8 Wrestlers Currently Too Good To Be In TNA & 7 That Belong There

TNA is in complete shambles as they attempt to rebuild yet again with new management. Jeff Jarrett is back in charge of the company, but has shown very little to believe in. The company has been bleeding money for years and the best talent has jumped off the sinking ship in recent years. Wrestling fans view promotions like New Japan, Lucha Underground and PWG as the true alternatives to WWE. TNA lost any chance of making an impact in the wrestling world many failed reboots ago. The change of management has led to quite a few talents leaving in the last couple of months.

Jarrett’s change in philosophy and contracts saw top talent like Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis and Jade all depart as their agreements ended. Josh Mathews is one of the important points of the show. Bruce Prichard and Dutch Mantell are cutting promos using Donald Trump slogans. Things are clearly not going well. However, there are still some interesting talents on the roster that deserve so much better than their current home of TNA. Others quite frankly should be there, which sadly tells you all you need to know about them. We'll look at eight wrestlers that are too good to be in TNA and seven that belong there.

15 Too Good for TNA: James Storm

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The homegrown stars that put TNA on the map have all left the company to save their careers. A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode are important players in WWE. Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal and the Motor City Machine Guns are all in Ring of Honor. One of the few wrestlers to remain with TNA is James Storm. WWE flirted with signing Storm when he appeared in NXT, but TNA offered him a better contract.

Storm likely regrets not going for the WWE spot, considering how successful his peers are and how horrible TNA is right now. Storm will sadly be forgotten in wrestling history if he doesn’t find a way to have a strong run elsewhere. TNA is just damaging his standing in wrestling by wasting his talent.

14 Deserves TNA: Aron Rex

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Damien Sandow fooled us all in WWE with a few brushes of brilliance during his tenure there and he seemed good enough to thrive if a company gave him the creative freedom. WWE released him in 2016 and he made the jump to TNA instantly. Success stories like Cody Rhodes and Drew Galloway made their name in hot independent promotions before working for TNA.

Sandow instead opted to go to TNA right away in disappointing fashion. Under the name of Aron Rex, he appeared out of shape and struggled to do anything of note. His subpar work made fans wonder if WWE was right all along. Rex is the perfect example of the wrestlers TNA hires after WWE releases. Nothing Rex does improves the product and he looks like a shell of the wrestler he was in more relevant times.

13 Too Good for TNA: Moose

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Former NFL player Moose has shown impressive talent during his short time in the wrestling business. Moose learned the wrestling game quickly and stood out as a top prospect in Ring of Honor. TNA swooped in with a big contract offer to bring him in last year for a top spot. Moose has been solid in TNA. but his momentum has slowed immensely.

TNA has a negative reputation that hurts the talented wrestlers trying to make it a better promotion. Moose badly needs to leave and start working for promotions that can help him improve. ROH was a better fit and there are a plethora of independent companies that would add more value to Moose’s name than TNA. His potential is currently being wasted in TNA.

12 Deserves TNA: Magnus

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The recently returning Magnus made his way back to TNA after leaving the promotion over a year ago. Magnus was a fixture in TNA for a few years before leaving to become the face of Global Force Wrestling. Sadly, but not shockingly, Jeff Jarrett’s promotion completely flopped in one of the most disappointing wrestling stories of the past two years.

TNA calling Jarrett to take leadership of the promotion once again is leading to him bringing in the cronies from GFW that were loyal to him. Magnus is back as a member of the new looking TNA roster and he quite frankly deserves to be there. The thriving stars to leave TNA showed just how great they are. Magnus showed nothing and that’s why he's a perfect fit for the sinking ship of TNA.

11 Too Good for TNA: Sienna

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TNA has employed quite a few talented women over the years and one of the better women’s wrestlers currently in the company is Sienna. TNA signed her a year ago following an impressive independent wrestling run as Allysin Kay. Sienna won the TNA Women’s Championship during her first year in TNA, but the management change is not good for her career.

Jade is already gone, hurting the depth of the Knockouts division. There are only a handful of talented female wrestlers left and Sienna would find better competition in WWE. Her talent would make her a perfect fit for the rebuilding NXT. Asuka versus Sienna could easily become a top women’s program for the show that would bring excitement back to the division. At this point, any promotion would be a step up from TNA.

10 Deserves TNA: Robbie E

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Robbie E's TNA run E has seen him win just about every title aside from the World Championship. It shows just how bad the talent has been in TNA at various points, as Robbie E is the definition of average when it comes to pro wrestling. He does very little in the ring during matches aside from the standard moves associated with outdated wrestling styles.

While he does have the personality to portray a humorous heel, Robbie E just doesn’t have the talent to make it in a promotion like WWE. Many wrestlers would find new wrestling homes if TNA ended tomorrow, but it's impossible to picture Robbie E in WWE, NJPW, ROH or Lucha Underground. TNA is all he has and he'll go down with the ship.

9 Too Good for TNA: Trevor Lee

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One great talent acquisition TNA made was signing Trevor Lee. The 23 year old possesses a talent level that very few wrestlers twice his age have ever been able to match. WWE star Kevin Owens lost to Lee in his final PWG match to help put over the young star. That shows just how much faith a respected veteran has in Lee's skills.

