8 Things WWE Wants You To Know About Bayley And 7 They Don't

Bayley is the kid who grew up wanting to do nothing but wrestle for the WWE. Her story on how she went from a young superfan to the Raw Women's Champion is remarkable and is a tale of a young girl who never gave up. Bayley had one vision and she did what was needed to make that dream a reality.

Now one of the most popular females in all of wrestling, Bayley is on the verge of being a megastar. Female or male, is she the next big thing? It's hard to tell just yet, but she has the makings to carve out a Hall of Fame career and she's just getting started.

But, the Hall of Fame is years away and not many make it there without help from the WWE. Like many wrestlers before her, the character Bayley will be made up of a mix of how she performs in the ring and the story the WWE weaves. What do they want us to know about this young female phenom? What do they want us to not know?

Below are 15 things that the WWE already knows about Pamela Rose Martinez (Bayley). Eight of these things they hope the fans learn too. Seven of these things might be better left in the dark. From how she started, to her ups and downs and life outside the ring, these 15 things might make you change the way you view Bayley.

Depending on your perspective, that could be a bad or a good thing for the WWE.

17 Wants You To Know: She's Been a Fan Since She Was Little

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Since the age of 11, Bayley has only ever wanted to do one thing. That one thing was wrestling for the WWE. Vince McMahaon and company love it when they have a superstar on the roster who is successful and their roots trace back to childhood fandom.

She used to make her parents take her to WWE matches and waited seven long years to finally get the opportunity to train and follow her dream. She never strayed from her path and proved to fans, fellow wrestlers and everyone else that if you want something bad enough, follow your dream and do whatever it takes, you can make your dreams come true. This kind of wrestler and a story like Bayley's is a marketing dream for a company like the WWE.

16 Doesn't Want You To Know: Was Frustrated In Not Being Drafted

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When the WWE had their Brand Split and subsequently held their draft, one of the most anticipated draftees was going to be Bayley. Fans clamored for her arrival as one of the most popular female competitors in both the WWE and NXT. For some reason, the company chose not to put her in the draft.

When Bayley wasn't part of the earlier year's influx of women's wrestlers from NXT she took the news in stride. Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks had earned their opportunities and as a friend, she was happy for them. When she was repeatedly overlooked for a promotion, she grew frustrated. She didn't understand what else she needed to prove and began to lose faith. All turned out in the end as she was brought to RAW not much later, but she felt her being overlooked was a bit of slap in the face.

15 Wants You To Know: Designs Her Outfits and Draws Inspiration From The Macho Man

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The WWE highly advertises that they want their performers to be a part of the creation of their character. The company has often stated that the most successful talent do well because they create characters who are extensions of themselves, simply with the volume turned up. Bayley's character seems to be a perfect example.

Bayley is a happy, bubbly, hugging type of person who likes flashy and sunny type outfits. One of her idols growing up was the 'Macho Man' Randy Savage and she draws inspiration from his attire when helping design her own ring gear.  Her designs very much reflect Savage's style choices with the tassels and bright jackets. She's loud, fun and sometimes glamorous. That's how Randy used to roll and it makes sense that Bayley would follow suit.

14 Doesn't Want You To Know: Got In Trouble For Smiling Too Much

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One of the things that make Bayley so popular is the fact that she seems to love everyone and everyone seems to love her. She truly enjoys being a professional wrestler and appreciates every minute of it. Her personality is infectious and it's probably because she's always smiling! I'm sure the WWE doesn't want it known that her trainer actually tried to get her to stop smiling so much.

Yes, there comes a time that a good wrestler needs to sell pain, sadness, anger and other emotions as a performer, thus smiling through those moments doesn't make the story believable. However, the WWE Universe is clearly promoting someone who has such a strong passion for the business. You can tell she wants to be there and fans love getting behind that kind of talent. The WWE would not be happy and it wouldn't look good to the fans if it was thought the WWE had tried to squash that part of her character.

