8 Tag Teams WWE Wasted In A Big Way And 7 They Pushed Hard

WWE has never had a great reputation when it comes to tag teams. The likes of The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, and The Dudley Boyz set the bar when it came to tag team matches in WWE in the late 1990s but this is a level that no other team has ever been able to reach.

NXT has created some incredible teams over the past four years but WWE is under the impression that if it works at Full Sail University then it won't work on the main stage, which means that many of the teams who have come through the ranks in NXT have been wasted on the main roster.

Of course, this isn't the rule. WWE does like to push a number of teams and for some reason, the company are more happy pushing teams they had aligned together rather than teams that have proven chemistry and experience working together.

Tag teams come and go in WWE and now there are three Tag Team Divisions that are all as competitive as eve. it's a great time to push some of the talent that deserves to wear gold.

The following list looks at eight tag teams that WWE wasted throughout their time in the company and seven that WWE seemed to take a shine to.

15 Wasted: The Vaudevillains

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As former NXT Tag Team Champions, there is no question about the fact that Simon Gotch and Aiden English were wasted on the main roster. The duo had a unique Vaudeville gimmick that worked so well for them in NXT. But when they made their debut on the SmackDown brand, it never worked out for The Vaudevillains

The Vaudevillains were just the latest in a long line of stars like Bo Dallas, Tyler Breeze, and Adam Rose who had finally been promoted to the main roster, only to be completely wasted or underutilized. Simon Gotch was released from WWE following WrestleMania 33 after a backstage altercation which meant that it was the end of the team that lived in yesteryear. But Aiden English has been used on SmackDown Live much more since his partner's departure, so it seems that this could be a silver lining.

14 Pushed: Cesaro And Sheamus

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Cesaro and Sheamus were once sworn enemies, forced to compete in a lengthy Best-of-Seeven Series to prove one of them was the better man. But when the series ended in a draw (much to the annoyance of the WWE Universe) Raw General Manager Mick Foley decided that the duo would work much better together than they have been doing against each other.

Two Tag Team Championship reigns later and the team that claims "we are the bar" are finally finding their feet as a unit and are proving that they could well be one of the best teams on Monday nights. It's sad that WWE has to put teams together themselves in order to push them though when there are ready made teams just waiting for a chance.

13 Wasted: The Club

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WWE made the decision to sign Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows from New Japan Pro Wrestling back in 2016. The Club set the tone when they attacked The Usos on their first night as part of the company.

There were a number of teases of AJ Styles joining the duo and the Bullet Club reforming but over the past year none of these teasers have come to fruition. Instead The Club has become another underused team in the Raw locker room that only really get an outing when WWE want them to put over another team. The Club defended their championship at WrestleMania back in April, but the titles were won by The Hardys. This will be the last Anderson and Gallows see of Tag Team titles for a while, which is a shame because they had so much promise.

12 Pushed: The Hardy Boys

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The Hardy Boyz are one of the best-known tag teams in the history of WWE. So it's no surprise that WWE jumped at the chance of having Matt and Jeff Hardy back on WWE TV, even without their Broken gimmick.

Not only did WWE allow the famous high flying brothers to return to the company, they allowed them to return at WrestleMania and win the Tag Team Championship on the same night, which could not have gone over well with the other tag teams who were working hard backstage in WWE at that time. The Hardys are legends, theirs no doubt about it, but Matt doesn't seem to be on the same level he was before, and he often brings the team down. WWE just needs to realize that they aren't the same team they were two decades ago.

11 Wasted: American Alpha

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Jason Jordan and Chad Gable were once a team that had all of the potential to go on to the main roster and take over their Tag Team Division. The duo had a number of stand out matches as NXT Tag Team Champions and were then added to the SmackDown Live roster as part of the WWE Draft.

Even though the duo are former SmackDown Tag Team Champions, they were never given the chances they deserved on the SmackDown roster because WWE was busy putting together the likes of Heath Slater and Rhyno to win the titles before they lost them to Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. It was sad to see a team with real promise go unnoticed, but it was decided after the duo had been kept off TV for a while that Jordan was then unveiled as Kurt Angle's son and a Raw Superstar. Meanwhile, Chad has moved on to a tag team with Shelton Benjamin.

10 Pushed: Tyson Kidd And Cesaro

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Tyson Kidd was perhaps better known throughout his career as a tag team wrestler. Especially given the fact that he made his debut as part of The Hart Dynasty alongside his real life wife Natalya.

Tyson was later joined by Cesaro and it was decided that the duo would work as a tag team and were one of The Usos main rivals in their Slammy Award winning year. The team were known as #FACT and they were former Tag Team Champions in their own right, when the titles were once unified, which is why it is thought that if Tyson hadn't been injured to the point where he can no longer wrestle, then the team would still be together. Perhaps Cesaro and Sheamus are currently doing what Cesaro and Kidd should be.

9 Wasted: Enzo Amore And Big Cass

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Enzo Amore and Big Cass were perhaps the most popular team in NXT during their time there. So much so that they turned the heads of main roster officials and were allowed to compete at a main event pay-per-view whilst they were still part of NXT.

