8 Wrestler Jerks Living The Dream (And 7 Sweethearts With Terrible Luck)

Wrestling isn't a career that is based on personality. Most of the time it is all about talent and ability, which means some superstars are given more opportunities than others when they don't necessarily deserve them. There are many stars in the WWE locker room now who are some of the nicest wrestlers on the circuit but they just have terrible luck. WWE has failed to give these wrestlers the opportunities they deserve over the past few years or they have had a rough run in their personal life.

There's no actual recipe for success in WWE. Everything is a complete gamble, with some superstars being given opportunities that others may be more deserving of. Wrestling is a business at the end of the day and the company will always do what's best for business regardless of whose feelings are hurt. This means that even the most humble, down-to-earth and beloved wrestler may not live the life they deserve, while some real jerks get all the fame and glory.

The following list looks at eight wrestlers that seem to be jerks who are living the dream, riding high at the top of the company with everything going right for them as well as seven wrestlers who have done everything right in their career previously but just have the worst kind of luck.

15 Jerk: Randy Orton

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It could be argued that Randy Orton is now turning a corner in his career. He has calmed down a lot since he married his second wife and isn't the star that he once was. Remember Orton was brought into WWE when he was still young and found a lot of success in his first few years, which obviously went to his head.

He went on to victimize a number of women in the WWE locker room as well as being the reason that Mr Kennedy was fired from the company. Orton may have been able to grow up and become a well-liked veteran in the locker room recently, but many stars still remember the man he used to be, something he has incredibly made no apologies for in recent years.

14 Sweetheart: Bayley

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Bayley is a former Women's Champion in NXT and on Monday Night Raw, so she hasn't been overlooked as much as many stars in the company over the past few years. Bayley has always remained grounded throughout her career and always makes time for her fans, which could be why she had such an incredible bond with Izzy throughout her time in NXT.

Sadly, Bayley hasn't been able to make the same kind of impact on the main roster and WWE have pretty much run out of ideas for The Hugger because her gimmick isn't one that is easily adaptable. While Bayley has the skills when it comes to her in-ring work, she isn't considered to be on the same level of many of the main women on Raw right now which could be why she hasn't been used effectively over the past few months.

13 Jerk: John Cena

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John Cena is a WWE star who divides opinion on a regular basis, with many of the WWE Universe thinking that the former World Champion is a sweetheart because of the things that he does for charity or because of Make-A-Wish, but this isn't the full story.

Cena has done a number of terrible things in his career, including being the one behind getting Kenny Dykstra fired as well as pitching the idea for a storyline that bullied Mickie James for gaining weight. Many of the WWE Universe have noticed the way Cena treats Nikki sometimes as well when he thinks that she's not smart enough to figure out what he's doing. Cena may be a charitable person, but he also has a dark side to him that rears its head sometimes.

12 Sweetheart: Titus O'Neil

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Titus O'Neil is one of the kindest WWE stars backstage because he goes out of his way to help others and has updated a number of Instagram posts about how he helps the homeless and even took a group of homeless people out to dinner at one point.

O'Neil hasn't had the best run of luck in WWE and most of it stems back to February last year when he was suspended for putting his hands on Vince McMahon. Of course, Titus never meant to heart Vince, he was just trying to show him that if he had manners he would have allowed Stephanie McMahon to go first because that's the way he was taught. The WWE Universe petitioned his suspension and he had it reduced, but he has already been labelled now, which is harsh because he didn't really do anything wrong.

11 Jerk: Goldberg

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Goldberg didn't step into a WWE ring for more than a decade but he was able to return to the company and win the Universal Championship in his second match back, something that many men in the locker room have worked that entire decade to be able to do.

Goldberg isn't even a nice person, which makes this much worse. There are stories about the former WCW star and how he would refuse to put people over during his days as part of the company. One of the main stars he had issues with at the time being a much younger Chris Jericho. Goldberg was young and had a huge ego, but by all accounts Goldberg hadn't grown up much when he returned to WWE last year.

10 Sweetheart: Zack Ryder

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Zack Ryder has had a run of bad luck that dates all the way back to his childhood and his battle with cancer. Ryder was able to defeat his first ever opponent and perhaps one of his worst, but inside the WWE ring he has never been given the opportunities he deserves. This despite being one of the nicest stars in the business and having the ability to back him up.

Ryder has been seen as a jobber by the WWE Universe for most of his career. This is why he has gained support every step of the way and finally was able to become the Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania 32. Of course, Ryder went on to lose the title the following night and recently he saw his partner Mojo Rawley turn on him and then defeat him at Clash of Champions as he returns to the lowest level in the company.

9 Jerk: Hulk Hogan

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The saying often states that you can't make it to the top without stepping on a few people on the way up, but Hulk Hogan was never really the role model that many of the WWE Universe thought he was.

Hogan's real character was revealed back in 2015 when an audio tape was leaked of him going on a racial tirade, which cost him his job with WWE. Hogan has always had a problem with working with WWE superstars of colour and hasn't managed to update his racist nature along with the rest of the world. Incredibly, Hogan still managed to come out on top despite this hit to his image since he sued Gawker Media, who leaked the tape and was awarded $140 million.

