8 Wrestlers That Vince Currently Despises (And 7 That Hate Him)

Vince McMahon remains the most important person in the wrestling industry. Time will tell how much longer he continues running WWE considering he is now 72 years old. McMahon still possesses more power than anyone else in the industry. The current wrestling scene showcases that with many different forms of proof. There are many wrestlers to get on Vince’s hate list and they have felt his wrath. For whatever reason, McMahon will turn on a wrestler or develop a hatred for them. It is sometimes from actions that offended him but there have been cases of minor incidents changing his opinion forever.

There are also the stories of wrestlers hating him. Bitter falling outs from WWE or being treated with little to no respect will cause someone to despise McMahon for his actions. We are going to take a look at both sides of this when it comes to wrestlers currently in the industry. Wrestlers that Vince hates and wrestlers that hate him will each be examined along with the stories as to what caused them all. Time will tell if any of these hatreds find a way to end. These are eight wrestlers that Vince McMahon currently despises and seven that hate him.

15 Vince Hates: Cody Rhodes

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The success of Cody Rhodes on the independent circuit is one of the biggest threats WWE has seen in recent memory. Don’t get it twisted. No promotion is going to contend with WWE, especially not Ring of Honor. However, Rhodes has shown that you can make better money outside of WWE as a free agent. Cody’s earnings and star power are greater than ever after leaving.

Reports are indicating that multiple wrestlers under WWE contract are talking to Rhodes seeking advice about how to leave WWE and find success on the free agent market. McMahon is clearly upset at the Bullet Club. Cody finding such success and making WWE look bad in the process is not something Vince is happy about. The fact that Rhodes continues to take shots at Roman Reigns for insulting Bullet Club is only going to fuel the fire.

14 Hates Vince: Neville

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The recent news of Neville requesting his release from WWE shows just how much he dislikes how his career how turned out. Neville could easily be argued as the best NXT Champion of all time. The call-up to the main roster saw his career regress. WWE still marketed his high-flying moves but showed zero commitment to getting him over as an overall performer.

Despite the recent success in the Cruiserweight Division, Neville saw his potential to become a top name dwindle. WWE only uses him in lower tier matches considering the Cruiserweights are seen as being below the other stars. Neville has been reportedly seeking to ditch WWE since early January. It remains to be seen if he gets his release, but Neville clearly wants to work for a different person after Vince McMahon hurt his career progression.

13 Vince Hates: Cesaro

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Vince McMahon’s feelings about Cesaro have been known for quite some time now. Cesaro has been viewed as someone worthy of an opportunity in the main event picture. WWE even gave him some high profile matches in 2014 leading up to an Elimination Chamber match that showed he could belong with the top names. However, McMahon has always seemed hesitant to give him the real chance.

Steve Austin flat out asked Vince about Cesaro during a podcast three years ago and it wasn’t good. McMahon stated Cesaro couldn’t grab the brass ring. We see where Cesaro stands now as a tag team wrestler for the foreseeable future. McMahon doesn’t like his work as a singles wrestler. The talent he has and the ability to get fans attention is why he even remains under contract today.

12 Hates Vince: Ryback

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The aftermath of Ryback’s tenure in WWE ending has seen the overrated performer air everyone out. Ryback was once a favorite of Vince McMahon due to being a jacked guy that fit the old WWE mold of what a wrestler should look like. Following a few failed pushes, Ryback became another mid-carder with no upside. This bothered him after he came close to breaking out as a main eventer.

Ryback has been unleashing tirades towards WWE on his podcast ever since leaving the company. Many of his claims insult better performers like John Cena and Kevin Owens. McMahon is another target of his as he states Vince lied to him about many things. One specific allegation saw Ryback say that McMahon told him he would squash A.J. Styles at WrestleMania 32.

11 Vince Hates: Jimmy Jacobs

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Jimmy Jacobs is the person to most recently feel the wrath of Vince McMahon. The decision of Jacobs to take a selfie with members of the Bullet Club “invading” Raw saw McMahon respond by firing him. Jacobs took a photo with his friends Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks, Marty Scurll and Adam Page that landed him in hot water.

There were other reports that Vince was unhappy with him for other reasons. Jacobs seemed to be the most popular writer that wrestlers respected. The mindset Jacobs has towards wrestling and life also seems to be completely different to what McMahon believes. Jimmy is now getting ready to wrestle again on the independent circuit and is selling t-shirts regarding the firing. It will just add more reason for Vince to hate him more than he already does.

10 Hates Vince: Austin Aries

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The decision of Austin Aries to request his release from WWE was granted after weeks of being off television. Aries saw his role on the show significantly decrease after his series of matches with Neville in the Cruiserweight Division. Cruiserweights not in the title picture are basically screwed when it comes to consistent television time or a spot on the live events.

Aries has made it clear that he is making more money now on independent bookings than he did during the final few months of his WWE career. Triple H initially wanted to use him on NXT as a singles star. Vince McMahon made the decision to place him in the Cruiserweight Division. Aries didn’t appreciate that and wants to prove to McMahon that he doesn’t need WWE to succeed.

9 Vince Hates: TJ Perkins

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One Cruiserweight star that has seen Vince McMahon completely quit on him is TJ Perkins. Most people have already forgotten that Perkins was the first Cruiserweight Champion to star the division. Perkins won the Cruiserweight Classic and the title in the process as Triple H felt he was the best bet to build the new division around.

McMahon gave up on Perkins after a few weeks. The Brian Kendrick defeated Perkins to get the title off him. Vince is the one running the Cruiserweight Division and the 205 Live project. Perkins wasn’t what he expected from the man meant to be the face of the division. Reports indicate that McMahon feels TJP looks like a kid rather than a man which worked against him. Perkins is now barely getting any television time.

