8 Tag Teams The Fans Desperately Want To See And 7 Vince Thinks They Want

Tag teams and factions are a staple of professional wrestling. Many fans and even people within the industry aren't the biggest proponents of tag wrestling and still prefer the traditional one-on-one feuds and matches. However when tag team wrestling is done right it can be fantastic. It's an art form that requires a very different mind set compared to singles wrestling. It's not as simple as just throwing together two Superstars who aren't being used at the time and letting them wrestle together. Unless you're extremely lucky, that rarely works and only those with great chemistry can make tag team wrestling entertaining.

WWE currently seems to be in the business of breaking tag teams up. Enzo and Cass, Golden Truth, and American Alpha to name a few. This great divide is leaving the tag divisions on both Raw and SmackDown Live pretty threadbare. Some new teams need to start being put together, but how Vince McMahon will go about that and how the fans would like him to do so are probably two very different things. There are teams out there that the WWE Universe desperately want to see in WWE, and even Superstars already in the company that the fans would love to see work together.

Here are eight teams that the fans want to see, and seven that Vince would rather give them.

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15 Fans Want: A New Evolution

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It's no secret that Triple H is a little more in tune with the hardcore fans than his father-in-law, Vince McMahon. Not only does the game demonstrate that with his work on NXT, but he has also shown it with the tournaments he has helped stage and the countless talents he has introduced to the wider WWE Universe. One man The King of Kings seems to have taken a particular shine to is current United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne, and who can blame him? The young man is an incredible talent, and Triple H's fondness of him prompted fans to start dreaming about Evolution 2.0. The Line up? Triple H and Dunne of course, alongside Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. Talk about a faction that could lay waste to the entire roster.

14 Vince Wants: John Cena And Roman Reigns

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The hottest story in WWE right now is the ongoing feud between John Cena and Roman Reigns. Week after week the two mega stars are getting extremely personal with each other on the mic and it is making for some great television. What you may have not noticed is that the two of them have yet to get physical with one another. Instead most of the segments that have pitted them against each other in a war of words have wound up with the two of them teaming up together. Every time Cena and Reigns tag together you can almost picture Vince McMahon drooling back stage. It's the stuff of dreams, or at least Vince's dreams. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that after their match at No Mercy the two will reconcile, find common ground and tackle a mutual enemy.

13 Fans Want: The Young Bucks

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In recent years when it comes to giving the WWE fans what they want from the independent scene, Vince McMahon and company have performed fairly well. Finn Balor, AJ Styles, and Adam Cole are all Superstars who would probably not have made it to WWE if it wasn't for the hardcore fans' adoration of them. One act they still haven't delivered on though is the hugely popular Young Bucks. Aside from maybe Kenny Omega, the Jackson brothers are the biggest Superstars outside of WWE right now. Sadly, despite how much the fans would love it and how much good they could do if they came, The Bucks don't seem interested in a WWE run right now. Everyone has a price though, and it just comes down to whether WWE are willing to meet it.

12 Vince Wants: The Golden Truth

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One of the hottest angles on Raw about two months ago was the break up and subsequent feud between Golden Truth members R-Truth and Goldust. Okay maybe it wasn't one of the hottest, but most fans seemed pretty invested. Then all of a sudden when things seemed like they were really about to get going, someone pulled the plug. Now one of the reasons fans were so invested in the break up of the two is probably because of how annoying their act had become. In fact the only person who likely still enjoyed it was Vince, and maybe R-Truth himself. The Boss may have reluctantly split the two up and then given us the half hearted attempt at a feud that ensued. Don't be surprised if you see Goldie and Truth back together on Raw sometime soon with little to no explanation.

11 Fans Want: Breezango

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Although Tyler Breeze was a fan favorite while performing in NXT, things haven't panned out all that well for him on the main roster. Rumours are begin to circulate that Prince Pretty requested to leave an episode of Raw early and ever since then higher ups have not been too keen on him. With that in mind it feels like the whole Breezango tag team may have been a rib on the former NXT star. Well if it was, it sure backfired on the WWE and Vince McMahon. The best wrestlers in the business can make almost any gimmick work if they try hard enough, and Breeze and Fandango have done just that. They may not be getting many matches but the pair's weekly Fashion Files segments have become must see TV among the fans.

10 Vince Wants: Harper And Rowan

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In early 2017 everything was looking up for Luke Harper. Fans had been on the Harper bandwagon for a while due to the former Wyatt's amazing athletic ability in relation to his larger frame. Luke played a key part in the feud over the WWE Championship between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton and it seemed like only a matter of time before he would be getting a shot at the coveted title himself. Unfortunately for him and the fans, that never happened. Instead Harper has disappeared from WWE television altogether. The only logical explanation is that Vince McMahon has other plans for the big man. Erick Rowan is another man who has been inexplicably AWOL as of late and it feels like when we do finally see these men again they'll probably be working together.

9 Fans Want: The Entire Wyatt Family

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Now you'll have to ignore Braun Strowman for this one, and since he was a later addition to the Wyatt Family that seems fair. Braun is really the only one to have had any significant period of success since all of The Wyatts went their separate ways. The other three could do with reuniting though, and it needs to be more than just the Harper and Rowan run that we're likely about to get. Something the fans would be behind is Bray Wyatt returning to guide those lost souls. With the potential of the Broken Hardy gimmick appearing in WWE sometime soon and Sanity's eventual arrival on the main roster, there could be a couple of potential dream matches on the horizon if the creepy trio were to once again join forces.

