8 Wrestlers Paige Loves And 7 She Hates

Paige is definitely one of the most controversial and widely discussed WWE Superstars in recent memory. Paige's relationship with Alberto Del Rio is certainly one of the main reasons as to why she's always in the media's eye (often in a negative way to boot). However, we cannot forget Paige's recent sex tape scandal which involved former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox and current New Day star Xavier Woods, which has been all the buzz in the wrestling world since its release to the public.

Since Paige's suspension from the WWE, it seems like she really just doesn't care what people think anymore, and as a result, "trouble" certainly seems to be finding its way to the controversial couple of Paige and Del Rio on a regular basis. It's as if they are magnets for trouble and drama. (Del Rio being an extremely outspoken guy and a bit of a hot-head certainly doesn't help matters either). Even though Paige loves her "bad" boyfriend Del Rio, I think it's safe to say that he's a bad influence and brings out the worst in Paige.

Controversial relationship aside, while Paige was wrestling for the WWE, she definitely had her circle of friends and she also had her fair share of "enemies," or wrestlers she just didn't care for all too much. Paige definitely comes across as a "total diva" (no pun intended from her being on the show Total Divas), and I could see her making enemies pretty easily. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 8 wrestlers Paige loves (or at least likes) and 7 wrestlers that well, she definitely isn't too fond of (or blatantly and honestly, totally hates).

15  15. Loves: Rosa Mendes

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The former WWE Diva Rosa Mendes is definitely one of the wrestlers in Paige's current circle of friends. They've been friends for quite a few years, and they both displayed their friendship on Total Divas (sometimes a little too much). In fact, many WWE fans thought that Paige and Rosa were having some sort of a "thing," as they've flirted with each other on the show before and most shockingly, the two kissed each other (on the mouth to boot) which definitely surprised most fans.

Also, at one point, Paige was involved with Rosa's fiancee Bobby Schubenski's alcohol company titled Blackcraft Spirits. However, Paige has since ended her affiliation with company and the reasons are still unknown to the public. Regardless, Rosa Mendes is still one of Paige's close friends.

14 Hates: Charlotte Flair

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If you hadn't already known, Paige definitely has beef with "The Queen" Charlotte. A couple of years ago when Paige was asked about Charlotte, she proceeded to explain that she didn't feel Charlotte was ready to be given the main roster push, and she claimed that Sasha Banks was the Diva that was the "total package" and ready for the jump. She felt Charlotte was decent, but needed more time/work. At the time, many fans speculated that Paige was afraid of losing her position as basically the face of the Women's Division to the debuting Charlotte (and ironically she did).

It was definitely one of those tension-filled rivalries that pitted the two Divas fighting over the "top dog" position. Unfortunately for Paige, I think her nightmare of becoming pushed to the sidelines has come true, as she's nowhere to be seen, where as Charlotte is undoubtedly the top Women's Division wrestler today. I'm sure Paige hates Miss Flair even more now a days considering her lack of success recently compared to Charlotte's incredible successes.

13 Loves: Big E

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Big E is without a doubt one of the seemingly few wrestlers that Paige likes, and it doesn't seem too hard to understand why. The New Day's Big E comes across as a totally laid back and friendly guy who could get along with almost anyone. Up to this point, I haven't heard of too many wrestlers who dislike the charismatic "Power Of Positivity" preacher, and Paige is definitely not one of them. On an episode of Total Divas, Paige was "sizing up" Big E's chest in a playful way which showed off E's fun and calm personality.

Paige also has a pretty solid relationship with Kofi Kingston too (he seems genuinely friendly as well). However, if there's one member of the wildly popular New Day stable that Paige isn't all too fond of (now a days anyway), I'm sure you all would know exactly which member that is. We'll be getting into him later on in this list so stay tuned for that one!

12 Hates: The Miz

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Now I know Paige and The Miz are far from being the best of friends, but the real reason as to why Paige hates The Miz these days is because her fiancee Alberto Del Rio hates the "Awesome One" with a passion. In an interview back in 2012, Del Rio gave all of us fans a piece of his mind. Here are a few noteworthy exchanges from that interview. "I hate The Miz. I really dislike that guy. I've tried to punch him in the face several times, not in the ring, I mean outside the ring. He's like a little girl."

Since that initial interview, Del Rio continues to shoot on Miz whenever he's asked about him. Although The Miz does seem like a bit of a "pretty boy" and not nearly as rugged and rough around the edges as some of the other talents, I think Alberto hates on The Miz because he's jealous of him to some degree. Regardless, since Paige seems to support her future husband on everything, you can expect Paige to despise The Miz as well.

11 Loves: Seth Rollins

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Paige and "The Architect" Seth Rollins definitely seem to have a great relationship. They've known each other since their FCW days and have remained friends ever since. If there's one current superstar on the roster who would support Paige, it would probably be Seth. Come to think of it, in my opinion, it's actually quite surprising that Rollins wasn't at all involved in Paige's scandal earlier this year.

