-skills and ability to live the gimmick, he can make for a very good smug heel in the long run as WWE should stop wasting his talent and give him an opportunity to become a prominent heel and make an impression on the fans.

14 Doomed: Fandango

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It's rather surprising to realize that Fandango has been in the WWE for almost a decade now (including his time in developmental), as he spent almost half that time honing his skills to become a proper WWE Superstar and debuted as this dancer-gimmick who shocked everyone by defeating Chris Jericho in his debut match at WrestleMania 29. Fandango has since been on a horrible decline, as he soon after became a jobber and has stayed that way for years now, as his entertaining dancing is featured some-times in WWE TV and his career seems to be beyond saving in the WWE. He's currently a part of a team with Tyler Breeze called "Breezango" as part of the "fashion police" gimmick which is only making him look all the more worse, as Fandango is absolutely doomed in the WWE and will never gain relevance again and going by the fact that he's been in the company for 10 years, his time also seems to be coming up and there's nothing he can really do to save his job at this point of time.

13 Can Be Saved: Kalisto

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The exciting Luchador Kalisto is one of the most high-flying superstars in WWE right now, but is being wasted by the WWE who is feeding him to horrible feuds which is only putting a dent to his reputation. Kalisto rose to prominence in NXT as well, where he was part of the entertaining "Lucha Dragons" with Sin Cara as they defeated The Ascension for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Their amazing high-flying ability and fan-following treaded a path to the main-roster, where they impressed at first but slowly mellowed down to irrelevant feuds and losing to the bigger teams. Kalisto was drafted to Smackdown in the Brand Extension(even though many feel he should've been on Raw with their Cruiserweight Division) and has been jobbing to Baron Corbin ever since in a dragged feud which is getting boring now. WWE need to give Kalisto a push now to insert him in the level Rey Mysterio achieved in the company, as consecutive losses in feuds is only denting his reputation as he needs to be given the chance to portay the ultimate underdog of Smackdown and should be pushed as a strong mid-carder instead of jobbing to bigger stars in irrelevant feuds, as the Luchador can be a star for the WWE in the future and make his Hispanic heritage proud.

12 Doomed: Sin Cara

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The gimmick of Sin Cara has been portrayed by multiple people in the WWE, as he was originally portrayed by the real Sin Cara aka Mistico who was a legend in the Mexican wrestling circuit and had that mystical element to his matches. But his departure saw Hunico, "the fake Sin Cara" in a story-line earlier on become the real one as he started to wrestle alongside Kalisto as part of the Lucha Dragons as they won the NXT Tag Team Championships. They soon took the main roster stage with their exciting wrestling skills, but when Kalisto found popularity he was moved to become a singles wrestler as Sin Cara was left to ponder upon his future. The two were separated after the brand extension saw both head their own ways as Sin Cara was drafted to Raw and Kalisto to Smackdown, meaning that Sin Cara now is struggling to stay relevant on Raw because of his lack of story-line potential. He also became volatile backstage as he had a fight with Simon Gotch of the Vaudevillains but wasn't punished for it, as he was put into the Cruiserweight Division of Raw and wrestled a couple of matches to keep the luchador feel alive on Raw. But he again had a fight, this time with WWE Legend Chris Jericho on WWE's recent European Tour, as this probably meant for the end of any kind of push for him. His bad reputation backstage and lack of compelling story-telling skills on WWE TV will mean that his career will probably be stuck in this limbo of wrestling to entertain at times and losing most of the matches, as his horrible attitude and lack of character-skills in the WWE means that he's doomed to remain as a failure in it.

11 Can Be Saved: Luke Harper

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Luke Harper has been having a hard 2016 so far, as the member of the Wyatt Family was spent much of it injured but made his return a month back to reunite with Bray. Harper has shown time and again of how good he can be as a singles wrestler, as he is not only an amazing athlete in the ring but has the compelling promo-skills and ability to portray a terrorizing character, but he's being wasted by the WWE right now. Ever since Randy Orton has joined the Wyatt Family, Harper has been ignored by Bray and creative as well, denting his reputation as a monster heel as he's being made to look like an idiot these days. Harper needs to part with the Wyatt's in order to be relevant again, because he cannot excel at the shadow of Bray and WWE needs to turn him into a singles superstar for Smackdown as he should be allowed to compete for the Intercontinental Championship or even the World Title in the long run, as he's shown his ability to stay strong against the big guys in the roster and should be turned into a top star by the WWE because of his ability and devotion for them all these years.