8 Hates Vince: Paul London

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Paul London is one wrestler that has never been shy about discussing his feelings on WWE. The signing and tenure of London in the mid-2000s saw him as one of the first major ROH stars to get in WWE. Unfortunately, this was before WWE evolved and embraced the new in-ring style. London would get used poorly for the majority of his run until a release.

The comments from London following his departure from WWE saw him blast Vince McMahon, Triple H and everyone else that wronged him. According to London, McMahon was too smug to deal with and set a poor locker room environment. There was a memorable moment when London smiled backstage during a serious backstage segment when Vince walked to his limo before it exploded. This was done to showcase his real feelings towards McMahon.

7 Vince Hates: Jeff Jarrett

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One wrestler that has remained on Vince McMahon’s hate list for almost two decades is Jeff Jarrett. The decision of Jarrett to hold WWE up for money towards the end of his contract in 1999 didn’t sit well with McMahon. Jarrett was still the Intercontinental Champion when his contract expired and demanded over $200,000 to drop the title to Chyna on PPV or he was going to take the belt to WCW.

Vince told people in WWE that Jarrett would never work for them again. McMahon even embarrassed Jarrett with a comment on the final episode of Nitro when buying WCW. It was shown that Jarrett would never be welcomed back in any role after he was exiled from TNA. WWE showed zero interest in hiring him for any backstage role and he has never even been on the radar to work for Vince again.

6 Hates Vince: Scott Steiner

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The career of Scott Steiner saw him completely lose his mind towards the end of the 90s. Steiner was always a hot head and one of the wrestlers you never wanted on your bad side. This was magnified when he adopted a new on-screen persona of Big Poppa Pump. As an unpredictable and borderline terrifying character, Steiner has acted like this in real life ever since then.

Steiner had one final run in WWE in 2003 and it was a complete disaster. WWE had zero interest in him being one of their major stars. Steiner has blasted Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H through the years. Vince apparently was the one to demand Steiner be banned from the WWE Hall of Fame after Hulk Hogan claimed Scott threatened his wife. It just gave Steiner more reason to hate McMahon and the WWE.

5 Vince Hates: Rusev

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Rusev had a hot start to his main roster career going unbeaten for almost a year. The dominant heel work of Rusev ended when he lost to John Cena at WrestleMania 31. Rusev has been treading water ever since then falling downwards in the hierarchy of WWE. One of the rumored reasons for Rusev being underutilized in recent years is how Vince McMahon feels about him.

McMahon reportedly doesn’t like that Rusev and Lana are together. The belief is that Lana is too good for Lana. This is the reason Vince made the call to break them up on television. Lana sharing their real life engagement on TMZ ended up forcing WWE to bring them back together. Despite being tremendous together, Rusev is still in a lower role due to how McMahon feels about him.

4 Hates Vince: Rob Van Dam

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The run of Rob Van Dam in WWE is remembered both for being great but also for disappointment in WWE never going all the way with him. Van Dam was arguably the most popular star in WWE in 2002. His biggest title shot ended with Triple H pinning him and sending him back down into the mid-card picture for the majority of his career.

Vince McMahon and RVD seemed to butt heads countless times over the years. Van Dam claimed he never felt like he could perform to the best of his abilities in WWE but loved making the big money. Tensions increased between the two when RVD said no to the voluntary Tribute to the Troops show overseas. McMahon ended up booking Van Dam poorly for it. RVD has made it clear he only will work for WWE on short term deals for a lot of money because he doesn’t want to deal with that world anymore.

3 Vince Hates: Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks was arguably the top women’s wrestler in NXT that led the women’s movement in WWE to the main roster. Fans chanted “We Want Sasha” when she was off television due to preferring her over the other ladies being pushed on the main roster. Banks has been a highly popular face but it seems WWE never wants to make her the face of the Women’s Division on Raw.

The four Raw Women’s Championship title reigns of Sasha ended on her first defense. Vince McMahon is rumored to not be a fan of the way Banks works in the ring. The comments from Banks taking shots at Vince’s favorites like Charlotte Flair and Alexa Blis also makes her look worse in McMahon’s eyes. You can see her current background spot in the Women’s Division now as proof of how Vince views her right now.

2 Hates Vince: Gail Kim

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The women’s revolution in WWE has seen the ladies finally get a chance to wrestle without being held back. Many of the women before this era were used poorly on screen and treated with minimal respect backstage. Gail Kim is a great example of this when you compare her run in WWE to elsewhere.

Vince McMahon never saw anything special in Gail. Jim Ross revealed that McMahon didn’t find her attractive and actually claimed no one was attracted to Asian women as his reason for not pushing her. Kim stated she felt McMahon was a huge sexist and she would never return to WWE due to this. She chooses to remain in TNA despite the less attention for her work. Many fans want to see Gail end her career in WWE in the now respected division but she doesn’t want to ever work for Vince again.

1 Vince Hates: The Young Bucks

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The Young Bucks are clearly the most hated wrestlers of Vince McMahon right now when you look at the past month of stories. It is one thing if former WWE star Cody Rhodes becomes a top star outside of WWE. Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson have signed massive contracts with Ring of Honor and secured incredible merchandising contracts without ever working for McMahon.

The self-made tag team set up the deal that landed Bullet Club shirts in Hot Topic. Their latest stunt with the Raw invasion set Vince off to send a message. McMahon sent cease and desist letters to the Young Bucks threatening lawsuits if they keep using the “too sweet” hand signs. The Bullet Club have become enemies of WWE as seen with Jacobs getting fired. Two brothers that formed their own success are now the most hated rivals of Vince McMahon.

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