8 Wrestlers The Undertaker Loves And 7 He Hates

The Undertaker is perhaps the most respected wrestler to ever step inside of a WWE locker room. There is a reason why The Undertaker held his own as the locker room leader for so many years. He has always played a vital backstage role and his presence alone helped boost the morale of the roster for a number of decades. He is so well-respected that it is rare for anyone in the business to ever say a bad word about the man as a worker or wrestler. However, every now and then, The Undertaker has run into a few guys backstage that have gotten on his bad side. As most wrestlers will tell you, getting on The Deadman's bad side is the last thing you wanna do in the wrestling business.

There are almost as many people who The Undertaker loves in this business as there are people he hates. The Undertaker has made several friends and company allies while in WWE and he has also made plenty of enemies as well. One should probably think twice before pissing off or even butting heads with someone who once went by the nickname "American Badass," but it has nonetheless happened. Earning The Undertaker's respect is just as precious as earning Vince McMahon's respect, given how both are prominent figures in the wrestling business. However, getting on The Undertaker's bad side is, well, let's just say that few have enraged The Demon of Death Valley and lived to tell the tale as a contracted WWE employee.

This list will hopefully add a little perspective to stories regarding the wrestlers who The Undertaker loves to death and those who The Undertaker hates enough that he probably contemplated murdering them, at least while in character.

12 Loves: Kurt Angle

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The Undertaker's love, admiration, and respect for Kurt Angle has been well-known for years. With no hard feelings after Taker choked out Angle on the infamous Plane Ride from Hell due to a misunderstanding—Taker woke up thinking Angle was attacking Vince McMahon when the two were merely horseplaying—the two would develop a respected bond based on their in-ring acumen. The two gave each other the best matches of their career whenever they got in the ring together and enjoyed working with each other. Taker enjoyed working with Angle so much that at one point, Undertaker was willing to let Angle break the Streak. By WrestleMania 22, Taker had yet to put on a 5-star match at WrestleMania in his mind and knew that Angle could easily get him that desired match. Angle once confirmed that Taker wanted to lose that match so that Angle could hold on to his recently won World Title. Though the Mania match wasn't to be for a number of reasons, he must have a great deal of respect for Angle to even consider letting Taker break his Streak back when he was just 13-0.

11 Hates: Vince Russo

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As much as The Undertaker must love Vince McMahon, one Vince he isn't particularly fond of is Vince Russo. This claim comes from Russo himself. According to Vince Russo himself in an interview with WrestleZone, The Undertaker had (and maybe still does have) heat with Russo back when the two worked together during the Attitude Era. Russo explained that Terry Taylor approached Russo to let him know that Taker was pissed at him for making him work injured. This was likely because Russo would always book Taker in physically demanding segments and matches every week on every WWE show that only aggravated Taker's existing injuries. Russo claims that he didn't know that Taker was injured at all, but Taker still had bad beef with the writer right up until he packed his bags for WCW.

10 Loves: Paul Bearer

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Paul Bearer did more than just play The Undertaker's father on WWE TV. He was, in many ways, an actual father figure to The Deadman. A mentor, if you will. More than anything else, the two were genuinely good friends. There is a reason why these two maintained such strong chemistry on-screen for so many years and it's because of the strong bond they developed with each other in real life. In their heyday, the two would frequent strip clubs every night after a show and had one hell of a time together every time. Even in more somber moments, like when Bearer's health started to decline, Undertaker remained by his buddy's side until Bearer's tragic end. After Bearer's real life death, Taker would bid a touching farewell to the man in a tribute coming from not only the Undertaker character, but the man himself, Mark Calaway, to the late William Moody.

9 Hates: Shawn Michaels

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This is a tricky one because The Undertaker more than likely patched things up with Shawn Michaels years after their beef first happened. They probably reconciled some time before HBK retired or even just as he became a born-again Christian. In that case, we'll focus on the "born-again" part and when under the impression that Michaels post-religion and Michaels during the Attitude Era are practically completely different people, the jerky part of Michaels is on this list. Michaels was synonymous in those days with having a bad backstage attitude and one of the wrestlers who were the most fed up with it was Taker. As Taker revealed in an old interview on "Off the Record," there was some concern from HBK that he may not properly put over Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 14. On the night of the show, as he watched Michaels prepare for the show, Taker let it be known that there would be some bad repercussions if HBK didn't do his job. He silently tapped his fists in front of HBK. Needless to say, Michaels did the job that night.