TNA signed Lee to be a part of the X Division and he has done a good job. The problem is TNA won’t put allow him to wrestle outside of the X Division and they don’t show enough faith in giving the X Division a platform to thrive. Lee is young enough to rebuild his career with ease. Hopefully he leaves them sooner than later to find a new home that would better showcase his superb potential.

8 Deserves TNA: Josh Mathews

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TNA has used wrestling fans genuine dislike for Josh Mathews as a commentator in a storyline. Mathews is one of the bigger heel characters on the show, cutting promos running down the fans and face wrestlers every week. The problem here is Mathews’ abysmal commentary takes away from the show. TNA recruited Mathews just days after he was released from WWE and made him the voice of the company.

Mathews has dropped the ball and his commentary has made TNA even more difficult to watch. It's sad given he once showed promise during his days as a broadcaster for WWE. At this point, no other wrestling promotion would hire Mathews, let alone make him a big part of the show. TNA is the perfect place for Mathews.

7 Too Good for TNA: Eddie Edwards

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Eddie Edwards shocked the world when he won the TNA World Championship, defeating Bobby Lashley last year. His in-ring skills  are extremely underrated and he's held his own against the likes of Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn through the years in ROH. WWE’s new approach of signing the best wrestlers in the world would make Eddie a great fit for the company, especially if he started in NXT.

TNA does deserve some credit for using Edwards in a relevant role, but the company just is not in good enough shape for him to build a future. Edwards is good enough to be a contributor to WWE or a top star for other credible promotions. Wrestling fans can only hope Edwards ditches TNA for a better situation whenever his contract ends.

6 Deserves TNA: Davey Richards

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Eddie Edwards' former tag team partner sadly does not have the same value these days. Davey Richards used to be viewed as the better wrestler in The American Wolves, but Edwards has surpassed him. Richards' in-ring work has declined during his stint in TNA. An injury put him on the shelf for almost a year and it likely has influenced his lackluster work these days.

Richards is claiming he will retire at the end of the year, but he's said this more years than not in recent history. His attitude also makes it unlikely he would succeed outside of TNA, as Richards has insulted WWE, ROH and New Japan over the past couple of years. TNA is his only wrestling option right now, but he does have a career as an EMT outside of the ring.

5 Too Good for TNA: Gail Kim

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Gail Kim is one of the few examples of TNA using someone right. WWE dropped the ball with Kim twice and completely wasted her talent. Gail used the disrespect as motivation to showcase her talent in TNA and her work has proven her to be one of the best women’s wrestlers in North American history. Sadly, TNA’s women’s division is clearly in decline and WWE's on the rise.

WWE is finally treating the women with respect. A return similar to Mickie James' could see Gail add more memories to her legacy against the top talents in the world on the biggest stage. There’s nothing left for TNA to offer her, as Kim is above the floundering TNA and deserves a better way end to her career.

4 Deserves TNA: Abyss

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Abyss is the only current wrestler on the TNA roster to never leave the company once. At one point, Abyss claimed WWE contacted him about signing with the company to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania. That is hard to believe, but Abyss turning it down would be the dumbest decision in wrestling history. For worse or worse, Abyss is loyal to TNA.

His best days are way behind him and he hasn't been a relevant player since around 2007, when he feuded with the likes of Sting and Kurt Angle. Abyss currently is a member of The Decay tag team with Crazzy Steve, giving him something to do. No other promotion would have any use for Abyss and he's bound to fade away with TNA.

3 Too Good for TNA: Bobby Lashley

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Bobby Lashley's improvement has been an underrated story in wrestling. WWE once viewed him as having as much potential as John Cena, but it never worked out. Many years later, Lashley has finally proven to be a star, though not on that level. TNA has made Lashley a dominant heel champion and his matches have been stellar.

Lashley delivered incredible performances against Drew Galloway, Ethan Carter III and Eddie Edwards. Sadly, Lashley’s ascension has happened during TNA’s worst time period. Another run in WWE or a different promotion would benefit Lashley, as he could show just how great a performer he's become. Lashley becoming a credible top heel has made him way too good for TNA at this point and his greatness is being wasted big time right now.

2 Deserves TNA: Matt Morgan

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Another horrible decision made by Jeff Jarrett was to bring back Matt Morgan. The perennial underachiever failed to make the most of his athleticism, after Morgan was viewed as a “can’t miss” prospect in WWE. TNA signed him after WWE and gave him multiple chances to succeed, but Morgan failed to get over with the fans or do anything of note.

Morgan made the decision to leave TNA and retire from wrestling a few years ago. Most fans forgot he even existed and very few missed him. Somehow, that correlated with TNA making the decision to bring him back. Morgan is the prototypical wrestler that could only exist in the world of TNA, as no one else would possibly give him that many chances to continuously flop.

1 Too Good for TNA: Ethan Carter III

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The face of the TNA brand right now is Ethan Carter III. All of the other top stars have left and Carter is remaining in TNA through this rebuilding process. Following a failed run in WWE as Derrick Bateman, EC3 found his way in TNA to become a top name for the company. Carter is arguably the biggest star they have left, but he deserves better.

Whether it's another opportunity in WWE or a new home, EC3 needs to make a move when his contract expires. His success in recent years prove just how good of a performer he is. Carter has the potential to get even better if placed in a better environment. TNA doesn’t have the platform or backing to give someone like EC3 the future he deserves in the wrestling business.

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