8 Wrestlers Living Happily With Their Homewreckers (And 7 Who Broke Up)

When it comes to pro wrestling, homewreckers tend stick around more times than not.

Wrestlers, like rock stars and actors aren't exactly the most monogamous bunch. Perhaps it is the long travel schedules, the adoring fans, or the eccentric nature of the people involved, but for whatever reason, wrestling marriages don't seem to last. Wrestlers tend to cheat on their spouses and sometimes, even when two wrestlers marry each other, they will each cheat on the other one all the same. Heck, they even cheat with other wrestlers who are cheating on other wrestlers. It's a little ridiculous but highly entertaining to read about.

Now with women's wrestling becoming more popular and more women on the road with the men, this trend is only increasing. Whether or not this is a bad thing depends on your perspective.

Sometimes high-profile love-triangles end with the couple staying together despite the circumstances from which their relationship began. These tend to be the exception rather than the rule. In this article, we shine a spotlight on eight different couples in wrestling who stayed together despite at least one member of the couple having been in another relationship when they first got together. We'll also feature seven wrestling couples who split after their love-triangle had been exposed. Enjoy folks!

15 Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes - Stayed Together

Rob Van Dam left his wife of 18 years and then ended up with indie wrestler, Katie Forbes. One glance at Forbes helps to explain why this change took place.

During divorce proceedings from his ex-wife, it was revealed that RVD's history of concussions will prevent him from ever returning to WWE. According to forms that he filed, a concussion he suffered on the independent scene also caused vision loss. This has led to a substantial reduction in his earnings from professional wrestling. At the moment, RVD attends various autograph signings and conventions and does continue to wrestle sparingly. In 2017, he's wrestled overseas in Australia, Italy, and Scotland.

14 Edge and Lita - Split


Edge and Lita never really became a couple despite their affair. They later became an item on WWE programming but they didn't actually stay together after the love triangle became public.

WWE turned the whole thing into a storyline, however, and it is said that doing so really hurt Lita's motivation as a performer. In the past, she has referenced the angle as one of the reasons she opted to retire early from the business.

13 Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett - Stayed Together


While Kurt Angle may have had some difficulties with monogamy in his relationship with Karen Angle, she would repay the favor eventually by leaving him for Jeff Jarrett.

Complicating matters at the time was the fact that Jarrett was a top executive with TNA Wrestling at the time and Angle was the promotion's biggest star. Somehow this seemed to lead to very little drama with Jeff and Kurt even working a program against one another.

12 Batista and Melina - Split


In 2006, Melina and Batista began an affair. At the time Batista was married and Melina was either in a relationship with John Morrison, just finished a relationship with John Morrison, or had an open relationship going with him. Batista claims that he and Melina only started dating after his divorce was finalized however.

Then there is this weird rumor involving Vince McMahon's opinion of John Morrison after he found out about the affair. The rumor goes that Vince felt John wasn't standing up for himself to Batista. Others say, however, that Morrison simply didn't care. Whether or not that story is true has never been confirmed.

11 The Undertaker and Michelle McCool - Stayed Together


Michelle McCool and The Undertaker became public about their relationship not long after both had finalized their respective divorces. McCool, who graduated from WWE’s developmental territories in 2006, finalized her divorce the same year. The Undertaker would finalize his divorce from the woman whose name used to be tattooed on his neck, Sara, in 2007.

It's one of those things where you can't prove that they had gotten together and then divorced both of their spouses, but boy does it seem like that was the case. They appear to be a happy couple now and had their first child in 2012.

10 John Cena and Mickie James - Split


John Cena was still with his high school sweetheart and Mickie James was engaged to Kenny Dykstra (a.k.a. Kenny from the Spirit Squad) when the two began an affair.

The timing is somewhat in question, but around 2006 and 2007 is when Dykstra and James were engaged. Kenny would say later that their engagement ended when he caught James searching online to see if word of her affair with Cena had leaked.

9 John Cena and Nikki Bella - Stayed Together


John Cena's divorce from Elizabeth Huberdeau became official in 2012. That just so happened to be the same year he and Nikki Bella went public regarding their relationship.

Cena's former wife was his high school sweetheart who he had married in 2009. Considering Cena has been linked to several WWE female performers in the past, it's fair to say there may have been some extracurricular activities going on in Cena’s private life during this relationship.