Although they're probably just "good friends," if you hadn't already known, Seth definitely comes across as a total playboy considering his own recent scandals. Also, considering how both Paige and Seth come across, I would have imagined that they would've been "friends with benefits," but since nothing has come out into the media's eye about it (yet anyways), we'll never know that for sure.

10 Hates: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon is certainly on Paige's "I hate you" list for multiple reasons. As I'm sure all of you are aware (considering the company likes to convince us weekly), we are currently amidst a "Women's Revolution" in the WWE, and they're changing the way we fans look at women's wrestling (at least trying to anyways). The women's wrestlers of the WWE are now being placed in more pivotal position, and we've even seen the women close out a pay-per-view (albeit it was slightly disastrous). Regardless, one of the main benefactor's in the rise of the women in the WWE is none other than Stephanie McMahon.

She has played a huge role in the shift of how the Divas (now referred to as the Women's Division wrestlers) are treated. If you didn't know, Paige has said on multiple occasions that while she was in the WWE, she preferred to be called a "Diva" versus a "Women's Division wrestler," and she definitely holds a grudge on Stephanie for helping change the term Diva into Women's Division wrestler. I'm sure in Stephanie McMahon's eyes, Paige was someone who had ideals from the past and was not a wrestler fit to be a leader in the "Women's Revolution" considering her opinions. To add to things, Alberto is certainly no Stephanie McMahon mark (far from it), so I'm sure Paige's hatred for Steph is quite significant.

9 Loves: Eva Marie

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Despite having their fair share of arguments, Paige and Eva Marie are still good friends and they travel quite a bit together. Like most friends, they've had a couple of heated scuffles over the years (these fights were shown on Total Divas). One of the fights occurred when Paige assumed that Eva, the only person who she had told about her neck pain, allegedly told Mark Carrano (Vice President Of Talent Relations) about her neck, and this resulted in Paige explosively confronting Eva by saying "same old Eva, you're always going to be the freakin' same. You're a piece of s--t!"

However, since that explosive confrontation, Paige and Eva Marie have since got over their differences and have remained friends despite their scuffles. I also personally believe that a lot of these so called "fights"on shows like Total Divas are definitely put on thick (or just completely staged) for viewer entertainment, so we have to take them with a grain of salt as a result.

8 Hates: Xavier Woods

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If someone had asked Paige a few years ago if she loved or hated The New Day's Xavier Woods, I willingly bet that she would have said she loved him. However, as we all know, times do in fact change and now a days with the recent scandal out in the media's eye, I'm 100% certain that Paige would say the opposite regarding the charismatic Xavier. With the recent scandal, we all found out that Mr. Woods was definitely a bit of a "freak," and wasn't against having flings with some of the talents backstage.

Obviously, considering the fact that the scandal was just that, a fling, Paige and Xavier never struck up a relationship afterwards so it showed that there were never any real or true feelings between the two. As well, once the scandalous videos were released to the public, Xavier tweeted something that has since been deleted "it was cold that night." Paige and her family have been distraught ever since the release of the tapes, so there's little doubt that Paige would hate Woods even more for his comedic and "little care in the world" attitude regarding them.

7 Loves: Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon

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Razor Ramon and Paige seem to have a pretty fun and decent relationship, although I'm sure it isn't a "friends with benefits" situation that I bet Ramon would be all over. Regardless, when the two see each other behind the scenes or at various wrestling related events, there is no tension in the air and the two seem to enjoy each others company, as you can sort of see from the picture above of Scott Hall giving Paige a hug before the nWo's WrestleMania entrance. On top of their real conversations, Scott makes a point to tweet regarding Paige (albeit it sometimes comes across as a bit perverted but this is Razor we're talking about here).

Once in 2015, Ramon took to Twitter and tweeted "@RealPaigeWWE Such a naughty girl. I have a good mind to bend you over my knee and spank you." Despite upsetting a plethora of fans and garnering Hall a ton of negative attention following this controversial tweet, Paige took to Twitter and basically stood up for Scott by saying that it was nothing more than a joke, and that she actually liked it. Who knows, maybe they are friends with benefits?

6 Hates: Triple H

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Triple H is definitely one of those guys that Paige isn't fond of at all, both for her own personal reasons and because of her future husband Alberto Del Rio's absolute hatred for Hunter. In regards to Paige's personal feelings regarding Triple H, she certainly isn't his biggest fan (and vice versa). As you can see from looking at this photo, Triple H is posed with legendary Ric Flair and one of Paige's arch nemesis's Charlotte Flair. It would not have surprised me if Hunter was partly responsible for Paige seeing a huge de-push during her last little bit of time with the company considering her tensions with one of Hunter's "golden girls" Charlotte.

