8 Wrestlers John Cena Loves And 7 He Hates

John Cena has been the go-to man for the WWE for the past decade or so as "The Face That Runs The Place" hasn't been branded as a 16-time World Champion for nothing. His incredible performances and hard work for the WWE have convinced the company to put their faith on him and even though he might have moved onto a more part-timer role nowadays, he's still one of the top superstars in the WWE and is still making a lot of cash and increasing the reputation for the WWE with his outside projects.

But despite all the good work he has done for the company, Cena has had a lot of backstage power over the years and utilized his influence to make things go his way. And due to some misuse of his power over the years, he has made his share of friends and enemies in the company. While he has made sure that his friends get a share of glory in the company as well, he has also given his enemies nightmares in the past and made sure that they feel the power of his wrath.

"The Face That Runs The Place" has been in the company enough to make some beloved friends and bitter enemies, as we take a look at the 8 Wrestlers Cena Loves and 7 He Hates.

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15 Loves: Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho might have had some intense battles inside the ring with John Cena over the years, infamously being banned from the WWE for some years after losing a "Loser Leaves WWE" match against the 16-time World Champion some years ago, but he is actually great friends with him outside the ring. Cena loves to hang out with Y2J whenever possible, as they seem to have a great time together whenever they decide to party around in their free time. Jericho even admitted on a podcast about a story where he got a bit too drunk while drinking with Cena, forcing John to take him home and while Jericho was passed out from having a bit too much, Cena (who had just about as much as him) was listening to Jericho's choice of music all night long. They seemed to share a great connection on Jericho's podcast a few years ago as well and Cena is definitely a Friend of Jericho who loves to hang out and drink it in with him... maaannnn.

14 Hates: Mr. Kennedy

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Mr. Kennedy was quite the charismatic superstar when he came to the WWE, as he was tabbed for great things in the company but his drug abuse and injury problems put an end to that. Things went from bad to worse when he couldn't seem to be on the good books of John Cena, who at the time of his firing was at the height of his power backstage. Kennedy wrestled a rather stiff match against Randy Orton, who afterwards went and complained to Mr. McMahon about him being dangerous in the ring. Cena also pitched in to help Orton's case, as this ultimately got Kennedy quite undeservedly fired. Cena probably hated Kennedy for his attitude and having the guts to ignore "powerful" people like him in the company. Poor Mr. Kennedy would face Cena's wrath by being fired from his job and has gone downhill ever since as Super Cena put an end to what could've been a promising career for Kennedy.

13 Loves: Sheamus

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This is probably another case of bitter rivals being best friends outside the ring, as Sheamus and John Cena have never looked to be anything near friends in the WWE but are actually best of friends outside it. Apparently they mingled well from the beginning, with Cena pitching for Sheamus to get a push at the start and the two's friendship has only blossomed over the years. They train together and with both being unreal athletes, they push themselves to the limit and are at each other's side at their most vulnerable period and pictures of the two having leaked over the years have shown how great they are as buddies. Cena loves to hang around with the tough Irishman who he knows has his back in the company at all times, as this friendship might look weird on the outside but Cena's love for Sheamus is pretty solid and real.

12 Hates: Alex Riley

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Alex Riley looked like a promising talent when he was out with The Miz, as that experience as a sidekick seemed to be a good kickstart to his WWE career and many were intrigued to see what he can do as a wrestler. But surprisingly, Riley's in-ring career never blossomed in the WWE as he got buried even before he could do anything good in the company. That's allegedly because of John Cena's hatred towards Riley, as the 16-time World Champion didn't seem to like anything Riley did in the ring and criticized him for everything. Apparently Cena would insult Riley in front of everyone, as well as check his bags at times for illegal substances and seemed to be finding reasons to get Alex fired from the WWE. Although it's still not certain just why Cena hated Riley this much, his beef with the A-Ry would make for the end of Riley's in-ring career in the WWE as he was discarded even before he could become popular and fired after having some miserable years in the company.