8 Paul London and Ashley Massaro - Split


Back when all three of them were in WWE; Paul London, Ashley Massaro, and Matt Hardy were involved in a love triangle. 

It was Hardy's second publicized love triangle but the first for London and Massaro. Hardy and Massaro had been dating but the rumor is that she broke it off with him and had been seeing London before their split was final.

London and Hardy were said to have real heat with each other.  There were even rumors Matt was trying to bury London to WWE management. Things between the two got so testy that later when both were in the Ring of Honor together, London told the promotion he would not work with Hardy even though his relationship with Massaro was over at the time. 

7 Velvet Sky and Bully Ray - Stayed Together


Velvet Sky was seeing Chris Sabin but ultimately would leave him for Bully Ray, a.k.a. Bubba Ray Dudley. Velvet Sky took a shot at Sabin on Twitter when the MCMG member was attempting to get verified. Sabin instructed Sky to just leave him alone. Other than that, neither has talked much about their breakup.

The 36-year-old Sky recently announced her retirement from in-ring competition. She spent the vast majority of her career with TNA Wrestling, including her most memorable run as a member of the Beautiful People. As for Bully Ray, The 46-year-old who is in Ring of Honor recently announced his retirement. He and Sky are still together both appearing to be done as active performers. 

6 Dawn Marie and Kurt Angle - Split


In a shoot interview she would give years after the fact, Dawn Marie revealed that she and Kurt Angle engaged in an affair while Kurt was married. To be clear, Dawn Marie is not Jason Jordan's mother...

At the time, Kurt Angle was married to Karen Angle, who is now married to Jeff Jarrett. Dawn Marie also mentioned having an affair with another wrestler during the shoot interview but neglected to mention their name.

5 Bray Wyatt and JoJo - Stayed Together


Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offerman were discovered to have been secretly together earlier this year. Wyatt most likely did not want this information coming out as he is in the middle of a nasty divorce from his soon to be ex-wife. 

The young ring announcer involved in the affair has been with WWE since 2013 and has been on the main roster since 2015. Jojo was also part of the original cast of Total Divas in 2013. Wyatt and JoJo have stayed together despite Wyatt’s ongoing divorce proceedings. Cameras have captured them entering arenas together for shows. 

4 Sunny and Shawn Michaels - Split


The story goes that Sunny and Shawn Michaels were involved in a lengthy year long affair while Sunny was still with her longtime boyfriend, Chris Candido.

While it is said that Shawn Michaels wanted to settle down with Sunny, she evidently didn't feel the same. Sunny chose to end her affair with Michaels in order to attempt to reconcile with Candido. The two had been together since high school and it was Candido who got Sunny into wrestling.

Sunny rejoined Candido in ECW but things took a turn for the couple once she left WWE. Rumors of rampant drug abuse plagued both of them even as they signed with late-stage WCW.

3 CM Punk and AJ Lee - Stayed Together


CM Punk was speculated by fan theory to have still been in a relationship with Amy "Lita" Dumas when he and AJ Lee first got together.

In 2013, Lita and CM Punk attended the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony together. By 2014's Hall of Fame ceremony, CM Punk was married to AJ Lee and had been fired from WWE. Lita just so happened to be a member of the 2014 Hall of Fame class as well.

2 Alberto Del Rio and Paige - Split


Thankfully these two are no longer together. So far, the only thing either one will say about the end of their relationship is that Alberto wanted to stay close to his kids and Paige wanted back in with the WWE. Neither has said anything negative about the other.

Alberto did take the high road however wishing Paige all the best in her return. He had little doubt pertaining to her success with the company. Aside from the best wishes, Del Rio was on the down low when it came to revealing info about the two.

1 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon - Stayed Together


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the most successful wrestling couple of all time. A small asterisk on their relationship, however, is that Triple H had been with Chyna when the two first got together.

Worse than their relationship starting out on such terms is what happened to Chyna as a result. Being the odd woman out of a love-triangle which also involves Vince McMahon's daughter was not exactly a positive development for her career. Shortly after telling Vince she was having problems dealing with Triple H and Stephanie's relationship, she was sent home to let her contract run out.

While Triple H and Stephanie were busy seizing control of WWE, Chyna's life spiraled downward into drugs and mutually destructive relationships. She passed away of an accidental drug overdose in 2016 at the age of 48.

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