8 Wrestlers Looking Worse Off Than Ever (And 7 Better Than Ever)

In all walks of life, you will meet people of different shapes and sizes, some will be muscular and ripped, while others might have more of a belly or could be just skinny. In wrestling, the exact same principle applies and you won't find any two people with the exact same physique. That's one of the positives about the industry, as it allows for different match opportunities with people's bodies allowing them to perform unique moves to them. Bigger wrestlers will hit power moves, while smaller ones will likely take to the sky and use the top rope a lot.

Wrestlers often change their looks throughout their careers, whether that's ring gear or a totally unique and new persona and sometimes a wrestler's body shape will also change completely, whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Many wrestlers go through their career around the same weight, looking the same physically throughout their careers, whilst others have dramatic changes which can range from becoming jacked and muscular to gaining a lot of weight.

This can have both positive and negative effects and there have been cases where a change has led to major pushes and other examples that have led to people losing them, or even losing their jobs, but that's the risk they take. When you eventually walk away from the business, or at least the elite level, many wrestlers usually go through major changes and that is exactly what this list will look at. With examples of wrestlers who now look better than ever, and others who look worse than they ever have.

15 Look Worse: One Man Gang

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Some wrestlers make small changes, whether that be positive or negative following their time away from the spotlight, while others end up making major changes and that is what happened to One Man Gang.

He was always a big guy during his prime run in wrestling, but seeing the amount of weight he has put on since hanging up the boots will take even his biggest fans by surprise, as he looks like a totally different person. Walking away from the spotlight isn't always an easy thing to do, and clearly, it hit the One Man Gang harder than most.

14 Look Better: X-Pac

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X-Pac has always been in good shape throughout his career, never really going through a dramatic change that made him appear in poor health, but that doesn't mean that his recent body improvement hasn't been noticed. The former DX member has gained some muscle definition in the past year and it has really worked out in his favor, keeping him looking youthful amongst the current crop of wrestlers he has to work against.

X-Pac still competes across the world on the independent scene on a regular basis and has put his improved physique down to understanding nutrition better now than during his peak.

13 Look Worse: Vader

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Despite being given two years to live over a year ago, Vader is currently still lacing up his boots and heading to the ring to this day, defying doctors orders and putting his life firmly in the hands of fate itself.

That is why it should come as no surprise that Vader is not looking at his best in recent times, instead of resting up and getting fit in a slightly less dangerous manner, Vader refuses to give up the business that gave him so much. It's a shame to see what Vader has become, falling from an incredibly feared man to one who fans wish would now retire, for his own sake, but he wants to go out on top and that is his choice.

12 Look Better: Shawn Michaels

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Similar to X-Pac, the Heartbreak Kid has always looked in terrific condition, even after returning to the business after four years away Shawn Michaels looked like he hadn't missed a beat. All the way up until his incredible retirement match with The Undertaker, he was still putting on a match of the year quality bouts and looked great in the process, not something most wrestlers can claim.

While he isn't actively wrestling anymore, his surprise return at WrestleMania 32 showed him in incredible condition to say he had no reason to be in such good shape, only adding to speculation about one more match.

11 Look Worse: Ric Flair

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This entry is a sad one as it has happened from ill health and a brush with the end, but Ric Flair unfortunately no longer looks like the same old Nature Boy that fans once knew from recent years. After a career of partying and taking plenty of bumps, Flair almost passed away in 2017, but thankfully survived and lived to tell the tale. However, that didn't come without a price, now looking much more fragile and old than he previously did.

Despite that, Flair is still the same old Naitch, wearing his expensive suits, with a Rolex on his wrist, he even managed to make a piece of merchandise out of the fact he didn't pass away, in true Ric Flair fashion.

10 Look Better: Trish Stratus

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It could be easily argued that Trish Stratus looks better now than she did during the peak of her career, which is an incredible achievement in its own right, but considering she has given birth since then makes it all the more impressive. Stratus has been strict with her workouts and now posts regimes on YouTube for others to follow along with, embracing the fitness element of her wrestling career, providing her with income and keeping her in great shape.

The WWE Hall Of Famer has kept herself in the loop as far as wrestling is concerned and with the first ever WWE Women's Royal Rumble being announced, perhaps we will see her show off her great body and incredible wrestling skills one more time.

9 Look Worse: The Undertaker

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It should come as no surprise that The Undertaker falls into the looking worse category as The Deadman did not look at his best during what was a potential retirement match at WrestleMania 33.

