8 Things The WWE Doesn't Want You To Know About Ronda Rousey (And 7 They Do)

The greatest female fighter to ever hit a ring, be it wrestling, boxing or MMA will soon find herself walking down a grand entrance ramp with a series of pyro exploding all around her like she has never experienced before. There will be over 70,000 people screaming and many more watching her every move on PPV. Recently, Ronda Rousey has been busy in the squared circle working on her transition from UFC to WWE with current Smackdown star and former champ, Natalya.

While Nattie doesn't get the love on camera that she deserves, it has to been seen as an honor that Vince would trust her to be the one to train Rousey who is set to be one of the biggest stars for WrestleMania 34. After her short appearance alongside The Rock at WrestleMania 31, the crossover appeal to have Rousey enter the ring was all but a guarantee. Unfortunately for Rousey her dominance in the octagon would come to an end two fights later as she would become a shell of her former dominating self.

Whether Rousey is a one hit wonder for the WWE or if she becomes the female version of The Beast Incarnate and only wrestles periodically, there are some interesting facts about the former UFC Champ that the WWE officials want fans to know and a number of things that they would rather be forgotten or best case scenario never even be brought to attention.


15 Don't - First UFC Loss

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November 15, 2015 will forever be etched in the memories of UFC fans. Just as Mike Tyson was many years before her, Rousey entered her respective battlefield as the heavy favorite against Holly (James "Buster" Douglas) Holm. Just as the challenger shocked the world on February 11, 1990, Holm stunned the live crowd and the millions around the world on PPV by upsetting the reigning champion and sending her into a tailspin that she has yet to recover from.

Considering that Rousey was the face of the UFC Women's Division and the odds were in her favor to walk away from her seventh championship match without breaking much of a sweat, the fact that Holm not only defeated the champ, but clearly dominated the fight. Whereas Rousey's three previous matches all ended in less than :34 seconds of which the champ controlled the night, the world was stunned when a bloodied and stunned Rousey was knocked out cold less than minute into the second round.

14 Do - Inner Geek 

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For most people, acknowledging their love for cartoons and comic books are traits that are kept close to the heart and not made public. For Rousey, it's the exact opposite. Whether it is her passion for Pokemon, she actually owns a Pikachu costume, or admitting that she is a diehard Dragon Ball Z fan, Rousey has made it cool for tough chicks to enjoy the simple things in life.

If the Anime world wasn't enough, the former UFC champ has also admitted that she is an avid World Of Warcraft enthusiast. Need more proof of Rousey enjoying her inner childhood? Let's add in her joy of comic book characters. Rousey has stated a number of times that she would be up for playing the role of Miss Marvel should the offer be presented to her. Throw in dressing up as a Ninja Turtle for Halloween and the badass tough girl is nothing but a kid at heart, perfect for the WWE's PG audience.

13 Don't - Girl Gone Wild

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Okay, we aren't talking the Joe Francis type of GGW here, but there are a number of photos that have captured Rousey having herself a good time with some untimely "Not So PG" type moments that may come back to haunt her. While countless of people around the world are able to have a couple of wobblypops and let loose, those people aren't celebrities and idols that are constantly in the spotlight. Rousey on the other hand is.

Whether Rousey wants to let loose in the privacy of her own home, hotel or other venue, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Except for the fact that photos of her enjoying herself make for great stories and rumors. Since the WWE is currently still riding the PG wave and don't like controversy outside of the ring, steamy photos that bring incorrect attention is something that the McMahon family is hoping to avoid with their entertainers.

12 Do - Tribute to Rowdy 

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He may have been known as one of the biggest heel wrestlers of all time and equally as much as a face, but either way Roddy Piper was a wrestler that fans loved to hate and hated to love. Growing up, Rousey was a huge wrestling fan, a dream that is currently in the process of coming true (if you look past her quick stint at WM31). With Piper being her favorite grappler, Rousey wanted to pay tribute to him and actually approached him for permission to use his nickname.

As a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, Piper, who unfortunately was never crowned a World Heavyweight Champion was one of the greatest performers on the mic and storytellers in the ring. Although not without his own controversies, Piper's popularity with the fans never weened, regardless of what wrestling organization he was working for. For Rousey to continue on the "Rowdy" brand is a great tribute to the wrestling legend.