10 Doomed: Jinder Mahal

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When it was initially reported that WWE would be wanting to rehire former superstars for its brand extension, Jinder Mahal wasn't really the guy the WWE fans were expecting to come back to the company because of how bad of a stint he had in the company before. But he was brought back by Heath Slater and earned his WWE contract by defeating his former 3MB partner, as he is now portraying this "peace-seeking" character who is a jobber no-one even cares for nor does anyone want to see him in WWE TV. Mahal doesn't seem to have anything impressive in his arsenal and because of his lack of popularity or relevance in the company, he already seems to be doomed as this stint is surprisingly turning out to be worse than his previous one as Mahal's return turned out to be a bust and going by his lack of skills, he'll probably be out of the company soon enough yet again.

9 Can Be Saved: Cesaro

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"The Swiss Superman" Cesaro has always looked like a top star in the WWE, but has never actually reached the big stages of the WWE because of creative's problems with him. He has been on a roll in the past year, as he gained a lot of followers recently with the "Cesaro Section" and with his amazing ability in the ring put up great matches with just about anyone he is made to compete against. He's currently tag-teaming with Sheamus who he had a lengthy feud with(if that makes any sense) as the two have been making for an intriguing tag team, but Cesaro's reputation isn't doing any good as he's struggling to get wins right now and doesn't belong in the tag team division at all. WWE really needs to push him to the top right now, as his popularity goes to show how good he is with his in-ring work as this amazing athlete needs to be given a proper singles belt right now and slowly but surely pushed as a main-event star, because he has shown in the past few years just how damn good he is and needs to be rewarded by the WWE for his service in entertaining the fans and putting up amazing matches for them week in, week out.

8 Doomed: Darren Young

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Darren Young was never great in the first place, so it still doesn't make any sense why "Make Darren Young Great Again" was ever a thing in the WWE who tried to push him earlier this year, but no response from the fans and his lack of ability at perfectly depicting the gimmick made for another stumble in Young's disastrous WWE Career. Young was entertaining as part of the "Prime-Time Players" with Titus O'Neil but once they parted, it ruined his career as he has struggled to be a compelling singes star in the company and can do nothing on his own. WWE tried to use Bob Backlund to help Young get over, but that never happened as Young's career seems to be in the drains right now with no sign of improvement in the near future and even if he can keep his job in the company, it'll mostly be to job to the stars as "Make Darren Young Great Again" was his last chance and his failure at excelling at it proved that Darren Young will never be great in WWE.

7 Can Be Saved: Apollo Crews

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A force to be reckoned with in the Independent Circuit, Apollo Crews has been rather under-whelming in the WWE mostly because of the company cutting him down from showcasing his full ability in the ring. Crews debuted in WWE NXT where he was pretty impressive for some months before he made the jump to the main roster, which many people thought was too soon for him. It turned out that assumption was correct, as the superstar failed to get any popularity from the audience who just didn't know who he was! Crews got some wins over jobbers but soon started to job himself to the stars, as he was drafted to Smackdown in the brand extension and while he was impressive at first, he dissolved into becoming irrelevant soon enough. He has barely made any appearance in WWE TV over the past months and lost to Curt Hawkins a few weeks back, as Crews' position doesn't look so good at this moment and WWE needs to fix his situation because he's a wrestler who doesn't deserve this treatment. Crews has amazing ability in the ring and can put up 5 star matches with any good wrestler if he's allowed too, as he needs to be showcased more prominent on Smackdown and built as a strong mid-carder who should be given the Intercontinental Championship soon before moving into bigger things, and if WWE ever decide on making an African-American WWE Champion, Crews is the perfect contender for it as he has the skill to hold the championship in the long run.

6 Doomed: Curtis Axel

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Curtis Axel's WWE career has been a rather appalling journey as he started out strongly as part of the Nexus and even got an Intercontinental Championship reign after that, but his failure at excelling as a "Paul Heyman guy" hurt him bad as he was buried by the WWE to the point of no return. The Son of Mr Perfect has been jobbing for years now, as he has been part of some entertaining gimmicks which make for some laughs, but he isn't somebody anyone can take seriously these days as him being part of the "Social Outcasts" or "Axelmania" has made him more of a laughing stock in the WWE. Even though he's quite the formidable in-ring worker, his career has been dented to the point that it can't be fixed in the WWE as he can now only remain as a lower-mid carder for the rest of his time in the WWE jobbing to stars and making for some entertaining segments and will never attain the popularity and legacy his father had in the company and because of his tantrums in the past few months, his status and reputation within the company doesn't look so good either.