Undertaker has been in the game for decades and has always kept himself in great condition, but unfortunately, it just appears that age and a growing list of injury problems have caught up to him over the years, slowing him to a halt. While he can easily still strike fear into the eyes of many WWE Superstars and is incredibly well respected, him hanging up the boots might be the best thing for all concerned.

8 Look Better: Triple H

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Not all former Attitude Era stars have been defeated by age, in fact, for Triple H it's the complete opposite, with The Game somehow looking better now than he ever did during his main event career.

Whether that is because he is no longer taking as many bumps and might have a little more free time, whatever his secret is, it is working. The fact he manages to show up for a few shows a year, looking better than many of the current roster members shows how good HHH looks right now. Triple H has always been a body guy, aiming to look as good as possible throughout his career, but it appears we haven't seen the best yet.

7 Look Worse: Kane

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Just like his fellow Brother of Destruction, father time has won the war against Kane and the Big Red Machine doesn't look anywhere near as dominant or scary as he did during his prime. Unlike the previous entry, Kane hasn't maintained the shape he was once in, likely because a lot of his time is now spent focusing on politics, which doesn't require him to look in shape at all.

Kane is likely going through his final main push as a wrestler and therefore it doesn't really matter that he doesn't look as fit as he once did because after all, he still looks great for his age.

6 Look Better: Al Snow

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Al Snow is still wrestling at this stage of his career, having worked with Impact Wrestling for a sometime following his WWE career, as well as the independent circuit around the world. Because of this, Snow has never lost his physique, clearing sticking to a similar workout regime to what he had during his wrestling career, something that has paid off for him in the long run.

Currently, his main focus is actually on his wrestling school where he trains the wrestling stars of tomorrow and it is good to see that he keeps himself in top condition to provide those lessons.

5 Look Worse: Matt Hardy

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He might have adopted the 'Woken' character that fans so desperately wanted because he had improved his gimmick so much with it, but that doesn't mean that all aspects of Matt Hardy are better in 2017. His physique has always been in question by fans with 'Fatt Hardy' being a popular nickname for the Team Extreme member throughout his career. While he is nowhere near fat, Hardy hasn't looked in his greatest condition since returning to the WWE.

Many fans have noted on social media how he hasn't looked comfortable in the ring, with his movement being a little slower than normal. After all the ladder matches it is no surprise to see Hardy a little banged up, but with a major push coming his way, 2018 could see a big change.

4 Look Better: Torrie Wilson

If fans were to rank the top female wrestlers in terms of looks and physique, it's fair to say that Torrie Wilson is very likely to rank near the top, and for good reason. Those same fans will be pleased to know that if she returned and you took the same poll, the answer provides the same results.

Wilson still looks in brilliant condition and has evidently kept herself in tremendous condition following her 2009 retirement from professional wrestling, as can be seen in the above photo. The former WWE Diva now works as an actor and fitness model, hence why she needs to maintain her current look and is looking better than ever before.

3 Look Worse: Marty Jannetty

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Ever since bursting onto the scene, Marty Jannetty has wanted to live the rock and roll lifestyle that comes hand in hand with being a professional wrestler to the fullest, a thought process he still lives by to this day.

While his former Rockers tag team partner managed to find himself on the reverse of this list earlier on, Jannetty has not aged well and despite the fact he actually is still wrestling (mainly of his name value alone), he no longer looks anything like his former self. Some fans who took a glance at him today would potentially not recognize him as the man who had such a successful career and it is actually quite sad to see how he has fallen from grace.

2 Look Better: Big Show

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Big Show has fluctuated with his weight more than any wrestler in the history of the business, having gone from incredibly overweight to being in great shape and everywhere in between during his lengthy career.

However, as he comes to the end of his run, the World's Largest Athlete has got himself in the best shape of his entire career. Show worked like crazy to make his physique even more impressive than it was before. Having a giant with a six-pack is an incredible sight and should give anyone the motivation they need to hit the gym. Big Show wanted to go out with a bang and he made sure he looked great doing it.

1 Look Worse: Lex Luger

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When you think about some of the best physiques in wrestling history, Lex Luger is likely to rank very high on that list, with his body being a standout amongst a time when muscular, body guys were the thing.

Luger was given a major push at the start of his career purely based on his look and it served him well throughout his career. But perhaps that was a blessing and a curse because now he has shrunk to a normal size with old age the difference looks staggering. Because of how he used to look, seeing Luger in his current state really can take fans by surprise, with him looking totally different to his former self.

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