8 Loves: Triple H

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A little known fact is that Triple H always looked up to The Undertaker as a bit of a mentor. Not just because The Undertaker was the head locker room leader, but because he respected The Undertaker's advice. At one point, back when Triple H first started dating Stephanie McMahon, Trips asked Taker if he was doing the right thing in dating the boss' daughter. Essentially, The Game was asking The Deadman for his blessing to date Stephanie as if that was his own father. After Taker gave him some honest advice, the two grew closer from there. Triple H still has a great deal of respect for The Undertaker and considering that The Undertaker went one to be one of the groomsmen at Stephanie and Triple H's wedding, the feeling must be mutual.

7 Hates: John Laurinaitis

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On a 2005 episode of SmackDown, The Undertaker wrestled Randy Orton's dad, good ole Cowboy Bob Orton. During their encounter, the elder Orton bladed. Blading was the norm back in the day, but the issue with this particular blade job is that Bob Orton had a bad case of Hepatitis C at the time. Undertaker didn't know this until afterwards and as soon as he did, he rightfully flipped out backstage. As outraged and furious as Taker was at Bob Orton, he was even angrier with backstage personality John Laurinaitis. Apparently, Laurinaitis knew about Bob Orton's condition beforehand and still gave Bob Orton the OK to not only wrestle, but blade. It's understandable why Undertaker might have been more furious with Laurinaitis than Orton. While one would expect Orton to keep a bad secret like that to himself in order to get his TV match, a man of Laurinaitis' professional position should have used better judgement and either denied Orton from wrestling or at the very least let Taker know what he was getting into.

6 Loves: Vince McMahon

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Being the crazy bastard that he is, Vince McMahon is a hard man to please. It's safe to say that if you earn The Chairman's respect, you've got a job for life. Look no further than The Undertaker for proof of that notion. Taker managed to earn McMahon's respect by being incredibly loyal and incredibly ballsy. Loyal because out of all the opportunities that Taker had to jump ship or walk away from the business, Taker stuck by McMahon's side for over three decades willing to do anything McMahon asked of him without being argumentative. That is, if McMahon's actions are reasonable. That is where the ballsy part comes into play. The Undertaker has always been a vocal member of the locker room and has never thought twice about calling McMahon out on his questionable antics. Case in point, a long withstanding (but still unconfirmed) rumor is that when the Montreal Screwjob happened, Taker was the first to bang on The Chairman's door demanding that he apologize to Bret. That takes some serious stones and the fact Taker could call out his boss on something wrong and still keep his job, that proves just how far back the two's mutual respect for each other goes.

5 Hates: Mabel

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It's probably a safe bet to say that The Undertaker loves working with colossal sized men. He's done it so many times in the past and it's easy to see why. From a story perspective, an undead monster vs a massive giant will always make for interesting television. From an in-ring perspective, big men always make The Undertaker look good.  One big man that Taker easily regrets working with has to be Mabel. Back when Mabel was on the heels of a rocket launching push into the main event. Naturally, he crossed paths with Taker and the two had a match. Unluckily for Taker, Mabel also had a knack for injuring his opponents and The Demon from Death Valley was no exception. A crushing leg drop from Mabel right onto Taker's face left The Phenom with a broken orbital bone and two months on the shelf. A few months afterwards, Mabel was released and it's not hard to believe that Taker probably played a part in it.

4 Loves: Bone Street Krew

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Upon first seeing this title, you may be asking yourself "Just what in the blue hell is a Bone Street Krew"? It was essentially The Undertaker's version of The Kliq, only less built up of backstage politicians and more built on the grounds of a genuine friendship and brotherhood between a cast of colorful characters. Along with Taker himself, these characters included Yokozuna, Savio Vega, The Godwinns, The Godfather (then going by Kama Mustafa) and Rikishi. The group of men were so close that they all got matching tattoos of the B.S.K. initials. Taker's can be seen clearly on his stomach whenever he pulls his straps down. If he's willing to get tatted up for his Krew, he must love and respect everyone in it; willing to do anything for them.

3 Hates: Sim Snuka

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Once upon a time, the career of Sim Snuka held a lot of promise. As one half of the '50s greaser act of Deuce & Domino, Snuka unseated Paul London and Brian Kendrick for their WWE Tag Team Championships back when the Hooligans had the longest reign in the title's history. Deuce & Domino went on to have a decent run with the belts before Snuka would rid himself of his Fonzie get-up, adopt his father Jimmy's ring name, and join Randy Orton's Legacy group with a horde of other second- and third-generation superstars. Knowing all of the cards Sim Snuka was given so early into his WWE career, it is astonishing to see that his wrestling career went nowhere. It isn't so shocking when you consider the last time Snuka was on WWE TV, he was the cameraman at WrestleMania 25 during Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. That's right, the same cameraman who failed to catch Taker during a suicide dive spot and left The Deadman concussed. Taker had to have been pissed enough that Snuka allowed his head to spike onto the floor. The concussion was bad enough that Taker almost too loopy to make the ten-count, and that Michaels almost beat The Streak by countout. It's no coincidence that Snuka was released just a few months later.