5 Can Be Saved: Rusev

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Remember when Rusev used to be an unstoppable monster heel who just plowed through everyone and was undefeated for almost a full year? That seems like a long time back as the Bulgarian Brute has been held back after his initial dominance in the WWE as he has taken a lot of bad losses and gone through horrible story-lines which took away all the intimidating nature of his character. He's been in hot water ever since making his marriage public with Lana, as he was given another US title run earlier this year but that was pretty unconvincing because of some shallow booking. He lost it to Roman Reigns and lost the feud as well, which made him look weak as creative doesn't seem to know what to do with him right now. The Bulgarian Brute is definitely one of the most talented wrestlers on the roster right now, and going by his amazing in-ring work and ability to pull off great feuds, he should be a contender for the main-event title in the WWE and needs to be turned into a main-event heel soon because he's on a bit of a slump right now and if WWE stall on him like they are doing right now, all his potential ability to be a main-event star will be destroyed and he'll be made to be this Anti-American wrestler who takes loss to make Americans feel good.

4 Doomed: Titus O'Neil

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Even though many might say that Titus O'Neil making the grave mistake of "shoving" Vince McMahon is the reason of his horrible state in the company right now, it's more because of the fact that he's absolutely horrible as a singles wrestler. O'Neil was pretty good as the wrecking ball of Prime Time Players and looked good in that division, but ever since he has turned to his singles career everything has gone bad for him. Since returning from the suspension he received earlier this year, he was given a mini-push as he competed for the US Title against Rusev but was comprehensively defeated by the Bulgarian Brute. After a rather bizarre feud with Darren Young, he is now portraying himself as "The Titus Brand" which makes no sense at all and was such a bust that WWE isn't even featuring it on its TV segments nowadays. The Big man seems to be a bust in WWE and going by his heat with McMahon, he's doomed for the rest of his WWE career as he'll probably play out his contract and leave the company after it comes to an end, because his career is definitely broken to the point of no repair in the WWE.

3 Can Be Saved: Neville

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Ever since getting the change in his name, Neville has been struggling in the WWE as he was quite the star when in WWE NXT. He started out with WWE in NXT where he was promoted really well, as he started out by winning the NXT Tag Team Championships before making the big leap to win the NXT Championship which he held for almost 300 days. His Impressive display in NXT made for a main-roster call-up, but he was quite under-whelming here despite picking up a lot of wins. He made for some highlight-reel moments with his finisher "The Red Arrow" but when it came to getting the big wins which would elevate him to another level, he failed to do so as he also failed to gain relevance because of it. An injury in the early part of 2016 ruled him out for months in the company, as he was drafted to Raw and returned to defeat some jobbers. He isn't doing anything relevant right now and is barely on WWE Television these days, as he's perfect to lead the line for WWE's Cruiserweight Division and should be made the star of the Cruiserweight Division. Winning The Cruiserweight Title could help him become a star in the WWE, as he can take small steps to the bigger leagues by becoming the face of the Cruiserweight Division and then pulling off an under-dog story like Rey Mysterio. Neville's talent is being horribly wasted by the WWE, as he needs to be pushed as a star right now and with the perfect stage laying in the Cruiserweight Division, WWE needs to act on him fast before he becomes a forgotten figure in the WWE.

2 Doomed: Jack Swagger

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It's rather surprising to realize that Jack Swagger was actually a World Heavyweight Champion at one point of time, as the "All-American American" was actually quite high in the WWE after his debut. But after his high came an all-time low which buried him so deep, that he couldn't get out of the hole as his downfall after his World Championship reign was quite shocking. After getting Zeb Colter as his manager and creating "The Real Americans" with Cesaro, he couldn't manage to get over with the fans who didn't really pay much heed into him as he was almost like damaged goods for them. Swagger then became a jobber who often fought for American against the Anti-Americans but failed to succeed every-time, as even a trade to Smackdown Live! hasn't done him any good as he can't manage to find a spot at that show either and looks to be absolutely doomed in the company who will probably release him soon enough because of his inability to impress anymore as his downfall from World Champion to irrelevant jobber is quite the appalling case.

1 Can Be Saved: Sami Zayn

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Sami Zayn was quite a star in WWE NXT, which is almost opposite to what he is in the main-roster right now. Zayn started out in WWE NXT where he had some amazing matches with the other wrestlers and made for an amazing underdog story when he defeated Neville for the NXT Championship. But since taking the leap to the main roster, Zayn's talent has been thoroughly wasted as he's not been in any prominent feuds since then and even a strong win against Kevin Owens a few months back didn't make for any push for him. It's been rumored that he's been taking losses to built his underdog story, but that seems more unlikely with each passing week as Zayn has taken a lot of losses which has hurt his reputation and has been struggling to gain a stage in the main roster. WWE needs to fix his situation, because he's not only the perfect underdog but can also make for some superb story-telling and feuds as Zayn needs to win his feud with Braun Strowman and then pushed into winning a title down the line. "The Underdog from the Underground" needs to be booked strongly to make for a compelling underdog story as WWE is just destroying his potential but making him take constant losses as he needs to be pushed as a strong underdog right now and prove why he deserves the name the company has given him, as he has shown before just how amazing of an underdog story he can conjure up.

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