Enzo and Cass were later brought up to the main roster and it slowly became clear that there was nothing there for them. The duo failed to win the titles the entire time they were together and never really came close to being champions anyway. It was a long few years for the duo and now that they are broken up, WWE has even less for them to do. Poor Enzo has found himself on 205 Live, which has to be WWE's last resort for the former NXT star.

8 Pushed: The Shield

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There are two ways of looking at this one. Either The Shield that consisted of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as Tag Team Champions or the current Raw Tag Team Champions who are Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Either way that this is viewed, WWE wanted to push the popular stars to the Tag Team Championships over teams who were already actual teams.

When Roman and Seth were champions they were mostly working as a team and not established as singles stars, so it actually made sense. But now with Dean and Seth, the duo are main event level stars on their own merits, is being a tag team a step backwards? Why are they a tag team again? They got together to take out The Miz and never really got the chance, which is unfair since he is now in the main title picture.

7 Wasted: The Ascension

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The Ascension were the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in NXT during their stay down in the developmental and it was thought that their debut on the main roster would change the roster for good. Instead, they were wasted and attacked by a number of WWE legends who they had decided to insult in the weeks leading up to Old School Raw, and have never recovered.

The duo are currently on the SmackDown Live roster appearing in The Fashion Police segments where they have obviously ruined the fact that they were once a feared team that dominated an entire division. It's sad since they were another team that could have added something new and different to the SmackDown Live Tag Team Division if they were given a chance.

6 Pushed: The Wyatt Family

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The Wyatt Family has been seen in many forms. But the one that this entry focuses on is when WWE decided to make the decision to allow the team of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship instead of American Alpha.

When the Tag titles were first introduced they were won by the team of Heath Slater and Rhyno who had been put together just to win the titles and have hardly accomplished anything since. Before they then lost the titles to the team of Orton and Wyatt, whose alliance didn't last long since Orton won the Royal Rumble and took Wyatt's WWE Championship from him at WrestleMania. American Alpha were finally able to defeat the team a few weeks later and are officially recognized as the third title holders in the title's history.

5 Wasted: The Hype Bros

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The Hype Bros are another team that found fame down in NXT. Zack Ryder finally began being treated seriously alongside newcomer Mojo Rawley who was reported to have been on good terms with Triple H at the time.

The team were drafted to SmackDown Live and looked to be heading towards a match for the Tag Team Championship until Ryder was put on the shelf with a knee injury. Rawley went on to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal without Ryder but the duo has continued to work as a team since Ryder returned a few weeks ago. This past week on SmackDown was the perfect chance for The Hype Bros to set into the title picture and stop the constant Usos versus New Day loop but WWE once again failed to pull the trigger with the popular group.

4 Pushed: The Usos

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The Usos are former two-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions and Slammy Award winners. They are the current champions on SmackDown Live and have definitely had a lot of good things go their way in recent months after they decided to debut a new heel attitude.

The Usos and The New Day have had a lengthy fight over the Tag Team Championship over the past few years and  they are the team that WWE always defaults back to when they need someone to hold down the division for a while because they know what The Usos can do. This is necessarily a bad thing, but there are more teams than just The Usos on the main roster now, some fresh blood every now and then would be nice.

3 Wasted: #DIY

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Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano were well-known singles competitors on the independent circuit before they were signed to WWE, and were even allowed to face off in one of the stand out matches of the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic. But WWE decided their skills would be honed much better as a tag team, and they were correct.

#DIY became Tag Team Champions after fantastic matches against Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder of  The Revival, who would have made the list if not for their injury problems in recent months. #DIY were popular with the WWE Universe, but the company still decided to split the team up in the worse way when Ciampa attacked Gargano at TakeOver: Chicago before he was then put on the shelf for almost a year with a knee injury.

2 Pushed: The New Day

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The New Day were not always the team that the WWE Universe see today on SmackDown Live as the popular unicorn riding Booty-O lovers. They were once a team that hated by the WWE Universe but they were able to take a bad gimmick and switch it into their favour.

Since then The New Day has become one of WWE's top merchandise sellers, they are the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in the history of WWE, were the hosts of WrestleMania 33, and are former SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions. The group have definitely taken the ball and ran with it and it seems that WWE now has another record in mind for The New Day as they begin focusing on the trio's reign tally.

1 Wasted: The Fashion Police

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Much like The New Day, BreezAngo were never really given a great gimmick. Instead, Tyler Breeze and Fandango were put together because WWE didn't have anything else for them as singles stars.

Over the past few months, the duo has proved that they have definitely been over looked since they have been part of some of the best segments on SmackDown Live on a weekly basis and finally have their own merchandise. The duo have become one of the best comedy duos in WWE right now and finally have the WWE Universe behind them, so why can't they be taken seriously like The New Day were when they turned their awful gimmick around? SmackDown fans are becoming bored of the New Day going back and forth with The Usos, it could finally be time to inject some new blood in there.

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