11 Don't - Love Hurts 

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Before she tied the knot with Travis Browne, Rousey was in a relationship with a young man who she dubbed "Snappers McCreepy". While some Rousey followers think they have put together all the clues to identify the former lover, we shall stick with his appropriate moniker. A couple of years ago, Rousey openly admitted during a radio interview and in her book My Fight, Your Fight, that she beat down Mr. McCreepy after she had found a computer file with numerous unapproved naked pics of the fighter.

If you are going to piss off a lover, Rousey is not a wise choice considering her profession. Admitting that she slapped him so hard that she hurt her own hand must have left quite a mark on Snapper's mug. If that wasn't bad enough, the night progressed into a further beatdown of a series of punches and a knee to the face. Considering the squeaky clean PG image that the WWE wants to adhere and the crackdown on domestic violence in sports, this isn't one of the moments that Rousey would want to relive.

10 Do - Olympic Medalist 

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Kurt Angle may have captured an Olympic gold medal wrestling with a broken freaking neck, but he will soon not be the only current member of the WWE roster that will have the rights to claim capturing Olympic success. Rousey qualified for her first Olympic games in 2004 when she was only 17 years old.

Sandwiched in between her Olympic appearances, Rousey would capture a Gold medal at the 2007 Pan American Games and a Silver at the 2007 World Championships. Although Rousey did not find a spot on the podium in Athens, it was only four years later that the 21 year old would become the first American female to win a medal in the judo competition since it became an Olympic sport in 1992. While it isn't exactly a gold medal, Rousey's international success is still something worth bragging about.

9 Don't - Pre-Fight Intercourse Ritual 

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Whether it is the Olympic Games, Ric Flair or Wilt Chamberlain, stories of pre-competition extra curricular activities are not beyond the norm for a lot of athletes. While many choose to hold off on engaging in the between the sheets tango, others like Rousey use it as a means to help build up her testosterone. For a lot of athletes avoiding the no pants dance helps maintain not only a mental focus but also helps avoid a physical drain. Rousey on the other hand admits to engaging in LOTS of intercourse before fights.

One can only imagine that on Sunday April 8, 2018 when the WWE takes over the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans that Rousey will be on the grandest stage and one of the biggest draws on the card. The last time fans saw Rousey in a WWE ring was back at WrestleMania 31 in a non-match appearance. Considering she will be wrestling in front of over 70,000 people in her first ever wrestling match, one has to wonder how much pre-fight prep the Rowdy one will have to go through. Too bad the "Rated R Superstar" moniker has already been taken.


8 Do - The Softer Side of Rousey 

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During her youth, Rousey had to deal with a speech problem, due to an issue at birth in which her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, cutting off oxygen to her brain. Because of her impediment, Rousey had to deal with kids at school who treated her different because of her inability to speak properly.

While many feel that Rousey isn't approachable due to her fame, stories have it that during one of her book signings in Denver, a mom and her daughter brought out the softer more compassionate side of the former UFC Champion as she took the time to speak with both the mom and daughter about the kid's own speech issues, called Apraxia. Not only did Rousey take time to talk to the family, but she also became an advocate for childhood Apraxia. Considering how involved the WWE is with programs such as Connor's Cure, Susan G. Komen and the Make A Wish Foundation, the fact that Rousey brings awareness to a new charitable foundation is something that Vince will probably want to jump on.

7 Don't - Substance Abuse History 

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Some of the greatest names in WWE history have found their name onto a list that they aren't proud to be a part of and one that the company has strongly started to enforce. Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Paige are some of the biggest names in the business that have violated the company's Wellness Policy at least once. Although it has been over a decade, Rousey also has a history of engaging in such inappropriate activity.

Back in 2008 after participating in the Beijing Olympics, Rousey took to smoking, drinking and drugs in order to help deal with a period of darkness in her life. A daily mixture of vodka, pot and Viocdin was on the menu for Rousey who struggled to deal with stress and emotional family issues that had haunted her for years. Considering all the wear and tear on their bodies and life in front of the camera, it isn't hard to believe that these in ring performers, be it WWE or UFC have taken to dealing with their issues by alternative means. The good thing is that many of them, including Rousey, have found a way to clean themselves up.

6 Do - 60 Seconds Or Less

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In nine of her twelve MMA/UFC victories, Rousey managed to put away her opponents in less than a minute. Now there are a couple of WWE matches on record that have lasted as little as three seconds (which is mathematically impossible considering it takes three seconds to make a 3 count) and a handful of them that have lasted less than ten seconds, including a number of championship matches.