11 Loves: Samoa Joe

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Even though John Cena and Samoa Joe have yet to face off in the WWE, they have quite the history together which not many fans know about. Cena and Joe were upstarts at the same time when they were training together in the WWE affiliated Ultimate Pro Wrestling and the two were extremely close in the developmental system together. Cena loved to hang out with Joe at the time and even apparently went to Joe's mom's house and had dinner with him sometimes and the two might have been separated after their developmental stint, but Cena's love for how Joe helped him become what he is right now will never wither away. The two might not have met up because of being in different places over all these years, but Cena will always be grateful for what Joe did for him when he was at his most vulnerable period as their friendship will always remain strong because of that period of time.

10 Hates: Kenny Dykstra

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While John Cena is always mingled into main-event feuds in WWE TV, he seems to have problems with the irrelevant wrestlers at the back, as his dislike for Kennedy Dykstra resulted in the Spirit Squad member's demise in his first stint in the company. Kenny was dating Mickie James at the time, before Mickie would start to date Cena and when Kenny tried to voice his problem in this, Cena got him drafted to another brand (Smackdown) and got him fired from the company after some-time. Cena probably hated Kenny for trying to come between him and James at the time, as that contempt has escalated because of how Kenny has "spilled the beans" about exactly what he is backstage on social media in the past few years. Many were actually surprised to see Kenny back in the same brand as Cena earlier this year but as soon as the 16 time World Champ came back to WWE on a regular basis, Kenny was fired yet again. Coincidence? I think not!

9 Loves: Cesaro

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John Cena might be enemies with the most shocking wrestlers in the WWE, but there are some people in the company whom nobody can hate. "The Swiss Superman" Cesaro is definitely one of them as he is actually a great person beyond the ring, and is also Cena's gym buddy as the two superhumans train together and make themselves even more stronger. They have spoken about their friendship in the past, as Cesaro even went to visit Cena in the hospital before his shoulder surgery last year and Cena definitely loves Cesaro for how he has supported him in all his difficulties. Cena even put Cesaro over last year after their phenomenal match for the US Title, as he sang much praises for him in a dark segment to the crowd and his love for the Swiss Superman can be felt through that segment alone and shows how much of a lovable guy Cesaro really is.

8 Hates: Tyler Reks

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John Cena might be a wrestler who cherishes his "Hustle, Loyalty & Respect" mantra in the WWE, but he sometimes loses his own mantra in his real life. He's especially protective of his work and doesn't want anyone to attempt the moves which are his signature ones and poor Tyler Reks would face his wrath for attempting to "steal his move" some years back. Reks came up from ECW and with a good figure and promising ability in the ring, he looked to be set to be a solid mid-carder for the future but somehow incurred the hate of John Cena. Reks's finishing move which was called the "Burning Hammer" apparently looked similar to Cena's Attitude Adjustment as Cena had told about this to Reks after a match and told him to get a new finisher. But Reks was cleared to do this move by everyone else, as he even used it in Bragging Rights and after a good match came back to quite the surprising reaction. Cena lashed out on Reks for using the Burning Hammer and told him to change his moveset or "you're fired" which stunned Reks. Cena heavily disliked him back in the days and after Reks told everything crooked about him during an AMA session a few years ago, his hatred for Reks probably increased by ten-folds and he'll make sure Reks never makes it back in the WWE ever again as long as he's there.

7 Loves: Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan is another one of the guys who is a real sweetheart in real life and he's so good that nobody can really hate him as a person, and that's why he's loved by John Cena. Cena and Bryan have been getting along really well for a few years as their friendship has now been escalated to somewhat of a family relationship and Cena has been really supportive of Bryan over all these years. Be it in the WWE or appearing in Total Divas, both are seemingly very comfortable with each other and Bryan is someone Cena loves like a brother right now, as he's also been pretty supportive during his difficult times over the years and helped him stay in the WWE as well. The "YES!" Man doesn't really seem to be that difficult to love anyways and has garnered a lot of popularity because of how lovable he is, as he has also won over the heart of Cena who loves to hang out with him.