13 Wants You To Know: Wrote A Letter To Her Future Self

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Part of selling Bayley's story is in telling fans all about her passion and drive to make it to the top. There is no better example of this type of perseverance than the letter she wrote to her future self, motivating her to keep on fighting. When Bayley gets her own DVD, you can bet that tidbit will be front and center.

The WWE loves success stories. The letter, which Bayley once read a portion of on an episode of Breaking Ground on the WWE Network is emotional, heartfelt and easy to root for. When the WWE has a talented in-ring performer, but one who also has a backstory or built in origin, it makes their promotional job so much easier. The story has basically already been written, it simply needs to be told.

12 Doesn't Want You To Know: Was Bullied As A Kid


The WWE is in the midst of a behind the scenes scandal which involves bullying. That one of their performers was bullied as a kid might not be related to their current drama, but it's never good for any details about bullying within the WWE or with their talents past to surface. The WWE is especially not loving the fact that much of Bayley's being bullied came from kids who made fun of her dream and the way she dressed.

Bayley dressed primarily in WWE merchandise when she was young and the WWE sells it product in a many ways to kids. If it came out that other kids bullied someone, in part, because they were a huge WWE fan, it's not really a good look for the company or the industry. The good news is, Bayley used it as motivation to work even harder and achieve her dreams.

11 Wants You To Know: Is Now A Major Advocate For The Anti-Bullying Movement

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After being bullied and knowing what it feels like, Bayley has turned that traumatic time in her life and used it as a motivator to ensure other kids never feel the way she did. This attitude, along with her infectious personality is one of the reasons she has such a huge following among the younger female demographic.

You can see real life Bayley buddies at every show, waiting in the crowd for a hug from their idol and she never disappoints. Because the WWE is actively marketing to a younger audience, they love that Bayley is one of the most popular superstars among kids. Getting a larger female demo is never a bad thing either. Her campaign against bullying only helps send home her positive messaging: kids should be who they want, love who they are and chase their dreams. They can dress like Bayley if they want because she was them once and understands the passion of cheering for your heroes.

10 Doesn't Want You To Know: Would Rather Have Been A Wrestler In The Attitude Era

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Bayley is extremely grateful that she gets to be a professional wrestler in the WWE. To say that she wishes her life had turned out any other way would probably be untrue. That said, if Bayley had a choice, she would have preferred to be part of the Women's Division during the Attitude Era.

Her desire to do so comes from her deep admiration for performers like Lita and Trish Stratus who she watched growing up. She dreamt about the opportunity to share a ring with them. The problem for the WWE is that Bayley is not an Attitude Era type performer. She's too kind, too bubbly and wouldn't have succeeded in that generation. It has to be assumed that the WWE would rather Bayley be promoting the fact that her timing is impeccable and that there is no better time for women's wrestling than the present.

9 Wants You To Know: Has A Ton Of Merchandise For Fans

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The WWE is first and foremost a business. They make money off ticket sales, ad sales, gate and subscription revenue and an assortment of other revenue streams that each performer or talent has an opportunity to contribute to. One of the company's biggest revenue streams is merchandising. This is an area where Bayley stands to be among the most profitable female talents ever. The WWE certainly would want you to know they have plenty of Bayley merch to sell.

The more fans buy, the more profit they make. From Bayley headbands to tassels, t-shirts and jackets, to anything and everything that says "hugger" on it, Bayley has something for everyone (well almost). You can see just how much females in the audience buy her stuff and that helps keep a performer like her in the spotlight.

8 Doesn't Want You To Know: She's Losing Steam

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Bayley was the most popular female wrestler in the company. She took NXT by storm and had all the momentum in the world coming into the WWE. She's still right near the top, however, her foothold as the most marketable and most popular female superstar isn't as tight as it once was. Due to some poor booking and a lack of direction with her somewhat limited character, she's already losing credibility with the audience and people have started to look to character's like Alexa Bliss as the future of the women's division.

