15Loves: Ric Flair

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If this list was written a few years back, Ric Flair would have been on the opposite side of this coin. For years Hart and Flair would constantly be in each other's crosshairs. Hart would call out Flair for being a sub-par worker stuck in an out of date wrestling

mindset while Flair would say that Hart never drew a dime and wasn't a major star.

While I'm sure the two aren't best buddies who hang out all the time, it seems that the two have bonded recently with both Charlotte (Flair's daughter) and Natalya (Bret's niece) being in the WWE. It seems that their family members had a hand in getting them to bury the beef and now they're friends. It's no secret that both guys enjoyed to party back in the day (Flair still does surely) so they probably had more in common than they ever thought.

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