6 Hates: Wade Barrett

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John Cena has "buried" the careers of many wrestlers in his time in the WWE, but none have been worse than the way he buried the Nexus and the promising career of their leader, Wade Barrett. Barrett was riding on a lot of momentum after winning the 1st season of NXT and was set to be a main eventer for the WWE, but then came Cena with his genius plan of making himself look strong at the expense of The Nexus and Barrett. He was the one who pitched the idea of him taking all the beating but magically coming back to defeat the Nexus in their SummerSlam match in 2010 and if he wasn't done with that, he'd later humiliate Barrett in their feud and completely bury him. Barrett stated about how they just don't like each other personally in an interview a few years back, as you can wonder just why Cena would hate someone like Barrett. Maybe he was scared that he would overtake Cena as the top star for WWE and his jealously and hatred for his success probably give him the royal burial from which he couldn't ever recover from.

5 Loves: Michael Cole

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John Cena might have many friends in the WWE, but him having good friends in powerful positions of the WWE has benefited him a lot in his career. He is also best friends with announcer Michael Cole, who seems to have a specific admiration for Cena's work and has put him over so many times in the past few years with his commentary. Cena seems to be great pals with Cole, as he used to travel with him a few years back and the two are really close in the company and love to hang out with each other whenever possible. Cole has praised the 16 time World Champ numerous times in the past few years, as Cena loves Michael Cole for how much he has done to progress his career and put him over with his commentary over the years.

4 Hates: Batista

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John Cena and Batista came up to become main-eventers in the WWE almost in the same time, as their rise to stardom began exactly in the right time and despite being quite equal, Cena was given all the big opportunities. This obviously irked The Animal who would go onto leave the WWE in 2010, as Cena probably hated Batista for being as good as(if not better) than him and used his backstage power to make sure he got all the big opportunities instead of the Animal. After his second stint with the WWE came to an end, Batista revealed a lot of stuff about the company which included about how he was kept down by the WWE who only loved to advertize Cena as their "top star" and didn't even give him a proper chance to become the main guy of the company. But John would win in the end as Batista would force to leave the WWE, but the joke is probably on him as he went onto become a star in Hollywood something which Cena hasn't been able to do and this would probably increase his hate towards Batista.

3 Loves: Randy Orton

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While John Cena and Randy Orton might have had quite the rivalry over the past few years and gone through uncountable matches, their hatred on the screen mirrors their love for each other in real life. Cena and Orton know each other from a long time as the two came up from the same class of Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and have since then won 29 WWE Championships between them and been the dominating superstars of the past decade. Cena loves to hang out with Orton whenever possible as the two couldn't be separated when they were coming up in the roster and even though they don't keep in touch that often nowadays, they still are best of friends. Cena has voiced his admiration for Randy's work in the past where he put him over as the "best performer of our generation" in an interview which goes onto show how much he loves him, as these kinds of words from the self-loving Cena goes onto show just how much he likes Orton.

2 Hates: The Rock

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The Rock's return to the WWE in 2011 was cherished by just about everyone apart from John Cena, who probably thought the "Great One" was a threat to his popularity in the WWE. They went onto have quite a lengthy rivalry as their "Once In A Lifetime" match at WrestleMania XXVIII was built for a whole year and their rivalry got very real at the time. Cena and Rock legitimately hated each other at the time and even though they have over the years stated about how they are "good pals" now, there's something about that which just doesn't seem believable AT ALL. Cena's hate for The Rock is quite real as he's probably jealous of how much of his spotlight The Great One has taken away ever since he came back. That mixed with The Rock's roaring success in Hollywood, his hate is mostly built up because of jealously and as much as he can say about how he is friends with The Rock right now, that's something which is just not believable at all.

1 Loves: Vince McMahon

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There's a lot of people that John Cena might like or love in the wrestling business, but nobody trumps over Vincent Kennedy McMahon who has made Cena what he is right now. McMahon was very high on Cena right from the beginning and made the crucial decision of making him the "Face of the Company" after watching his dedication and that decision changed Cena's life forever. McMahon made him the poster boy of the company with his new "Hustle, Loyalty & Respect" gimmick and despite all the hate Cena has received over the years, Vince has stayed with him and kept him at the top of the WWE. The 16 time World Champion is heavily grateful towards Vince for all that he has done for him, as there's definitely nobody else he loves as much as Vince McMahon and his company which has made him the world-wide star he is right now. It's because of his love for Vince that he hasn't left the WWE to look for a permanent career in acting and comes back whenever he's free to perform for Vince and help put on the best show possible.

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