8 Sweetheart: Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler has been World Champion in WWE before but the main thing that affects Ziggler's pushes in the company are his injuries. Ziggler is one of the best wrestlers that WWE has at their disposal but injuries have plagued his career and caused him a number of problems over the past few years.

Ziggler has also been unlucky in love, since his ex-girlfriend Nikki Bella has now upgraded to John Cena. He was dumped by text by comedian Amy Schumer. Former Diva Sunny then publicly told the world in graphic detail all about her night with Dolph, which was definitely something that came up in conversation in the WWE locker room. Ziggler's contract is said to be coming to an end soon, so it will be interesting to see if WWE give Dolph the send-off he deserves after more than a decade with the company.

7 Jerk: Batista

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Batista is a former World Champion in WWE and at one point he was considered to be one of their most popular stars. Batista has found a lot of success as part of Hollywood over the past few years which could be why WWE is so desperate to bring the star back, but the WWE Universe refuse to accept him.

During his most recent run with the company, he was booed out of the building for most of his WWE appearances which could be because of the way Batista treated his fans at The Royal Rumble where he openly swore at them for booing him. One of the main reasons the WWE Universe refuse to accept the former Champion is because of the way he ended his first marriage when he forced his wife who was battling cancer to read about his affair with WWE Diva Melina in his 2006 autobiography. That is unforgivable and means that many fans believe that Batista doesn't deserve his success.

6 Sweetheart: Drew McIntyre

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Drew was seen as a star who would be a future main eventer in WWE when he was first signed, but it didn't quite work out that way for the Scottish wrestler. McIntyre was able to capture the Intercontinental Championship before his Visa ran out and WWE was forced to take him off WWE TV which then slowed down his momentum.

McIntyre was then part of a domestic incident with his wife at the time Taryn Terrell, and WWE obviously has their own policy when it comes to domestic violence. Drew became a jobber with 3MB before he was released in 2014. Drew was then brought back to NXT earlier this year and was finally reaching the point where he could be taken seriously again and he was injured at NXT Takeover: War Games. It is unknown how long Drew will be on the sidelines for.

5 Jerk: Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar is a former World Champion in WWE, Champion in UFC and current Universal Champion. He is the biggest box office draw that WWE has right now, which is why they often depend on The Beast when it comes to main eventing pay-per-views and being part of many of WWE's biggest main event matches.

Brock isn't a star who has many friends backstage, he is said to dislike human contact which is why he lives in the middle of nowhere and tries to avoid people as much as he can. Brock doesn't put on a persona in the ring, that is the kind of guy that he is, but as long as he keeps bringing in money for WWE, they will continue pushing him as the biggest star in the company.

4 Sweetheart: Daniel Bryan

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There aren't many superstars in WWE history who have been able to control a crowd quite like Daniel Bryan. The former World Champion was the perfect underdog and the perfect star to take over the void that was left by CM Punk back in 2014.

Sadly for Bryan, this push came too late in his career and after working for more than a decade before he made his way to WWE, Bryan's bump tally had finally caught up with him. He was forced to retire at the top of his game back in February 2016 but has been able to return to WWE as an authority figure, something that is making Bryan feel much worse since he is still around the business but he can't take part which is killing him inside.

3 Jerk: Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE right now, which is mainly down to her in-ring ability and the fact that she has spearheaded the women's revolution over the past few years.

Sasha's success seems to have gone to her head over the past few years with the former NXT Women's Champion reportedly being known to have been rude to a number of her fans as well as being disliked backstage because she takes a dislike to many of the women who didn't spend time on the Independent Circuit before they joined WWE. Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks have had a lengthy real-life feud over the past few years, with Sasha allegedly being the one who started the original problem.

2 Sweetheart: Emma

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It's hard not to feel sorry for Emma, she was one of the women who began the Women's Revolution during her time in NXT and was part of the final to crown the first ever NXT Women's Champion, but the WWE Universe only ever remembered Paige's part in the match.

Emma was only ever seen as a jobber on WWE TV and wasn't given the same kind of opportunities as the other women in the company. The saddest part of this whole story is the fact that the women of WWE are set to make history next year as part of the Women's Royal Rumble match and Emma has been released so she can't be part of it. Emma deserved to be part of that match and if she wasn't released a few months ago then she would have been.

1 Jerk: Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore has to be one of the biggest jerks in professional wrestling right now, to extent that many of the WWE Universe actually believe that his character on-screen isn't an act. Over the past few months, Enzo has managed to rub a number of other wrestlers the wrong way backstage as well as being the kind of guy who spends a Ludacris amount of money on a ticket to a boxing event.

Add this to the fact that it became public knowledge that Enzo cheated on his long-time partner Liv Morgan earlier this year with a stripper because he is addicted to visiting strip clubs. It is unknown why WWE has continued to push him and have made him the face of the 205 Division because he seems to be one of the worst things about wrestling right now.

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