5. Loves: Brock Lesnar

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For the longest time, The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania was the biggest attraction in sports entertainment. It didn't take long before The Streak took a life of its own and became the biggest thing in wrestling. That all came to an end when Brock Lesnar became the One in 21-1 at WrestleMania XXX. It can be argued that Lesnar was a big enough star that he didn't need to end the Streak, but obviously, Undertaker begged to differ. Surely, Taker wouldn't just lay down for anyone, especially if it meant sacrificing the biggest claim to his name. He has to have a huge amount of respect for the reigning WWE Universal and former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Probably a respect that stems as far back as when the two first started working together in 2002. They may or may not be personal friends, but they most certainly are top dollar colleagues who respect each other greatly.

4. Hates: Diamond Dallas Page

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When WCW was at its peak, Diamond Dallas Page was one of the show's marquee character acts and arguably the biggest homegrown talent that the company produced. When he got to WWE, he became a bona fide jobber to the stars. That might have to do with the fact that he pissed off The Undertaker shortly after arriving tin WWE. There are a number of reasons why DDP had heat with The Demon of Death Valley. One reason, according to Hardcore Holly's autobiography The Hardcore Truth, stemmed from the fact that DDP tried to give Undertaker orders when laying out a match. DDP liked to plan out all of his matches this way with each of his opponents, but Taker took offense to it thinking that DDP tried to boss around a veteran and tell him what to do in the ring. Another reason was that DDP failed to properly sell for The Undertaker at a house show. The usual WWE style calls for multiple back bump sells during a babyface comeback and since DDP wasn't familiar with that style, he didn't sell right for Taker, who took offense to that. DDP himself thinks Taker's hostility comes from some resentment regarding WCW almost putting WWE out of business. Whichever reason you believe, it is unquestionable that Taker was hot with DDP. Hopefully, the two have since buried the hatchet.

3. Loves: Roman Reigns

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As previously mentioned with Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker must have a mighty amount of respect for someone if he's willing to lay down for them at WrestleMania. In the case of Roman Reigns, it can be argued that The Undertaker just felt it right for a veteran like himself to put over the young upstart when he himself is on his way out the door. It doesn't necessarily have to mean he likes him. However, with as much seniority as The Undertaker holds in the industry, he could have easily said no to laying down for Roman Reigns. He already sacrificed his Streak for one competitor a few years earlier. Taker was not obligated to do so again. Yet, he did just that. He laid down not once, but twice at WrestleMania. Either he sees an extremely bright future in The Big Dog, or he must genuinely like him enough to put him over in a big way. Perhaps it's both.

2 Hates: CM Punk

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As if his public walkout from WWE in 2014 wasn't proof enough, CM Punk wasn't exactly a well liked member of the locker room and his publicized comments after his firing didn't help matters in the slightest. However, Punk managed to make a few enemies in the business long before he even thought about walking away from it. One of those enemies happened to be The Undertaker. The timing couldn't have been worse either as at the time, Punk was working as the World Heavyweight Champion and top heel for the SmackDown brand in 2009. On television, he was in the midst of a feud with The Undertaker, but behind the scenes, Punk arrived to a live event in casual attire. As the top champion of the brand, The Undertaker suggested that Punk should come to work dressed in a suit and confronted him about it. Punk shot down The Undertaker's suggestion by pointing out that John Cena doesn't come to the arena wearing suits. This was considered disrespect on Punk's behalf and to humble the Straight Edge Superstar, a decision was made for Undertaker to beat Punk at Hell in a Cell for the title in swift one-sided fashion. As a result, Punk was briefly pushed down the card. Let this be a lesson as to why you should never get on The Undertaker's bad side.

1 Loves: Michelle McCool

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Of course, Michelle McCool would be number one. She may no longer be an active wrestler, but as The Undertaker's wife, The Deadman loves his woman unconditionally. Unconditional love is a more much unique type of love that allows McCool to take her spot above the rest. While the previous seven people on this list that The Undertaker loves all have been platonic relationships that stem from a camaraderie shared across the locker room, the love which he holds for McCool is that special kind of love that the average individual is lucky to experience once with someone else. The two started dating sometime around 2007 after Taker's divorce from his second wife, Sara, and then they got hitched in 2010. The couple is still married and even have a child together that was born in 2012. She was with him during the tail-end of his career, she sat at ringside at WrestleMania 33 to watch that same career end, and she is expected to stick around for a long time after his career is over.

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