The WWE was planning big things for Bayley. But, her title reigns have been lackluster. This is not a good sign and perhaps a signal that the WWE has lost a bit of confidence in her very rapid ascension to the top. She's not the sure thing that everyone pegged her to be at one time. Bubbly only goes so far. Perhaps the WWE is learning that.


6 Wants You To Know: Is A Member Of The Four Horsewomen

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The WWE wants fans to see both the fun-loving side and the fierce competitor side of Bayley's personality. Letting her hug the WWE Universe one at a time is one way to go about it. The other is documenting her rise in women's wrestling as one of the original members of the Four Horsewomen.

This group was created as an homage to the Four Horsemen who came before them and represents the pinnacle of female wrestling. Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte comprise the rest of the group. They are the best of the best and you have to take them seriously as both in-ring talents and overall wrestling superstars. Bayley as a member is just another chapter in a very interesting story that got her to where she is in the WWE today.

5 Doesn't Want You To Know: Is In A Serious Relationship

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The WWE has never really been known to brag about the real-life relationships of their superstars on television and they're definitely not huge fans of it when the relationship is not actively a storyline on WWE programming.  Bayley is definitely not single and she very rarely talks about her outside the ring romance.

Bayley is connected at the hip to a struggling wrestler named Aaron Solow. While he hasn't made it big, he's extremely supportive and the two are so much an item that it would be tougher for the WWE to write any sort of storyline that might include Bayley in a relationship with another on-air performer or have some sort of romantic involvement with someone else. As much as she doesn't discuss Aaron, people know about him and it wouldn't be believable if she was linked to someone else. Her long-term relationship sort of limits the storytelling aspect of her character. 

4 Wants You To Know: Seems Wholesome and Trouble Free Image Wise

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While the days of the WWE Diva are pretty much gone, Bayley is still attractive enough a competitor to call upon her looks to help gather fans beyond her wrestling talent. But, in a day and age that seems to include every female wrestler having their devices hacked and their adult-rated images leaked online, the last person you'd expect to get caught up in such drama would be Bayley.

She likes to have fun with the girls, but doesn't seem caught up in the appearance factor or quick media attention such a scandal might present. It's simply not in her character. She seems to be the last person you'd expect to be surrounded by any sort of bad press and that's a good thing for the WWE. It gives them a talent they can push and not have to regret promoting down the road.


2 Doesn't Want You To Know: Almost Didn't Make The Cut and Started As A Luchadora

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Bayley's rise to the top of women's wrestling in the WWE wasn't always easy. In fact, she often struggled to find her footing until the "hugger" character made its mark. Her ring name in promotions like Big Time Wrestling, Shine and Shimmer was Davina Rose. She used that persona for four years. It wasn't a total flop, but it wasn't a hit either.

When Bayley was first signed and appeared in NXT, she actually debuted under a mask in an attempt to live out her one-time dream of being a luchadora wrestler. That gimmick didn't last and for good reason. The WWE probably doesn't want anyone to know that putting a mask on one of their most likable faces was a direction they actually considered. It would have been a huge mistake and they narrowly avoided a huge blunder. The Bayley character took off almost immediately following her masked debut.

1 Wants You To Know: She Could Be The Future Of The Women's Division

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Despite the fact that she's not the homerun people thought she'd be when she debuted on RAW, a little twist here and some alterations in direction there would be all Bayley would need to be back on top and the face of women's wrestling. She still has a character people want to root for but if you added layers to that character, she could be extremely successful.

The WWE needs a female wrestler to be a huge star. They've blown their opportunity with Sasha Banks and they've dethroned competitors like Charlotte who was on an unbelievable tear. The WWE can't afford to mishandle Bayley and if they can get their ducks in a row, Bayley could be the biggest selling female wrestler in the world. The WWE wants you to know that and they're hoping the WWE Universe gets behind Bayley in a similar way they did someone like Daniel Bryan. Bayley is adored. Those fans need to force the WWE to do the right thing by her.

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