8 Vince Wants: Shelton Benjamin And Chad Gable

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There is currently an odd choice for a story line panning out on Raw that (to put it mildly) has fallen flat on its face. A couple of months ago Jason Jordan was revealed to be the illegitimate son of Monday Night Raw's General Manager, Kurt Angle. The introduction of the angle meant that American Alpha were rather unceremoniously broken up, and Chad Gable was left to fend for himself on SmackDown Live. Gable started having some terrific matches, most notably with Rusev and seemed on the cusp of a great singles run. Then Shelton Benjamin returned and Vince McMahon made the most obvious of choices by putting them in a tag team together. It hasn't gone anywhere so far and fans would probably rather see the two men competing on their own.

7 Fans Want: Broken Matt And Brother Nero

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In 2016 the wrestling world was buzzing over one thing, and for the first time in years it wasn't something happening within the bounds of WWE. Matt and Jeff Hardy had completely reinvented themselves in the company formerly known as TNA, and basically saved them from going out of business in the process. They were known as Broken Matt and Brother Nero and they captured the attention of wrestling fans everywhere. Then at WrestleMania 33 the brothers returned to their spiritual home of WWE. When they made their way to the ring Michael Cole said 'things are about to get broken', but almost six months on that still hasn't happened. Admittedly legal reasons may be getting in the way of this one coming to fruition, but even so Vince McMahon needs to push on through and make this happen in WWE.

6 Vince Wants: The Hardy Boyz

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Going back to that Hardy Boyz return at WrestleMania, it was one of the biggest moments of the year so far. Not many were expecting the Hall of Fame bound tag team to make an appearance that night, so when their music hit the place went absolutely insane. As mentioned previously it was instantly hinted that we would be getting the broken version of the brothers, but that still hasn't happened. While many are pointing fingers at the legal issues, it really does feel like Mr McMahon may not actually want the TNA version of Matt and Jeff in WWE. Vince made The Hardy Boyz almost 20 years ago. It's that original music the crowd popped for in Orlando, so damn it that's who we're going to get. Granted the gimmick they originally played was meant for younger versions of the men they are now, but the chairman doesn't seem too phased about that.

5 Fans Want: Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose

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In the build to this year's SummerSlam fans were slowly being given something they didn't know they wanted until the chance of it happening was right under their noses. A mini Shield reunion. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose's paths crossed for the first time in a while and they happened to have a common enemy. The only problem was that The Lunatic Fringe still couldn't see past The Architect's act of betrayal from three years prior. Week after week WWE would tease that the two of them were going to patch things up, only for one man to change his mind at the last second and string us along. The reunion eventually happened of course and the newly reformed two thirds of The Shield went on to become Raw Tag Team Champions at SummerSlam. Judging by the fan's reactions, they don't want this tag team to split up any time soon.

4 Vince Wants: A Full Shield Reunion

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The fans are more than happy with the reunion between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, but it feels like WWE are not content with stopping there. Survivor Series is on the horizon so WWE needs factions, and Vince McMahon will do absolutely anything to get the fans cheering for Roman Reigns again. The only time Reigns has ever really had the adoration of the fans during his main roster career is when he fought alongside his brothers in The Shield. For one night only maybe it is a good idea, but further than that I think WWE will be ruining a good thing they have going at the moment. On a number of occasions Vince McMahon has resorted to trying to get the rub for Roman from other Superstars, and this would be the ultimate example of that.

3 Fans Want: Women's Tag Teams

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Women's wrestling in WWE is bigger and better than ever. From the term Divas being scrapped to the Mae Young Classic, never has it been better to be a woman in WWE than it is right now. The revolution is showing no signs of slowing down either. More and more women are flocking to WWE and with the Mae Young Classic coming to a close it's safe to assume that a fair few of those ladies will be signing longer term contracts with the company. Sooner or later the three women's titles that currently exist within the company aren't going to be enough. What there has been talk of among fans is introducing a women's tag team division. It would be an easy way of not only bringing in more titles for the females to battle for, but it would also give the new influx of women something to do right off the bat.

2 Vince Wants: The Colons

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The Colons, The Shining Stars, Los Matadores, or simply Primo and Epico. Whatever you know them as they have not exactly been a roaring success in WWE. The cousins are from a famous and extensive pro wrestling family, so the business is in their blood, but for whatever reason no matter what their gimmick they haven't really taken off in WWE. It's not really their fault though, as not many tag teams could make masked bull fighters and dodgy travel agents work on Raw each week. Vince McMahon continues to keep them around though so he must see something in the pair. For a moment it looked as if a move to SmackDown Live could have sparked something in the two, but that spark would never come.

1 Fans Want: Bullet Club

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One thing that WWE and Vince McMahon definitely wish they had come up with is New Japan Pro Wrestling's Bullet Club. They've demonstrated that envy by continually signing members from it, including former leaders AJ Styles and Finn Balor. They even tried to give the fans what they desperately wanted and put AJ with his fellow Bullet Club alumni, Gallows and Anderson. They never went all the way with it though, and the manifestation of the group that the fans want is the one with Finn Balor at the helm. Finn has teased the idea via his use of the term Balor Club, and it would seem that if the New Japan faction ever does reunite in WWE then that will have to be the name it falls under.

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