While the Women's Division has seen a bump in air time, Vince still gives fans matches that get less time than an Undertaker's ring entrance. If Rousey's WWE career lasts longer than a one shot appearance at WrestleMania, chances are good that she will relive some of her finer UFC moments in which she tapped her opponents out to her armbar submission finisher in less time than it takes for a Raw Recap moment.

5 Don't - Second Loss

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After nearly a year hiatus from the octagon, Rousey made her return to the UFC to fight the current reigning Bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes. Many fans had hoped that the loss to Holm was a one off and just bad night for one of the most dominating fighters in UFC history. Unfortunately if you blinked, you may have missed the fight as Nunes claimed a TKO victory 48 seconds into the bout.

When Rousey made her first appearance for the WWE and all the talk and rumors started to fly about her becoming an active member of the Women's Division, there was an aura about her as a dominating individual. Now with a pair of losses, especially considering the way the losses came, fans aren't necessarily gravitating towards having Rousey as part of the roster as much as they once were.  Sure a match against Charlotte or Asuka will bring in money, but the guaranteed "W" is no longer a sure thing for Rousey's camp.

4 Do - WrestleMania Moment 

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After appearing alongside The Rock at WrestleMania 31, plans were slowly put in place for Rousey to appear at a future Showcase of The Immortals. Whether or not it was a three year plan is unknown, but regardless, it appears all but guaranteed that Rousey will enter the squared circle as an in-ring performer in some capacity next spring. The only questions are, who will she battle and will she be alone? Will Rousey step up to Charlotte's dream match desires? Or will the UFC Horsewomen take on the WWE Horsewomen?

Considering that Charlotte is currently a face on SmackDown, we may see a quick heel turn in order to avoid a battle of the good guys. If such is not the case, fans will probably be equally as excited to see Rousey team up with Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke to take on the SmackDown Queen, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. Whatever the situation, Rousey's second appearance at WrestleMania is about as expected as Roman Reigns defeating Brock Lesnar in the main event. Unless of course the ladies close the show?

3 Don't - Not So PG Pics

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Aside from the questionable pics that Mr. McCreepy took during their own private moments, Rousey has had her fair share of steamy photo shoots in both print and online media sources. The reasoning for it according to Rousey is that she wants to be the one in charge of exposing her body on her terms, rather than having photo leaks like so many other celebrities.

Whether captured during UFC weigh-ins in nothing but a sports bra and skimpy underwear or rocking only a body paint bikini for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or magazines such as Maxim or Self, exposing her well toned sexy body Rousey was one of the most searched ladies on the internet for other reasons besides her ring record. Throw in appearing nude (with some strategically placed boxing gloves) on ESPN The Body Issue and the WWE PG rating might get stretched a little bit. Hopefully for Rousey's sake she doesn't end up like a number of current and former WWE stars who have had private photos of their naughty bits hacked and released on the internet.

2 Do - Dana White Doesn't Want Her Back 

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Whether or not Rousey at some point down the road decides to return to the UFC, the President of the octagon has stated that he doesn't want her back. How's that for gratitude towards someone who was once the face and star of not only the MMA world but arguably all of women's sports for nearly five years.  Now Dana White's reasoning for not wanting Rousey back isn't because he doesn't care for her, but rather the exact opposite as he feels that she is finally in a good place in her life with finances and her marriage.

White's loss is set to be Vince's gain as he will certainly jump on the fact that White has made these comments and can only relish in the fact that soon he will have both Rousey and Brock Lesner on his payroll. Will Rousey ever return to the octagon? Don't bet against it as the bad taste of her last two matches may leave her wanting to retire from the UFC on a winning note. Throw into the equation a dream match against Cris Cyborg and one has to believe that the door has not been officially closed for a reason.

1 Don't - Eating Disorder

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There have been a number of ladies in the WWE who have all had their issues with weight control and eating disorders over the years. Some like Alexa Bliss and Natalya have come out and admitted it, others have decided to keep the secret within themselves for fear of being made fun of. Just think of the how distasteful the whole Piggy James story line was. And this coming from an organization that is against bullying.

Before Rousey hit the octagon, she was not only battling substance abuse, but also dealing with pressures of meeting her fighting weight demands. So in order to make her marks, Rousey resorted to purging and starving herself depending on the weigh in mark that she needed to meet. Now that she has left the UFC and the WWE doesn't have a weight requirement (depending on who you ask), Rousey will have less of a problem being in her own skin.


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