Now, onto Paige's dear Alberto Del Rio. It's no secret that Del Rio hates "The Game" with a fiery passion, and he makes sure that every single fan that keeps up to date with pro-wrestling knows it. Once, Del Rio had stated that "Triple H, you're a f--king pu--y!" and that "Triple H's the man with the big f--king nose!" and finally, "you're a pu--y who married well!" As you can see, Del Rio holds an enormous grudge on Triple H, a guy who had previously stated that he could no longer trust Alberto Del Rio in a big spot. Regardless, Paige definitely has a strong disliking for Hunter as well, so they're definitely on the same wavelength there.

5 Loves: Natalya

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For whatever reason, Natalya seems to be that one Diva that everyone backstage loves. Very few wrestlers have "beef" with this Hart Dynasty member, and Paige certainly isn't one who does. Natalya comes across as more "down to earth" and "friendly" compared to many of the other Divas in the locker room. Natalya almost seems like she has taken on the "motherly" role backstage with the Divas. Since Paige's debut in the WWE, Natalya took Paige under her wing and showed her the ropes (and also has kept her in line) which we've seen on various Total Divas episodes.

Speaking of Total Divas, Natalya is like the "icebreaker" between various Diva fights on the show because of how calm, cool and collective she is. The other Women's Division wrestlers definitely seek out Natalya's opinion whenever they're unsure about something. Also, it seems like Natalya has a pretty good relationship with the higher-ups in the WWE, because am I the only one who notices that she's constantly featured in various WWE Network shows as a spokesperson for whatever is being discussed?

4 Hates: Lana

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Lana seems like she's a total magnet for beef and trouble when it comes to WWE's other Divas. Among the Divas that Lana had beef with, Paige was definitely one of them. Back in 2015, both Lana and Paige were going at each other on Twitter. Some of the tweets from Lana included claiming that Paige was a phony anti-Diva, that Paige had bullied her during her two month tenure in NXT, and that she had hoped for Charlotte to "crush" Paige at the 2015 Survivor Series pay-per-view, because Paige was quote on quote "mean and disrespectful."

Paige of course shut down each and every one these tweets and claimed that Lana was seeking attention and fame, and even former WWE/NXT Creative Assistant Rob Naylor shut down Lana's bullying accusations regarding Paige in NXT. Regardless, they've certainly had their fair share of online and real-life arguments, so it isn't arguable that Paige has a strong dislike (more bluntly, hates) Lana as a result.

3 Loves: Jake The Snake Roberts

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Paige definitely has a soft spot in her heart for the former WWE Superstar and current Hall Of Famer, Jake The Snake Roberts. Way back in the day, Paige's parents had owned a pro-wrestling promotion titled the "The World Association Of Wrestling" in England. Out of the various wrestlers who appeared in Paige's family's promotion, one of the more famous wrestlers was certainly Jake Roberts, and he had actually spent time at their house.

Since then, Paige (and her family) have remained good friends with Roberts, and whenever he's backstage at various WWE events, Paige is one of the the first wrestlers to greet him considering their long history of knowing each other. I'm sure that Paige was very relieved when Jake Roberts turned his life around a couple of years ago following years of alcohol and drug abuse with the good help of his friend Diamond Dallas Page.

2 Hates: Brad Maddox

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Out of all the wrestlers that Paige has a strong disliking for, Brad Maddox has to be at the top of that list. Yes, the guy who had a failed WWE run that most of us forgot about was involved (as both one of the two "getting it on" with Paige as well as being the iconic camera man no less) with the controversial Paige scandal earlier this year. Before this scandal ever came out into the light, Paige was actually formerly in a relationship with Maddox (at least that's what many fans believe) back in 2014. There are pictures of the two together, but we cannot jump to any conclusions.

However, if in fact Brad Maddox and Paige were dating, it obviously didn't lead anywhere as the two are staying as far away from each other as humanly possible. For most, an "ex" is considered to be a person who we "hate" (or at least dislike), so for Paige, that would have been enough of a reason to write down Maddox's name on the "I hate you list." However, on top of all that, the videos and pictures leaked regarding the two just added fuel to the fire. I think it's safe to say that Brad Maddox is by far Paige's least favorite wrestler at the moment.

1 Loves: Alberto Del Rio

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The most obvious contender for a wrestler Paige loves is none other than her controversial fiancee, Alberto Del Rio (now Alberto El Patron). Out of all the relationships formed in the WWE, I would argue that Paige's and Del Rio's is by far the most controversial and most widely discussed in he media. I mean, it seems like the duo are reported by various news sources to have gotten themselves into trouble every other week whether it's due to a drunken rant or a fight (usually started by the short-tempered Del Rio).

Although I like to see the positive over the negative most of the time, I will admit that I strongly believe Alberto brings out the absolute worst in Paige. On her own, Paige is a fairly opinionated and argumentative Diva, but add in the tempered and out-spoken Del Rio, and you have yourself a volatile relationship. However, despite Alberto Del Rio coming across as a total reckless and argumentative seeming person, Paige still loves him dearly, so who are we to judge?

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